tagIncest/TabooOur Steven, Our Stephanie Ch. 10

Our Steven, Our Stephanie Ch. 10


This is the last chapter of the Stephanie saga. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank you all for your support via your voting, comments and emailed feedback, it has been a great asset to my writing of these stories.

After the two boys separated, Steven started on his way home. For some reason, he noted the euphoric state he'd been in was slowly wearing off.

Gradually, he found himself returning to his more normal state, or at least what could be considered normal for a person still under the influence of certain hypnotic commands, female hormones, and the dominance of 2 devilishly single-minded women.

He gradually forgot about his great time with Jim and started fretting again over his clothing problem.

How the hell am I going to get out of these girl's clothes? He wondered. I'm not supposed to wear these kinds of things, even if they do feel really nice.

But hell, I'm a boy, not a girl. I only hope nobody's home so I can just get to my room and change out of these things and back into my regular boy's stuff.

Except I forgot. I don't really have any boy's clothes left anymore. All I have, pretty much, are the hand-me-downs that Diane gave me. And Mumsie and sis would be really upset if I stopped wearing them.

And the more Steven thought about changing back, the more he started to remember just how awful boy's clothes felt when he wore them and so at the same time wished he didn't have to change back into them. Suddenly he was feeling worthless again and in need of another spanking for not being able to get a handle on this situation like responsible a man should.

Steven had been looking down at his feet as he walked and pondered his situation, so didn't notice where he actually was. Suddenly he looked up and saw his house and noticed the porch light was on. Despite his predicament, he was really glad to finally be home.

He stayed in the shadows of the trees surrounding his house as he worked his way to the front door. Their house was very isolated, the nearest neighbor being almost ¾ of a mile away. Steven had always hated this aspect of their home, the loneliness of it all, but tonight he found it to be quite a blessing.

Once he reached the porch of their house, he was about to reach for the door when it opened. Suddenly, he saw a figure silhouetted against the backdrop of the kitchen light looking down at him and then step out from the shadows onto the porch with him.

Once he recognized his sister Dianne, standing there, with that Cheshire grin on her face, he knew he was in for it.

"Why brother dear, aren't you looking nice," she said. "Hot date tonight?"

"No, no, it's nothing like that," Steven began, looking for a way to explain. "It's not what it looks like."

"Oh really, Steven dear," Diane cooed. "Enlighten me, sweets, just what do you think I think this looks like?"

"Oh Diane," Steven said disgustedly. "You know just what I mean. It looks like I'm wearing girl's clothes because I like wearing girl's clothes, maybe even because I want to attract some handsome stud to screw me and make me their girly girl, that's what you're thinking."

"And you're telling me that's not the case," Diane asked. "You're telling me you don't want to wear girl's clothes, and you don't want to become some handsome boy's girly girl? Then why are you wearing such nice things, Stephanie?

"And why did I just get off the phone with that little stud-muffin Jim Smith, who called to tell you to hurry back to him because he said he loves you and misses you so much already, even though he just finished fuckin' your brains out only 20 minutes ago? That doesn't tell me you don't enjoy those things, dearie."

"Oh, sis," Steven said, searching for the words. "I really don't know how all that happened, or why I got so excited getting my ass screwed like that by Jim,because you know me, I really don't like boys. I'm as straight as they come - I like girls, you know that!

"And really, I don't like wearing these girl's clothes either – I'm a boy, after all! It's just that for some reason, once I had them on, they felt really scrumptious, like I knew what it was like for a girl to want to buy and wear such wonderful outfits like these.

"Now, I don't want to wear them anymore, but I can't seem to manage to remove them. Yet, even once I do get them off, the idea of returning to boy's clothes isn't very appealing either. I don't know, Diane, I'm just so twisted up inside. I don't know what to do. Can you help me?"

Diane really wouldn't have minded taking the hapless boy over her lap again, in fact she was sure it would have thrilled her.

But after hearing from Jim all they'd done together today, and having seen the pictures he had taken of Steven after they'd been downloaded onto her computer, she figured he'd been through enough for one day.

She also figured that she could have at him any time she liked in the future, so there was no need to push things. Besides, she thought as she approached her dear unwitting brother, it really was time now to move on to the next stage of Stephanie's development.

"I think I know just the thing that can help you out of your situation, Steven," Diane said. "First of all, step up here, closer to me."

Once he had stepped up close enough, Diane reached out and touched his nose. "Sleep now, little one," Diane whispered. "Go to sleep."

At that the boy fell back into a deep meditative sleep.

"Good boy, Steven," She said. "When I count to five, you will wake up and remember nothing about today except for the girlish feelings you feel toward your lover Big Jim Smith and how much you love to be pleasured by him and to give him pleasure.

Every time you think of him, all you can think of is how you want to dress up really pretty for him, to look as girlish as you can for him.

And any time he wants you to, you will dress up real girlish and he will take you out on the town and have sex with you. And you will immediately drop everything you are doing just to do what he wants and you will enjoy doing it.

Also, from now on you will love wearing the hand-me-downs I gave you. You will wear them every day.

But they will not be the only girl's clothes you will want to wear. From now on you will ask Mumsie and me to take you shopping for new dresses and skirts and high heels and everything else a girl like you needs.

From now on there is no need for the words "sweet cakes" or "cumber bun" to get you used to girlish things. You will be that way forever.

Now, Stephanie, when I count to five, you will awaken, and everything will return to normal for you. All you'll remember is that your new-found lover Jim and your new-found love for feminine clothing is a good thing.

Everything else has returned to the way it should always have been because you are now Mumsie's little daughter and my sweet, darling sister Stephanie. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Stephanie answered.

Before she brought her out of her trance, Diane couldn't keep from playing one more practical joke on her new little sister. She removed all of Stephanie's clothes, except for the garters, stockings, shoes and bra, leaving her nearly naked. Then she continued.

"Okay, Stephanie," She said. "I going to start counting. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5., you are awake!"

At that, Stephanie's blue eyes lost their dull luster and seemingly gained a clarity of consciousness.

"Uh, um," Stephanie said, trying to shake the cobwebs out. "Where am I?"

Then as she gradually recognized her sister standing before her, Stephanie suddenly felt a very cool breeze whip across her entire body. This caused her to look down and suddenly notice her near total nakedness.

"Agghhh!" she cried, as she automatically dropped her hands and tried to shield herself, appearing most feminine as she tried to cover both her hairless groin and her small fleshy bosom with her arms and hands, while crouching in total embarrassment. "Sis, what are you doing here? What am I doing here? God, this is so humiliating."

"What's wrong, sis," Diane asked, nearly losing it as she watched her brother's discomfiture. "It's just us girls here – nothing to be embarrassed about. Besides, it isn't as if I haven't seen you naked before. So come on, loosen up."

She hadn't really ever seen her naked except those times she was hypnotized, but Stephanie's mind was in such a turmoil over this embarrassing event, she was unable to think straight at the moment.

As Diane was speaking, she stepped up to Stephanie and placed a comforting arm around the girl's shoulder, whispering soothing words of reassurance into her ear. As soon as she felt the tension leave her body, she continued:

"That's a good girl," She started. "There's nothing to be nervous about. Here, look at me. Let me show you."

At that she took Stephanie's chin in her palm, turned her face up and searched longingly into her deep blue eyes. Then she lowered her lips to hers and gave Stephanie a passionate searing kiss, thrusting her tongue deep into her throat.

Stephanie found herself unknowingly returning the kiss with an equally fervent ardor. As she did so, Diane lovingly wrapped her arms around Stephanie's body and, getting a firm hold of her soft, naked ass, Diane lifted him up into the warm protection of her soft, billowy breasts.

In the meanwhile, Stephanie eagerly and passionately returned the loving embrace by wrapping one arm around Diane's waist while placing her other hand at the back of her head and pulling her face in closer to her own.

While Diane was massaging Stephanie's ass cheeks, she pulled them gently apart and inserted a finger up inside her recently well-fucked hole.

The recent load of cum left it well lubricated and so penetration was made easy. Diane then added two more fingers to her first and pumped the three fingers in and out at a rapid pace.

They broke their kiss and pulled slightly apart, the lust on Diane's face clearly evident. She truly loved being able to handle her new sister the way she was. She just couldn't get enough of it, it was such a power trip for her!

"Stephanie, dear," Diane moaned as she continued screwing her sister's ass with her three fingers. "Jerk yourself off, honey. Go ahead,"

Without even thinking about it, Stephanie removed her hand from Diane's waist and excitedly began to jerk herself off, jacking up and down roughly.

As soon as she started this, Diane took her now free hand and brought it down to her pussy and immediately started pushing her fingers in and out, rubbing her clitoris with her thumb while doing so.

Now that she was alone with her sister, Diane allowed herself the pleasure of going a bit more crazy then she normally would, even at those times when her girlfriends were here.

"Unh, oh yes," Diane cried. "This is so good, isn't it Steffie?"

"Oh, oh yes," she replied. "Oh, God yes!"

"Oh, Oh shit, I'm cumming," Diane cried. "I'm cumming so good!"

"Oh, damn, me too," cried Stephanie. "I'm coming too!"

As soon as Diane finished cumming, she jumped up and leaned over Stephanie and cupped her palms before her cock as she finished jerking off. Once she started shooting, she closed her palm over the head of her cock and caught all she had to offer.

When she was finished shooting, Diane raised her palms to Stephanie's lips and made her drink her cum down like a rich elixir. As excited as Stephanie was, she eagerly swallowed without question.

Totally exhausted by their frolicking, both sisters collapsed to the ground and soon lay side by side, trying to catch their breath. After a few moments, Diane and Stephanie just looked at one another.

"See, Stephanie," Diane said. "Nothing wrong with a little nudity among sisters, right?"

Just then Stephanie realized her naked state again and saw how once again she'd easily been seduced to forget all about it, as if she was some blond bimbo airhead, and being naked was getting to be a normal state for her.

"Oh God, sis," Stephanie moaned, as she turned over onto her stomach and put her head into her arms. "What the Hell is happening to me? I don't seem to have any control over my body anymore."

"Don't worry about it so much Steffie," Diane assured the disconsolate girl, rolling over to get closer to her sister. "It's just puberty.

"You're growing up into a young woman, that's all. It happens to all of us, though it is a difficult stage to get through for everyone our age. Just follow the maxim, "If it feels good, it is good."

"Just try to remember to practice safe-sex and stay away from drugs. Sex – yes, drugs – no, safe – always! And no matter what happens, remember, I'll always be here for you – whenever you need me!"

As she spoke, she again placed her palm on his butt and started massaging it as she spoke.

"Mmmm, that feels nice," Stephanie admitted. "And you're right, I just have to loosen up – I've always been too uptight about sex, too afraid of it, I guess. Drugs too. I think I'll stay afraid of those, though. Oh yes, that does feel good, sis."

"Doesn't it though," Diane said. "Us girls like this as well as getting our butt hole played with. You'll find that a lot of boys do as well. It's something I've learned about sex while growing up.

"Anyway, it's getting late and Mother's going to be home soon, so it's probably best we get inside now. Besides, it's starting to get a little chilly out here. What do you say?"

"I'm with you, Diane," Stephanie answered. "My swimming practice took a lot out of me, I'm bushed and ready to hit the sack."

"Yeah, swimming practice, right." Diane said with a laugh. "If what happened between you and Jim today happens at every swimming practice from now on, I may just join the team myself just to get a first hand account of all the juicy affairs that probably go on in there."

Stephanie got a laugh out of that and swatted Diane on the butt as they walked hand-in-hand into the house.

"Sis," Stephanie said seriously, stopping her as they got through the door. "All joking aside, though, I have something I need to say."

"OK, Steph," Diane said. "What's up?"

"Well, Diane," she started. "I just wanted to get this said before I chicken out. It's just that you and Mumsie have done so much for me and spent so much time to make me who I am today.

"Because of that, I really don't know what I would have done without you guys, and I just need you both to know that I'm aware of this, and because of everything you all have done, I just need you to know that I truly love you both and thank you for everything you've done for me."

Diane was overcome with jubilant elation upon hearing this unexpected tribute Stephanie had just given her Mother and herself. It also moved her because she was aware that it wasn't just the hypnosis that helped urge those words from her new sister's lips.

What Stephanie had just said had been a true declaration of love not brought about by force of mind control but through her own acceptance of all she now knew and desired and learned to care for.

Because of this, Diane realized, their lives were again complete. She knew Mother would be most pleased as the circle was finally made whole once again.

Yes. Stephanie, Diane thought, who was once lost, was now home again. Home for good, with no more qualms, reservations, guilt or complaints. And, once again, all was now well with the world.

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