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Our Story-Cruise


My name is Stacy..I'm 21, bi, and a big tease...I moved back home with my mom and step-dad Rick after I graduated from college last year. I am tall, almost 5' 10", about 135 pounds, brunette, 36c(in case you were wondering), shaved down there, with dark doe-like brown eyes...

My story...well, since I was in high school, I noticed my panties in my hamper had somehow gotten sticky since I put them in there. Like I mentioned, the only persons home then were my mom and Rick. My older brother had moved in with his hot little girlfriend a year before. I at first, was grossed out thinking my worn panties were used as a jerk off rag. But after my shock wore off, I got to figure out that Rick was not only into my dirty panties, but kinda into me. He always looked at me when I was living home, walking around in my short shorts, or coming out of shower in my bath towels. He tried to not make it obvious, but more than once I saw him blatantly staring while I was laying on the floor watching tv, or sitting on our couch with my long legs swinging. Rick always said I was all legs n ass, so I knew he was into me.

Well, to tell the whole truth, I got excited knowing I could get most any guys attentions, but getting that look from my step-dad was way hotter. I fantasized almost every night at bedtime, picturing my dad's face, as I fingered or toyed myself to one orgasm after another. I kept on finding my panties in the hamper creamed crusty, sometimes still wet...And yes, of course I tasted him...

As time went by, I went away to college and only came home for holidays. It was after two years that I graduated and moved back home. It only took one week before I found, yet again, my panties back in my hamper used by Rick. I continued teasing him, hoping to make him lose control and one day take me. My favorite fantasies were me walking in my room, finding him on my bed, just emptying himself in my panty. I would wait until he couldn't hold off and just as he spurted, I would walk in. I'd grab my creamy panties, lick the wet crotch area, then put them back in all the time smiling at him. He'd have no choice but to be mine.

My other fantasy would be him taking me from behind, and again just as he was filling me, mom would walk in and see for herself what was going on...Those always got me off, and even now I's soaked and horny just writing this.

Now...to the present...'rents were going on cruise during spring break, and for the first time, asked if I and a girlfriend wanted to join them. I, of course, said I'd kill to go but didn't have the money. To my surprise it was my mom who said it could be a belated graduation gift, but whoever I wanted to go with me had to pay her way. I immediately thought of my girl, Brittany. We have been together since I graduated high school. She is short, just 5 foot tall, but very hot. We are hot looking together, me being tall, leggy, and her being short but very curvy...Brit immediately said yes, and we planned for our spring cruise with mom and Rick..

The week came, we were on the "fun ship", and on the second day at sea were all out at the pool. Rick had gone back to our cabin saying he had a headache from too much sun. We laid by the pool, putting oil on each other to get tanned fast...After about an hour, I went back to our cabin for a quick pee..I used my card to get inside, and was going into my room to use the toilet.

I was quiet 'cuz I didn't want to wake Rick up. I walked in and stopped dead in my tracks. There was Rick, laying on Brit and my bed, and he was jerking off while sniffing the pair of panties I had just taken off before going out to the pool. They were yellow(I am a medium) cotton briefs, and I remembered that I had not only been pleasured by Brit that morning, I also leaked some pee in em when she tickled me as she woke me up.

I had left em on the floor on top of my sleep pj's, right next to Brit's small pink panties and shorts she had wore to bed. I saw Rick was sniffing and licking the crotch area like mad, and when I looked down at his cock, I saw that he had covered it with Brit's pink panties she had taken off . All I could think was my fantasy, so I waited by the door, watching him stroke, sniff and lick all at the same time. My hand went right to my bikini bottom, I could see his hand jerking more quickly, so I knew he was close.

He took my panties off his face, brought them down on his cock, and so quick, started spurting on both Brit's and my panties. I, at first, couldn't believe what I was seeing, but my feet started walking toward my bed. I heard Rick moan, and I hear him call out "Stacy...omg...Stacy" as he continued spurting on both of our panties.

I bravely walked up, looking right at his face, and took both pair of just creamed panties. Smiling, I licked Brit's pink ones, tasting both Rick and Brit's tastes. I moved closer to Rick, put her panties across his face, then licked mine standing right in front of Rick. After only a minute, I bent over, wrapped my panties back around his soft cock. I got back up, kissed Rick's face thru Brit's panties, and said "see you at the pool, daddy." He never said a word as I walked out of my room and went back out to the pool...

Of course...I told Brit every hot detail...To be continued...?

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