tagIncest/TabooOur Story: My Daughter

Our Story: My Daughter


I must begin by telling you this is not a work of fiction, but true as life gets. I consider myself the luckiest man alive, and it's all due to my teasing daughter Britany. I am a 40 year old blue collar worker, married with 2 kids, Brit, who is 18, and Stacy, who is 16.

Britany has, rather recently, developed quite the sexy body, her breasts now are 34b, and she is quite leggy, as she is almost 5'8" tall. She is an athlete at school, and her body is quite firm. She lately has been wearing sexier clothing, mostly short skirts, almost see thru tops, and is very tanned. She has been teasing me too, rubbing her hands on my chest at night when she kisses me goodnight. I have thought it was rather odd, since before this year, she hasn't usually even said 'nite...

As I said, she lately has been dressing more provocatively, displaying and showing off her long, tanned legs to me on every occasion. She even sat on my lap one day after school, while she was wearing one of those really short skirts. I could feel the warmth of her firm ass on my lap, even thru my shorts. I could swear she wiggled a little more than she needed to sit on me, and of course I started getting an erection. She just smiled and kept up her wiggling that fine ass, almost grinding into me. She said she had to run up to her room and disappeared. I had such a hard on I immediately went into the bathroom and jerked off, making quite a mess on the bathroom walls...

Britany also has been leaving her worn panties(size 6) on the bathroom floor. I have reprimanded her about that, telling her to please pick up after herself. But she continued to leave them on the floor, right next to a hamper...Telling her I've gotten quite tired of picking up her dirty clothes, she just looked at me with that sexy smile and said "yea, dad...right" Did she know that before tossing them in the hamper, I've sniffed her sexy undies, even tasting her delicious young woman fluids left on them? Her smell is like nothing I've ever enjoyed, and I've certainly sniffed, licked and tasted my fair share of a woman's lovely pussy. Lately, I've even noticed they have been even wetter than before, with traces of pee mixed in with her own juices. Not that I run right in the bathroom after she's showered, but they, at times, are still warm from her body heat.

My wife, Ann, hasn't picked up on Bit's teasing, but has told her she is not a little girl anymore and should not walk around so scantily dressed. She hasn't a clue how much Brit has been teasing me. Brit has made it quite the norm for her to sit next to me on the couch, while we watch tv, and pull her skirt or shorts up her leg, exposing her firm thighs. I've even seen her reaching under the legs of her shorts, placing her hand inside her pants, gently rubbing herself. I immediately get hard, and Britany looks and smiles while she continues 'scratching her itch".

As far as her teasing me, I said it was increasing...Last week, while eating dinner, I felt something touching my bare legs under the table. It was Brit, rubbing her foot against my leg. As I was wearing shorts, she was brushing up against my bare skin, and I could feel her soft toes slowly rubbing up my leg. I looked over at her and she was grinning, with that devilish look as if to say...what are you gonna' do, tell mom I'm rubbing your leg? Amy was also sitting at the table and was oblivious to Stacy's actions with her foot, as she was talking about some work issue. I, on the other hand was getting very nervous, and excited, as Brit's foot raised up my leg, reaching my lap.

My cock had gotten very hard, and I tried to avoid squirming. I looked over and saw Brit was now smiling and talking to her mom, saying she was sorry mom had a hard day at work. She emphasized the word "hard" and smiled right at me, just as her foot brushed up softly against my hard cock. I nearly jumped off my chair, but managed to keep up my charade. Brit's soft foot was gently rubbing my cock, thru my pants, and I could feel myself actually grinding back. I knew what Brit was trying to do to me, and she also knew I wouldn't tell her to stop it cause of my wife being right there. It was quite the situation I was in! Brit's foot action wasn't a full blown masturbating one, rather a gentle, teasing action. She suddenly removed her foot, told her mom she had to go up to her room, and abruptly left the table. I sat there, relieved I hadn't ejaculated all over myself, and shocked she was so bold, especially with her own mom sitting across the table from us. Amy and I finished dinner.

I headed up to our bedroom, where I fished out my cock, started stroking myself, and came almost instantly. All the time, thinking about my teasing daughter's foot, and what she must now be thinking. Later that same night, while watching tv, Brit was laying on the couch. She had her nightie on, which is an oversized t-shirt. I was reading the newspaper and looked up at her. She had pulled up her nightie, exposing her thighs and the bottom of her firm, sexy ass. I could see that she was wearing yellow panties. She again looked right at me and smiled. She went to bed before I did, and when I finally went to bed, I moved my pillow up so I could watch some tv. I felt something under my pillow.

I removed Brit's yellow panties, which were quite warm, and very wet. I could tell she must have masturbated herself off, as the crotch area was soaked with her lovely juices. They were so wet I thought she must have peed herself, but there was no pee smell.

My wife was already sleeping, so I rolled away from her, and inhaled the lovely scent on Brit's panty. I also licked the crotch area, tasting the sweet, nectar like substance, cleaning them off with my tongue. I actually could taste her pussy juices which covered her panties. I then used Brit's panties as a cum-rag, and jerked off in them, soaking them even more with my sticky cum. It was the first time I've ever cum on her panties, and felt so good to have my cum on her sexy panties. I got up and went into the bathroom, placing her panties in the hamper. I went back to bed and fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning, I showered, noting the yellow panties were not in the hamper...Hmmm? I got dressed for work, waking up my wife, who usually gets up after I do. I went downstairs, and was surprised to see Brit sitting at the kitchen table. She usually gets up for school well after I've left for work. She was dressed for school, wearing one of her short skirts. She got up to get my coffee, and dropped her napkin on the floor. She bent over, couldn't help noticing she was wearing the same yellow panties I had jerked off in hours ago. She couldn't have washed them as only a few hours had passed since my dirty deed. She handed me my coffee, happily humming something.

She said she was off to school, making no mention of her teasing at dinner or the cum-filled panties she was obviously now wearing. As she went out the door, she leaned over and kissed me, but unlike before, her lips were right on mine. She then placed her tongue in my mouth, on top of my tongue, swirling it around in my mouth! I couldn't say a word, and she headed out the door.

Before she left, she looked back at me and said, "thanks, Dad... for everything. Do you wanna cum take me to school today" She smiled as I got up from the table and grabbed my keys to the car. I don't usually take her to school since she is still sleeping when I leave for work. I asked her why she was ready so early and she said she had something to drop off before school. We went out in the car, and when she sat next to me, I noticed her skirt was already up her crossed leg, exposing most of her sexy thighs. She scooted closer to me as we drove off. I asked her what she needed to drop off, and she moved away from me, again smiling THAT smile. She then lifting up her ass off the seat, slowly reached under her skirt, and pulled her yellow panties down her long legs.

She got them caught on her shoes, which looked to me like fuck-me-pumps. Once she got them totally off, she said, "here, Dad, this is what I wanted to drop off. They are even wetter than when I found them this morning." She placed them over my face, covering my nose and mouth. Once again I could smell her sexy scent. She then said she found them in the hamper, and loved what I did to them. She reached down and placed her hand on my hard again cock. She pushed her panties in my mouth with one hand, and began stroking my cock thru my workpants. She then said she had tasted my cum this morning, while in her room, and wanted to see me jerk off for her right now.

Brit knew she had me in the palm of her hand, literally, and between inhaling her soaked, sexy panties and her stroking hand, I couldn't refuse her. I pulled over(lucky we live in a rather rural area), and unzipped my pants. I pulled out my hard cock, and began stroking myself off right in front of my daughter. Brit said to wait a minute. Leaving her panties in my mouth, she pulled up her skirt and began fingering her shaved pussy right next to me. She moved so I could see every move, as she began rubbing her lips. And slowly entered her pussy with her finger.

She watched me watch her as I continued stroking my cock, nearly reaching the point of no return. Britany then began cumming, very quickly and violently. She then removed her soaked fingers and reached over and began stroking my cock. I could feel the warmth and slick wetness as she stroked me so slowly. Almost immediately, I began shooting out strings of cum, covering her hand. She then, looking right at me, placed her cum covered hand in her mouth, licking up all of my still warm cum. She said that it tasted better than this morning's cum that she had licked off her own panties. She reached over, grabbed her panties, and wiped off more of my cum from her hand onto her panties. She then kissed me, letting me taste my own cum in her mouth.

She said that I had more special treats coming after school. She took back her panties, which had my cum on them for the second time today. She put them back on, and I collected myself to continue to take her to school. When we reached the school, she asked me if I enjoyed the trip. I said to her I had, and she said that there was more fun to come.. to be continued.

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by Anonymous03/28/18

Best daughter

Love this story How they don’t have sex ,yet she loves daddies come in her mouth and on her teen panties it’s also very erotic of her to pro pump daddies cock with her hand that is so recently wetmore...

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