tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOur Tango (Completed)

Our Tango (Completed)


When I went up to my first class of the school year, there was no one in the hall except a girl about 18 years old. She was sitting on the floor reading a book. Her shoulder length blonde hair hid most of her face from view.

As I sat down, she looked up and said, "Hi, are you in the German class?"

"Yeah, I was hoping I was in the right place," she smiled at this, watching me sit down.

"Oh, I'm Aaron," I said as I settled down next to her. She shook my hand warmly. "Nice to meet you, I'm Natasha."

With her arm extended I could see the front of her black shirt. It had a logo of Dancer jumping in the air with the name of a dance school underneath. The shirt fit her curvy top wonderfully, the shirt squished her breasts against her chest, making them look very big and round.

"Are you a dancer?"

"I used to dance, why?"

"Your shirt." I said indicating the Schools logo with my hand.

"Oh! I forgot I put this shirt on!" she said laughing, "I don't dance anymore, I'm too lazy. That and these got too big," pushing her breasts up with her hand.

She smiled at my embarrassment, "Do you dance?"

"Hmm...oh! Yes, Swing mostly." I said quickly, looking up at her face. Her bright green eyes staring back at me.

"Where do you dance at?"

"Well, several of my friends and I used to meet on Wednesday nights and dance. But then the owner of the Café we were going to closed the store. When did you start dancing?"

"Well, I started learning Jazz Dance when I was 11, later on in High School I took at Social Dance class, we learned Swing, mostly, but we also did some Waltz and Salsa. How 'bout you?"

"Oh, I took a dance class last semester; I mostly remember Swing and Salsa from it though."

Shortly afterwards, our Professor came and we started class. "I have another class right after this one, do you want to meet up again tomorrow before class?" she whispered in my ear as we headed into the class room.

"Sounds great."

We continued to meet before German and talk. A few weeks into the Semester we were, as usual, outside the class room talking, when the conversation turned to Tango;

"Have you learned Tango?" Natasha asked, her head in her hand, staring up at the ceiling, her eyes not really focusing on anything. "I've always wanted to."

"Hmmm, I love the Tango."

"Really, you know the Tango?" She was sitting up now, her beautiful green eyes staring excitedly at me.


"Could you teach me?"

"Umm...well...I dunno, I've never taught anyone before. I haven't done Tango for a while, I don't know if I remember it very well." I said, looking down at the floor.

"Please?" She was doing her very best sad puppy impersonation, pouting, and looking like she was about to cry, should I of dared to say no.

"Alright, just tell me when and where you'd like to meet," I said.

She squealed in delighted, practically slamming me to the floor as she hugged me. Squashing her breasts into me, I felt her nipples harden against my chest. Her breasts felt so soft and warm against me I wanted to reach out and squeeze them. I started to reach for them, when she stood back up, letting go of me as the others came towards us.

"I'll think up a time to meet and give it to you after class." She whispered in my ear.


She set our date at 12:00 that Saturday afternoon. I waved to her as I came through the door, admiring her shapely legs wrapped around the barstool, her grey sweatpants accentuating the contours of her legs and butt. She raised her arm and waved, her breasts wiggled slightly under her sweatshirt.

I tried to casually scan her as she came over. The jiggle of her breasts, the occasional flash of her belly button as she shirt bounced with her steps. As I found out later, however; "girls have natural radars that notice when anyone, anywhere, is admiring them." She seemed to enjoy teasing me.


"Hey, I got us a room upstairs for an hour; we can't get in till 1:00 though, so we can just hang around here until it's time."

"OK, that's fine." I said and she led the way back to the stool she was sitting at, I took a seat next to her.

We sat for a while and just chatted about nothing in particular, weather, school, teachers. Suddenly I just blurted it out; I had decided to ask her out, on a date, that day. Despite feeling like I could tell her just about anything, the thought of asking her out on a date, still made me nervous

She started laughing, almost falling back out of her chair had she not been holding on to the counter of the bar, bringing her knees up to her chest in her giggles. "You...you don't need to be so nervous, sweetie. Of course I will, just name the time and place." She looked at her watch, "Oh, its almost one, do you want to head up there now, and see if we can get in?"

"Ok, lead the way."

We went up to the room, which had already been unlocked for us. It was a good sized room, large enough that we could move around without feeling cramped. I watched her as she jumped and skipped around the room through the mirrors on the walls, as I walked to the CD player built into the wall. I set the bag that I had brought with me on the counter and took out my CDs to deciding which ones I should use.

"I'll go get changed while you're getting ready." Natasha called out to me over by the door.

"You're not dancing in your gym clothes?"

"Well...but I want to wear something a bit more...hmm...special."

"Ok, don't be too long."

"Never am."

I finished making my preparations, putting the CDs into the player and making sure I knew how to work it. Now, finished with my work, I paced around the room, anxious for her to get back so we could start. I was eager to see how she felt in my arms; she looked like she would feel soft, like she still had some puppy fat on her. She had a soft look about her, but she looked too thin to have any fat on her at all, except for her boobs.

I didn't have to wait much longer, I heard the door open and there she was; her blond hair was tied up in a knot, some loose strands framed her beaming face, highlighting her smile and bright green eyes. She had exchanged her sweatshirt for the tight fitting black t-shirt that she wore the day I first met her. On her legs she wore a pair of form fitting stretch pants, the kind that dancers use. As she turned around I took the opportunity to admire her butt; beautifully encased in its wrappings. She took off her sneakers, and her cute little toes graced the wooden floor. They reminded me of Pixy or Elves feet, they were so small and delicate looking, I wanted to just kiss them, sucking each toe into my mouth.

She twirled over to be like a ballerina after she locked the door behind her.

"Well, let's get started, Teach'. I'm rearin' to go!" She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to the center of the room, bouncing up and down.

"Yes, ma'am," I said and led her into the middle of the room.

"Ok, um...let's start with the closed dance position."

"Ok," she said, stepping into me and bringing her arms into position, her chin held high looking off into the future, a self-appreciating smile on her lips. Seeing her look so happy with herself for no apparent reason at all made me starting laughing slightly, which caused her to laugh a little herself.

"Ok, now, for Tango there are some things we need to do differently;" I said finally getting a hold of myself.

"First, your hand needs to grab onto my thumb," She followed my instructions, changing the position of her hand in mine. "Also, your left hand needs to hook under my arm with your thumb. Yeah, that's it...a little to the left, up, up, right there, perfect!" She started shaking, trying not to laugh, making her breasts jiggle,

"Hmm...now, we're supposed to bend out knees, this will make our walking smoother as we dance." We bent our legs, her breasts mashed up against me. I looked into her eyes, seeing her excitement. She was flushed and her breathing was harder. The smell of her shampoo filled my senses; it was such a pleasant scent, so soft and delicate.

I felt Natasha press her thigh against me, the corners of her lips curling in a grin. she started to softly giggle, feeling my getting hard under her touch.

"Nothing else on your mind was there, big guy?" she cooed, rubbing her thigh against me.

"Not yet, keep doing that, there will be." I breathed, pushing her into me with my hand on her back, I tried to rub against her pussy as she rubbed me, and we stayed there for a while. "Hmm...ok, let's try this with music"

I let go of her and went over to the CD player. I could feel her eyes on me as I left and turned music the on. Taking her into my arms again, I played with her bra strap a little while we waited for the music to play.

As the music started to play, I waited for one measure of the music to play before we started moving, whispering the beats to her, for a short time, then stopping, to just enjoy the music. I loved the feel of her in my arms; she was, just like I imagined; firm but soft in my touch. I could feel the bones and muscles in her back as she moved, she felt like a teddy bear with bones and muscles. Her hand felt so soft in mine, and her face was so cute, her eyes closed, concentrating on rhythm of the music and on my lead. I wanted to kiss her, on the lips, right there and make love to her, it was all I could do not to.

She got the message of how I felt, however, from the hardness between my legs, she giggled, when her thigh brushed against me in a Corté. "Why, Aaron, I didn't know you felt that way about me that way," feigning surprise. She spent the rest of several songs teasing me mercilessly, letting me rub her crotch with my thigh, mashing her breasts into my chest, letting her cheek and, occasionally, lips brush against my cheek; purring contentedly to herself the whole time.

Finally, I decided to end our dance, I led her into a dip, causing her to give a tiny yelp of surprise, her eyes gazing into me with a glorious passion of ecstasy. Our faces were very close together, he lips inches from mine. I looked into her eyes, looking for something, some sign. We stayed like that for a minute or two, just gazing into each others eyes. As she righted herself, her lips brushed against mine. Not really realizing what I was doing, I pulled her into me, keeping her there as our lips parted barely, just gazing at her lovely face, those fascinating green eyes looking back at me with excitement.

After a while she started wiggling in my embrace; "Um...Aaron...you can, uh, let me go now."

"Oh...yeah, sorry."

We both looked at the clock, automatically, as we stood up; it was a little bit after twelve.

"Oh! Umm...I gotta get back! I have a lot of studying to do and..." She stammered, pulling away from me, not looking at me.

"OK. I understand...me too..."

We gathered our stuff, well I did, she helped me, back the CDs up. We both put our shoes on and headed for the door. Just then, just as I was about to open the door, she reached up and gave me a kiss on the lips. Her lips were so soft. It was so fast, I didn't even have time to respond, I just started at her in surprise as she smiled back at me.

"Thanks, for the lovely lesson," she said, "I'll see you in class on Monday. Still on for Friday night"


She grinned, opened the door and walked out to the stairs..

I couldn't wait to see her again on Monday; harder still, to wait for Friday.


Friday had finally arrived. I was heading up to Natasha's dorm room. My heart was beating hard, and I was sweating slightly. I kept lifting my arms making sure I had my deodorant, was working. I went through my mental checklist, for the umpteenth time; 'hair, teeth, ears, skin, hair;ears, teeth, check.' Finally, I got to her room, slightly breathless from walking up all those stairs.

I knocked on her door, and voice from inside said, "Just a sec!"

The door opened and there she was! "Hi!" She said, grinning ear to ear.

"Hi, ready to go?"

"Yeah, just let me get my coat." She left the door opened, as she reached over, behind the door to grab her coat. "I probably don't need it, but you never know." I heard her say.

"Ok, now I'm ready," she reappeared in front of the door, wearing a leather jacket, unbuttoned, revealing her tight, black, shirt underneath. She had a new look, that I couldn't quite place, I'd have to remember to ask about it later.

"Ok, let's go."

"So, what's the plan for tonight?" She asked, closing the door behind her and locking it.

"Um...well, I was thinking we could see a movie, but I thought we'd get something to eat first, sound good?" I asked, taking her hand in mine.

"Sounds great! I'm starving!" She laughed, squeezing my hand.

"Great, I know just the place." So we went out to my car, and went to the pizza parlor.

We were seated in a small booth in the corner, next to a noisy group of people, celebrating someone's birthday.

"Oh, I know exactly what I want, can I order? Do you mind?" Natasha asked, she was practically gushing as she looked at the menu.

"Be my guest!" I said, relieved to be saved of, at least, one decision to make. When our waitress came and took our drink orders. Natasha ordered a Large Chicken Calzone, and some breadsticks for an appetizer.

After our waitress brought us our drinks, we both fell silent, neither sure what to say. We just sat sipping our drinks.

"Do you like my hair?" she asked suddenly.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, it looks good with your eyes, did you dye it?" I had been wondering what she had done with her hair ever since I picked her up at her dorm room. It was now jet black, about boy's length, and curled in to make it look like a helmet.

"No, it's just a wig. My roommate thought it'd look good with this new make up she got for me."

I had to agree it did, she had black eyeliner and, I think, false eyelashes, as they were longer and darker than I remembered them being. It gave her a sexy Goth look, I thought, and I told her so.

"Yeah, she was going for the "Grease" look, but I kinda agree."

"Oh is that it? I thought she'd finally converted you!"

That broke the silence. She started laughing like she did in the Gym, and couldn't stop. Some of the other customers started staring at us in curiosity. When our waitress brought us our breadsticks Natasha got a hold of herself. She still giggled sporadically, but she could talk now.

"N-no, she hasn't converted me yet, I do like the look though."

"It is very sexy, I love the outfit too."

"Yeah? It's hard to walk in these high heels, but I do love the feel of leather. Did you like the look of my butt in leather? You kept staring at it, when we came in." She asked, taking at drink, keeping her eyes on my the whole time.

"I-I you didn't mind...I'll stop if you'd rather I didn't."

"No, no! I like you looking!" she said quickly, blushing a little. "In fact..."

She dropped off, swirling her straw in her drink. She looked around at the other couples eating, then over to the kitchen door, looking for our waitress. Seeing that the coast was clear, she leaned in towards me, her breasts squishing against the top of the table, over her hands, in front of her.

"Can I tell you something?" she whispered.


She hesitated a moment, then got up and pushed me into the corner of our booth so she could sit down. When she sat down, she took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Then, taking my hand her both of hers, she said, "Ok, promise me you'll keep this a secret, only my roommate knows too."

"I promise." I'd have done almost anything to know what she wanted to tell me now.

She kissed my hand, sucking my pinkie into her mouth, grinning. "OK, what I wanted to say was; flashing people really turns me on. I've always wanted to expose myself to someone, or to have someone make me cum in public. I've been too scared to try, though. The closest I've gotten is with my roommate after I've taken a shower. I hope you don't think that I've gone too far, saying all this." She said blushing deeply, and looking down at my hand in her lap.

"'Her legs really do feel good in leather,' I thought for some reason. I took her right hand in both of mine, "I think that sounds like fun," I said between kissing her soft skin.

Her face just lit up, she squealed in delight, and jumped on me planting kiss on my lips. "Hey! You got some lipstick on ya," she said. She wet a finger with her tongue and cleaned me up. Still grinning she moved back to her seat as our pizza came, steaming hot and ready!

We didn't talk much as we ate; just stealing flirtative glances at each other between bites. I was too busy thinking about what she had said to talk much anyway. The thought of her flashing me really turned me on.

Finally we could eat no more, we just rested in our seats in our post-consumption bliss.

"Ya, know?" Natasha said, "I really don't feel like seeing a film, why don't we go dancing instead?"

"Yeah, I don't really feel like sitting down anyway."

She grinned like a kid in a candy store, her eyes lit up, and she was crouched in her seat ready to sprint for the door as soon as I paid for the meal. As soon as I paid she leapt out of her seat, she turned and said, "I'm just gonna go to the Ladies room and freshen up. Oh, do you mind if I take this wig off? Its making me itch?"

"What ever you want is fine with me."

"Great, see you in a little bit."

When she came back, I took her hand in mine and led her out to the car. As we were driving, she leaned her head against my shoulders, I looked down for a minute at the top of her head, when we got to a red light, and kissed her on the head. The light turned green and we drove on.

"Did you mean what you said in the restraint about wanting to come/cum in public?" I asked, I was a little nervous about asking; not wanting to scare her off, but I had something in mind for later tonight.

"Yes, did you mean what you said, about how that sounded like fun?" she replied, raising off my shoulder and looking tentatively in my eyes.

"Yes, in fact, I was wondering...please don't freak out on me-"

"I won't."

"I was wondering, if you'd like to try something like that tonight, ya know, when we're dancing?" We had reached another red light, and I turned toward her as I said this, taking her hand in mine. "I'd like to try, if you want."

She grinned ear to ear, and, reaching over, kissing me on the cheek, she said, "I think that'd be lovely."


"Here it is," I said as we walked into the Café on the corner of the sidewalk. I looked over at her, as I opened the door for us to walk in. Her ears perked up, as we stepped into the room, hearing the Music of our favorite dance; the Tango

The Café had a feel of New Orleans, there were low lights coming from the ceiling, also from various lamps in some of the corners. There was another couple dancing as we walked in. Another older couple was sitting in a booth in a corner by the window, to our left, talking and eating. Across the room, two older men were playing chess under a lamp. The man at the counter was talking to a customer sitting on one of the bar stools. The older couple looked up at us as we entered, but no one else seemed to acknowledge our presence.

"Just let me put down my purse and jacket!" She skipped over to a table in the front of the Café over looking the street and rushed back to me.

"Ok, I'm ready!" she breathed, throwing her head back in a dramatic flair, the back of her hand resting on her forehead, the perfect damsel in distress. Grinning I take her hand in mine and led her out onto the floor.

"Hey! Are you kids just gonna dance, or are you gonna buy something?" The man behind the counter asked, glaring at us while cleaning some glasses.

"Oh, yeah, umm...do you want anything?" I asked her, sweating a little under the man's gaze.

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