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Our Time


She looks around one last time.

The room is huge! White walls, a maroon border at the top and bottom, and a matching carpet. The king-sized bed has a gorgeous maroon and gold paisley print bedspread and matching pillows. A dozen pillows! There's a huge picture window across from the door. She draws the maroon colored curtains and darkens the room. She turns on the a/c. There's a couch on one end of the room, a desk, a dark cherry-wood, and chair just across from it. Where the bed sits, there's a huge mirror on the wall directly across. She smiles, then blushes, at the thought of them watching themselves. She has candles lit in strategic places, to give warm light, not bright. The candles are scented, some vanilla, some lavender. It's a nice, light scent filling the room, and the bathroom.

The bathroom! Large, cream colored, with maroon and gold accents here and there, and a tub big enough for two! And she had already run the water, extra hot, and added bubbles, LOTS of bubbles!

He was due to arrive at any moment! She checked her makeup. Knowing they would bathe together, she wore only lipstick, honey colored, and water-proof mascara, an eggplant color to bring out her emerald green eyes. She wore a beautiful, long white negligee, lace, mesh and silk in all the right places, with matching silk thong, and mesh robe. There was R&B music playing softly in the background. Her heart raced as she awaited his arrival.

Promptly, 5pm, as planned, there's a knock on the room door. Taking a deep, calming breath, she looks through the peep-hole and sees it is him. The light in all her darkest times is right outside her door. She opens it and lets him in. As he walks to place his bag on the table, she closes and locks the door. He turns from bending to set his things down and spies her watching him. She blushes. He smiles. They'd been planning this meeting for months, and the butterflies in her stomach were the size of dinosaurs! He opens his arms and she all but floats into them. As they embrace, he catches the light scent of her perfume on her neck. He leans in to kiss her neck, causing her to moan softly. He lifts his head just as she leans back, they look into each other's eyes and for the next moment, they are lost, and found, all at the same time. They kiss, softly, deeply, passionately. Moments later, they come up for air.

"Hi," he tells her.

"Hi yourself," she replies.

They kiss again. The love, the romance, and soon the lust all being fulfilled with that kiss. As they part again, he takes a good look at her. She steps back, does a slow turn and says, "You like?"

"Yeah! I like!" He smiles and they step into each others arms again for another passionate kiss.

Finally, he looks around the room and sees what she has done. The scent of the candles blend nicely with her perfume, sending his head spinning. "This is amazing!," he tells her.

Smiling she takes his hand. "Come, it's time for your bath." By now the water has cooled just enough, and there's still a mountain of bubbles. He smiles as he sees her work. "For me?"

"Who else would I go to all this trouble for?" She begins to undress him. Untying his shoes, removing them and setting them on the side. Next his jeans, unfasten the belt, then the button, now the zipper. She slides his jeans down and pulls them off his feet. Leaving on his undies, she stands to remove his company shirt. She loves the grey color, a nice heather grey. It blends so nicely with his eyes. Eyes that captivate her. As the shirt falls to the floor, she runs her hands over his smooth chest. His nipples harden, but from the sudden coolness or from her touch, she couldn't say. His abdomen is tight, he's always kept himself fit. His arms are muscular from the physical activity of his job. His legs have the same strength they had when he was a teen...stronger, again from his job.

She removes her robe and he sees the barest hint of pink nipple through the mesh of her gown. The thin, silk straps slide down her shoulders provocatively. Reaching out he slides his hands along her arms and shoulders. He sees her nipples harden through the gown as she moans softly. She steps away and lets the gown slip to the floor, revealing the hardened buds and damp thong. She sees the bulge in his undies grow, twitch and grow larger. She also sees the damp spot appear and spread, like a blooming flower. Her hands reach his sides and she slowly slides his undies down and removes them. As she looks up at his face, she slowly takes the hard length of his manhood into her mouth. Her eyes close as she moans in pleasure at the taste of precum. He moans his pleasure at the feel of her sucking on him, at the look of joy on her face as she's sucking on him. Short minutes later, she stops. As she stands, she removes her thong. He steps forward and takes her breasts in his hands and begins to suckle them; Gently at first, then harder, with a few nibbles on her nipples. She's moaning, running her hands through his hair as she pulls him closer, pushing her nipples into his mouth deeper. Again, mere minutes pass before he stops.

They step into the tub together. He sits first, then helps her to rest next to him. The tub has space for them to move around comfortably. As they recline next to each other in the steamy water..it didn't cool as fast as she thought it would...they wrap their arms around each other and begin feasting upon each other's kisses. His so strong, so deep; hers so soft and sweet. They can't get enough! Their hands are in each other's hair, holding their heads close, not wanting to be even the slightest milimeter apart. Their breathing is quick, their hearts pounding, their blood racing through their veins, heating them, moving them. What seems an eternity has passed...a blink of an eye can seem an eternity when in the throes of passion!

Minutes, small fractions of an hour, and they are breathing hard and heavy from their kisses! They rest, running their hands over each other's body, covering each other with the bubbles. As they gently wash each other, their state of arousal deepens and grows. First she takes the washcloth, gets it covered in soap and, sitting behind him, she scrubs his back, neck and shoulders. Getting in front of him she scrubs his chest, neck and tight abdomen. She pauses to trace her fingers over his "six-pack". He sucks in his stomach at the sensitive feel of her touch. Sensations for each of them are so intensely heightened. She turns and washes his legs and feet.

When she has finished, he takes a cloth and returns the favor. Her back, neck and shoulders are gently rubbed with a soap covered cloth. Next, her abdomen, neck and finally her chest, with special attention to her nipples. Finally her legs and feet are scrubbed clean. As they use their hands and soap to gently clean each others privates, the each moan in delight. He rubs her labia, slips his fingers between to clean around her clit, and gently dips his fingers into her vagina. As she's sliding a soapy hand up and down his shaft, she feels him dip in. She stops, moans and gently squeezes his penis as she starts to stroke him again. Once again, they stop after only minutes of pleasing each other.

Stepping out of the tub together, he grabs a towel as she lets out the water from the bath. As she stands, he wraps the towel around her and begins to softly dry her off. When he's done, he grabs the other towel and dries himself. They leave the bathroom, wrapped in their towels, and head to their bedroom. Once in the room, they remove their towels and, pulling back the covers, slip into bed and cuddle under the covers.

Cuddling leads to kissing, hot, heavy, passionate kissing. Their hands no longer happy to remain in one place, now roam over each other's bodies. Their lips seem to have the same idea. Soon his lips have left hers, and in their search for another spot to kiss, they have found the most sensitive spot on her neck. As she moans, squirming, his hands find her nipples, now hardened buds just waiting to be pleasured with soft pinches, pulls and nibbles. Her moans grow louder as he sucks her neck and pinches her nipples. Her hands have found his manhood. One goes to slide up and down his shaft while gently squeezing it, the other massages his large scrotum. He moans into her neck. Soon his lips again seek yet another place to land...her nipples beg to be next!

As he leans down to suckle and nibble on her nipples, one of his hands has found her labia, and spread it in search of her clit. He knows it is well hidden in the folds. Once he finds it, he massages it into a hard bulb. Hearing her gasps, he knows her pleasure is mounting. As he dips his fingers slowly into her vagina, she moans louder, "oh god, yes!" She's so close, she wants to feel it, needs to! He slows his action. Her hands are still on him, and he feels his orgasm growing near. He removes his fingers from her, then removes her hands from him.

"Let me taste you," he asks.

"Please," she replies.

As he moves the covers aside, she turns to face her bottom towards him. While lying on her back, he pulls her towards the edge of the bed. Spreading her labia, he moves his face close, so close she can feel the heat of his breath on her now exposed clit. Moaning she lifts towards him. He moves his face in and slowly licks his tongue over her bulb. Squirming, writhing in pleasure, she's moaning, begging for more. "Oh god, Please!"

He takes the bulb into his mouth and sucks it slowly, pulling it out. More moans. "Hooaahhh....yeah, more!"

He gently nips at it, then licks it again. Leaving the bulb, he moves down to let his tongue dive into her. He can taste her juices, now flowing from her. He's hard with wanting her, but he waits, wanting to please her first. He knows she's close, so very close. He begins an ardent attack on her clit with his tongue while his fingers drill into her, finding and releasing her juices. As she cries out in orgasm, he feels her walls clenching around his fingers. He can wait no longer. He has to feel her wrapped around him. Has to know the feel of being deep within her. In seconds, he has lifted his face and begun his climb to fill her. His fingers still drilling, he moves up, pulls them out and slips his penis in. She's tight, hot and wet. So wet! She's still lost in that orgasm. As she's floating down, he begins to pump her towards another one, one they can share. He's close, he doesn't want to explode just yet, but she feels so good, he feels so good! Too soon, he feels the rush of heat, feels her get tighter around him as he grows full of semen, and finally feels the extreme, ultimate pleasure of exploding his seed deeply, filling her with it, just as she clenches her walls around him in her own orgasm!

They lay there, spent, for a few moments. Each breathing hard, hearts racing back from that cloud of pleasure, blood flowing quickly away from two very heated areas. Soon, breathing has slowed. Now he is kissing her shoulders, she his arm. They move away from each other only to get back on the bed properly and cover and cuddle as they drift off to sleep.

This was what they needed, this was where they needed...each other, away from the world, in a world all their own. For a few more hours, anyway.

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