tagLoving WivesOur Vacation in Rio de Janeiro

Our Vacation in Rio de Janeiro


My wife's fortieth birthday was approaching fast and I obviously wanted to do something very special for her. I didn't want to give her a surprise party, where she could see all of her friends; almost everybody does this. I wanted it to be unique for her and something that she would always remember.

Her b-day arrived in January and when we woke up and sat down for breakfast, I got up, kissed her and hand it her a small gift package and wished her Happy Birthday. She smiled and opened it. With a startled look, she noticed two airline tickets. The tickets were for a week trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She was ecstatic!

We arrived in Rio at the end of January. It was sunny, hot and vibrant. The city looked beautiful! It was my wife's first time in Rio. We were to be staying at The Copacabana Resort. It was the oldest and most beautiful hotel in Copacabana. I had rented a suite. The suite was gorgeous; it had a small living room and the bedroom. In the bedroom, there was a king size bed and a big bathroom to the side. There was a huge Jacuzzi inside the bathroom. My wife was so happy!

As we got there very early in the morning, we rested for about two hours. Then we changed into our bathing suits to go down to the beach. When my wife came out of the bathroom, my jaw dropped, she was wearing a tiny and slinky bikini, all red. It covered one-quarter of her breast and the bottom covered only her crotch. She turned around and I almost died! It was a thong, like the Brazilian women wear, you know, a "dental floss" bikini. The back string of the bottom was buried in her butt. This was amazing because she is so conservative that I would never expect her to wear something like this.

"Babe... my gosh... you look so exposed and sexy," I said. "Just for you, honey... you know what I have in mind, don't you," she said. And I just nodded. My cock was already hard as a rock from just looking at her. I have to tell you that at forty, my wife still looks sexy as hell. She is 5'6" and weighs about 125lbs. Her best assets are her beautiful ass (which she has never allowed me to play with) and her gorgeous looking legs.

So we walked to the beach and what a sight. All this beautiful Brazilians playing, walking, and tanning, wearing the skimpiest bathing suits. Men and women, all of them. The women were topless and wearing almost nothing bottoms. The men wearing the speedo type bathing suits. It was HOT. The energy, the air, the sun, everything was unbelievable. There were all types: light, dark, blondes, blacks, brownes, orientals, Europeans, Americans.

You could see my wife being a little shy about removing her bikini cover, but she did it after being mesmerized with the people at the beach. She lied down on the sand to absorb the sun's rays. I couldn't stop watching the people... I was rock hard and horny as hell. Even the men were beautiful. I had never got hot looking at men, but here, in Rio, it was different. Both, men and women, looked gorgeous and sensual.

I noticed that my wife was also checking the people out and she would rub her legs lightly. After a good half hour, she suggested we get in the water. I agreed. The water was freezing, like ice water, but it felt darn good. This was just what we needed to cool off our intense body heat.

After three hours enjoying the sights at the beach, we couldn't take it anymore. We were so horny, we almost ran back to the hotel. We got into the shower and slowly bathed each other bodies. My wife was so wet that my finger slid easily in her love hole. And my dick was almost exploding.

When we finished our shower, I picked her up in my arms and carried to the king size bed. From the suitcase, I grabbed four long bands and a blindfold that I had packed just for these erotic sessions. I tied my wife to the bedposts and blindfolded. I forgot that I wanted to order some wine, so that we could lose our inhibitions. So I called room service and ordered two bottles of white wine and a bottle of champagne. My wife was just dying with anticipation. I was moving very slow.

I saw my wife tied down, defenseless, wide open... her legs spread wide, her tits flat against her chest, her nipples hard, pointing upward... it was delicious... I was ready o fuck her brains out.

I climbed on top of her, my knees at each side of her hips... I had complete control of her and I was going to take advantage of it all. I started at her ears... sucking first the right lobe and then tonguing the entire area; I moved to the left one and performed the same action... my wife moaned and squirmed. My tongue continued down her world. Down to her neck... I kissed and suck and kept on moving to her breasts.

I sucked one nipple, then the other... pulling on them with my mouth... lightly biting them. Then I licked her armpits... ooooh, she moaned so loud. With my hand, I brushed her pussy. She was soaked! So wet and hot. I kept moving down... torturing her... slowly... all the way to her toes. I sucked her toes one by one. Savoring her taste. I kissed her feet. I love to suck on feet. Feet are my weakness.

Finally I came back up, licking her inside her thighs... blowing air into her pussy... she couldn't stop moaning... she was going nuts... and I was enjoying every second. My cock was ready to explode! It was so hard that it hurt. My mouth was very close to her lips. She knew. She could feel me and the anticipation was killing her. Her feet and toes were tensed up... you know what I mean... just like when your woman is having an orgasm and her whole body becomes tight and tense and out of control. She was squirming on the bed. I, too, was going crazy, experiencing her first orgasm.

And finally, my tongue touched her clitoris... uuuuuummmm, I heard her squeal. I started tonguing her pussy up and down her slit... and then, the bell rang... my wife jumped in surprise and I said, "Shit... I forgot about room service. "

I rushed to the bathroom to look for a robe, but there was none. So I grabbed a towel and wrapped around my waist. The only problem was that I was hard as a rock and obviously showing a huge tent. The curious thing is that I didn't lose my erection. In fact, just the thought that I had to open the door to a complete stranger had my sexual feeling going high.

I went to open the door, forgetting to close the door to the bedroom. Swinging the door opened, I invited the waiter into the room. His eyes immediately went down to look at the tented towel. He spoke in Portuguese, "Good evening, sir. " "Hi," I responded, "Come in, please. " He had a grin on his face, but when he came in, he was startled when we both noticed my wife complete exposed, naked and tied down, on the bed. I was extremely embarrassed!

He just stared at my beautiful, vulnerable wife tied to the bed and blindfolded. He turned to me and looked at my hard cock again and said, "I guess you two are having lots of fun here in Rio; your wife is very beautiful. "

When my wife heard the voice, she didn't know what was happening and she called out, "Honey, what is going on out there? Did they delivered the wine?" I said yes and that I would be there in a minute. I couldn't believe I was allowing this guy watch my wife with her legs completely spread wide, showing her lubricated sex clearly. But I was getting hotter and I was enjoying it.

I looked down at him and noticed that he too was hard as a rock. His bulge looked beautiful. And he was a very handsome local. He was dark-skinned, obviously from the exposure to the sun; short dirty-blonde hair and green eyes. He was about 5'7" and probably weighed about 145lbs. Very good looking indeed and I was curious.

So I asked him if he liked the view into the room and he said yes. In the meantime, my wife again asked me what was taking so long and I told her that I was preparing everything for her to have the fuck of her life. I turned back to him, he was half smiling, and kept on going, "Would you consider join us in the fun?"... "Umm, sure!" He said, "But what about your wife, wouldn't she mind?"... "I don't know... " I said, "But there is only one way to find out, don't you think so?" He smiled and started to unbutton his suit. "I guess your answer is "yes,"" I said, and he just looked at my cock. I liked him, he was so beautiful. I signaled him to be quiet.

I went to the door, opened and shut it, so that my wife thought they waiter had left. And then, I walked back to my partner in crime, whom was already totally naked. The man was beautiful. His name was Joao. He had body hair but not a lot and his cock... ummmmm... it was about average, 5-6 inches, but thick! Thicker than mine... it made it look dangerous. His cock was pointing straight out, ready to ravish my defenseless wife. I stared at his crotch, wanting to take the full view. Nervously, I was lusting to taste that rod, but what would my wife said. She would think I was a fag and wouldn't understand at all. She is so conservative!

I shoved him into the room and guided him between my wife's spread legs. Then I told my wife how hot and gorgeous she looked waiting for me. I pushed Joao head down to her toes and signaled him to start sucking. He did and my wife moaned in pleasure.

He sucked her toes one-by-one and started moving up to her feet and then her calves. I was breathing deeply and watching Joao's big, erect cock. My wife was beyond herself. I could smell her sex; that musky smell in the air. It was so electrifying... Joao was now sucking and kissing inside her thighs... he was so closed to her pussy! She started massaging his hair and moaning... I noticed her toes and feet were tensed up again... and I knew she was in heaven... enjoying the feeling... his licks, kisses, sucking... and I was on the verge of exploding, because I was looking at both their ecstasies... and I knew my wife thought it was doing her.

Finally... finally... his lips got to her pussy... she grunted and pushed her crotch to his mouth... and his tongue reached her labia... her wet walls... and she moaned some more... I couldn't take it anymore... we were all quiet listening to our sex sounds... our moaning... breathing... and I took my chances. I approached the bed, behind Joao... extended my hand and reached for his cock. He moved slightly, like he was startled, and turned to see what was happening. He saw me, with my arm stretched out and my hand massaging his beautiful, erect stick. I just smiled... and he smiled back and turned to continued to orally satisfying my wife.

I was jacking him off, up and down, feeling that powerful cock in my hand had me melting with desire. My wife, on the other hand, was screaming in pleasure, very close to cumming... "Ahhhhh... ummmm... honey, your driving me wild... I am so hot... arrrrgggg... hum,hum,hum... ahhhhhhhhh... sweet honey... your mouth feels great...

I proceeded quickly, I wanted to do it before my wife came... I positioned myself between his legs, my face right under his dick... I smelled his scent... It smelled to sex... my first blowjob... without my wife knowing anything at all... He didn't flinched, didn't care... HE WAS SO HORNY... I raised myself and licked the tip, there was some precum and I tasted... it was slimy, sticky, but it didn't taste bad... I thought... my first cock and it's a beauty... I wrapped my mouth around his pole and started sucking with abandon. What a great feeling!!!!!!!!

"AHHHHHHH, UMMMMMMMM... PLEASE STOP, HONEY, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE... AHHHHHHH... " She came hard, twice... quickly, and he pussy was now extremely sensitive. Her nipples were so stiff. It was incredible.

It was then I decided to remove her blindfold. I didn't know what to expect... we had talked about threesomes before and she had told me that she would never consider it... that I was weird and kinky... and she was not to be shared by anybody. So I thought she was going to kill me. But before I did it, I pulled Joao close to her mouth and signaled him to kiss her. He did. She obviously didn't care that her juices were still in his mouth and they tongue each other and then my wife froze... "What is going on, Dave?... " What happened was that she was caressing his shoulder and chest. Obviously, she knew instantly it was not I. I DIDN'T CARE! I pushed Joao again to her lips and then I went to her tits, while my hand was manipulating her clit.

Now she definitely knew it was two of us fucking her... and she did not complained anymore... she went with it. She started moaning again and twisting her body on the bed. And she was kissing Joao desperately, touching him everywhere, until I saw her tiny hand grabbed his cock. She felt it for a moment and moaned, "ummmmmmmm... " And she started massaging it, jacking him off. Up and down, up and down.

I was going nuts. I got up and moved to her other side and guided her hand to my cock. Then each of her hands had a cock and she was jacking us off. It was heaven! I told her that I wanted to see her sucking both dicks and she in turn replied, "So you do... ah... this has been a fantasy of yours for a while... Hasn't it?" I just moaned.

She started sucking Joao and then she changed to me. She had, at one point, both cocks in her mouth. Then I removed her blindfold and she immediately turned to look at Joao. First his face and then she traveled down until she saw his rod. She smiled, she liked him.

I was ready to explode... so I stopped her from sucking anymore. I told Joao that I wanted to watch him fuck my wife and I told him to stick that big cock in her pussy. He positioned himself on top of her and put his dick at the opening of her wet, soaking vagina. My wife closed her eyes in ecstasy. And then he pounded her. His dick fully inside her love hole and she was screaming in ecstasy.

Then I told her (she was still tied and she could not do anything, remember?) "Today... you will experience everything that you have not in the last 15 years, honey... Don't be upset, whatever happens, just let yourself go!" And I went to the bathroom and got a tube of the KY Jelly I had brought without my wife knowing. I thought I may have the chance to experience her beautiful ass and I was right.

She didn't even see me. She was fully enjoying Joao fucking her wildly. I started massaging her butt. And then I squirted lube in her crack and started massaging her there. Until I got to her anus and with lubed finger, started pressing around her pucker hole. She squirmed and moaned. No complaints so far. Then I went for it and pushed my index finger slowly into her asshole. She squirmed some more and bucked. "Ahhhhh... ummmmmmmmm" I heard her moaned. I was pushing in and out and Joao was still fucking her. Then I inserted my middle finger. Now I had two! She didn't complain. I fucked her ass like that for about a minute and she just moaned.

Then I stopped to lube my cock thoroughly and dropped some more lube on her anus. I told Joao to hold on for a minute, that I wanted to get underneath my wife, so he stopped and moved up a little. I picked my wife up with his help and got underneath her. I was struggling to stick my cock in her asshole, when all of a sudden, I felt Joao grabbed my dick and put it at the entrance of her dark eye. It felt wonderful! And my wife just said, "What are you doing? That will hurt... you are going to kill me. " I said, "Relax, honey, you already had two of my fingers fucking you and there were no complaints. "

So she relaxed and I pushed in. Joao pushed his cock into my wife's pussy again and then we were both pumping in and out. My wife's ass was wonderful. SO TIGHT! I was going to cum very quickly. And I could feel Joao cock pumping in and out! My wife was screaming, "OH MY GOSH... I HAVE NEVER FELT SOMETHING THIS GOOOOOOOD... OH MY GOSH... FUCK ME BOTH... FUCK ME GOOD... AHHHHH, AH,AH,AH,AH,AHHHHHHH... UMMMMMM, FUCK ME WITH YOUR TWO COCKS, OHHHHH MY GOSH... IT FEELS WONDERFUL... IM CUMMMING... CUMMMMMING... OOOOOOH... OHHHHH... " And that was all Joao and me needed. We started spurting our jism inside my wife's pussy and asshole.

When we finished, all three collapsed. We rested for a bit and our cocks when soft inside my wife's holes. We were all sweating from the intense heat generated by our bodies. I told them I had to get up to turn-up the AC. The Joao got up and then my wife. Joao told us he had to leave, so my wife went to him and kissed him goodbye. I went to him, in front of my wife, and told hem thank you, while I grabbed his cock and massaged it. My wife didn't say anything.

And that was the end of our first day in Rio de Janeiro, the Tropical Paradise.

I hope you enjoyed the story. It is one of my fantasies to see my wife get royally fucked by another man and I sucking on big cock while he's doing her.

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by Anonymous01/19/18

Well I got to agree. Rio de Janeiro is a hot place! 5* for this nice story

Good tale and this Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro is definitely a hot spot with those hot girls in thing bikinis and Speedo hot guys. It's hard to resist.
5* and well done.

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