tagNonHumanOut of Darkness Ch. 09

Out of Darkness Ch. 09


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Nevada - Present Day

Carla sat next to the bed, her head laying on the pillow next to her son's. She could feel the warmth radiating from his body. She even imagined it was his breath, but knew he was breathing through a tube, so that was impossible. She stroked his fur, so soft, just like the day he'd first come to them. He was so scared; he'd shifted and hidden under the bed, a small black ball of fur. Carla had shifted and laid just a few feet away, patiently waiting. When he'd seen she was a wolf, he'd tentatively crawled to her, and ended up curling himself between her front legs. She had gently groomed him, licking his soft fur. They'd laid there for hours, and when Silvano returned home from the lab, he had found them both sound asleep, the cub curled up comfortably between his mate's legs, her head resting on his back. Their bond had formed that day!

She could hear the voices behind her but blocked them out. She'd let Silvano talk with the Doctors. She'd heard the most important thing; Drago might not live. Anything else didn't interest her at all. She did her best to tune out the beeping noises from the many different monitors hooked up to her wounded cub. Her hand held his closest paw, feeling the tufts of fur between the pads on the bottom of his foot. She smiled when she remembered how she could make her little cub howl like a banshee by tickling his pads. But that only lasted a few years. By the time he was twelve years old, he would shift, roll his eyes, and run out of the house to find his friends. And then he was taken away from her at fourteen. She had missed watching him grow into the adult he had become, so strong and brave, able to protect his mate from the Betas sent to take her back.

Carla panicked when the alarm went off on a small monitor to Drago's left. "Doctor, what's wrong? Help him!" She could see the display that previously had flashed numbers and now only dashes. Silvano quickly pulled her away to let the Doctor tend to his patient.

Logan went directly to the probe from the monitor and found it dangling from the bed. "It's alright, Carla. You knocked the Pulse Oximeter probe off his tongue." He gently replaced the probe and stared at the monitor as the injured wolf's oxygen level steadily rose, finally stopping at 94%. He expertly checked the other monitors, being sure nothing else had been dislodged. He certainly couldn't get mad at her. She might not have much longer with him. He wouldn't begrudge her anything right now.

He moved away from the bed and let Carla take her place at her son's side. He returned to the wall and waited for Silvano to join him. "So, as I was saying, we were able to replace his blood volume with transfusions from the Bertrand/Kardos pack. I'll be honest with you, Silvano. If this had been a month ago, before they joined us here, Drago would have died no matter what we did. There isn't a pack within five hundred miles of here that has AB type blood on hand. It just isn't typical of western and northern European weres, and most in the United States are from the British Isles and Scandinavia."

Silvano shook his head. "Lucky, we were very lucky." Now if only their luck would hold up. "Do you think he has a chance?" Silvano met the Doctor's eyes.

"There's always a chance, Silvano. I'm amazed he lived through the fight; I'm amazed that he lived long enough for us to get the blood into him; I'm amazed he made it through surgery when we repaired all the damage done to his internal organs. If he doesn't get any infections and we can keep him quiet, then yes, I think he has a chance." He laid a hand on the older male's arm and gave it a gentle squeeze. "And he has the two of you and Kelly on his side. That can only be a positive."

Silvano smiled gratefully at him and moved to his mate's side. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder as she leaned into his waist, her hand still petting their cherished son's head.


Kelly awoke in a panic, bolting up, looking around, wide-eyed, frightened. "Drago? Drago, where are you?" She screamed as loudly as she could. Were they in a motel again? How much of it had been a dream? The wolves? The car chase to the abandoned mine? The plane to America? "Drago!" When she saw the woman coming towards her, she knew none of it was a dream. That was the nurse who'd given her a sedative when they'd first brought her to this hospital. She'd freaked out when they'd told her she couldn't see Drago, and they had given her a shot of something. She wasn't going to let that happen again.

Kelly jumped out of the bed, trying to escape the fast approaching nurse. She wasn't going to let her near her again! She eyed the syringe in the woman's hands. "Don't you dare poke me with that needle!" She was ready for a fight. She'd claw her eyes out if she had to. She didn't care that the blond was at least a foot taller than her.

"Kelly, remember me? I'm Trina. You were exhausted when you got here. You needed the rest. There wasn't anything you could do for Drago, and the Doctors felt it was better for you to recover your strength. Drago's going to need you to be strong for him. You won't be able to if you're sick." Trina watched the woman's face soften.

"Drago's alive?" She was stunned. She'd been so sure it was all a dream. She'd hoped and prayed it had been a dream. And when she'd woken up, she'd thought sure they were keeping her drugged to keep her from finding out he had died. But he was alive. "I want to see him, now." She saw the sad look on the nurse's face as she shook her head.

"I'm sorry, Kelly. That just isn't possible right now. He's hurt too badly." Luckily, her werewolf reflexes helped her duck out of the way of the flying metal tray. It just barely missed her head. The human had good aim. She'd keep that in mind for the future.

"I want to speak with Drago's Doctor right now!" Kelly gritted her teeth as she watched the nurse nod and quickly retreat from the room. She ran to the door and tried the knob. Locked! "What the fuck?" Now she was pissed. They'd drugged her, kept her from Drago, and now they were keeping her locked in this room! Well the Doctor and Drago's parents had some explaining to do, and fast!

~~~~ a few minutes later ~~~~

"Why can't I see him? What are you hiding?" Kelly couldn't sit; she had too much pent-up energy. Something inside was telling her she had to be near Drago. She stared at the doctor they called Logan. His girlfriend, or wife, or whatever, stood nearby with a nervous look on her face. Kelly walked up to within a foot of the Doctor and stared up into the tall man's face. "You tell me what's going on, and right now!" She put her hands on her hips and didn't look away for a second. She wasn't about to back down!

Logan glanced over at Trina for help.

{If that were me, I'd be saying the same thing. No one would be able to keep me from you.}

The exhausted Doctor let out a long sigh."Kelly, he's very badly hurt. I have him in a drug-induced coma so he doesn't have to feel the pain. And, to be honest, his wounds are so severe I just don't think you could handle it. I've discussed this with his parents, and they agree. It's best that you not see him yet." He hated telling her this. It would probably be good for Drago to be able to hear her voice, but he understood why his parents were against it. Drago hadn't wanted her to see him as a wolf, not yet. And until he had made at least a partial recovery he wouldn't be able to shift.

"Well then let me talk to them. I can convince them." Kelly wasn't going to let up. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and glowered into his face. "So? Call them in here." She gave him her most intimidating look.

Logan looked over at his mate. {Help me.}

She gave him a weak smile and shrugged her shoulders. "Why not? Maybe they'll change their minds." She kind of hoped so. Drago was in critical condition. He might not make it. What if she never got to say goodbye? Trina went to the door and opened it part way, leaning out to speak to one of the Omegas walking by. "Could you bring Silvano and Carla here please?" With what Kelly had been through already, would she really freak out at finding out Drago was a werewolf? She loved him; that was obvious to everyone. She'd accept it. Trina was sure anyway.

Silvano was a little apprehensive about meeting with Kelly. He didn't want to frighten her. Drago had been adamant that he did not want her to see him as a wolf yet. And his parents wanted to obey his wishes if at all possible. How would they convince her to wait to see him without hurting her feelings? He twined his arm through his mate's and accompanied her into Kelly's room. The two of them were dumbfounded when they saw the Doctor, backed into the corner of the room like a scared cub. It took them a moment to realize that their son's diminutive mate was the cause.

Kelly's head whipped around when she saw them. "So, you don't want me to see Drago? Is that really your decision to make? I know he'd want me with him!"

Carla watched Kelly's face, her eyes. She only wanted to be with Drago. It was where she belonged. Kelly loved her son, even though she couldn't possibly feel the mating pull yet, or at least, not know it for what it was. That was really all a devoted mother needed to know. Carla felt tears welling up. She looked up at her mate. "Silvano, couldn't we ..."

{Silvano cut her off immediately. Drago didn't want her to see him like this, Cara.}

{But they love each other. They're meant for each other.} She saw Kelly's face, red with rage and approached her slowly. "My dear, maybe we can work something out." Carla took her hand and stood close to her.

"No!" Silvano's voice blasted across the room. {We will discuss this alone!} Silvano was infuriated that his mate was defying him like this. Drago did not want Kelly to see him as a wolf yet, and they would abide by his wishes. Silvano put out his hand, waiting impatiently for Carla to take hold. When she did he grabbed hers and dragged her from the room.

{She does want me to see Drago! So it's just his father that doesn't want to let me.} Kelly watched them leave, not sure what was going on. They'd done very little talking but seemed to communicate quite a bit in few words. After they were gone, her attention went back to Logan and Trina. She glared at them as menacingly as she could.

"Trina, we should go. Kelly, I'm sorry, but I can't go against his father's wishes." He turned for the door and waited for Trina who seemed to be lagging behind.

"Sorry we have to lock the door, Kelly. It's for your own good. See you later." Trina slipped through the door and shut it quickly behind her.

Kelly stared after her. {Did she just wink at me?} She heard the sound of the locking mechanism but was only thinking about what the wink must mean. Was Trina going to help her see Drago?


The Spaniard knocked softly on the Alpha's office door. He knew the two pack Alphas were meeting with Alistair and Rhys about the human female and the Cavallo family. He'd been asked to join them as he was the acting European Council Head until an official election was held to fill Rudolf's former post. He took a spot near the window and stared outside, noticing Silvano and Carla in a heated discussion. As was common among were mates, most of it was without words, but just as noticeable. This was a very stressful time for them. He didn't want to guess at what the problem could be.

"Thank you for meeting us, Sandalio. We need to discuss what happens if the cub lives and what happens if he dies. I think we'll be better served to have everything decided ahead of time." Alistair was grateful Sandalio had taken the lead of the Council. He was quite level-headed and good-natured. He couldn't even imagine having to deal with these issues with Rudolf.

Sandalio nodded. He knew that Alistair would not make any decision without him. Besides, the Cavallos were not members of an American pack. So really, the decisions were mostly on Sandalio's shoulders.

"First of all, if he dies, obviously, we need to decide what to do about the female. She doesn't know what we are yet, so she could, conceivably, just be returned to the human world. But only, of course, after we figure out what Erobos wants with her. I wouldn't want to just put her in a position to be taken back." The statement was met with agreement by all. "But we might want to move her somewhere where there is less chance of her finding out what we are. Maybe send her with a few security personnel to a safe-house or something." He saw Carr nod his head.

"Whether he lives or dies, are we going to search for his biological family?" Alistair scanned the room and could see the discomfort the question caused. He heard distinctive throat clearing that he recognized as Rhys' and gave him the floor.

The Archivist stood, attempting to gather his thoughts before speaking. "Since Katy has become quite close with Carla, this subject has come up frequently between us. Katy is torn about it, but her panther and my wolf are very clear that the cub's family should be found. Family is everything to us, and what family he may have should know what happened to him. I'm not saying that Silvano and Carla did anything wrong. In fact, however the cub was separated from his parents, they did an admirable job of raising him. But I think everyone involved deserves to know the truth."

He waited for any dissent, but hearing none, continued on. "It seems likely that he was from America since he was given to them while they were in this country, and they agreed he was a native English speaker. I believe we have DNA samples from just about every pack that lives on the continent. Even if we can't find living parents, we may find aunts or uncles, grandparents, etc. I would like to have Xylon begin testing since it can take a week or more."

"I think that's an excellent idea. Sandalio, do you have any objections?" Alistair saw the shake of his head. "Anything else, Rhys?"

"Guillame, I would like to include your pack's DNA in the testing if that meets with your approval. Since his blood type matches more Eastern European weres than any other area, it could be a possibility."

"Of course. Just let me know what Xylon needs. I think you have blood samples from almost everyone so far anyway." Guillame was certainly curious about this Beta. It seemed a strange coincidence that his blood only matched the members of his pack.

Alistair turned to the Baxter Alpha. "Carr, what's the latest report on Drago's condition?"

"So far, so good. Logan reports he has begun to heal, and they've had to increase the dosage of drugs to keep him in the coma. He's fighting it. So he thinks that's a good sign." Carr was proud of his medical staff and very glad Logan had decided to stay with them instead of taking Trina back with him to his former pack after they'd mated. "Also, Jeff informs me that the two injured Sardinian Betas they brought back are responding well to treatment and want to talk. They don't want to have to go back to Sardinia. Apparently, the punishment for failure in an assignment is death. One of them lost an ear, the other an eye. But they will recover and can't wait to spill all the info they have. I figure tomorrow I'll send Cole and Brett to interrogate them."

"I guess we are done for now." Alistair was startled when Sandalio abruptly put up a hand.

"I'm sorry, I have more to add." He cleared his throat and looked at each were in turn. "I received word an hour ago that Erobos was leaving Europe to come to the United States. He will land in San Francisco in about ten hours." He saw the looks of surprise, but it didn't stop him. "The European Council has decided to take this opportunity to dissolve his pack while he is not in a position to be in contact with them. We have operatives there now. I hope to hear from them soon."


Island of Sardinia, Italy - Present Day

Seraphina sat back in the chair, her feet resting on the desktop, as she filed her long, red nails. She had plans for the evening and loved the look of the scratches she would leave. If "The Boss" was going to be gone for a while, she might as well enjoy herself. Now the only question was which Beta would she choose to include in her plans. She smiled wickedly and licked her lips.

The irritating ring from her phone made her put down the file long enough to pick up. "What?"

"I'm sorry to bother you, Seraphina, but there is an agent from the European Council here to see you."

The faceless voice of the Omega annoyed her. She didn't want to be bothered. Besides, that would be something for the Alpha to take care of, not her. "Well tell him Erobos is away on business and will call when he returns."

"Um, I don't think he'll accept that. He insists on seeing you, Seraphina." The Omega's voice was noticeably shaky.

Seraphina closed her eyes for a moment to compose herself and pulled her legs back, arranging her skirt. "Fine, send him in." She'd just have to send him packing fast. She heard the door open and close and looked up. Her jaw dropped and, for once in her life, she was speechless. The tall male that stood in front of her looked down at her without an emotion playing on his face. His brown eyes met hers and seemed to hold her in place. She breathed deeply as her heart pounded.

No, this couldn't be happening. But her wolf's reaction was obvious. He had finally come for them, and they would be free of Erobos forever. She stood on wobbly legs and tried to find her voice. "I am Seraphina." She couldn't think of anything else to say. She saw the slight smirk on his face.

"My name is Álvaro, and I am here on orders from the European Council to dissolve this pack. And as for you, I think you know what your fate will be." The tall Spaniard had been proud to be named to lead this operation for the Council. He had been a Beta in Sandalio's pack when Sandalio had been named to the Council and had followed him as his second. He hadn't been happy about being left behind when Sandalio traveled to America, but now he knew it had been for the best. He'd waited six hundred years to find his mate. He'd never thought he would find her here. He eyed the tall blond bitch. He didn't like those scars that ringed her neck, but none were mating bites, so his wolf ignored them.

Seraphina had dropped her eyes, her wolf submitting immediately in a way she had never felt before. Erobos had inspired fear and lust in her, but this wolf, her mate, could make her think only of loving him. These feelings were so foreign to her. "I will tell you anything you need to know about the pack." She was nervous, unsure of herself. This was so unlike her.

"First of all, show me the Alpha's office. And second... take off those shoes. I don't like them." He opened the door and waited, chuckling as she struggled to take off the six inch stiletto heels as she moved towards the door. She stood next to him, barefoot, her head down. "Much nicer, my little wolf." His fingers found her skin and stroked lightly across her jaw. "I will finish my work first, and then, you and I will have time."

Seraphina's wolf was ecstatic, but Seraphina could only nod, her mind in a jumble as her wolf could only think of mating. She looked up at him and saw the long brown hair that reached his shoulders, and his dark brown eyes that seemed to have a life of their own as they looked into hers. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her breathing harsh as she struggled to take in enough air. She felt lightheaded. She could feel her body readying itself for her mate. She could smell her arousal already. She glanced up at him for a moment and could see his smile. He knew!

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