tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersOut of My Body and into Hers Ch. 02

Out of My Body and into Hers Ch. 02


I awoke the next morning to the site of Jake putting on his black micro-briefs. I could see his beautiful cock I had serviced the night before hanging between his legs. It looked so nice as he pulled his underwear over his package. I just laid there and watched him get dressed, I'm not even sure if he knew I was awake or not. Once he put his shirt on he sat back down on the bed noticing I was up. He leaned in, kissed me on the lips, and whispered, "You were wonderful last night." I smiled and gave him another kiss, I felt his arms wrap around me holding me as we kissed one last time.

After he left I just stayed in bed and stared at the ceiling. I spent the rest of the weekend just thinking about Jake, and his nice hard body on top of me. His cock sliding in and out of me, the taste of him and his cum, and how submissive I felt the whole time he was fucking me. I definitely couldn't wait to have him again. I just hoped he felt the same way about me.

Monday I decided to walk to work wearing a pair of low rise jeans and low-cut shirt that showed a bit of cleavage. I felt sexy inside and I wanted to feel sexy on the outside too. I knew my ass must have looked glorious in the jeans because I had guys looking at me left and right all the way there. When I arrived my co-worker could automatically tell that something went on. She wouldn't leave me alone about it, asking what he looked like naked, how big his dick was, everything. I think she was getting hot as I told her every little detail. She even called me a little slut when I told her I gave him a blowjob in his car on the way to my apartment.

I found myself all week long staring at guys when they would come in the store, wondering what was beneath there jeans. Wondering how big they were, and if they would fuck me different than Jake. Of course I didn't let them know what I was thinking, but it was always in the back of my mind. A few weeks later I found out that I had to go to a training seminar on customer service for the company. They paid for a car, the hotel, and everything. It was sort of a mini vacation so I didn't mind it at all.

I tried to leave early the next morning since I had quite a drive ahead of me. I found myself always wanting to look sexy so I put on a plaid, pleated skirt that came up around mid thigh, a pair of black heeled boots and a strapless top that hugged my breasts. I spent all day driving in the car taking breaks as needed. I loved the attention I was getting from men as I walked by going into a rest stop. I could just feel their eyes on me as I would walk by.

It was about one o'clock in the morning and I was getting close to my destination, but I needed a break so I pulled into a rest stop. I got out and began walking towards the information center and the restrooms. I noticed that there was only one or two vehicles here and no one else around, which made me kind of nervous. I continued inside and went straight to the restrooms. After doing my business I went to the sink to freshen up before going back to the car. While looking into the mirror, all of a sudden I saw a gun come from the side. I was so horrified, my whole body froze in place.

"Don't move bitch!", I heard him say as I stood there staring into my own eyes. He told me if I did exactly as he said I wouldn't get hurt. He immediately grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me toward him pushing me to the floor. I was so scared I couldn't even gather my thoughts as to what was happening. I was still looking at the floor when all of a sudden his pants dropped to the floor. I looked up slightly and saw a massive black dick staring me in the face. I was awestruck by it, I couldn't believe the size. It was at least 10 inches long and had some serious girth to it.

"You look like a bitch who can suck, now start sucking!", he said very demanding. I opened my mouth and leaned into him, taking as much as I could. It seemed like I could barely get past the head of his cock as I tried taking him as deep as I could. I felt him trying to push it in further, but it just wouldn't go. I couldn't believe that I was on my knees in a rest stop bathroom giving head to some guy.

"Oooh, you like that big black dick don't you bitch." he said as I continued servicing him. All I could do was keep sucking his dick in hopes he wouldn't hurt me or worse. I licked and stroked him for as long as I could, he finally made me stop before I made him cum. All at once he picked me up and pushed me into the nearest stall. My head almost hit the wall as he bent me over. I felt my skirt hike as my panties dropped, exposing my tiny little pussy. He wasted no time and began to push himself into me. I felt his head spread my lips, then sheer pain as his dick stretched me as he forced himself the rest of the way in.

His monstrous cock felt so massive inside me. With every thrust he went deeper and deeper until I felt him bottom out inside of me. I gripped the back of the toilet as I felt one of his hands squeeze my ass cheek, slapping it as he continued to ram his dick home. He fucked me hard in fast and without regards to whether it felt good to me or not, which surprisingly was turning me on. I began to moan with pleasure and without warning I hit an orgasm that caused me to cream and lubricate his massive member sliding in and out of me.

He must have noticed that I got off, because now he was really getting into it. Fucking so hard I thought he was going to break me in half. He leaned over me, grabbing my tits from behind, I could feel his heavy breaths in my ear. He gave one strong thrust that pushed me into the wall. I could feel his cock swelling as he held it deep inside me, and with that a warm sensation hit my inner walls. I knew just what was going on at that moment. He was fertilizing me with his seed. I could feel his cock going flaccid as it fell out of me, as I laid against the toilet, cum dripping from my well pounded pussy.

I heard him zip himself up and without saying anything, he left. So there I was, laying against a rest stop toilet, my panties at my ankles, cum oozing from my stretched little pussy. It was then I realized I actually enjoyed what just happened. To be treated as a sexual piece of meat really turned me on, even the thought that his soldiers were traveling deep inside me, searching for my egg to give me a baby was, in a way, exciting. Don't get me wrong, I knew I didn't want a baby, so I really hoped I wouldn't get pregnant, but I would have to take that as it came.

I cleaned myself off with some toilet paper and pulled my silky, pink panties back up. I straightened my skirt, and fixed my shirt and bra. I could smell his scent all over me as if he marked me as his. I left the restrooms and headed for my car. No one was around, and all I could hear was the clocking of my boots as I walked down the sidewalk. If anyone had seen me they may have known that I just got a nice hard fucking, because I couldn't hardly walk right, after being stuffed like a turkey. I got in my car and drove away, never really telling anyone what happened that night. I went to the seminar, did what I had to do, and came home.

I did eventually find out that I wasn't pregnant, nor any diseases which was a relief. My pussy, ass, hips, everything were sore for a while after that encounter. Which reminded me of him and what happened that night. I could feel my pussy get wet occasionally as I would think about every little detail of our moment in the bathroom. Wow, I am a little slut;)

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