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Out of Range


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes, PC's and e-mails on my previous stories. This story contains the use of firearms and violence. If this is unpleasant for you read no further and thanks for stopping by. For the rest of you love and adventure await. Enjoy.


"Close this shooting range! Close this shooting range!"

Marissa Lyons was hot, thirsty and tired. Where is everyone else? They should have been here by now.

She continued to wave her 'Close the Shooting Range' sign and called to the passing cars. The City Council was in talks to cease funding the Public Shooting Range as a cost-cutting measure, which explained her presence there.

Dr. Perkins, her political science professor, was always urging his students to become active in public decision-making. He didn't like guns or the people who owned them, so he had urged his students to protest further funding by the Council at the range entrance that Saturday morning. He felt it was an immoral enterprise and a waste of the city's money. He could not join them, however, due to a last minute faculty meeting.

Several of Marissa's classmates had agreed to meet and protest at the Range entrance. They all shared the professor's views on political matters and were eager to follow his example. Marissa had arrived two hours ago, but no one else had appeared.

Marissa's roommate had dropped her off on her way to the mall; her cell phone battery went dead, and she had no ride back to the dorm. If her classmates didn't show up soon, she was in trouble. The people entering the facility ignored her, and she felt she was wasting her time.

"Where is everyone? They said they would be here," Marissa muttered in frustration. "What I wouldn't give for a drink of water."

A pick up truck pulled over and stopped. Two men got out. The taller man was dressed in jeans, a striped short-sleeved shirt, and a ball cap. His companion was short and stocky, wearing dark blue overalls, a sweat stained blue t-shirt, and a ball cap.

The tall one said, "Hey little girl, why don't you run along home to your mommy and quit trying to cause trouble?"

Marissa scowled and stood rigidly, clutching her sign. Little girl? I'm twenty-one years old. Who does this redneck think he is talking to me like that?

The men continued to taunt Marissa. "Hey," said the stocky one, "She looks a little hot out in this sun, let's dunk her in the creek and cool her off."

The men laughed and walked menacingly towards her, approaching from each side. Frightened, Marissa dropped her sign, backing away slowly, eyes darting from one to the other. The men approached her grinning, and then stopped suddenly. Marissa continued edging away until she bumped into a hard body and screamed as strong hands gripped her shoulders.

"Hiya Dave…Hiya Bob," said a contralto voice from behind her, "You boys weren't thinkin' about botherin' this little lady, were you?" The men stepped back, looking scared and respectful.

"Naw, Andy," Bob replied. "We were just kiddin'."

"Yeah, Andy," Dave said. "We were just foolin' around. Honest."

"Competition's gonna start soon," said Andy. "You boys better get a move on or you'll miss the sign-up." The chastened men shuffled back to their truck and drove away.

Marissa turned slowly and looked at her rescuer. She was awestruck. Andy was one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen. She was tall, over six feet, appearing to be in her early thirties. Her white blonde hair, closely cropped on the sides of her head and spiked on top, contrasted sharply with her tanned skin. Her large breasts were barely contained in a camouflage tank top. A fitted pair of knee-length shorts in an identical pattern rode low on her narrow hips. Ankle boots and brown socks completed her outfit.

"Now, Lil' Bit," Andy said, "what are you doin' out here all alone, botherin' folks who just want to have a good time?"

Marissa was fascinated. The woman's face was slightly angular; her lips red and full, beautiful white teeth, an aquiline nose, high cheek bones and compelling azure eyes that seemed to be gazing into Marissa's very soul. She felt like a six-year-old caught running through her neighbor's flower garden.

"I, I wasn't bothering anyone," she said, drawing herself up to her full height of 5' 10. "I am conducting a legitimate demonstration against an immoral enterprise. It's my constitutional right to protest," she concluded haughtily.

Andy grinned. She's feisty. I like that in a woman. "What's your name, Lil' Bit? I like to know who I'm talkin' to."

"Marissa. Marissa Lyons," she replied. "Is that really your name - Andy?"

Andy's hearty laugh startled Marissa, "Actually it's Andrea Vaughn, but everybody calls me Andy. Only my momma called me Andrea, and that's when she was mad." She laughed again, noticing that Marissa had relaxed and was giving her a tentative smile. "You want a drink? You look a mite thirsty."

"Oh yes, please," Marissa replied. "My friends were bringing stuff to drink, but they never showed up." She frowned, "It appears I'm the only one who cared enough be out here."

"Stood you up, did they?" Andy snorted. "Some friends you have. C'mon, I have soda, juice, water. What's your pleasure?"

Marissa had not heard Andy drive up, being focused on her antagonists, nor had she noticed what she had arrived in. "Wow, is this yours?" Marissa asked excitedly. This was becoming an amazing day for the young girl.

"Yep," said Andy, patting an olive drab fender. "This is 'Ol' Blood 'n' Guts', 'OBG' for short; named it after General George Patton."

"It's a jeep, a real Army jeep," Marissa marveled. "I've seen them on The History Channel. Where did you get it?"

"Won it in a shooting contest in Oklahoma, a couple years back," Andy replied. "Those ol' boys figured they could outshoot a woman easy. Well, they figured wrong."

"One cool drink for the lady," she said, reaching into a cooler and handing Marissa a bottle.

As Marissa gulped the water, she watched Andy with increasing fascination. The woman moved with a cat-like grace, muscles rippling under her tanned skin. Her beautiful smile and hearty laugh sent shivers up Marissa's spine. She was having the same feelings she'd had for her print media study partner last semester…

Marissa and Barbara had become friendly and started hanging out together at the campus Student Union. They had kissed and hugged several times after drinking at Beta Delta and Omicron Phi frat parties. Marissa felt she wanted more, but Barbara began dating a boy and nothing came of it. Now this fascinating woman was bringing those feelings to the surface. Marissa shivered again, despite the heat of the day. She no longer felt like protesting anything as she gazed at her blonde-haired rescuer. Her hand-lettered sign lay on the roadside, forgotten.

"Hop in, Lil' Bit," said Andy, "Looks like your buddies ain't showin' up. I'll give you a ride up to the range complex. I'm gettin' hungry; wanna hot dog?"

"Oh yes, please," Marissa replied, "It's been a long time since breakfast. I have money, I can pay."

"Naw, this one's on me," Andy grinned at her. Marissa's heart skipped a beat, there was that smile again. "Not every day I can rescue a damsel in distress, and buy her lunch too."

Andy had been looking at Marissa with increasing interest. Ooooeee, she's so young an' so darn cute. I could just eat her up. That sexy outfit, that sweet body. Calm down, girl, calm down.

Marissa had dressed for comfort in a yellow tank top and hip hugging denim shorts. The scanty clothing displayed her petite breasts and her firm, round ass. Brown sandals completed her outfit. Her long chestnut hair tied back in a ponytail gave Andy an excellent view of her cute little nose, round cheeks, full lips and large, sparkling hazel eyes. Andy was staring at Marissa and ran into a wheel stop in the parking lot, jerking them forward. "We're here," Andy laughed. "Now how about that hot dog?"

They found a table under a tree near the food concession and sat down to eat. Andy wolfed down three hot dogs in quick succession and started on the baskets of onion rings and French fries. Marissa usually ate salads and muffins for lunch, but she ate two hot dogs, and playfully battled Andy for the last of the rings and fries. She was enjoying being with Andy and in no time they were chatting like old friends. Andy learned that Marissa was in her senior year at City College, majoring in Political Science. Andy told Marissa she had served in the Army's Military Police and now was the founder and editor of a gun magazine for women.

As they talked, Andy and Marissa moved together until their arms and hips touched. The contact was thrilling to both of them. Marissa trembled, wishing Andy would take her in those strong arms and never let go. Andy crushed her drink cup in long fingers, resisting the growing desire to grab Marissa and cover that sweet face with kisses. Neither woman moved for a few minutes, wrestling with their newfound feelings for one another.

Then Andy's wristwatch beeped. "Oh crap," Andy cried. "C'mon Lil' Bit, we're gonna be late for the competition." Andy jumped up from the bench, threw their trash in a nearby barrel and walked rapidly towards the firing range, Marissa running to keep up with her long strides.

"Andy, where are we going?" she asked breathlessly. "What are we doing?"

"Shootin', Lil Bit, shootin'. I'm firin' my fifty caliber today. My Big Boomer; goin' for thousand-yard targets, you'll love it."


Marissa had never been on a gun range before. Andy asked her to sit in the spectators' gallery, giving her ear protectors. "I'm up in a few minutes", she said. "Gotta check my rifle out. See ya' back here after I'm done."

Marissa looked around at the people in the bleachers and at the gun stands. They're ordinary people. Like you'd see at the mall or the supermarket. There were men and women of all ages, even little children. Everyone was smiling and happy, laughing and joking, having fun. Marissa's political science professor had given her the impression that gun owners were a pack of inbred, demented hillbillies who wanted to kill anything they saw. No one here looks like that. Now why would he tell us…?

The roar of a rifle jerked her attention to the firing range. These guns were loud, even with her ears covered. She could feel the concussions from the shots on her body. One contestant after another fired, then Andy was at her shooting stand, holding the biggest gun Marissa had ever seen. It was almost as long as Andy was tall, the stock and grip in camouflage colors like her outfit. Andy stepped to the stand and began firing, gouts of flame spitting from the rifle's barrel. Suddenly, Marissa wasn't scared anymore. She was enjoying this and it was exciting.

Andy ceased firing. She must have done well, because the other contestants were patting her on the back and shaking her hand. Marissa watched the competition for a while, no longer flinching when the big rifles roared. Then Andy was sitting down beside her, putting her arm around her waist, "Enjoyin' yourself, sugar?"

Marissa thrilled to Andy's touch, leaning against her, brushing her breast with her arm. "Oh yes, Andy. Did you hit the target? Everyone seemed excited when you finished shooting."

"Got em' all in the black, tight grouping; not bad for a thousand yards," said Andy, exhilaration in her voice. "Wow, I love firin' those big ones. What a rush." Marissa was unsure what she was referring to, but she was happy that Andy was happy.


They walked around the range for a while, watching various shooting competitions, including one for bows and arrows. As the range was closing, they walked to the jeep. Andy said, "I'm goin home, Lil' Bit, can I drop you someplace?"

Marissa's mind was racing. She did not want to leave Andy just yet. She was happy being with her. She wanted to stay together longer. "I had a wonderful time today, Andy. Thank you for saving me from those men. Can I buy you some dinner, or a cup of coffee, or…?"

"Thanks, Lil' Bit," Andy replied, "But I'm kinda pooped. All I want to do is eat and soak in my hot tub for a while."

"Hot tub? I love hot tubs," Marissa blurted. "Can I join you? I'll buy some sub sandwiches so you don't have to cook."

Andy was silent for a moment. Finally, she said, "Mariss, I'm a lesbian, does that bother you?"

"I know you are, at least I pretty much knew," Marissa replied. "That doesn't bother me at all. I like being with you. You're, uh, you're the most fascinating person I've ever met." She blushed and hung her head, "I, I want to go home with you. May I, please?"

Andy smiled at her, "You're somethin' else Lil' Bit. You know what might, oh hell, what will happen if you go home with me? Be honest, are you ready for it?"

Marissa blushed again and looked Andy in the eye. "Yes, yes I am. I have been with a woman before, well, sort of. I want you to teach me what it's like, what to do, everything." She paused and sighed, "I want to be your lover tonight."

Andy's heart was in her throat, she felt tears in her eyes and she hated crying. Damn. Seemingly, out of nowhere, this beautiful young girl was offering herself to her. "Okay Mariss,'' she said, starting the engine and putting OBG in gear, "Let's get some subs and head for the barn. Hey, I don't think I have a suit that'll fit you."

Marissa laughed happily, "Who needs a suit?"

"Oh my Lord," Andy murmured. "This is gonna be sooo good."


"Well, Mariss," said Andy, as OBG rolled up the long gravel driveway, "There's the old homestead." Flushed and excited from her wild ride, Marissa barely heard what Andy was saying. She had never gone that fast before in an open car, much less an Army jeep. The wind had blown the elastic out of her hair, so it flowed behind her like a waterfall. Men blew their horns, waving and hollering at the two beautiful women. They waved back, grinning and laughing at the attention.

'The old homestead', as Andy referred to it, was a 19th Century farmhouse, two stories tall, painted white with a wide wraparound porch and a metal roof.

"Oh Andy," Marissa exclaimed, "It's beautiful."

"Thanks, Lil' Bit," Andy replied. "It's been in the family quite a while. When my Daddy died, he passed it along to me. Now I live here by myself," she laughed, "just me and my shadow."

Marissa felt sad for Andy, living in this big house, alone. "But," Andy continued, "I have my work and my guns and my friends to keep me occupied." When they walked into the house, it was dark and cool as a breeze drifted through the large open windows. "Put those subs on the table, sugar," Andy said, "I'll give you a quick tour and then we'll eat."

Marissa loved Andy's rustic decorating style. 19th Century wood furniture in every room, gingham slipcovers on the chairs and couches, large pots of flowering plants on all the windowsills. Two-tiered lace curtains hung at the windows, rippling in the breeze. Large oil paintings of farm scenes hung on the walls.

Andy took Marissa by the arm as she showed her the house. The touch of Andy's hand made her skin tingle, exciting Marissa; she was having trouble concentrating on what Andy was saying. "…and finally my office and study," Andy smiled, "this is where it all happens."

The room was immense, lined with bookshelves. A large table crammed with computer equipment stood in the center of the room, surrounded by stacks of papers, books and magazines. A huge, high backed leather chair that Andy referred to as her 'throne' stood behind the table.

"Are you a writer, too?" asked Marissa, "I've never seen this many books outside of a library."

"That's right on the money, Lil' Bit," Andy replied. "I do more editorial work now; mostly for 'The Armed Woman' magazine, as well as some others. It keeps me busy, that's for sure." Marissa gripped Andy's hand, imagining what it would be like to work in this comfortable house with this amazing woman. "C'mon," said Andy, "Let's eat and get in that hot tub."

Andy ate with her usual gusto. Marissa kept pace as best she could, but Andy finished before her. "The hot tubs' on the back porch, darlin'," Andy said with a wink, "When you're done, c'mon out and join me, we'll clean up later." Walking towards the back door of the kitchen, she pulled off her tank top, and then opened the door. Marissa's breath caught in her throat as she saw Andy's figure silhouetted in the rays of the setting sun. "Don't be too long now." She winked and grinned. "Water might get cold."

Marissa caught a glimpse of Andy's breasts swaying as the door closed, she felt warm all over and was not hungry anymore; at least not for the sandwich. She jumped up from the table, tossed the remains of her meal in the fridge, and ran out the back door.


Marissa found herself standing on a redwood deck running the length of the house. At the far end was a large circular hot tub, set into the planking. Andy was already in it, her clothes, socks and boots lying in a pile. Wait, we're outside. I'm going naked outside? Andy sensed Marissa's concern, "Don't worry, Lil' Bit, there isn't anybody within a half mile of this place. C'mon and join me."

Marissa's hands were shaking as she pulled off her tank top then her bra, freeing her firm breasts. A cool breeze hardened her brown nipples. She felt Andy's eyes on her like burning coals. She kicked off her sandals, unfastened her shorts and wriggled out of them, pulling down her wet panties. Marissa bent over to pick up her clothing, showing Andy her ass and pussy. Hearing Andy's soft moan was terribly exciting for Marissa and she wiggled her ass suggestively. She strolled naked to the hot tub's edge across from Andy, and stepped into the bubbling water.

Marissa gasped as the hot water touched her skin. Sliding into the tub, she looked at Andy sitting across from her, grinning. The blood pounded in Marissa's temples as she saw the desire in Andy's eyes. She suddenly felt vulnerable and shy. She held her legs together and crossed her arms over her breasts. Marissa's breath quickened at the tantalizing glimpses of Andy through the roiling water. Andy's breasts bobbed on the surface, her stomach was flat and muscled, and her long legs spread wide.

"How's the water?" Andy said. "Warm enough for ya?"

"It…it's just right. Just warm enough," Marissa said in a low voice. The hungry look on Andy's face was making her alternately scared and excited.

"We can warm it up a tad if you like," Andy purred, emphasizing the 'we'.

The warmth was relaxing Marissa. She rested her elbows on the rim, leaned back and spread her legs.

"I suppose we could warm it up a bit," she replied seductively.

"Mind if I join you?" Andy said. She stood up, water sheeting from her body.

Marissa's mouth was dry as she gazed at the woman before her. Andy's puckered nipples, pink labial lips, and muscular arms and legs ignited the fires of lust that swept through her body.

"I would like that," Marissa said throatily. She stood up and sat on the edge of the hot tub.

Andy sat beside her, the evening breeze cool on their wet bodies.

Andy's left arm slid around Marissa's waist, her right hand cupping a breast, her thumb rubbing the erect nipple.

"You're so beautiful; you're my little treasure," she whispered, "I'm going to make you so very happy tonight." She nuzzled Marissa's neck, breathing in the scent of floral shampoo in her long hair.

Marissa sighed and stroked Andy's thigh, "Make me happy Andy, please, I want you so much."

They began to kiss, first softly, then more open-mouthed, tongues sliding, sucking on each other's lips. Andy stepped into the tub facing Marissa, and spread her legs with her right knee. Stroking the young girl's pubic mound, she slid a finger into the sweet little pussy. Marissa gasped when Andy's finger entered her. Marissa's hand found Andy's breast, rubbing the nipple between her finger and thumb. They ground their mouths against each other, tongues writhing.

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