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Out of the Blue


This story will be told in multiple parts. It is told in the form of an autobiography from the point of view of the female in a relationship. It is written for the male. I alternately use the name RT and you as the addressed person. I originally used he and him; if I miss changing a few please forgive me.

There is no overt sex in this story, just the mention of having made love.

I am part of the way through the second chapter, I ran out of steam (can you say ideas) and decided to post this one before I complete the next. A third chapter? Maybe if I feel it warrants the work. I am open to ideas to place in a third chapter.

Some people keep asking for more tension, I tried to give you enough in this chapter.

Be gentle with the comments, I hope you enjoy.


Out of the blue I was contacted by someone from another world. At least it was not the world I knew. Someone who I found out later knew you very well.

We grew up together, learned about many things together. One of those was love. Then you disappeared from my life.

I was an only child. We had known each other as long as I could remember. We were always the best of friends. All of our classes in school were together, except Gym. You and I were destined to be together for all eternity; I just knew it. We were a couple all through junior high and high school. We planned to attend college together, but had not chosen where yet. The weekend before our senior prom we made love for the first time. It was glorious. It was also the only time.

In an instant you were gone.

As I tell this story I realize was almost 15 years ago now. I am writing this down so you can see it from my perspective.

We never made it to our prom. You were gone; I was too devastated to go.

I could not bear to go on my own and almost everyone else was spoken. I stayed home and cried in my room.

I knew something bad had to have happened; your entire family was removed from the face of the earth without a trace.

That house where your father grew up and then raised you sat vacant for 5 years before a group of men nobody knew came into town and repaired it. Becky and I walked by often and waved to the new occupants; we started to speak to each other. Slowly, over time, I explained that the one I thought would be my one true love had lived there and was suddenly removed from my life. They were sorry to hear it, but if they knew anything about your family they never said. They were new in town and said the company the father worked for paid the rent to a realty company. We continue to talk from time to time.

Wait? OK, I hear you, who is Becky? Becky was the family oops. We all loved her dearly and fawned over her to no end. We never allowed her to be spoiled; we stopped just short of that. As much as she loved Mom and Dad, she was still closer to me. We did many things together.

Anyway I found out a company owns the house now. The company name was LRS Inc. LTD.

I did not go to college right after high school; I got a job as a nursing assistant. As time allowed I eventually attended college one course at a time. First I got a 2 year degree in Nursing; I am almost done with my 4 year degree. I never took the time to date. Besides, who could compete with the perfect ghost? It was always work, school and family.

I lived at home until 3 years ago, and then the house next door went up for sale. I paid for the entire thing in cash. It was only $65.000, and in need of many repairs. A $15,000 gift from Mom and Dad helped. I spent most of my money to buy it so Dad and I fixed things as I could afford to; the outside is almost complete. Next we work inside.

About 4 months ago I received a request for a new friend on Facebook. There was only one other friend listed on your profile; our old high school. I looked through the old yearbook and did not find the name Leonard Summit. Your request had stated that you transferred out but remembered me from your time here.

Why I accepted your request I can't explain. A few times a week something humorous would appear on your wall. I clicked that I liked some of them. You would make polite comments about some of the items I posted.

One day another friend posted a short article about a couple of persons who had been friends all through childhood and had lost track of each other. 25 years later they ran into each other at a small café, and are now married. I commented that I had loved someone and they were removed from my life; I would like to find out what had happened.

You posted back that you might be able to help me with that. You were scheduled to pass through the area in a few weeks; if we were to meet, you could get some information and search for my missing friend.

I thought it over for better than a week before I accepted your invitation to meet. I mean, the worst that might happen is nothing at all. I would be safe if we met in a public place.

There is a diner 3 blocks off of the town square; I would see you there on that Saturday to discuss things. I asked you to set the time, preferably between noon and 2. I would wear a sunflower sun dress.

You wrote back saying I could recognize by the red leather computer case you would be carrying; and you could be there at 1:00.

Imagine my surprise when you walked in. No, I really did not recognize you. You were 6 foot 6, had a full beard and looked to be a body builder. I felt a stirring in my heart, but I had no idea why. You were a hunk, with a capital H. I had never taken notice to any man like that before now.

We ate and talked for 2 hours. You took many notes of comments I made.

As we parted you said "I am now sure there is a way to reunite you with your friend." Then you gave me your card. It read "Leonard R Summit Companies." There was a Mars, Pa address.

I asked what companies you were involved in.

You responded "Construction, real estate, a small investigative service and a small chain of car washes."

"Car Washes?"

"A company defaulted on a construction project; we got the real estate and a chain of car washes to settle his debt. The washes are all over this area."

2 weeks later you requested another meeting. We met at the diner again.

You said "I have information that will confirm that I know your friend." Then handed me a brown paper envelope. It was 10 X 15 and puffy.

I looked at it trying to figure what you presented to me. Inside there were 2 other envelopes; the first was flat, the other was the puffy one. I opened the flat one on request. Inside was a copy of the local newspaper from the week my friend left. I remembered the date well

"There is nothing in the paper about your friend or his family."

Now I was really puzzled. I opened the second one; inside was some lacy blue cloth. I pulled it out, and shoved it back in.

"Where did you get that from?" I demanded.

Your head was down and quietly responded "You."

I was mad! "Are you trying to pull a fast one on me?"

"No. If you remember you could not find your panties after we made love that night. I went back the next morning to search for them and return them to you. When I got home my father pushed me into a car I had never seen before and we immediately left town, never to return. The paper was in the car that day."

I was dumbfounded. I was confused. I WAS ANGRY! I started to cry.

You reached out to hold my hand. I pushed the hand away. We sat quietly for a long time.

You broke the silence, "I can't imagine how you feel about all that has happened, I was devastated when I was pushed into the car and Dad climbed in behind me. At least I knew where you were; but I was forbidden to contact you, even to tell you good bye. Mom died 3 years ago. About 6 months ago when Dad died I was given a package he left for me that explained why it all happened.

Dad was an accountant, as you might remember. He discovered some seriously fraudulent dealings in the company he worked for and exposed them to the FBI. Our lives were threatened by those who were responsible for the fraud. We were moved for our protection. Dad testified in court and we went underground for a while. Dad's letter instructed me to contact a lawyer, who put me in touch with the FBI and another agency. Almost everyone who was involved in the fraud has died; most were violent deaths in prison. The only one who is left is so senile that he has no idea about anything. I was told I could contact you when I asked."

I was shaking; I did not know if it was fear, rage or joy.

"Your Tommy is gone. In his place is Leonard. The first time I saw you a few weeks ago I think I felt the old feelings we had before. I am hoping you still feel the same toward me. Please forgive me for the deception. I had to know your feelings before I revealed myself to you."

I started to sob. The owner of the diner came over to see if there was a problem. I shook my head. "No, no problem." I could not speak, I just shook my head.

He responded "If there is, let me know."

I asked if we could go somewhere else. We went to the park and walked without talking, we did not touch.

I now knew why; but all the old wounds I thought had healed over were open and raw.

We sat on a bench and you spoke "This is all so new to you, I know you are confused. I have been sure it was you for over 3 months; I am still confused too. I am guessing you will need time to deal with all the confusion."

I was all cried out, nearly dehydrated. I looked at you for the first time; knowing who you were, without the tears I could see your father behind the beard.

I said "I am lost, I need time to think. Please allow me to take the time I need to come to grips with this."

We walked back to the diner, as we parted you pulled a pair of cell phones from your trunk. "Choose one, I will keep the other. They are preprogrammed to only call each other, just press 2. I will allow you to the time to decide what to do. When you know, please call me. Remember I truly care for you." You held my hand while speaking.

We parted without saying much else.

When I got home Mom, Dad and Becky were there in the living room waiting for me.

Mom asked "Are you all right, is everything OK?"

I could see the concern on all of their faces.

"Yes. I am a little tired and confused. I need to think for a while."

"We had a call from Mr. Arnold at the diner. He said some man had you crying while you were there. You told him you were fine; but he wanted us to know."

I am fine. I met an old friend from school and he had a lot of things to tell me. He knew why Tommy, and his family, had to leave town in such a hurry."

Mom gasped.

"I am not allowed to tell you anything right now, maybe later."

I turned and headed for my bedroom.

The next week I was quiet. I did not care to talk much to anyone. Of course my mind was occupied with thoughts of what you had revealed. Everyone kept a respectful distance. They could see the confusion on my face; I was lost in a different world.

It was on Tuesday morning when I came over for breakfast with a smile on my face. No one asked about it. I was glad. "I will be late tonight" I called out as I left the house.

I walked through the park on my way to work. I pulled out the cell phone and made a call. "Can we get together and talk? Yes, this evening will be good. Thank you, I will see you then."

I was picked me up in front of the hospital and we went to dinner. When we were done eating I told you "When you disappeared years ago my world fell in, I loved you so much. Now you are here asking to be allowed into my life again. I know it was not your fault; but it was not mine either. I will allow you to return, but it needs to be gradually. I am not the same young girl you knew and you are not the same boy I loved. I need to find out if we can be together again."

I saw a smile and you started to speak. I held up my hand and indicated I was not done. We sat silently for a good while.

"I will introduce you to my family when you come by to pick me up for our first date. By the way, I hate the name Leonard; we need to find another name I can call you."

"Most people just call me Boss or The Boss. My new middle name is Robert, is there a form of that you like?"

I thought for a moment and spoke "I would like to call you RT."


I loved Tommy, he was my world. If I can't call you Tommy I want to call you RT. It will be short for Robert Tommy. You can tell everyone it is the first and last letters in Robert."

"I like it, RT it is. I don't like Leonard either."

At my request you dropped me off around the corner from the house.

Saturday RT arrived at precisely 6:30 at my parent's. My father answered the door and invited him in. I was coming down the stairs at the same time.

"Hello RT, I must introduce you to my family. These are my Mom, Dad and Becky. Everyone, this is RT."

Everyone shook hands with RT. He had a funny look on his face as he shook Becky's hand.

In the car you commented on the age difference between Becky and me.

I only responded that "...she was a bit of a surprise to Mom and Dad."

You smiled and said "She looks so much like you did so many years ago." And then you pulled out a photo of us. "This is the young lady I loved so many years ago. She and Becky could be twins."

At dinner we talked about old times and old friends. When I was dropped off I asked to be taken one more house down. "That's where I live now. I bought it a few years ago. Dad and I are restoring it as we have the time."

"The outside looks really nice." you responded.

"We are almost done outside, there is a little more to do around back."

We scheduled another date for the next Saturday; I gave a light kiss on the cheek and went inside.

We dated mostly on Saturdays for the next 8 months, before we allowed things to become serious.

We were definitely comfortable with each other. Over time I could feel the old familiar feelings creep back in. I found out that the company was doing very well. RT was not rich, but he did not owe anyone any money and he had some in the bank. I explained how I loved my job and only had 1 more course before I got my BS in Nursing.

A special bond appeared to develop between RT and Becky. Mom and Dad thought the world of him too.

One evening you asked if I would like to come out and see where you live and the company.

I had some vacation time I needed to use, so I agreed to go. I explained we could not sleep together on this trip. "I want to wait until I get married before I do that again."

You nodded and said "I understand."

We drove from central Pennsylvania, where I live, almost to the Ohio border and turned north toward Mars. Mars is near Pittsburgh. We arrived at a modern building and parked. "This is my world. My company offices are on the first and second floors. From the third floor to the fifth floors are rental apartments, the sixth has 2 penthouses. I live in one; the other we use for business guests. That will be your home for the next week."

We took a special elevator from the lobby to the top floor. We put my bags in the bedroom and you gave me the key. "There are only a few keys to this place; my assistant has the others in a locked box with all the other spare keys."

After a short tour you said "If you don't have any questions I will let you get settled in. I call you about 5:30 before I pick you up for dinner this evening." RT kissed me on the cheek and turned to leave. The views were marvelous; one side overlooked the town, the opposite side showed only the mountains. I was in awe of the surroundings.

Dinner was promptly served at 6, in his home. RT had done all the cooking; it was all delicious. We talked and did a little necking before we both were too tired to continue. I was escorted home and we kissed good night at the door. We both slept well that night.

The next morning we went out for breakfast at a café he knew of. If I keep eating like this I will get fat.

We drove a little over a half hour north and came to a park that overlooked a river. We walked the trails for 3 hours, enjoying the scenery before we returned to the parking lot. To my surprise RT pulled out a picnic lunch saying "Something about being in the country makes me hungry. We ate and talked and ate some more; we were happy.

"There is one more path I would like to take you on before we leave, may we?"

We arrived at a scenic overlook. Beyond were the river and a beautiful backdrop of mountains as far as you could see. There was another couple there, we allowed them their space. As we took pictures the others left.

You took my hand again and we walked to sit on a bench that overlooked the gorge and the mountains beyond. You said "I loved you more than you can ever know before I was ripped from your life. The most miserable time in my life was while I was looking for a way back into your life. I never want to be apart from you again; Rose will you marry me."

I opened my mouth to speak and all that came out were squeaks. I grabbed him and held on for dear life.

"I am thinking that you mean to say YES."

My head shook up and down. I pulled my head away and we kissed forever; it seemed that way to me.

As we broke apart RT spoke again "You can decide the date and place. Tomorrow evening we can start to look for rings. I could have chosen one for you, but I want you to help. We will be a team; we should make all our decisions together. The rings will be our first."

As we walked back to the car we started to make plans for our life together.

The next day I was introduced to the people who worked in the office.

The last person to meet was your administrative assistant; her name was Jackie. As she stood up to great me she said "You are the one who has made him so happy. Since his father died he has been so miserable; you have made The Boss human again."

I was stunned by her words and even more by her appearance. She and I could be twins; except her hair was black and mine was strawberry blond. Her parents were obviously Italian.

Later I mentioned the similarities.

You blushed and almost whispered "I never really noticed until you were side by side. Jackie has been my right hand for the last 10 years. I only knew you as a young lady, not as the beautiful woman you matured into."

The rest of the week was a whirlwind. We spent almost every waking moment side by side. I met all of the people who worked for the company. We went to jobsites and other offices some of them were summoned to come to the main office. After meeting some people I was asked for my honest opinion of them. I rarely found any thing to fault them on. But, when I did it was always minor. In the end I said "I believe you chose employees wisely."

As we drove back to my home the following weekend RT disclosed that he was going to spin off some of the companies that did not fit into his plans for the company. I had noticed there was a core of higher up persons he questioned me closely on. Those 4 would be managing the divisions he was setting up so that he could reduce his presence in the company.

"I can not ask you to move away from the only home you have ever known. I plan to move and be with you. I will look for other businesses to get involved with nearby."

"My house is too small for a family, where do you plan to live? Will we buy another place or build?"

"The people who are renting my childhood home are moving in the next 6 months. I was thinking we could remodel the place and move in there; IF it is acceptable to you."

I had not thought about it, but I now knew what LRS Inc. LTD. was short for, Leonard Robert Summit. It was still his house.

When we got back home we went to Mom and Dad's place to break the news. I had just stepped into the house when I heard a loud, shrill screech. All hundred pounds of a 13 year old flew into me pushing me back into RT. I finally deciphered the noises as "You did it, you're getting married."

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