tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOut of the Closet Ch. 01

Out of the Closet Ch. 01


[ This is a slight rewrite to tighten pacing and better structure it for multiple chapters. Feel free to comment on how you think the changes affected the reading. Thanks.]

Chapter 1: The Library


The library fund raiser was unexpectedly crowded. Sue's light brown hair was nicely coifed and well matched to her light blue eyes. Overlooking the formal crowd from a twenty-foot high balcony, we could see it was a young group with several very conservative elders. The balcony had a four-foot high thick oak rail with widely spaced and narrow light teak balusters. The outer three feet of the balcony had an absolutely clear glass floor. We would soon make very good use of all that. This could be the perfect group to mess with and get Sue her exposure.

Having finally accepted that she was an exhibitionist after years of denial and misleading me, Sue was now looking to make up for lost time and climb out of her closet. Tonight, she wore a light weight, snug pastel skirt and begged me to expose her any way I chose so she could still claim innocence. I knew that was not an easy decision for her.

She'd cycled through many clothing choices in the last two hours before we had to leave for the event. Only one outfit was the typically reserved type expected for a formal event. Well, that would never do! She'd even considered her favorite sexy pants.

It was very tight, clingy, and near sheer white. From the rear, we could see how well the high cut waist and tailored seat shaped her tiny ass into an impressive pear-shaped lusty delight. The legs tapered nicely to her ankles. The pocketless pants allowed an unobstructed view of her blemish free body. Something about the pants darkened her fur triangle, making it easily visible. She always knew, but would rage if I mentioned it.

From the front, even in those rare times when she decided to wear panties, the seam clawed its way deep into her pussy. Since she hated VPL and felt much more naughty without them, she didn't wear panties with anything snug.

This was a favorite outfit to wear to casual parties of any size. Those who'd seen them before were thrilled to see her in them. Sue would feign ignorance as she first kept bending to serve everyone, then stand to serve anyone else leaving her shapely ass, or screaming, fragrant pussy in someone's face.

From the moment she painted these slacks on, the seam would start making love to her clit and her beautiful lips would immediately swell with excitement. Even when she dared to wear them on the streets and train, her glorious camel toe would broadcast its proud presence to everyone nearby. Every sexy step in her high heels brought her intense pleasure and nearly to orgasm. She convinced herself that no one heard her sighs and moans, but couldn't admit to why she loved these pants.

Somehow, these pants didn't show signs of her moist cunt, but the cotton fibers did let her fragrance loft thru them. That and the pink tint of her swollen lips showing thru the thin pants were enough to make most men, and many women, drool! It didn't matter what top she wore with it unless it flowed to her knees and stayed there. These pants were just too damn sexy and yet NOT revealing enough for this event. More importantly, they covered too much and were much too slow to peel off for a quick flash!

The snug skirt we agreed on was tight from the wide waist band down to the hem of the short mini . Her well toned, shapely yet thin legs needed to be covered to just below her knees, or several inches above them to look their best. You can guess which way this skirt went. The separate cream top looked like it was the attached, extra large blooming top of a dress- while she stood straight up. The braless, low, square-cut top only showed a little cleavage while upright, but would totally expose her small B cup breasts and perfect nipples when she leaned forward or pushed her shoulders forward. She was undecided about her panties.

She no longer denied she enjoyed flirting, getting hit on and exposing herself, so her psychotic anger when talking about revealing clothes and flashing was gone. We could both relax. She was, literally, out of her closet.

I asked if she'd chosen to wear panties tonight and, smirking, I pointed to the crowd directly below us. A few of the elders clustered together with their drinks, but kept looking up at her through the clear glass floor and thru the railing. She saw them, tried not to smile too obviously at the flattery, then looked straight out thru the big library windows in her typical denial 'trance'. But tonight her face softened, and her shapely and toned legs tightened for effect. Her sexy scent attested to her moist excitement.

The snug skirt held her shapely little ass firmly and flattened the slight bulge in her abs. She was truly a lusty feast for the eyes and libido. Since she was struggling to stay out of the closet, her 1000 mile stare was less intense than it used to be. Now she could stay acutely aware of the young and old men staring so fiercely at her bright white crotch and better enjoy the rewards for her risks.

I wasn't sure how I felt about helping my beautiful wife go public in reality or how much I would participate. Since I'd promised to help her 'accidentally' expose herself and take all responsibility, I felt committed. I moved her close to the rail and ORDERED her to lean both elbows on it, but keep her back and legs straight. That meant she had to spread her legs far apart to drop lower. And THAT meant she had to let her tiny mini skirt rise up much higher. It crept up nearly to her hips, exposing a large part of her bright panties even to the groups with us on the balcony.

I discretely snuck a few peeks at the crowd so I wouldn't discourage anyone from looking up her dress and under her top then whispered to her who was peeking. As I named them, male & female, she smiled a bit and enjoyed it instead of getting furious with me for bursting her bubble, as in earlier days. As she wiggled in her now looser and much higher skirt, she said she did have panties on. I ordered her to step back two feet, off the glass floor to a just slightly less obvious place, and hike her skirt to her waist to *prepare* to remove the panties.

Some of the others with us could still clearly see her. She pretended not to see them and hooked her thumbs in the narrow ends of her incredibly bright white bikini panties to slowly slide them off. She cocked her hips from side to side like she was struggling with them, oh sooo innocently. Lingering an extra second when her long, sparse pussy hair sprung over the top, she relished in the hushed attention. Sue let the panties hang there a moment as she 'wrestled' with the back of her skirt. When she moved them a bit lower, she stopped again and pulled them sharply back up a bit; just enough to jiggle and snag them under her luscious bare ass and under her engorged clit pushing it into clear view. I swear I heard several men groan. I was one of them!

Sue continued to tease us as I'd taught her, and slowly slid her panties below her pussy. We all held our breath and waited for the narrow panty crotch, that refused to leave its treasured lusty post, to spring down at the insistence of the displaced undies' upper hem. For just a second, we stared at the inside front panel of the panties looking for markings. These were too clean and too new, so all we saw was an inviting and growing moist spot. Once they reached her knees, she turned her back to the group and stayed bent over, straight legged, for an exaggerated moment. She forced her skirt to stay up to give all those behind her an unexpected view of her spreading cheeks, her beckoning asshole and her swollen, dripping pussy.

Sue seized every possible chance to do all the things she'd fantasized about for years, but had never dared to consider in reality. After removing the panties from her ankles, she pulled up the skirt again, 'just to be sure they were gone'! I dropped to my knees and helped by inspecting her exposed, sparse and untrimmed bush, taking several extra seconds to comb back her hair and 'confirm' the barrier was gone. She let out an uncontrolled moan when my fingers stroked and partially opened her cunt to the well dressed, gawking voyeurs. She stared blankly at her spotlighted pussy while I inspected her and we 'ignored' the crowd. Those behind me shared my full frontal view; those behind Sue locked on her smooth sexy ass and the swollen pussy lips that showed below it.

I never thought I'd share my wife's intimate parts so publically - AND ENJOY IT! My pounding heart and raging hard on reminded me that I was, and that this was real. I ordered Sue back to the rail, to take the same widely leg-spread stance as before. She enjoyed the breezy feeling along her pussy; I enjoyed her enjoyment and the crowd's whispering and pointing up at her.

After several more people had a moment to watch in excited silence, I had Sue stand straight at the rail, but turned 90 degrees to face me. She slowly lifted and bunched the skirt up to, then past her waist and stared straight ahead as if she were alone. As her cute little ass and beautiful pussy came into clear view again, the crowd got quieter and more people elbowed others to "look at THAT."

Her fuzzy mound testified undeniably that the bright white cloth was gone. Sue had to re-bunch and keep gathering the skirt so she could stay exposed to all. She kept her legs spread so wide that anyone directly below her could look up and see her swollen clit and the pink between her moist lips.

The more she imagined what they could see, the wetter she got. She was also very careful to bunch the skirt against the bottom back of her top. That forced the starchy blouse to billow forward and let everyone below also look under the over sized top. Her top strained away from her chest to leave her small tits as lonely eye candy that best served to support her perfect ruddy nipples.

From several angles, what people saw was a beautiful, totally naked woman holding a sloppy 'belt' above her waist and ignoring everyone around her in a crowded public event. I wondered if any of them thought she was some racy entertainment provided by the fund raiser.

My mouth drooled, my pants strained, I knelt again to put my eyes, nose and mouth at pussy level. Though her sex scent was filling the room, I moved a little closer to be overwhelmed by her increasingly heady aroma of excitement and to watch her juices welling and escaping her partially open lips.

I reached for her ass to draw her to me, but remembered the gathering. I knew no one would report her daring nudity, but might call cops if I leaned in with my tongue. Despite my eagerness, I leaned back on my feet and just enjoyed the close up view, her lusty fragrance and the aroused crowd around us.

But I just couldn't let her sweet nectar drip to the floor, so using just my fingertips, I carefully and slooowly wiped up the endangered drops from her tempting love canal. Tracing the line between her major and minor lips up to her sensitive clit, I also gathered the forthcoming drops and made her shiver in delight.

I gave the crowd another moment to savor her body while I thrilled at her arousal. Shortly, I ordered her to bend far over to give the crowd another clear view of her sweet holes. I also ensured her breasts fell out above the blouse so her swollen nearly crimson nipples were brightly lit. There was then no way anyone could claim she was 'accidentally' exposed and unaware. She loved it!

Later that night, she'd tell me that at that moment she 'felt' someone below her sucking on her sensitive tits; that I was finger fucking her and doling my attentions between her clit, her G spot and scooping as much of her luscious juices as I could gather, to share with her shortly, by deep plunging my fingers into her steaming hole; that some stranger held her hips and was fucking her ass; and that I'd surprise her by sucking her clit and pushing my ten inch tongue deep into her pussy to gently swirl her cervix and heat her G spot. All that while keeping her balance as ecstacy flooded her head and made her giddy. This well rounded impromptu fantasy took just a minute, but said what she might really want. I'd learn that on my own shortly.

When we were summoned into the theater, Sue fixed her clothes and the crowd noticeably groaned in disappointment. I kept her panties crumpled up in my hand and again inhaled her intoxicating fragrance. The slight addition of fresh musky sweat gave the panties a slightly different aroma that would change with time.

The doors created a logjam, so we moved very slowly. We didn't let that moment pass quietly. Sue used the crowd as cover and raised her skirt again, but only half way up her ass. That was enough to feel the chilled air blow through her exposed pussy and pubes. Only the closest people could see her cunt. Several of them took advantage of the cover too.

I saw a hand slip under her skirt from behind and trace her pussy. It held her cunt lips open a bit until Sue stepped forward and sideways, making her pussy open for him. She pulled her skirt up a little more to encourage him, but never turned to see who it was. I'm sure she knew it wasn't my hand. This was far beyond exposing herself. She was practically begging a stranger to finger fuck her and toy with her clit, in reality and in public. Where did my neurotic germaphobic wife go?

I saw five other couples watching the action. They were turned on too and a few bare cocks and tits were groped around us. My hand joined the stranger's to invade all available gaps and scrape up more of Sue's nectar for later. Our fingers shared her warm, velvety pussy, but neither of us could reach her G spot.

A third hand joined us from the front - a woman's hand. A young and hot brunette dipped and finagled to stroke Sue's inviting pubes and clit. She slipped her fingers between ours and we three simultaneously shared Sue's oh-so-sweet juices. The nicely dressed woman to our right was obviously the owner of that horny hand. Her glazed expression and dipping shoulders betrayed her.

Her other hand massaged her own breast. She reached down her low cut, V neck, billowy black dress to pinch her bare nipple; then pulled one full sweet tit out of her classy dress to keep fondling it and suck her nipple inches from Sue's face. The sight jolted Sue even higher. She seemed to drool over the thought of making love with this stranger and I hoped to invite the exciting woman to join us later in a three-way. Sue had inspired daring behavior in her and others in their formal clothes, in public and at a formal event. Neither of us expected that!

Sue struggled to pretend she wasn't aware of anything, yet held her skirt above her bare ass. I caught her furtive glances at the three bare cocks near her. Did she want to stroke them, suck them or fuck them? Two of them had a partner's hand squeezing and pumping them. The third was self pumped and I could feel Sue's excitement AND fear thathe might get too excited and try to fuck her right there in the crowd without her consent.

Another couple near Sue bobbed several times. I had to dip and look between her legs to see that they were both stroking her shaky, bare thighs and bumping her pussy. How can she stand up with all this attention and stimulation?

Sue later told me how excited she was to feel as many as five strange hands at once stroking and poking her pussy and ass, and three others slipped under her blouse to fondle her tits and nipples. She admitted she had several small orgasms she could barely hide. If this trend continues I can see us exploring swinging and sawp parties soon.

When we approached the entry doors, the people in front slipped away. Those behind Sue frantically pushed deeper into her. Someone tried to quickly push a finger past her tight asshole. They didn't get in, but they did spread her ass so a few of us could see her sexy butthole in the bright lights. Sue didn't resist. I know some of us wanted to lick and push a tongue into it. She sensed it too and leaned forward a little for us to offer us her ass. I rubbed her tight muscle so she would feel the jolts from my fingers just as we stepped inside.

Sue dropped her skirt as we entered the hall and almost looked unaffected. Before the lights dimmed, I noticed that the lovely brunette who fingered Sue earlier was seated next to her. After the lights dimmed, Sue got more actively involved. The other woman, Lynn, was still turned on and helped Sue frantically push her skirt over her waist again. She also reached into Sue's blouse and fished both breasts out to be supported only by the upper blouse hem. Sue said the velvety seats tickled her pussy in a novel and very distinctive way.

Those exposed tiny tits made a daring, luscious sight. Lynn and I reached over her shoulders to fondle the opposite breast. In mirror action, we nuzzled and licked Sue's ears and reached into her pussy together to share her welcoming warmth and nectar. Sue's hand was already in there.

Ignoring the people around us, Sue started to lift Lynn's dress with her free hand; Lynn took the hint and slid it up to her ribs. As she tore off her panties, Lynn teased she was happy she'd decided at the last minute not to wear pantyhose. Sue took the sweaty, lacy and torn panties to her nose and inhaled Lynn's lusty arousal before sharing them with me, then her. Sue stroked Lynn's thighs and her swelling pussy.

Lynn pulled out her left breast and offered it to Sue. Her tongue swirled around the tall stiff nipple. My hand was close to it, so I held it to Sue's mouth and, when Sue dropped it, I latched on and stroked her ample C+ tit and worked on her still growing nipple. It was thicker and harder than Sue's, but not as perfectly shaped. I too wanted to suck it, but it was out of tongue range for the moment. Some thin copious fluid seeped out of her nipple, so I wondered if she were nursing. We were sure to find out later. I coated my fingers with it and hoped to taste her milk soon.

It was awkward for me to reach Lynn's pussy, but I did the best I could and did get inside for another, similarly, flavored, lusty nectar. Sue dipped and scooped her own pussy, then offered Lynn's greedy mouth a taste. She scooped again and pushed the same fingers into Lynn's hot snatch. We all shared the sweet taste of both luscious pussies from Sue's fingers.

Shortly, both women complained that I had no skin in play. Experience told me that pulling my dick out through my fly was restrictive and often painful. They insisted they wanted to see and grip my cock and balls in the dim light, so, happy to please, I dropped my pants and shorts to my ankles - they clapped with glee at my turgid trooper. Lynn reached across Sue and after a few strokes, took my dick into her warm mouth. Sue seemed happy to share my cock with Lynn. She also reached over Lynn's hip to lovingly kiss her ass and slip fingers into her pussy and asshole.

We kept trading favors for the next two hours until applause signaled the end of the event. The slowly brightening lights found Sue sprawled across us, ass in the air and sucking my cock while Lynn used her tongue on Sue's sopping, gaping pussy and bung hole. The girls only had to straighten their dresses to cover up, but I had to wrestle my clothes quickly back up my legs and over my aching dick. We exchanged numbers and agreed to hook up again for a more relaxed encounter.

Leaving the library, I had to hide my stiff dick - then I wondered, why? After all the nakedness all night, could anyone object to a covered, tenting, boner? On the way home, horny Sue reached into my pants and exposed Willy in the car's bright map lights. She hoped to share her thrills and let someone see me naked as we passed, or better yet, while stopped at a light.

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