Out of the Past Pt. 02


"Claire, no touching!"

She blinked to realize she'd been cupping her breasts and one hand was in her panties. Growling at him she refused to move until he did the same, holding himself, a shiny drop of precum dangling.

"Then let me touch you." The voice that spoke didn't seem to be hers, but she was glad she did when his eyes darkened with lust.

"Come here, kneel."

It didn't occur to her to fight the command, she moved quickly, kneeling in front of him, bracing her hands on his thighs. God, the muscle was so hard, she thought, licking her lips just a scant few inches away from the tip of his cock.

Looking up she caught his sly smile and then his hands began to pump again. Bending her head, desperate for a taste, she wanted to run her tongue over the bulbous head, feel that velvety skin stretched so taut, taste the salty bitterness in that drop of precum. Just as her pink tongue darted out he jerked his hips back.

"You said you like to watch and watch you will."

Claire had been afraid of this. Two nights denied what she knew would be the most incredible feeling of Sebastian inside her, and tonight her only pleasure lay in arousal and watching. He did not make her move her hands and so slowly she undulated them, massaging the bunched hard muscles of his thighs. Looking up she met his eyes as he stared down at her, but she was completely aware of his hard cock, his balls pulled tight to his body, and knew he was close.

"Let me suck you, let me swallow it, please."

"Shut up," he said breathily, but softened it with a smile. Seconds later his hand pumped faster, furiously now. "Hold your tits together, Claire."

In a daze she did, ever breaking the hold of their gaze, and then he threw his head back and nearly roared. Hot jets of cum spurted onto her breasts and neck as his body shook with it, one hand now bracing on the bed poster.

It passed slowly, leaving him panting and her wet, covered in his juices, and trembling with desire. Quickly Sebastian leaned down and grabbed her breasts, massaging his cum into her skin. Roughly he palmed them, scraping his callused skin over her nipples.

"Now, I know you enjoyed that, my little witch, but are your ready to tell me what your true deepest fantasy is?"

Shocked she tipped her head away in surprise. How had he known?

"That- that w-was close, so close."

"You want more, don't you Claire? You want me to fuck you, hard. You want me to bend you over the foot of my bed, rip those filly panties off, and drive my cock into you again and again, don't you?"

She could only whimper and hide in her hear. His hands still moved, softer now, feathering over her nipples, harder than she could ever remember them being. Surely he'd give in, surely she didn't have to beg.

"Not yet I see. Go lay down on your back, on the couch. Now."

He jerked her to her feet and on shaky legs she made her way over the soft carpet to the strange couch and aid down. Without thinking her legs fells open and she closed her eyes. Her entire body felt like molten lava yet her fevered skin was tight with anticipation.

Suddenly she felt his hands on her thighs, pushing them wider apart. Leaning up she saw he knelt and almost wanted to cry out "No!" knowing what was to come. Then his mouth skimmed her inner thigh, teeth lightly grazing, and she let her head fall back, ready to receive any pleasure he offered.

There was no warning before indeed he tore her panties and then his hands were on here. She nearly swooned at the feel of his thumbs parting her folds and then stroking. Slowly he moved, the pads of his thumbs gliding over her own juices, coaxing, massaging, making the fire in her burn hotter and hotter.

"Play with your breasts," he ordered, but it was gruff and his voice nearly broke.

Moaning she did, her own hands slim and cool, her nails scraping as she plucked at her nipples. Claire felt dizzy, her body seemed to be spinning and falling yet floating, She thought her arousal could go no higher but it climbed and every time she neared climax he stopped, and only let his hot breath fall on her aching clit until she calmed.

After an eternity she was biting her lip to keep from begging.

"Will you tell me what your fantasy truly is?"

"You- oh! You never told me yours."

He leaned up and flicked his tongue once over her clit. Claire nearly screamed so close to cumming but his hands stilled. "This is it. You,, your body, under my control. Whether or not you cum is up to me, how hot you get is up to me. And if you're a good girl, how many times you cum...all up to me.

"Come, you are dirty."

Once more he helped her to her feet and then knelt again, divesting her of her shoes and then stripping off her stockings and the garter belt. When she was naked Sebastian took her hand and lead her to his bathroom.

The tile was all large, natural stone, and the shower was the size of her own apartment's bathroom. It had multiple jets and he turned them all on until it steamed then gently pushed her inside. Joining her, he closed the door.

In such a confined space, without her shoes, she was reminded of just how large he'd become. Sebastian had always been tall, but now he'd filled out, and his personality was larger than life. She felt like prey cornered by a wolf, and worse, eager prey. When would the teasing stop?

He backed her under a spray and it felt heavenly, six jets along her back and a gentle waterfall over her. She dipped her head into the spray, letting it soak her hair, wash her makeup away. Her body was still throbbing with need but the tension flowed under the assault of the hot water.

Sebastian reached behind her to a ledge and took a bar of soap that smelled heavenly, like sandalwood, honeysuckle, and spice. Quickly he lathered his hands and then ordered her to turn around, and Claire did, splaying her hands against the tile at the first touch of his soapy fingers.

He massaged and kneaded, stroked and caressed, inciting a riot of nerves along her spine and a burning fire between her legs. Claire was certain her juices flowed more than the water and her entire being vibrated. She was more ready than she ever had been in her life.

Sebastian turned some of the jets to wash her off and ten pressed his hard body against hers. Pressed between hot man and cold tile, the contrast made her groan and undulate, wigging her ass against the long, hard length of his cock.

"Are you ready to tell me what you truly desire most?" He nipped her ear as his lathered hands slid between her and the wall to tease her breasts.

Her moan died on a whimper, Claire was so helpless to the pleasure, the arousal, so desperately filled with need. Still she couldn't say the words, the fear was too great. He was so hard, his breathing so labored, he would have to cave soon.

When he groaned and turned her she nearly screamed in joy, but Sebastian just pushed her gently to her knees. "Suck me," he growled out, and she needed little encouragement more than that.

With relish she took hiss cock in her hands and squeezed firmly, bringing the swollen tip to her lips. She licked water from it and was rewarded with a shudder, though Claire nearly missed it in her swooning pleasure. He tasted like salty heaven and was so thick he filled her mouth. slowly, softly at first she licked and sucked, but then his hands sank into her hair and held her still, and his hips began to pump.

Claire sucked with forced and relaxed as he thrust deeper and deeper. His body was tight, his balls close to his body. Perhaps now, she thought, now if I make him cum he will finish me off. For long moments she cupped his balls, massaging, and relaxed her throat as he slid the wide length deeper and deeper. His moans were music to her ears and she was frantic. His release or hers, she didn't care, something had to give.

So close he was so close, pumping his hips wildly, his hands fisted in her wet tangled strands. Claire ran her tongue along the underside of his cock and straightened her throat. Good, he would cum soon and she would take it all and relish the power he had given her.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled free, panting.


Sebastian hauled her up and tuned her again, bending her at the waist and forcing Claire to grab a ledge. He kicked her legs apart and stood between them. "Is this what you want? Is this what you're so ashamed of wanting? To be forced? To know it's not a game,, to have the choice taken fromyou?"

True fear seized her and Claire shot an elbow back, catching him in the chest as he leaned forward. Sebastian loosened his grip on her hips and she scrambled and turned, slipping into the water. "No!"

He looked down at her, huddled in the corner now, eyes wide with fear. "Oh, god, Claire, I- no. I just thought that, well, you might have wanted-"

"No! No man does anything to me without my permission you goddamned ape."

Conscious of his erection Sebastian squatted down, trying to hide it as he kept his distance. "I'm sorry, Claire, I took it too far. You have to admit you enjoyed being dominated, but I- I got carried away. Why can't you just tell me what it is you really want? I'll give it you. It doesn't matter what it is."

Seeing the truth behind his words some of the fear bled out, but she was still shaking. Shamefully her arousal hadn't abated, instead the fear had pushed it higher. It was because he'd stopped when she said no. It was because he apologized. It was because despite all the games she trusted him. Taking a deep breath, she took a chance.

"It's you."


"The fantasy I tell no one, the memory, the thought that haunts me, the thing I dream about and have every night for twelve years...it's you, just you."

He gabbed her hands and pulled her up but Claire couldn't help but hide the flinch. It wasn't that she feared him physically, it was that she had just exposed a part of her soul and it felt like an open wound.

His hand shook as he turned off the water. His eyes dark Sebastian opened the door and grabbed a towel, handing it to her, then took one for him.


"Because right now if I take you, it will be a taking. It will be rough, and fast, and that is not what I want, nor you."

She wanted to scream, but he was right, and Claire almost hated him for that. It seemed not only could he play her body like an instrument, he could play her soul. How had she ever thought she could win?

"Come now. You'll sleep in my bed, and I promise you I will not disturb you tonight."

He stepped out and she watched the play of muscles in his ass with a sigh. "Oh, goody."

"Good," he replied, missing the dry tone of her voice.

Back in the room he toweled her hair off for her, then insisted on combing and braiding it. It was a different kind of intimacy but it still turned her on. The entire night he had done nothing but push her arousal to the limit and she was too far gone.

Finally when he finished with her hair she grabbed his hand. "Sebastian, I can't wait. Damn it, stop toying with me."

The comb dropped and he grabbed her, sitting on the bed and settling her between his legs, her back to his front. She wiggled against his erection and felt her juices spread on the comforter. He pulled her back and turned her head for a bruising kiss of barely leashed violence.

Cupping her jaw he locked her in place and his other hand wound around to dive between her legs. Again she feared a teasing and murmured, struggling, but he soothed her and kept her in place. Quickly his fingertips feathered over her clit with dizzying speed. Her body, so long denied raced for the climax and within seconds it came.

The strength of it was pure blazing white heat pulsing through her and she shook, sucking hard on his tongue in her mouth as her nails scored his arms. It went on and on and something broke inside her, unleashing a flood. She screamed wordlessly into a wail as at long last it passed, leaven her shaken.

He kissed her temple and moved her, Claire was too tired to fight as he lifted her, turned down the covers, and laid her down. Finally, at last, she thought, as he padded to the light and shut it off before joining her.

But all he did was turn on his side and haul her back against him. He was still hard, his muscles tight, but when she wiggled against him he made the shush sound. She fought tears as he fell silent and still behind her, his arm clamped around her middle. Hadn't she played his game and let him win? She had confessed her fantasy, bared a piece of her soul, and still her body hungered for completion, that culmination that only come being filled by a man, surrounded by him, possessed by him.

Damn him. Damn him to hell. She didn't need his money, she'd make it on her own. Morelli's killer was nothing compared to this hell. First thing in the morning, she was leaving.

And she'd be stuck with that fantasy the rest of her life.


It had taken him hours to get the airport to hand over the security tapes without a warrant, and then a solid day of viewing the tapes, but he found her. She was going to New York on a flight that continued to Chicago.


He nearly jumped as Shannon came in, hurrying to turn the screen off. "What?"

"Sor-ry, sheesh. I think I have a break on the case. Found a matching stolen vehicle report on the Mercedes from two years ago. Get this, it was stolen from Buffalo."

"How could Morelli's guy get it across the boarder?"

"Don't you guys handle things like that?"

"Let me see the report."

She passed him the file and he opened it, flipping through. "Let my department handle this."

"Just keep me in the loop. Hey, I'm not having much luck running down a phone number, maybe you could help." She passed him a slip of paper with a few notes.

"Angela...who is she?"

"Just a friend who went out of town but I need to get a hold of her."

He smiled the smile that had fooled hundreds and her own ghosted back. "I'll have this ASAP."

"Okay, just...let me know."

He watched her leave and when the door closed slammed his fist on the desk. This friend of hers was the one he wanted. Now he had to get rid of Shannon. A cop. So close to tying up loose ends, collecting his payment, and retiring and now he had to kill a cop.

When he found this woman, whatever her real name was, he would make her pay for all the trouble she'd caused.


Claire dreamed troubling dreams all night, unable to wake. There was her mother introducing her to Michael when she was small. Even then she had sensed trouble. Her father, only a picture to her, had been tall and slim and blonde, his face open and sweet. Michael was broad and muscled, his dark hair tinged red and his eyes black and pitch. He had disregarded her as nothing, courting her mother and the money left from her father's death.

She remembered then her mother sick in bed, Michael flaunting his affairs, disciplining her for small things with the back of his hand. Sebastian, only a few years older, a quiet, serious by had become her refuge. She remembered Sebastian's mother's laughter as her mind shredded, the curse of the Kellner women.

Then she dreamed of her mother's funeral, of Ferdinand in his wheel chair giving her evil looks with eyes as black as his son's while insisting Michael raise her as his own. She remembered Ferdinand's wife, all cold bony fingers, insisting she be a lady, dress as one, as she whispered how one day she would marry Sebastian despite Claire's protests he was her best friend.

She remembered moving into the house after Ferdinand's brother passed, sharing the left side with Michael. Sebastian and his mother moving in when she could not longer live alone. She remembered cowering under stairs and in closets with Sebastian when Michael was drunk, worse she remembered the cruel, cold punishments of Ferdinand who insisted his valet slap her palms with a cane for imagined and small transgressions.

She remembered Sebastian growing tall, quiet, intense, studious. She remembered the way he would hold her after those terrible moments with Ferdinand and Michael. She remembered the day they had first kissed, those first gentle, fumbling explorations of one another, the fear of discovery, the dream of escape.

Then she remembered one night of pain and humiliation, salvation in his arms, and his ultimate refusal. She woke sweaty, crying out with the pain of a heart freshly broken. Dim blue light filtered in under the curtains and fell across Sebastian's face as he sat up.

"Claire, what is it?"

For a moment she didn't recognize the coldly handsome man holding her, but his voice...it was her Sebastian. Without conscious thought she reached for him and drew his face to hers. The kiss was soft, gentle, and hesitant. It was hers and on that thought she growled and parted his lips.

Her body was still thrumming with arousal after the night and the erotic memories of their last coupling. He turned and she followed, sprawling on top of him. Sebastian was hard and did nothing to stop the movement of her hips. Bracing her hand on his chest with the other she guided him inside her and sank down.

Colors exploded behind her eyelids as he filled her perfectly. This was what she had hungered for all this time, this most perfect feeling. Bittersweet she sighed and began to move, knowing no other man would ever do.

Sebastian gripped her hips and forced her to move slowly but powerfully, and over and over again he filled her. She ground against him and let the tips of her breasts graze his chest hair as his mouth plundered hers. Once more her body wanted to race to the pinnacle but Claire needed it to go slowly, to savor this.

Wracked by cold shivers and hot need she let her hands wander, memorizing every new muscle and line. She needed this new memory to burn away the old, to let lust replace love. Suddenly Sebastian grabbed her tight and rolled until their positions were reversed. Once he was on top he began to move like a madman, grinding and thrusting, filling her impossibly deep.

His mouth left hers to claim the peak of a breast and he thrust harder, deeper. Claire struggled and fought but her body would not be denied. The peak was a jagged range, climax after climax as he thrust and push through it, driving her into truly mindless pleasure. She clawed at him, screamed his name, and bucked and thrashed wildly riding the pleasure.

His hoarse shout nearly drowned out her cries and she felt him spill into her, grinding and slamming, riding over the edge with her. It passed too quickly and not fast enough, and Sebastian was gentleman enough to move aside before collapsing, but possessive enough her dragged her to his side and pressed her soft body into his.

Claire smoothed her hair from her eyes and breathed deeply, trying to calm. That had been soul-shattering. That had been- "Oh, god! We didn't use anything!"

For a moment neither breathed. Slowly Sebastian blinked. "I'm healthy, so we only have to worry about-"

"No, we don't." She didn't elaborate, finding it difficult to admit she was on birth control, even as intimate as they had just been.

Trusting her completely he relaxed, but kept her bound to his side. Closing her eyes, Claire let herself enjoy the fluttering little aftershocks and the feel of his rough skin against her. Surely she could have this moment before she left again.

Sebastian was just too strong. He would win, make her fall in love, and lure her to her doom like some fey of legend. He would break her heart and leave her alone, or worse, try to keep her here, in this very house, the home of her nightmares.

"Claire, last night...I am truly sorry, but the way you acted. No one has ever...done that, have they?"

She was quiet for a moment. "No one has ever succeeded."

His body tightened. "Who tried?"

She struggled to escape his grasp but he held tight. "Sebastian, don't ask questions you don't want the answer to." Even as she said it she realized how much like an entreaty to follow up it sounded when she had meant a dismissal. Before he could ask, she relented. What harm was there now, all these years later?

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