tagRomanceOut of the Shadows Ch. 05

Out of the Shadows Ch. 05


Hello, everyone. I hope you read the previous chapter and enjoyed it. This story is a continuation of the Shadows of Resentment series.

In this chapter, we learn if they find a way to make their relationship work. Again, let me reiterate, I am no expert on anything military, so I used my imagination freely here. It is not my intention to offend any of the great people who have sacrificed and served in any branch of the military. So please remember this in a fictional piece of writing and not meant to be taken literally.

Right now, this will end this story. However, who knows, one day we may comeback for a visit. We'll see. I want to thank all of you that have read anything I've written and let you know how much it means to me.

I hope you enjoy this chapter and remember to vote and comment after you have read it. Thank you. IR2R,

Darius and Cynthia ended up stationed in different parts of the world for a couple of years. But they were determined to stay together. Many wondered how they did it. Well, Darius loved her and since they had other commitments, he knew they'd be apart for a while. But as far as he was concerned, LaCynthia Knicks was it for him.

They talked on the phone as often as they could. They talked through Skype. They talked all day on holidays. When they earned any kind of extended leave, they tried to meet up in some part of the world.

So over the next few years, they communicated electronically and maybe spent time with each other at least twice. Was it easy? No, and Darius was afraid she might grow tired of him and find a handsome doctor to love. Although he never admitted, Deidre's betrayal with Jason made him feel vulnerable. Darius often found himself thinking, Cynthia's really smart and beautiful. Those guys there have so much in common with her. I'm just a mechanic. What if she meets someone else? Can I let her go if she does? I don't want to lose her.

Cynthia was beautiful, and true to form, men loved asking her out. However, she quickly cleared up any notions that she was available and remained steadfast and faithful to her man. Cynthia knew that Darius had self-doubt and feared she'd leave him for someone else, but she could never hurt him that way. He was her man, and that was that. Every time she talked to him, she reminded him of that fact.

They spent the first Christmas after the shooting together. They only had a few days and arranging it was complicated, but they needed to see each other.

Darius who had been stationed in Africa now for months, traveled to Europe, where Cynthia joined him. They relished being in each other's company. It was at this moment when Cynthia saw how vulnerable Darius really was.

After spending their first night making love, Darius and Cynthia awoke the next morning in each other's arms. Cynthia moved to go to the restroom, but Darius held her tighter. He didn't want her to go away from him.

"Baby, bathroom. I need to go." Cynthia whispered.

"Oh, sorry, baby. I just didn't want to let go for a minute." Darius apologized releasing her.

When Cynthia got up, Darius got up and waited his turn as well. She came out, and after he'd gone is and finished, they went out for breakfast.

"So, how is everything in your training? I mean," swallowing he continued, "are you learning everything you need?"

Cynthia looked at him and saw fear. "Darius, what do you really want to know? Subtlety is not your strong suit."

"Cynthia, you're beautiful and you'll be a doctor. There are some handsome men there and..." he dropped his head. He didn't like feeling fear like this but Deidre saw Jason everyday and he was right there with her and too blind to see she'd moved on. Cynthia was on the other side of the world, she could find someone else.

"Do you trust me, Darius? That's what it boils down to. You told me yourself that Deidre had checkout of the relationship long before Jason came into the picture. So be honest, that's not your real issue. Tell me the truth." Cynthia demanded.

Darius was stunned and realized this woman knew him. She understood. He could be honest and she wouldn't lead him on. "I'm a mechanic Cynthia, just a mechanic. You can have any man you want, someone so much better for you that can advance your career. Are you sure you want me?" He asked. His heart pounded as he waited for her response. If she said, umm, maybe, he didn't know. She meant the world to him and he needed to be reassured that she chose him.

Cynthia stared at the handsome man sitting across from her. She never knew he doubted himself this much. Does he know who he is? How can he think I'd ever want someone else? Well, let me set my man straight.

"Darius, are there women where you are in Africa? I mean, where you work, there are women mechanics, specialist right?" Cynthia asked and waited for affirmation.

"Yea, but what does that have to do with anything?" Darius never saw another woman once he saw her.

"Well, baby. It flows both ways. You could meet another woman that shares your interest. You're away from me on the other side of the world. Do I need to be worried?" Cynthia asked crossing her arms. Struggling to hide her smirk as her big, buffed man was visibly appalled at her suggestion.

"Cynthia, I could never do that to you. I haven't even looked at another woman, let alone...." Darius stopped when he realized she was laughing. Trying his best to look ticked off, Darius feigned anger. "Hey, that's not funny."

"Yes it is. How could I possibly want anyone else? I have found perfection." She leaned across the table and kissed him. "Baby, you're it for me. Never doubt me again."

Darius smiled relieved. He didn't realize how badly he needed to hear those words from her.

"Baby, are you finished eating? We only have two more days, and we need to make some memories." Darius suggested, his eyes smoky with desire.

When they arrived back at their hotel, Darius took his time showing her woman how much her appreciated her. He kissed every inch of her. When he reached the scar on her shoulder, he kissed it longer than usual.

"Darius, what's wrong?" Cynthia asked when he stopped at her shoulder.

"I almost lost you. I never want to go through that again." He whispered.

"Oh Darius" Cynthia whispered as she held him close. Then she kissed him. Gently covering her body with his, she accepted him inside her and made slow, long sweet love to her man. The two of them only left the hotel to eat and spent every single moment of their time with each other.

Soon they had to report back to their respective bases. The hard part was, not knowing when they would see each other again. So Cynthia's flight was called first. Darius held her close and told her he loved her. He stood stoically and watched her leave and boarded her plane. Next his flight was called, and he soon returned to base.

Over the next few months they called each other often. Darius made sure to call and check on his girls and keep check on his parents. He'd actually asked Cynthia to check in weekly for him, because sometimes he couldn't get through. She didn't mind because she considered them hers as well.

Cynthia saved all of her leaves for an extended fall break. So for three full weeks, she could go anywhere she chose. Darius was stationed in a small country Kano in Nigeria. He serviced the vehicles that were used to carry necessary supplies to needy villages.

Cynthia planned to fly over and visit with him. Darius was anxiously waiting for her to arrive. He had not seen her physically in almost a year.

He was bursting. He hoped when he did get a chance to be with her that he didn't hurt her. She was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. Darius petitioned his commander for the next several days off so that he could spend time with his lady.

The commander wanted to refuse because they had several vehicles that needed major repair and Granger was the best, but Granger had not taken a day off since reporting to Kano over a year ago. So he granted him the leave.

Darius stood in the airport waiting for Cynthia's plane to arrive. Soon it did. He wondered if she'd like the new him. He was stockier, had grown a slight beard. She'd been around good-looking, clean shaven doctors for months, would she find him lacking? Then he laughed at himself. They'd already talked about this and he knew he had nothing to worry about.

Soon her flight landed and the people unloaded. Darius stood looking out of the window feeling like a schoolboy waiting on a date with his dream girl. Then, he saw her. Her deep chocolate complexion contrasted against the burnt orange top she wore with a pair of brown trousers. She stood tall and her graceful movements reminded him of watching a graceful gazelle dart across the African plains.

She went to retrieved her luggage and within minutes, she saw her man across the crowded breezeway. Cynthia saw him and she forgot to breath. He was everything she dreamed of and she missed him horribly. Momentarily forgetting her luggage, she started running to him as he ran toward her. With seconds they were holding each other so tightly.

"Cynthia, you're here. Thank goodness, you're here." Darius whispered in awe.

"Oh Darius, I missed you." Cynthia sighed as she held him. Then she kissed him. Darius surrendered to her kiss as his desire for her surged.

"Wait, let's go." He whispered. She retrieved her bags and he carried them as he held on to her waist as he led her to the jeep his commanding officer allowed him to use.

Cynthia was tired the twelve hour flight took a lot out of her, and she couldn't wait to get to her hotel and take a hot shower.

Darius had already made reservation at a local hotel for them. He reserved the room for the entire week. As soon as they entered the room, Darius held and kissed his woman. He didn't want to let her go. They hadn't seen each other in two years and that was not acceptable to him.

Darius knew two things at this point. One was he refused to live his life without this amazing woman, and two, she had to become his wife. He didn't care when or where, but he had to marry this girl.

"Darius, baby. I need to shower." Cynthia whispered as she gently pulled away. It was hot and she'd been on a plane for twelve hours. She needed to freshen up. Then she looked at him. He looked different, more distinguished. He had grown a beard. She liked it. He was hers, and she missed him.

"Ummm, you know what baby." Cynthia whispered as she entwined her arms around his neck. "We could save water and shower together, right." Then she turned to head to the bathroom. Darius was frozen, but soon his legs started working and he followed his woman to the bathroom.

They watched each other as they undressed. Before long they stood before each other naked. Darius's eyes trailed down Cynthia's body and he frowned.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Cynthia asked, clearly confused by his reaction. She made sure she had everything taken care of for him before she left Washington.

"Baby, you cut your hair. Why?" Darius asked staring at the neatly trimmed bush at the apex of her thighs.

"Darius!" Cynthia yelped and moved her hand to cover her crotch. "It was too thick. I just trimmed it." She explained mortified that he pointed out the obvious.

"Baby, never be embarrassed in front of me." Darius reassured her as he pulled her close. He didn't mean to embarrassed her. She loved it. He'd acquired new muscles that fit well in his much stockier frame.

"I love you Cynthia. You're my world." He whispered as he kissed her. His cock was almost purple and stabbing Cynthia's stomach.

"Um, Baby. Let me take care of him, and she gently grabbed his penis and began to stroke. Darius groaned. He was bursting and almost came as soon as she touched him.

"Cyn, Baby, Wait! Ahhhhhhh!" By the third stroke Darius shot his load clear across the small bathroom right on the a mirror. Several thick ropes of cum ejaculated from hi.

'No, No, No! Baby ststsssstoppp!. Don't, too much!" Darius stammered weakened by the intensity of his orgasm.

Realizing how weak he was, Cynthia had him to sit for a moment. She rubbed his back while he regained his equilibrium. When she saw that he was fine, she turned and quickly filled the tub with hot water so they could take an extended bath. Darius was back in control and climbed in the tub first then he helped Cynthia to join him.

"Baby," he whispered as she leaned back on his muscular chest. "I didn't take care of you. I'm sorry." He kissed her neck as his hands kneaded her breast.

Cynthia was tired from her trip, but she was horny as well. She hadn't had her man in a little over two years and they had a lot of catching up to do.

Soon the water cooled and they got out of the tub. Darius dried her off. Taking time to kiss each and every inch of her body,leading her to the bed, he lay her down. Darius spread her thighs and Darius tasted her for the first time in two years.

Soon, he made love to his lover. Climbing on top of her and laying between her dark chocolate things, Darius entered his woman. Her sheath fit him like a glove. He loved her long and slowly. He claimed her and as he learned her rhythm.

Soon he could tell she was close. He felt her body quiver, he pussy vibrated all over his cock. Darius wanted to pound her, let loose two years of sexual frustration, but he didn't want to hurt her. So he loved her slowly, making sure she reached completion.

Cynthia loved being with Darius. It had been so long two years. She could see he was trying to be gentle, but she didn't want gentle. Cynthia wanted to fuck. Soon she came softly as he loved her gently. Darius had not cum yet, and she knew he needed to be a little rough.

"Darius, please." Cynthia whispered. "You can be a gentleman later. I need to be fucked. Please fuck me Darius." She groaned. Her plea fired his loins and he snapped. Soon he was pistoning in and out of her at super human speed. Her hungry pussy devoured his steel rod.

Soon Darius felt his balls clinched. Before he knew it, he filled her womb with his fertile seed. Darius climax triggered Cynthia's orgasm. She screamed as her voracious orgasm milked Darius dry.

So they simply lay in bed holding each other, and eventually drifted off to sleep. Later that day, when they woke up, Darius took Cynthia on a quick tour of Kano.

During the tour, he wanted to talk with the high priest of the Nuasa Clan. He had once saved the chieftains daughter and they said he could come to them if he ever had a need.

He visited with them as often as he could.

"Ah, so she is the one, I see." The priest observed as he and Darius stood and watched Cynthia interact with the children in the tribe.

Darius smiled, "She means the word to me. I want to make her my wife."

Laughing the priest explained, "You are American, so talk with her first. I will be honored to lead you in the bonding rituals."

Darius smiled, then for a brief moment wondered if she'd say no. He decided to take a chance. So walking behind her, he pulled her close and asked her to walk with him.

He walked with her to a small tree, and then stopped. Cynthia was confused. Darius had gone completely silent.

"Dari-" Cynthia started to ask, but he placed his finger on her lips to silence her.

"Cynthia, I love you. I need you in my life. I know we have another eighteen months to serve, but I don't want to wait that long. The Nuasa clan has a binding ceremony, and I am asking you to do it with me. I want you to become my wife. Cynthia, will you go through the ceremony? Will you become my wife?

Cynthia was speechless. "Darius, I'd marry you in a heartbeat. Yes. When?"

Darius smiled, "Right now? Let's go see the priest."

An announcement from the chief and the priest went forward. A celebration ensued. The women took Cynthia to help her prep and dress her in tribal ceremonial robes. The men took Darius to help him prepare for the ritual as well.

The chief had already approved the match in traditional Nuasa fashion . Soon it was time for the ceremony. The head priestess led Cynthia to the center of the ceremonial circle where Darius was instructed to wait.

Darius had never seen a more beautiful bride than his on their wedding day. Cynthia approached him wearing the traditional dress of a Nuasa princess. The queen in her wisdom ordered that the dress be made when she heard Darius speak of his lady years earlier. She didn't need to know her size because the garment was simple and could be adjusted if needed. Darius watched her flow to him is a sea of pure white trimmed with crimson and gold embroidery.

He stood tall looking just as handsome in his traditional wear. His dashiki and trousers seemed tailored made for him. Soon they stood before the priest and the binding ritual began. They recited several chants and performed several short rituals before the final ritual.

The priest pierced each of their finger tips and allowed to blood to flow in a ceremonial goblet. A special drink was added and each one of them took a sip. After drinking from the goblet, the ritual was completed and they were bound together for eternity.

Darius in true American tradition had to kiss his bride and so he did. The members of the tribe, cheered. They then were allowed time alone and soon changed back into their regular clothes.

Cynthia wondered briefly, if they were considered truly man and wife. As far a she was concerned they were. As they were enjoying the tribes celebration of their union, the chief asked to speak with them.

They followed him to his office in his home and he presented them with the documents that needed to be filed to make their union legal in Africa as well as the United States.

The priest figured something like this might happen when the young American soldier talked about his woman. Then one day he wanted to know about marriages. So he'd actually gotten the forms needed together before hand. All they had to do now was file, a copy of their marriage certificate here in Kano, which Darius would do, and then in the US and Cynthia would take care of that.

The newly married couple spent most of the week naked and in bed. At some point they called home and told Darius's family. Then Cynthia called and informed Mysha. Everyone was happy for them.

Darius and Cynthia reported to the local base to change their official status, and Cynthia was offered a position with medical detail. She was already a licensed nurse, and could obtain a position instantly.

However, as tempting as her staying with him was, she wanted to be a doctor. Darius wanted her to reach that dream. So as much as he hated it, he convinced his wife of less than two weeks to return to the states to finish her studies.

His ability to love her so completely, that he'd do anything to help her reach her dreams, made Cynthia love him even more. It was a hard eighteen months, but eventually, Darius came back home and joined his wife. When he landed in the states, he had the ring he'd purchased for her in his bag.

He was at a layover in London, when he just happen to wander to a jewelry shop. When he saw the platinum diamond wedding bands with the tribal insignia, nothing else would be good enough for his wife. So he bought a matching set for them.

As soon as his flight was headed to Jackson, the first thing he did was call his wife. She was waiting for him at the airport and when he saw her standing there. Everything was right in the world as he held his woman. He missed her so much and never wanted to let her go.

Cynthia had purchased a new car and they were signing the papers on their new home this week. But they wanted time alone, so they decided to spend a night in Jackson. The next morning, Darius and Cynthia headed home.

Everyone greeted him heartily when they arrived. The twins were so happy to have their Dad home and both girls loved Cynthia. So over the first couple of weeks, they secured a home and moved in. The happy couple spent a few days christening every room in their new home.

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