Out of Wedlock


This story is not real. This is one of my sexual fantasies. All characters are over the age of eighteen.


My boyfriend and I were invited to a wedding. We didn't really know the couple but we were obligated to go. His father's Business Partner's Nephew or some shit like that. Whatever he was attendance was not optional. He wore I nice charcoal Suit and a tie to match my lavender dress.

Now my dress was on the short side. On a scale from prude to whore, I was asking for it. My neckline was even more provocative, leaning more to slutty but it didn't cross the line. The dress had long sleeves to give it the illusion of classy. My boyfriend knew better. I was his little fuck bunny.

We arrived at the wedding a little late but before the ceremony. This left us sitting in the last row by ourselves behind the groom's distant family. The bride was beautiful as she walked down the aisle. Just as her father was offering her hand to her husband to be, my boyfriend whispered to me "Take off your panties and give them to me."

I looked at him shocked for just a second. Then I carefully lifted my skirt enough to pull down my white lace thong. After untangling the thong from around my stilettos I handed them over. He put them in his left breast pocket. As if nothing happened we continued to watch the bride and groom.

When they started on the exchange of vows I felt My boyfriend's hand slid lightly up and down my thigh. With every stroke, he was getting a little bit closer to my bare pussy. Inch by inch he moved, never looking at me. From anywhere in the room you couldn't see us and would never know what we were doing. When he got far enough up I felt his middle finger slid up and down my folds, but he didn't go inside me. About the time the groom was saying his vows, my boyfriend had added another finger. I was so wet. His fingers were coated in my slick juices. Finally, the minister said "you may now kiss the bride". My boyfriend moved up my pussy and pinched my clit. I gasped but locally no one heard me over the clapping.

Later at the reception, my boyfriend and I sat at one of the tall tables in the corner of the restaurant. The decorations were lovely. Flowers everywhere, long white table cloths that draped all the way to the floor and lights twinkling from the ceiling. It was beautiful.

After the food was eaten guest started to dance. I couldn't move quickly in this dress without my panties so I stayed at the table. As the DJ called the Bride and Groom onto the floor for their first dance My boyfriend put his hand on my ass. Moving closer to me his whispered "When I say so get under the table and Blow me". When the Bride was spun into a dip I heard "Now". Quietly I slid under the white fabric.

I was surprised how much room was under the table. I could see the shadows of the guest dancing just feet away. When I turned back around My boyfriend's cock was already semi-hard. I knelt in front of him. I licked the tip of his cock, softly massaging it with my tongue. The more I played the harder he got. I would wrap my lips around the head and suck. Slowly increasing how hard and long I sucked. He had unzipped his pants but his belt was still fastened, so only his dick was out. I like to play with his balls but the hole wasn't big enough so I cupped him through his pants. That made him jump slightly before relaxing back into the rhythm of my mouth.

Song after Song played on; people danced and laughed. All the while never knowing what I was doing under the table. Now he was fully hard and pre-cum was trickling out the tip of his cock. I took him deeper down my throat every time I went down on him. The third time I took him all the way down, he held my head in place. Before I could gag too loud for people to notice he let me go. I was so wet. He put his hand under the table and motioned me to turn around.

Nonchalantly My boyfriend stood up and pushed his chair back a little. After turning around so my ass was level with is cock I hiked my tight dress up to my ribs. He took the head of his cock and slid it up and down my pussy teasing me. Making sure I was wet. He hit his cock against my clit a couple of times before nudging his cock head against my pussy hole. The table was welded to the floor so I used it to push myself onto his big hard cock. I rocked back and forth taking his inside me then sliding him back out. We had to be quite or the rest of the guested would hear us. Our rhythm was steady in and out, in, grind on him, out, repeat. He made me feel so full.

"Hey why aren't you dancing with your pretty girl?" an older gentleman said was he walked up to the table. All I could see were the shadows from his legs. My boyfriend stiffened inside me but had no other reaction for the man to see. My boyfriend replied in a confident voice never revealing the truth "She needed to relieve herself, she'll be back when she's done". Meanwhile I am keeping our rhythm. As the shadows walk away two hands gripped my hips. My boyfriend impaled me onto him so hard I let out a small grunt. Keeping me pinned to him, he throbbed inside me. He came So hard and Deep, but the only one who knew was me.

He released me slowly letting his cock ease out of me. Before too much of his hot cum slid out of me he took my panties out of his pocket and stuffed them in my pussy. No more of his cum was leaving my pussy. I pulled my dress back down. When he signaled me to come back up I crawled out from under the table. I readjusted myself.

I whispered in his ear "I should go clean myself up."


"I am filled with cum, I could get pregnant. I'm ovulating."

With an evil smug grin on his face he said "I Know".

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Spell check

Good story but you need to spell check

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