tagBDSMOut of Your Hands Ch. 01

Out of Your Hands Ch. 01


Some background for those who haven't read my other stories: I've had several emails from readers asking if my stories are real? The answer to that is...

Over ten years ago my beautiful wife and I started indulging in Femdom play. Though our real life experiences have been nothing like as dramatic as my stories, it has still been a wonderfully rewarding aspect of our life and has brought us closer than I ever thought possible. My early stories reflected various instances of our real life sessions taken (much) further and embellished to reflect my own fantasies. Sometimes they involved things I genuinely wanted to experience, sometimes they were things that I felt I might do in the right circumstance (i.e. .if my Wife/Mistress ordered me to and I was horny and desperate enough) and sometimes they were things I fantasized about but didn't really want to happen in real life.

At least that's what I used to think.

Eventually I came to realise that my feelings for my wife were so strong and deep that in truth I would do almost anything that she asked me to. I realise that given the content of some of my stories that is quite a strong statement, but it is the truth. The first time I realised this it was a real shock to me and left me feeling very strange for quite a while. Indeed it took me quite some time to get my head straight enough that I could try to relate this to my wife. It was not an easy thing for me to do, but it affected me so deeply that I had to tell her.

My wife, being rather more 'balanced' than perhaps I am, must have found this information somewhat hard to believe, but to her eternal credit she has never cast doubt on my words. I'm not entirely sure that she fully appreciates the potential power she holds. We are casual Femdomers, yes, (right from the start we established that we didn't want it to be a 'lifestyle'), but I cannot deny that I would welcome anything which made me more subservient to her sexually, and while we may joke about her making me her 'pussy slave', I really can't think of anything more blissful and rewarding than bringing her to orgasm every night with my tongue (and if I had to endure endless teasing and wait days for my own release in return, then I would consider that more than fair). In truth, I regard my own pleasure as of secondary importance to hers and love any opportunity to luxuriate in her domination, however gentle or understated it may be...

For example: Last Summer my wife was sitting in her chair in the lounge with her legs over the arm pointing towards me, in a wonderful moment of inspiration she pointed her bare feet at me and gave me a look which told me that she expected me to worship her feet right that moment. I eagerly obliged and spent maybe five minutes kissing her gorgeous feet. Nothing further happened, when she decided that she'd had enough she withdrew her feet and we continued as if nothing had happened. I don't even know if she remembers it (I think she perhaps took it more as a joke than anything), but I certainly do. For me it was a glimpse of a life that I would relish. The perfect compromise. Not an unworkable and unrealistic 24/7 lifestyle, but an understanding that she could invoke her right to dominate at any given moment, but without any pressure on her to do so if she wasn't in the mood. This is something I hope to explore in this story.

To be honest, these days my stories are not so much written as endured. I don't look to start writing a story any more, instead I become aware of some new idea and I feel compelled to write. Ideas come thick and fast, usually at the most inopportune times, and I make notes constantly, desperately trying not to forget twists and turns along the way. I do feel quite strange at these times, the process can make me quite irritable, impatient and generally not myself and quite often leads to headaches and mild dizziness, even temporary sexual dysfunction! So, while not wanting to be overdramatic about it, my desire to write has been somewhat surpassed by a need to. Putting my stories onto paper has effectively become a way of exorcising my poor overloaded brain of all the twisted new ideas it has stored up while at the same time being a very good medium for showcasing (sometimes difficult or uncomfortable) ideas to my utterly gorgeous and incredibly understanding wife so that she can adapt them for use them in our sessions...

...and maybe (hopefully) one day outside of them too.

I know from the emails that I have received that others have used my stories in this way too and I have to say it makes me quite proud to think that my under-educated scriblings are being used to help others experience their own fantasies. I mean, how cool is that?

This is the first story that I've written from a mixed perspective, it's an experiment (which I hope will prove successful) and it seems somehow appropriate for this particular story. I had contemplated writing the story entirely from the female point of view, but there were parts of the story that needed male input.

You don't really need to read my other stories to read this one, but I hope you will. All feedback is greatly appreciated, I really like getting emails from readers, even if you just want to tell my story sucks (some of my favourite emails have been from teh interweb redneck trolls).


It's well over ten years since we started on this path. At first I was hesitant, a little confused and unsure about what my husband really meant by Femdom. Over time I became more confident, relaxed into it, began to enjoy it and now I look forward to our monthly sessions almost as much as he does. Every so often he gives me a story to read, usually illustrating some new idea he's gotten off the internet or out of a magazine. I'm never quite sure how seriously to take them, although he swears he would do anything I asked him to. One day he might regret that... We are exceptionally close and he constantly tells me how much he adores me, but I'm still coming to terms with the idea of taking our Femdom relationship further. Anyway, this is the story of what happened between us recently...

It had been a busy day, with a million things to do and no time to do them, but now everything was done and I sat down at the computer to check my emails and my bank account. I clicked on my emails and saw that there was one from my husband. He had rung me that afternoon and told me that he had sent me something special and he couldn't wait to hear what I thought of it. I opened the email and read...

"My beautiful Mistress R, I found this video on the internet and I thought you ought to see it. I may live to regret telling you about this subject, but as your loyal and devoted slave I think it is my duty to ensure that you are kept fully aware of all possible methods of dominating me."

That sounded pretty intriguing straight off the bat.

"Please do not concern yourself about finding anything unpleasant through this link, I assure you this video is quite safe to watch. Your devoted slave, r."

I clicked the link and the computer opened a new window. A 'You-Tube' style porn site opened up and I waited for the clip to load. I pressed play and was immediately surprised by what I saw. On the screen there was a guy lying on his back, the camera only filming him from the waist down. Between his legs there was a woman with her mouth placed over his cock. I admit my first thought was 'why the hell is my husband sending me clips of blowjobs!'. But then as I watched a few more seconds of the clip I started to notice a few unusual things.

Firstly, the woman obviously wasn't a 'silicone-blonde-bimbo-teenager', in fact she looked to be entirely the wrong side of thirty! She had long dark hair that was pulled back in a pony-tail and looked like she could be German, or possibly Eastern European. The overall impression I got of her was that she appeared decidedly normal, with barely any make up and all the sexier for it. Secondly, the woman had a black shirt on and although she was the one on her knees giving the blowjob, it definitely seemed to be her who was in charge of the situation.

I continued to watch and wonder where this was going to lead. The woman confined herself to licking the guys cock and sucking the tip into her mouth, she didn't use her hands other than to hold the guy's cock straight and to keep his skin pulled back to expose the head of his cock, but even then it didn't appear that she was applying any undue pressure. As I watched, she teased his cock relentlessly with her tongue, concentrating her efforts on the underside of his shaft, just below the head.

The way she looked up at him, studying his reactions and gauging his level of arousal, gave me the impression that she'd done this to him before. Maybe they were even a proper couple and not some paid actors. After all, isn't that what these new porn sites were all about, posting your own 'real' porn? There certainly seemed to be a level of genuine affection present here that was lacking in most porn I'd ever seen.

The woman had been working the guys cock for five minutes now and it was becoming clear that the guy would not be able to take too much more of this treatment. The muscles in his stomach were starting to twitch slightly and he was making very small thrusting movements with his hips. Sensing that the moment had arrived, the woman kissed the underside of his cock and pulled her head away, licking her lips as she admired her handiwork. At the same time she released his shaft and smoothed her hands across the top of his hips and the area just above his cock.

The man's cock started to pulse and a small trickle of white fluid emerged from the tip. The woman moved closer and softly ran her tongue up the underside of his twitching cock. His cum started to stream from the head of his cock, not in dramatic spurts but in a long continuous flow which pooled on his stomach. The woman was looking up at him as she planted more tender kisses on the underside of his cock, holding his cock steady with two motionless fingers. Then she smiled as she watched his reaction, a real smile that you could see in her eyes, not some fake 'Okay I'm done, give me the money kind of smile'.

Satisfied that the guy had finished cumming, she gently took hold of his cock and very slowly squeezed the last remaining drops of spunk out of his shaft. She licked the head some more and then reached down and produced a towel. She used it to wipe the come from his stomach and the tip of his cock and then very gently sucked his cock until the clip ended.

I sat back in my chair, and realised how engrossed I'd been in the clip, I was feeling quite warm all of a sudden and then I noticed the title of the video.


Hmm, ruined orgasm, so that was what this was all about. I opened another browser window and typed ruined orgasm into the search engine. I opened the first non-porn site on the list and was confronted by a long page which gave me a pretty good insight into: Orgasm control, Erotic Sexual Denial, Short-term Denial practices, Tie and Tease, Tease and Denial, Total Denial, Long-term denial, Ruined orgasms and erotic denial as a form of control!

Having read all that, I flicked back to my search and found another site where I learned that some men who've experienced a ruined orgasm said that it was 'worse than not being allowed to cum at all' as it increased their frustration level significantly.

Wow, this all sounded very interesting, I could certainly understand why my husband had said he might regret bringing this to my attention. I looked at the clock, he wouldn't be home for hours yet, his college course ran until 9pm on Tuesdays.

I went back to the original site and watched the clip again. It was definitely hot and by the time it ended I was feeling quite wet. I scrolled down the page and found a few more videos on related subjects. I noticed another one with that same German looking woman in it, this time with her partner's balls tied with thin rope or shoelaces, I was about to click on it when I noticed something else.

I clicked on a another video and watched as a different woman, once again in a black shirt (albeit open to her waist this time) sat between a man's legs as he appeared to lie back over a table. This woman was slowly stroking and teasing his very well lubed cock and balls with both hands as she spoke to him in a Russian accent. Every so often she would rub her palm over the head of the guy's cock and he would ask her not to as it was so sensitive. She rubbed him for several minutes, her grip tightening as she brought him closer and closer to orgasm, persisting and in fact intensifying her 'palming'. The guy writhed as she did so and begged her not to, but she just laughed and carried on regardless. Then the guy was coming and she continued pumping his straining meat hard, his cum shooting out in great spurts onto his stomach and over her fingers.

The woman's smile got bigger as he shot his load, until she was almost laughing. The guy bucked and shook as his orgasm concluded, but the Russian woman didn't stop for a second. She gripped the bass of his meat with one hand and used the other to rub the shaft and head, the cum on her fingers adding a little extra lubrication but doing little to help the desperate man. He twisted and writhed on the table as he begged her over and over to stop (though he didn't appear to be restrained, so he was obviously a fairly willing participant). The woman ignored him, continuing to stimulate his poor cock, taunting him in her strong accent "Oh it's sensitive? It's sooo sexy to play with your sensitive cock..." as she laughed.

Finally after a couple of minutes she relented and released the man's utterly spent cock. She sat back a little way in her chair, watching as his stomach continued to rise and fall sharply, his relief tangible and obvious. She let him rest for a moment or two, allowing him to believe his ordeal was over and then took great delight in laying a couple of hard slaps onto his by now very red cock. Then she stood up to leave, telling him she had 'enjoyed their time together' and walked out of shot.

The clip ended and I took a sip of water, my mouth was dry and I looked at the clock again. Time for one more clip I thought to myself.

I clicked on another link and watched another fully clothed 'hot wife' bring her husband to orgasm just by holding the base of his cock and rubbing the well lubed head with her fingertips. And then I came across Taylor St Clare...

A former porn star (I later found out) Mistress Taylor had now set herself up as the absolute authority on tease and denial. I didn't much care for her oversized breasts, plastic surgery and abundance of make-up, but she certainly knew how to tease a guy. Over and over she would stroke her bound victim's cock and balls softly and then suddenly dramatically increase the pace and strength of her grip for a few seconds... only to let go again almost immediately, leaving his cock bobbing in the air, desperate for relief. I also noticed how she always seemed to stroke from the bottom to the top of the guy's cock, and then remove her hand completely and place it back at the bottom and start again.

Finally I closed my browser, having completely forgotten about my bank account by this time. My husband would be home in an hour and I really needed a shower.

As I stood under the warm shower I heard my husband close the front door, he was a little early and I'd spent some time trimming my pussy before I got in the shower (he absolutely loves it when I trim my pussy hair really short - we see it as a good substitute for the visually appealing but much higher maintenance shaved route). He opened the bathroom door and peered at me round the shower screen.

"Hi, we got out early..."

"So I see."

"You look lovely..."

"Thank you."

He stared at my wet body, I'm sure his cock was already on the move.

"I looked at that email you sent me..."

He looked a little nervous.

"...we'll talk about it later, after you've made me cum."

He looked relieved and excited, I guess he must have reasoned that I couldn't have been that upset about if I wanted him to lick my pussy.

"Go get some dinner, I'll be down in a little while..."

He moved nearer to the edge of the bath and leaned closer. He kissed me tenderly and then moved down my body, his lips closing around a nipple as his hand wandered down my stomach and gently brushed my freshly clipped pussy hair. I gently pushed him away and laughed when I saw his soaking wet shirt.

"Love you" he said as he retreated reluctantly from the bathroom, leaving me to finish my shower in peace.

- - -

A couple of hours later I was laying face down on our bed, my face pressed between my gorgeous wife's inner thighs, my tongue lapping eagerly at her sodden pussy. I love eating my wife's pussy more than anything in the world. I never, ever tire of it and I'm always a little sad when she's finished coming because I just want it to go on and on. Even when she's done, I always lick my fingers clean, I can't bear the thought of wasting a single drop of that delicious, precious juice. I t doesn't seem to matter how many times I tell her this though, she still apologizes if she thinks she's taken too long.

I shifted my position slightly and used my fingers to massage the roof of my wife's cunt, my tongue relentlessly flicking back and forth around her clit. Her legs began to tremble ever so slightly and she let out a very small tell-tale groan as she started to peak. I braced myself, knowing that any second she would be bucking hard as she started to come and I didn't want my tongue to lose contact with her clit.

A few seconds later my wife's body spasmed hard and I became more random with my tongue, inducing little peaks in her orgasm as I stimulated her from unexpected angles. I can't describe how ecstatic I feel when my wife comes really hard right under my tongue, it sometimes leaves me in an almost trance-like state. I just love her so much that giving her that pleasure makes me feel almost 'high'. I've never taken drugs, but if that's what being 'high' feels like I can well understand why people get addicted to it.

My wife finally pushed my head away, unable to take any more stimulation on her oversensitive clit. She thanked me and told me how wonderful it had been and then asked me to lay beside her. I kissed the inside of her thighs softly and stole a last longing look at her beautiful wet pussy, reluctant to leave my personal paradise.

"Your pussy looks so gorgeous when you've just cum" I whispered.

She didn't reply, but flicked her left leg over my head and pulled me up onto the pillows beside her. She kissed me, tasting her own juices on my lips.

"You taste wonderful?" I said and she smiled.

We lay in silence for a few minutes, her breathing slowly returning to normal as I enjoyed the taste and scent of her pussy still in my mouth and nose. She reached over to me and curled her fingers around my cock, it stiffened quickly but she didn't move her hand to stimulate it, she simply held it lightly in her palm.

I opened my eyes to see her looking intently at me. She told me to close my eyes, she knew me well enough to know that it would be easier for me to tell her the truth with my eyes closed.

"I want you to tell me the absolute truth...do you promise to do that."

"Yes" I whispered after a brief pause.

I felt her lips brush against my forehead and she placed a delicate kiss on my skin.

"I watched that video you sent me....in fact I watched it twice."

My cock pulsed in her hand and she gave a little reassuring squeeze. I could feel my nerves returning and I realised I was shaking slightly.

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