tagBDSMOut of Your Hands Ch. 02

Out of Your Hands Ch. 02


The next few days were hell on earth. My wife couldn't resist taking every opportunity to tease me, every little kiss was accompanied with a rub to my cock, and unusually for her she took to wearing very little in the house. She knew full well what she was doing and with no release for me it was driving me nuts. Three days after my first ruined orgasm, my wife waited until I was sitting on the sofa and then came and knelt on the floor between my legs. It was quite late and she had already changed into her dressing gown, which she slipped gently off her shoulders, revealing her gorgeous naked breasts. She'd had quite a bit to drink that evening and she was obviously feeling playful.

"So...I bet you're pretty desperate for release now aren't you?"

I nodded, she smiled and licked her lips.

"Well....lets see what we can do about that."

She unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off along with my boxer shorts to reveal my already hard cock. She let out a little groan as she saw how hard I was and then regained her composure. She stood up and straddled me, rubbing the tip of my cock against her already wet pussy.

"Mmmm, that feels so good doesn't it?"

I nodded again and groaned as I felt the amazingly silkiness of her pussy teasing my cock. She let me cock go and then rubbed her lips up and down the entire length of my cock. She leaned forward and said...

"You must be so frustrated... I bet you'd do anything to get a proper orgasm right now wouldn't you?"

"Yes Mistress..." I wasn't sure if to address her as Mistress or not (as she hadn't addressed me as 'slave'), but if it was wrong to do so, she didn't correct me.

"Would you? Would you do anything I asked you to?"

"Yes Mistress. You know I would."

"One of these days those words are going to come right back to haunt you..." she said as she lifted her now dripping cunt up off my cock and slid her fingers inside her slippery hole. A few seconds later she held them to my mouth and I greedily sucked and licked them clean.

"You're such a slut for my pussy aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

She grasped my cock and pushed it upright and I felt the tight wetness of her pussy slide agonisingly slowly down to enclose it. She held it still for a few seconds and then just as slowly lifted it off again.

"I could make you come just like that, couldn't I?"

"If it pleased you Mistress." I croaked.

"I don't think you deserve that much pleasure..."

Instead she lifted herself up and returned to the floor between my legs. She licked my balls first and then moved on to my cock. By this time I was shaking with frustration and hoped she would at least make it quick. Needless to say she did not. For about fifteen minutes she teased just the tip of my cock with her lips and tongue, her hand simply holding my cock steady as she tormented me. It was just like that first video I sent her, although the ending was somewhat different.

"I'm getting close" I said, desperately hoping that in her obviously highly aroused state she might take pity on me and pump my cock hard to completion.

Instead she simply closed her lips around the head and allowed my cum to drool into her mouth as she licked the underside of the head. It wasn't as bad as the first time because at least I had some contact with her lips and tongue, but it still didn't feel as if I'd come properly. When she felt my cock stop pulsing she gently massaged the rest of my cum into her mouth and then stood up and leaned over me. As she kissed me I felt my warm cum slip from her mouth into mine and I swallowed it. She'd never done that before, even when she was drunk, so that kind of took the edge off the frustration a little, while at the same time making it a whole lot worse!

We kissed for ages, and when we eventually drew breath I told her how amazing it had been, even though I was still immensely frustrated. She reached down and was surprised to find my cock was still almost fully hard.

"Wow, it really doesn't give you any relief does it?"

"Not really, it just makes it worse if anything."

She played with my cock for a little while as we kissed some more and then told me it was time for bed. Needless to say I wasn't allowed to go to sleep until I gave her exactly that which she had denied me.

- - -

A few more days passed and my frustration was getting unbearable, not having sex for a week is one thing, not cumming for a week is another, but actually ejaculating but having no feeling of release for a week AND being relentlessly teased is something else again. Several times I toyed with the idea of just taking matters into my own hands, but I knew that somehow my wife would be able to tell, and besides I had made a promise and I intended to keep that promise, no matter how hard it was. After all, trust was of paramount importance in our relationship and I couldn't bear the thought of deceiving her, especially not when she was only doing this because I asked her to in the first place. No, I started this and I had to take the consequences. After all, if I couldn't even survive this small challenge, how would I cope if one day she decided to call me out on some of the other things I'd claimed I would be willing to do to please her. Besides, I'd made it this far and there was only one more ruined orgasm to go. After this things would hopefully be back to normal.

- - -

Exactly one week to the day of my first ruined orgasm, I found myself in bed, kneeling between my wife's wonderful, smooth thighs. My straining cock was buried to the hilt inside her gorgeous tight pussy as I fucked her as hard as I dare. I knew I wasn't going to last long...it was a miracle I hadn't come already. But now I was in a very difficult position. She was acting as if everything was normal, as if the whole ruined orgasm thing had gone by the by....part of me wanted to go for it, but I was worried that if I took advantage a) she would think I had gone back on my word and b) I would leave myself open to further chastisement - which would surely mean more ruined orgasms!

My wife turned onto her side, bending her right leg to give me easy access to her slippery, wet pussy. Like most men, I love watching my cock disappear into my wife's gorgeous slit and this position had the added bonus that I was able to prise her ass cheeks apart and look at her beautiful tight asshole. My wife loves it when I look at her ass, she knows it drives me insane thinking about sticking my tongue or my cock inside. But today this was just ramping up the tension, in fact this was impossible, looking at her gorgeous ass was making this completely and utterly impossible!

I told her that I couldn't hold out much longer, whereupon she placed her hand on my chest and pushed me back onto my heels, my cock hanging between my legs. Then she flicked her leg back over so that I was once again kneeling between her legs.

"Jerk it, slave" she said, propping herself up on her elbows and looking down between her gorgeous breasts at my throbbing cock.

I took my cock in my hand and began pounding it, her pussy juice the perfect lubricant.

"Now lick your hand."

I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked it eagerly, tasting the wonderful mixture of her pussy and my cock together.

"Now make yourself cum."

I curled my fingers around my cock again and a few seconds later I knew the time was coming. Confused, I looked to her for guidance. She raised an eyebrow as she realised my predicament. My hand slowed on my cock as I fought to retain control, but it was a losing battle. Finally she relented...

"Ruin it" she said. "Ruin it all over my pussy and then lick it clean."

If I wasn't already coming anyway I surely would have been after that. Hard as it was I reluctantly released my grip as the first spurt of cum sprayed out of my cock and slid down her slick cunt lips. As she watched, my wife used her finger to stroke her clit. I absolutely love it when she does that and it only added to my frustration as my cum oozed from the tip of my cock and onto her sodden pussy.

"Squeeze your balls, make sure you get every drop out."

I closed my hand around my balls and gently squeezed them.

"Harder!" she ordered.

I did as she instructed, relieved more than anything that it was finally over. She allowed me a few seconds to catch my breath and then told me to clean her up. I lay down on the bed and gently flicked my tongue over her messy cunt, swallowing every drop of cum as it was scooped into my waiting mouth. I continued long after all the cum had gone and added a couple of my fingers to my wife's dripping hole, eventually leading her to a massive orgasm, which left her flushed and breathless.

- - -

We lay quietly in the dark for a while, my orgasm had been one of the strongest I'd ever known and I was still a little drunk. Despite this or perhaps aided by it I decided to bring up the question of why he wanted this.

"So...I was wondering...have you worked out why you wanted this yet?"

He said nothing, but I could sense him shifting uncomfortably. It was always the same with him, he always found it hard to start these conversations, but often once he got started he really let it all out, in fact sometimes it was hard for me to take it all in.

"I think....." He began tentatively.

"I think, what it is, is that...I love you so much, and I want to always be closer to you."

Touching as that sounded, it left me somewhat confused.

"But I thought we were really close?"

"Yes of course we are...but I feel so strongly about you that I always want more, it's kinda like if we weren't married but we wanted to be."

He paused again...

"That is, I mean....we are married, obviously....but I want more....I want to have that jump again, you know...I want us to feel...."

"Sorry, are you saying that we aren't as close as we were when we first got married?"

"No, no...of course not. I think we're much closer! It's hard to explain. I want us to be even closer...but there's not really any way of achieving that in the normal scheme of things. But...I guess I see submission as a way forward, a way of getting even closer...I mean ever since we started doing this we've become a lot closer haven't we, I mean over the last ten years or so..."

"That's true."

He paused again and I sensed that there was something big coming and he was having trouble spitting it out.

"So...that's why I've been fantasising about you having control of my orgasms."

Now it was my turn to be silent as I mulled over what he was trying to say.

"I know it sounds crazy, but in my mind I want you to have total control over my orgasms and that includes ruining them if it pleases you."


"But why? Ruining them I mean...what's the point of doing that?"

I knew from the internet of course, but I wanted to hear his reasons.

"Well.... one reason is that... it's a way for women who control their men to 'clean their pipes', because men really aren't supposed to not cum indefinitely, it causes health problems. And some really dominant women don't want their men to have a proper orgasm at all, so they have to have a way of draining their balls... actually some of them do that by 'milking' them, which is really just massaging the prostate until they cum, and mostly they don't even get hard..."

"That doesn't sound like a lot of fun."

"Well, no I don't fancy it myself...."

"Go on...."

"Well, the other thing is obviously that it's frustrating for the guy and a power trip for the woman. Especially if the guy knows it's going to be ruined in advance, or even if the woman tells him she might not let him cum properly...."

"Well I loved doing it."

"I thought you might. Plus because the guy doesn't get any relief he stays horny and so teasing is more effective... I really shouldn't be telling you all this should I?"

"Hahaha, no you definitely should be telling me everything. Remember what happened last time you kept things from me. Or maybe that's what you wanted all along?"

He said nothing, he didn't deny it though...


There was a long pause and I felt myself tensing as I waited for him to continue.

"...I have...kind of fantasized about ....being...."

Another very long pause, which I finally had to break.

"About being what?"

"Umm, being..........locked up....but, I don't know if..."

"What you mean in one of those things we saw in that shop in London?"



I wasn't sure what I thought of that idea...it seemed maybe a step too far to me.

"Yes, but...the thing is, I ...I don't know if ....I mean, I have read about it on the internet, and to be honest it sounds a bit.....awkward."

"How do you mean?"

"Well....going to the loo and stuff and cleaning yourself. There was one guy who was allowed to take it off to shower but then his girlfriend supervised him while he showered, and that's just....you know, unless you are really into that whole thing in a big way....I can't see it. But the idea of it, I love the idea of it, it's just doesn't seem that practical to me. Plus every picture I've ever seen of one being used, the guy is circumcised, and I'm not, I'm sure that won't help matters either. But the thought of giving you the key and being totally unable to touch my cock....I love the thought of it."

I thought for a moment, then asked

"Well, do you think you could wear one overnight? Say like if we had a session, could you wear it the night before so that you wake up with it on? Or maybe I could lock you up for a bit after a session, just so you get the feeling of it?"

"I guess so...I don't know. I'd still have to take it off so I could shower before the session. I don't see how you are supposed to clean yourself with one of those things on..."

He fell silent again, but it was an uneasy silence, he was obviously stealing himself to tell me something else.


The seconds ticked by and I rolled over and lay my head on his chest, his heart was beating fast.

"Come on, you might as well tell me...."

Another long pause.

"I.......kinda like being....."

"C'mon you know you can tell me anything."

"I know...I love that about us."


"Frustrated... I kinda like feeling sexually frustrated."


"Yeah, you know how guys usually wake up with a hard on...."


"Well....sometimes, when I wake up I feel really hard, like I want to just jerk myself off...but I kinda like that feeling of desperation, so...."

I curled my fingers round his half-hard cock, I thought it might help to relax him.

"So...?" I prompted.

"So....I sometimes just.... rub my fingers up and down my cock, like....really gently, and I imagine it's you teasing me, telling me I can't cum until you say so."

I began loosely rubbing his cock as he spoke, bringing forth a deep sigh of pleasure. His cock was getting harder, desperate for his long denied release.

"And then what?"

"Well, when I can't take it anymore...I get up."

"You don't cum?"



"No...one time I nearly did, but...I stopped just in time."

"How close were you?"

"Really close... so close I thought I might have blown it. There was pre-cum on the tip of my cock...I imagined you telling me to lick it off my fingers..."

"And did you?"


I was jerking his cock quite hard now and he was obviously turned on by what he was telling me, hard as it might have been for him to say it. I got up and kneeled next to him so that he could look at me as I wanked his desperate meat. Then I manoeuvred myself so that I was balanced on my hip and my legs were to one side and slowly lifted my left foot towards his face. Without a word he opened his mouth and sucked on my toes. It didn't take long until his body started twitching, it was obvious he was getting ready to come, to finally enjoy the orgasm I had denied him all week.

"Are you getting near?" I asked unnecessarily.

He groaned into my toes.

"If you've been telling me the truth....the most wonderful thing I could do for you right now would be to take you to the brink and then stop, wouldn't it..."

He groaned again.

"Better tell me when you're close, or you'll end up ruining another one."

I pumped his cock for all I was worth, convinced he couldn't take much more. It was barely thirty seconds until he finally broke his silence.

"Stop, please...."

I steadied my hand, but left it wrapped around his twitching cock. After a few moments I very gently moved it up and down and was quite surprised to see a small amount of pre-cum appear on the tip of his cock, he really had cut it fine..."

I removed my toes from his mouth and swirled my finger around the tip of his cock before offering it to his lips.

"Lick it."

His tongue flicked out and swirled around my fingertip.

"It'll make next time even better won't it?"

He nodded as he took my finger into his mouth for a second, until I withdrew it..

"That was amazing." He said gratefully.

I lay back down and curled my fingers around his cock again, gently stroking it. He was still pretty hard, but nowhere near the edge.

"I love that you can tell me all your secrets."

"It's not....easy, but I love you, and I trust you. I know I have some crazy ideas and I know you will make sense of them and not let me do anything....."

My sudden interruption surprised me almost as much as it did him.

"Sometimes I want to..." I said, blurting it out, before I'd had a chance to stop myself.

"Sometimes I want to make you do things that I shouldn't....I just haven't been brave enough yet.....and I'm worried that afterwards ..."

I clung to him, looking for reassurance.

"I won't, I promise you I won't. When I say I would do anything for you...I really mean it. Whatever you want to do, I won't ever hold it against you."

I kissed him deeply for several minutes until my lips were tingling. His cock was still hard and I moved down his body until my lips circled around his head. I reached between his legs and rolled and squeezed his balls with my hand. Then I slid my body over his until we were in a 69. I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart giving his a perfect view of my asshole. I took my mouth away from his cock long enough to bark an order at him.

"Lick my beautiful ass."

He didn't need to be told twice and buried his tongue into my tight hole, relishing the opportunity to taste my delicious ass. When he first asked me to let him do that I thought it was kind of gross, but I must say, I've grown to love it, not only because it feels nice, but also because I know it drives him crazy.

I devoured his cock with my mouth, sucking hard until my cheeks hurt. Then I released him and turned around. His momentary disappointment at losing my ass from his tongue subsided as I plunged my pussy down over his aching cock. He reached up for my tits and squeezed them together, using his fingertips to roll my rock hard nipples as I bounced on his meat.

"Go on" I said breathlessly. "Fill my tight pussy up with your hot cum."

He moaned loudly, loving every word I said.

"Do it" I hissed and bounced even harder on his cock, squeezing my cunt muscles as I tried to massage the cum out of his poor cock.

A few seconds later his body stiffened and he gasped as he spurted the remaining cum from his balls into my slippery hole. I squeezed with all my strength, draining every last drop of his liquid out and then collapsed on his chest, kissing him again and then enjoying the feeling of closeness as he held me tight.

We stayed like that for several minutes and then I sat up. His cock was soft, but still inside me, holding in the cum he had deposited in me.

"Was it worth the wait?" I asked.

"God yes" he said, beaming.

"Good. Now you've let on that you like being kept frustrated...you better enjoy it when you get the chance."

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