tagGroup SexOut of Your Seat, Out of Control

Out of Your Seat, Out of Control


Description: Kate gets a taste of her own medicine when two of her rowers show her what it's like from their side of the boat, what it's like to be submissive. In the coxswain seat she is in control, off the water it's fair play.

(I found this recently, apparently I was quite the horny virgin at the ripe age of sixteen. It still cracks me up, especially when drinking and having Siri read it out loud while drinking with friends.)


" 10-9-8- Come on guys! 7-6- Pull hard now 5-4 Give me everything you've got! 3-2- Finish strong, gentlemen-1. C'mon, guys, keep rowing. 200 meters left in the race and they're walking on us. Do you want this? I know I want this!"

Adrenaline pumped through my veins, my voice was going hoarse from yelling at my guys to keep going. I'm a coxswain, this is my job. I sit at the stern of the boat and use the rudders to steer. I also yell directions to the rowers over the microphone to keep them motivated during a race. Coxswain- boat cheerleader, motivator, captain, and the object of all testosterone related jokes.

It's a great life, and I can't say I don't love it. My coach is a smart man; "It's not fun unless you pass that finish line first." I don't think I could agree more. I used to be a rower, I know it's tough, but I tell them to suck it up. As long as they come in first they can still throw me, the coxswain, in the water after the race. It's the rower's rule. Like the Mandate of Heaven, if the rowers win, everyone is happy and the coxswain ends up freezing cold. If the rowers lose, the coxswain is blamed for not working the rowers hard enough and the victorious cycle is broken.

My boys have been winning every race so far this season, so they owe me a few tosses. The last race they weren't able to catch me, so luckily I got away. Well, you could say I did. My stroke and seven seat might tell you differently...


Kim walked over to me after putting her boat down on the slings, smiling happily. "Hey, how did your race go?" She asked, hugging me since I saw her photo finish first place. Her girls four had beaten the other team's boat by a bow ball. "Congrats to you and the usual.." I reply in a lazy drawl, pushing my sunglasses up on my head. My eyes give me away; the twinkling in my gray-blue eyes makes it obvious that I'm happier than my tone lets on.

She hits my arm, shaking her head. "You're such a plonker. I'm so happy that you and your boys won again." I smile, what more can I do. "3-0 and no complaints here." What a lie that was. My life at crew was becoming routine by now. I get into the coxswain seat, yell at my boys with the coxswain box, which is connected to the speakers in the boat so everyone can hear me, and watch them win.

Yeah, it's fun like Coach Myers said it would be, but I want something more. Every race and every practice I make eye contact with my stroke, watching him move back and forth on his slide gingerly, keeping ratio for the rest of the guys in the boat to follow him. I should be thinking about watching if he washes out at the finish, but all I want to do is kiss him. Just a small kiss, I think.

Kim slips her arm between mine and we listen carefully as my coach explains his thoughts on the race today and how everyone did. We both wait anxiously, both anticipating our fates as soon as he is done talking. We both won, we're both going in. In a split second he stops talking and my mind races, which way to run. Out of the corner of my eye I see Kim run left, so instinctively I run right. Ducking under the shells that have already been put on the trailer, I run towards the other teams area, trying to outrun my rowers, but sadly it never usually works.

I stop in a clearing, my stroke is on my left and my seven seat is on my right. [I]God that spandex makes them look good in all the right places.[/I] I think to myself, now wishing I hadn't. While my eyes had been transfixed on their packages they had grabbed me, one had my legs and the other one had my arms pulled behind my head. This is how it always began, the journey to the dock...or so I thought.

I squirmed, trying to bite Jason's arm so he would let me go. Jason had gotten smarter after each race and knew I bite, so he moved his arm back before I could make contact. Sighing pitifully I awaited my fate where the rest of my rowers would split up, half to my arms and half to my legs, and throw me in the water. They never came.

Lifting my head up, I tried to figure out where we were going. "What, what the hell are you two doing?" I demand to know. Once a coxswain; always a coxswain. "Just shut up and enjoy yourself, damn." Taylor supplied.

It's funny how rowers fit the personality of their seat. The personality said to be for the stroke, Jason, is a hard ass, "Dammit lift your hands port side," in the boat but off the water he's quite meek with his, "I hope I wasn't too fast for you all." Seven seat on the other hand is your bitch niche seat. Seven is the one who always complains and always bitches at the other rowers for doing something wrong.

Taylor, seven seat, rolled his eyes. "Stop worrying, Kate. We got everything under control. You'll be getting wet, but not the way you're used to..."


"What the hell are y'all doing?" Kate asked perplexed, looking around her surroundings. "And where are we?" She inquired, squirming in their grasps.

Kate was bewildered, sure her rower's surprised her every now and then, but this was different. Anticipation got the best of her as she curiously waited to see what her stern pair, seven and eight seat, had in store for her.

Taylor and Jason stopped walking, placing her down on the ground. Jason knelt next her, taking a backpack off of his shoulders and placing it next to him, "Impatient, nosy little bugger, aren't you?" He smirked, looking down at Kate.

"Oh shut up or I'll beat you up." Oh yes, like that would happen. Kate's version of beating someone up meant jumping on their back or pretending to hit them. "Don't push me, J.J." She admonished, narrowing her eyes at him.

"I have a better idea, Jason why don't you shut Kate up for now." Taylor suggested from a few feet away.

Kate wiggled, but Jason was pinning her to the ground still, his hands firmly pressing her biceps into the ground. "How? I can't put my hand over her mouth, she bites!" Jason said to Taylor, looking to him for ideas. Kate grinned, biting the air.

"Don't be daft, think of something." He mumbled under his breath, removing his racing tank top. Taylor's physique was quite nice to look at; he was very easy on the eyes. He had broad shoulders, sizeable pecs and deltoids. When Taylor turned his back towards the other two, Kate pursed her lips appreciatively. She had always had this thing for those back muscles right around the shoulder blades; swimmers and rowers commonly have them.

Jason straightened up, removing his own racing top. The guys had splashed in the last hundred meters of the race, so their tops were pretty wet. "Hang mine up too." He tossed it at Taylor, returning his attention to Kate. "Anyway to shut her up?"

"Yes, anyway." Taylor replied, catching the shirt. He hung it up beside his own, turning back to face the two. "I don't care what you do, shove your dick in her mouth for all I care." He said bluntly. Jason laughed, "Maybe later, I don't want teeth marks on my cock, thanks."

Trailing his hand slowly down her jaw line Jason leaned down, pressing his lips to Kate's. He licked her bottom lip, asking for entrance as he waited to see if she responded. Thousands of thoughts and emotions were reeling through Kate's mind at the moment, but then she also had one of her good friend's kissing her, which still was awkward but not a completely bad thing. Slowly she returned the kiss, opening her mouth to accept his tongue. Their tongues danced, Kate flicking her own over Jason's. She pulled away, looking over Jason's shoulder at Taylor. "What are you a voyeur now or something.."

Taylor walked over just as Jason leaned out of the way, still holding her down but not as forcefully. "No, waiting for my term to be serviced. You've got a big mouth, Kate, I think it's time we put it to another good use besides yelling at us in the boat." Taylor smirked.

"How funny, Taylor. I'm sorry, I don't think I can do that." She drawled, feeling uncomfortable when she felt two hands helping her shirt up and over her head. "Wait, what the hell are you doing, Jason?" She inquired, turning to face him. Jason shrugged innocently, "I know you are blonde, but is it really that difficult to figure that one out?" He shot back, but did not give her time to answer. He crushed his lips to her's once more, his hands grasping her breasts and caressing them. His thumbs moved over her nipples, rubbing them through the cotton fabric of her sports bra.

Kate moaned into his mouth, feeling insecure as Jason did this to her. The kiss became forceful, his tongue probing every which corner of her mouth. She tried to pull out of the kiss, but he did let her. He finally pulled back long enough, grabbing her sports bra at the bottom and lifting it over her head.

Taylor had come back into the picture, standing over Kate clad only in his boxers and his tennis shoes. He looked down at her with his piercing gaze, giving him an air of superiority from his angle of the situation. Bending down he sat on his knees just to the side of her head. Wincing when Jason pinched one of her nipples, she turned her head to the other side where Taylor was not.

"Oh what's wrong, lil Kate? Are you uncomfortable.." He said in a patronizing voice, grabbing her chin and turning her head back to face him. Kate's eyes lit up in trepidation, waiting for them both to stop and apologize for taking the joke too far this time. "Suck it, Kate." He said forcefully, to which she shook her head no. "Suck it, whore." He muttered darkly, his eyes flashing.

Kate moaned, a hot wetness making contact and surrounding one of her nipples. She hesitantly reached her hands up, removing Taylor's penis from his restraining boxers. She licked a few fingers on one of her hands, running it up the length of his cock. "Yeah, that's what I thought you little bitch." He exclaimed, thrusting his cock against her hands. Kate gasped again, Jason's teeth having scratched across her tender nipple, which she could feel hardening. Despite how unwilling she was to this, she felt heat rise between her legs and moistness.

Heaving a sigh, she licked her lips. Taylor guided his cock towards her mouth, thrusting his hips forward as he waited for her to take in his length. Kate opened her mouth, enveloping his shaft in her mouth. She bobbed her head, taking him in inch by inch. Her hands worked his shaft still, gradually taking more and more of his cock into her mouth.

Jason was getting aroused from watching the two and decided to take it a step farther. He slipped his fingers beneath her spandex rowing shorts, pulling them down and off. He threw them aside, placing two fingers on her cunt and pushing them in. Smirking he pulled his fingers away, licking off the juices that had seeped through her panties and onto his fingers. "Well stone me.." He said to himself, chuckling. He moved one hand back down between her legs, slowly rubbing her through her panties in a fluid motion. Jason licked his lips, capturing her other nipple between his lips and swirling it around with his tongue.

Kate was still timid yet the boys, well Jason, knew just what to do to make her barmy with lust. She moaned, but ended up almost choking on Taylor's cock when he started to thrust harder, fucking her in the mouth. Kate placed her hands on his waist, sitting up. She pulled back licking her lips, looking up at Taylor. She cocked her head to the side, running her tongue across the bottom of his cock, from the crown to the head. She started jerking him off with her hand, gasping at the sensations that were coursing through her body by Jason's ministrations. "Oh fuck.." She managed to get out. Licking the tip of Taylor's cock, she kissed the head. She leaned towards him, deep throating all eight inches of his cock, fondling his balls with her deft fingers.

Taylor groaned when she deep throated him, not expecting it. He placed his hands on her head, helping to keep his footing as he continued to thrust into her mouth. Kate arched her back, her cunt aching from arousal and her panties were soaked. She sucked his cock with fervor, Taylor pushing her head towards it with each thrust, "C'mon bitch, suck my cock. Suck my fucking cock." He gritted his teeth, his cock was hard and he was close to climax.

Jason moved from Kate's side to in-between her legs. Propping them up so her knees pointed towards the sky, he removed her panties. He looked at her beautiful cunt, marveling at how wet she was. He brushed his finger across her sex, grinning broadly. Using his fingers he probed her most intimate spot on her body, pushing apart the folds. He placed two fingers inside of her, pumping them. He flicked her pretty red clitoris with his thumb, leaning down and taking it into his mouth.

Kate's body tensed up, she could of come right then but she relaxed herself, trying to make herself wait longer before she did that. She didn't know if she'd ever get to experience anything else like this again, so she didn't want to blow it now....Speaking of blowing, with a few more thrusts Taylor exploded, shooting his seed into Kate's mouth. "Swallow it. Swallow all of it." Kate gagged, having not been prepared for him to cum when he did. She swallowed as much of his seed as she could, some seeping out the side of her mouth and down her chin.

Taylor nodded approvingly, taking a step back. He waited for her to lick his dick clean of his cum; watching her eat it was so hot to him. "I thought your having a big mouth would prove good for things other than talking." He told her cheekily. Kate was unable to make a witty remark like she usually would, her entire focus on what Jason was doing down between her legs. "Oh fuck..." She screamed, arching her back, her cunt thrusting towards his tongue, which was licking between her folds. He nipped her clit, rubbing it between two fingers. "C'mon, Kate. You know you want to come..." Jason replied, not having to wait long after his sentiment. Kate cried out in ecstasy, the rhythmic waves of pleasure rolling over her as she reached orgasm.

Jason smirked, waiting for her to calm down from her orgasm. He stuck one of his fingers into her flavorful cunt, bringing his finger up to her lips. He smeared her juices across her bottom lip, watching her lick her lips. "You like that don't you, yeah, you know you do." Jason stood up and stepped out of his spandex rowing shorts and out of his boxers. His cock sprung to attention, no longer held back by the confines of his boxers. Bending down he straddled Kate, rubbing the head of his cock across her pussy lips, drenching it in her cum. He sat back on his heels, nodding to Taylor as he knelt where he was.

Taylor caught the signal and moved Kate so that she was sitting on all fours, her butt facing him. He slowly made a trail of kisses from the small of her back down to her crack, stopping when he reached her puckered hole. He swirled his tongue around her rosy hole, loosening her up.

Kate groaned when Taylor began to rim her, pressing backwards against his tongue, forcing it deeper inside of her. She smiled, looking at Jason's cock, which was at full attention right in front of her face. "Jason, I like your new friend." She said in a sultry tone, running her tongue from the crown of his cock to the very head of his luscious nine-inch cock. Kate gazed appreciatively at his cock; he had more reason to boast than Taylor did; yet he was still humble. How twee. She smirked, tilting her head back as she gestured to Jason to scoot towards her. She placed her hands on his waist, still kneeling as she spread her legs wider apart to give her more balance and help Taylor in the back. Kate deep-throated Jason off the bat, pumping his cock in her mouth.

Jason growled, his hands instinctively latching on to her head like Taylor had before. He guided her head on his cock, watching her as she bobbed up and down, sucking his cock expertly. Taylor looked up from his ministrations on her hole, raising a brow. "She's good, the little whore." He slapped her ass, causing Kate to jump in surprise and almost choke on Jason's cock, which all nine inches had and still were in her mouth. Jason just nodded, holding a thumbs up.

Kate started to squeeze and play with Jason's balls. She pulled back off of his cock, the sudden intrusion of three fingers in her puckered hole having caught her off guard. "Ahh shit!" She moaned, breathing deeply. She cocked her head to the side, licking his testicles, running her tongue over each and every tiny crevice on the ball-like sacs. She stroked his cock slowly, taking one of his testicles into her moist, hot mouth, swirling her tongue around it. She smiled when she heard Jason groan, knowing she was doing her job well.

Taylor pulled his fingers out of her hole, moving his hands to her hips. He straightened up, guiding his cock to her entrance, intent on playing her back 9. Running the head of his cock across her hole, he felt it stiffen up as he placed the tip inside her. Kate tilted her head back in surprise, pulling back from what she had been doing to Jason's testicles. Taylor placed his hand on the small of her back, holding her still as he began to push himself inside of her. In two sharp, hard thrusts he was in completely, his cock sheathed inside her like a glove.

Kate cried out in pain, glad that he waited for her to adjust to the feel of his intruding organ inside of her orifice. "Mmm...damn that's painful." She muttered, exhaling. She turned her head to look over her shoulder, indicating she was ready. Taylor started to thrust into her slowly, his balls slapping against her ass, each time he neared closer to her g-spot.

She turned her head back around, waiting for Taylor to get his rhythm before she stopped stroking Jason. Taylor increased his speed, his thrusts becoming longer and harder, each one hitting her dead on. "Oh fuck me, Taylor!" She exclaimed throatily, moaning from the intense waves of pain and pleasure that were undulating through her body with each thrust made from Taylor. "Back to you, I believe, J.J." She winked at her stroke, licking the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. She pushed her thumb into his piss slit, smirking. Placing her hands on the ground to help stabilize herself she engulfed his cock into her mouth, sucking him like she had before.

Being thrusted into from both ends was driving her into orbit and her cunt was aching to be given some attention. She reached one hand down, traversing her stomach before dipping into the depths of her pussy lips. She started to masturbate herself as the two guys thrust into her, now being thoroughly fucked from all ends. Kate felt another set of fingers slip into her pussy, flicking her sensitive clitoris. She removed her own fingers, bracing herself as she noticed Jason tensing up, an expression of anguish on his face as he neared climax.

Taylor grunted, slamming into Kate with all his strength. He himself was close to climax and could not take going slow any longer. He felt her jerk back as Jason came into her mouth. He wanted her to gag; he wanted to see Kate gag while trying to swallow Jason's seed. He pumped into her aggressively, leaning his chest on her back, sucking on an area of skin on the nape of her neck.

Seed dripped down the sides of her mouth again as she pulled her mouth away from Jason's cock. Her body shook violently as she coughed, having been forced to gag on his cock. Finally swallowing the rest of the seed, she blinked away the tears that had formed in her eyes from when she had gagged.

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