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Out on a Boat


She looked a little guilty and told me she needed to talk to me about something. I sat down and she came and sat next to me on the sofa – she was just in from work and it was a Friday evening. I'd already had a couple of drinks and so wasn't really bothered what her 'something' was.

She explained one of her friends had some clients coming to town and they wanted to be entertained. This friend had already organized a large cabin cruiser as one if the clients was an experienced boathand. There were apparently 6 guys, all of them loaded looking to buy some real estate on the beach and so my wife's friend was gushing with enthusiasm. The only problem was that she needed someone to go with her out on the boat with the 6 fellas and had asked my wife if she'd go.

I tentatively asked her what was involved and she shrugged to say she wasn't sure. It was just a day out on a boat with 6 guys – plenty of booze no doubt and flirting. I asked her when and she explained it would be following day – the Saturday. I don't mind at all if you want to go and if it would help Jen out, then why not I said.

'Great,' she said – 'I'm off out to get a new bikini and better get a trim 'down there'. I explained the least she could do was to model the new bikini when she got home to which she agreed. Off she went.

About 3 hours later, she got back – I was pretty loaded by then. She rushed off upstairs and I followed her up. She said she was off to bed – early start the next morning and so I reminded her of our agreement. Oh, not now please was the response. I insisted and boy oh boy, was I ever shocked – and incredibly excited.

She went into the bathroom and came back out in a very skimpy bikini. Little tie-up bows low on the hips held two tine triangles in place. The top was not much more. I noticed the bikini didn't seem to have a lining as not only could I see her nipples poking out, I could also make out her pussy lips. I realised she must also have had a little more than usual waxed off as I could see no hairs despite the tiny patches of cloth. I asked her about it and she peeled the bottoms to one side to reveal a tine dark strip of pubes above an otherwise smooth and bald pussy. I gulped and my cock raged.

I reached out for her – desperate to feel her new smooth look but she pushed my hand away – said she needed to get to sleep for the early start. So she went to bed and I went back downstairs. I couldn't help wondering what would happen the next day and so my hand wandered to my cock. When I came, it squirted everywhere.

She was gone by the time I woke up and I wondered what the day would bring. What it did result in was me having an extreme hard on all day.

Around 9.30pm, I heard the door go and wandered downstairs. She was obviously fairly drunk and was wearing a loose cloth blouse and a wrap around sarong. She was quite sunbaked and looked very sexy. I pulled her towards me and kissed her hard. She could feel my hardon and smiled and rubbed me through my shorts. I squeezed her ass and then started to undo the sarong. No – she pushed me away but I persevered and eventually, it dropped to the ground. She was naked beneath. What I immediately noticed was she seemed to be sunbaked all over – no bikini line. He beautiful, newly shaved pussy also looked very swollen and I slipped a finger into her. She groaned and fell towards me her head resting on my chest. Her pussy felt slick and distended and she shuddered everytime my finger dragged some of the juice across her clit. I knelt on the floor to try and taste her and she tried to push me away. Again, I pushed and eventually her legs came apart. I feasted on her pussy and tasted cum. I now knew what she'd been up to – I wondered how many of them she had had.

I pushed her back onto the couch and pulled my cock from my shorts. I placed the head at the entrance to her pussy and rubbed the end on her lips. Please push it in me she begged. Am I number 3, 4, 5 or six I asked. No she replied, please just fuck me. I need the number first. She groaned. Please no. Tell me. I fucked all of them okay. I pushed my cock into her knowing I couldn't last long. I felt her creamy pussy engulf my cock – the warmth and wetness was overwhelming and we kissed passionately. My fingers found her clit and more and more cum lubricated it as I pushed in and out. She moaned she was starting to cum which set me off too and I felt myself pumping into her so hard. As I pulled my cock from her dripping pussy, she smiled and said thanks, lucky number seven.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/11/18

A lot of heat...

...in a very short story. Thanks for sharing! Would love to have eaten the wife after or before the husband.


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by Anonymous02/04/18

5! Youknow what they say

If the asshole of LIT hates it, then it must be good. Annony hates it so I gave it a 5!!

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