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Out on Parole


Phil Chambers sat behind the wheel of his car waiting for his wife, Sue, to come out of her office. The couple had arranged to meet here and then go in to town for a special meal. Tonight was the fifth anniversary of the day they had met at a Save the Environment demonstration. They were both studying at University at the time and were married before they graduated.

Phil saw from his window when Sue stepped out of the front door of her office building. He could see from her face that she was worried about something and he guessed that it had something to do with her job. Phil's father was a policeman and when he heard that his daughter-in-law was training to be a Parole officer he laughed his head off.

"Jesus. Sue? Oh my God. The ex-cons will eat her alive. She's about the most naïve woman I ever met."

"Yes, Dad, I suppose you're right," Phil had said.

"You ain't much better, but at least you're working with kids. That's about your level. Sue's too."

Phil hadn't liked his father's comments but he did agree that Sue wasn't cut out for this kind of work. Since she had begun six months ago, she seemed different somehow. Phil put it down to the stresses of her job and tried to encourage her to go into social work, like he did. Sue had told him that her work was very important to her, the most important thing in her life, and if he really loved her then he would never tell her to quit.

Sue opened the passenger side door and stepped into the car, kissing her husband on the cheek as she sat down beside him. She gave him a furtive glance then asked if he could do her a favour. Could they make a stop on the way? She needed to make a quick visit to one of her clients.

"Why do you need to make a home visit? I thought you were only dealing with people at the office for now."

"Yes, I am, but this guy, he's missed so many appointments. I have to make a report on him tomorrow and if I say he hasn't been turning up he'll be in violation of his parole."

"So? That's his fault, not yours."

"Yes, but it looks bad on my record. It's not the first time this has happened. Anyway, I don't want it on my conscience if he has to go back to prison, just because I didn't chase him up."

"What did he do anyway?"

"You know I can't tell you that. Suffice it to say that if he was a white man, he'd never have been sent down anyway, you know what I mean?"

"Sure," Phil said. He knew his wife had a thing about black men, about the injustices meted out to ethnic minorities. "I still don't think..."

"Oh please Phil. It won't take long. His house is on the way to the restaurant anyway."

Eventually he agreed and Sue gave him directions to the house. On the way there she began to feel a little apprehensive about the whole situation. She was still a trainee and hadn't yet made a home visit to any of her clients. She knew that you were supposed to be fully trained and accompanied by an experienced parole officer beforehand. She was also nervous because of the ex-convict she was about to see.

The first time Waylan Jackson had come in to her office was a week after his release. He looked her up and down, making grunting noises of approval. Eventually his eyes focussed on her large, firm tits and stayed there for the rest of the interview. When Sue came round from her desk to shake his hand and show him out, Jackson reached his own hand out and gently squeezed her on the left breast. Sue was too shocked by this to do or say anything, her silence registering consent in Jackson's mind. He reached up his other hand and felt both her tits, pressing hard on them as he looked down the front of her blouse at her billowing cleavage. He then leaned forward and was about to kiss her on the lips when the telephone rang, pulling Sue out of her trance. She pushed Jackson away and opened the door for him to leave.

On the next visit Jackson immediately apologised for his previous behaviour. He told her that she was the first white woman he had spoken to since his release from prison and that he couldn't stop himself touching her because she looked so damn good in her low cut blouse and short skirt and with that sexy body of hers. Nevertheless, he continued staring at her body throughout the interview and he gave her ass a pinch as she showed him out the door. When he left, Sue began thinking that she had perhaps been sending out the wrong signals, and that she ought to dress more conservatively. She couldn't help the firm, voluptuousness of her body but she could make it less obvious.

Jackson hadn't been the first ex-convict to step over the line and make inappropriate contact with her body. Two others had brushed their hands over her chest when she stepped past them while another had pressed himself against her ass while she was bent over her desk, checking his file. Sue had felt the man's erection and wondered for a moment if he was going to lift up her skirt and rape her, right in her office. Nothing happened that time but ever since then she had had a series of disturbing dreams wherein her clients, all black ex-convicts, were screwing her on her desk. What was most disturbing for her was that in the dream she always enjoyed herself immensely, having orgasm after orgasm.

It wasn't long before they reached Jackson's house. Phil parked the car outside and asked Sue if she wanted him to accompany her. She told him to stay where he was, that she would only be a few minutes. Then she kissed him, opened the passenger door and walked up the path to the house. Phil watched her approach. It was a dilapidated two up, two down with its windows broken and boarded up on the first floor. Phil saw the front door open, revealing a tall, muscular black man. The man smiled broadly at Sue and invited her in to the house. Phil noticed a gang of black teenagers staring at him and his car and hoped that Sue would hurry up so they could get the hell out of this Godforsaken area.

When Jackson saw his parole officer at the door he couldn't believe his luck. He had spent the week out of town, setting up a heist on a truck delivering cigarettes. The job had gone off perfectly, setting him up a stake so he could get back into his usual business of drug dealing. He had returned home this afternoon and was kicking back, smoking dope with his partner, Laurence. He knew he was in violation of his parole but he had the feeling that this woman would let him get away with anything. Jackson had been in and out of correctional facilities all his life and had met many parole officers. They always came in two categories: the officious ones who got off on the little power they had and acted worse than the prison guards, and then the do-gooder social worker types who treated you as the victim of society. Jackson hated both equally but at least with the latter he had some freedom of movement.

Jackson smiled at Sue and invited her inside the house. She was definitely a do-gooder. Hell, she had even let him have a good feel of her tits and ass. Maybe that was what she was here for now. Jackson knew a horny white bitch when he saw one. He had started his life of crime in the pimping game and always found it easier to turn white girls into whores. As long as he gave them a taste of his big black dick every now and then, they would do anything for him.

Jackson patted her on the ass as he opened the door to the front room and showed her in. Laurence looked up from the sofa when he saw the white woman step into the room. She had long blonde hair, just the way he liked it. Nice rack too, he thought, wondering if his partner had hired a whore for the night.

"Laurence," Jackson said with a wink. "This is my parole officer, Mrs Chambers."

"Oh right," Laurence looked at her again. He had heard all about her, not only from Jackson, but also from other ex-cons who were on her caseload. They all wanted to fuck her and thought that she'd be well up for it, the way she let them feel her up any time they wanted.

"Mr Jackson," Sue turned back to him as he closed the front door behind them. "I need to talk to you about..."

"Whoa, whoa. Calm down, girl. Have a seat. Move over, Laurence."

Laurence made room for Sue on the sofa and she sat down, looking over at the television in the corner. A blonde nurse was talking to two black men next to an empty hospital bed. It seemed to be some kind of soap opera with the worst acting she had ever seen.

"Let me squeeze in there," Jackson said to Sue, pushing her over to the middle of the sofa so that she was sat between the two men.

Sue wondered why he didn't choose to sit in the armchair, instead of squashing up next to her. Then her attention was taken by the image on the television screen. The two men began tearing at the nurse's uniform, ripping it off her and leaving her naked but for her stockings and suspenders. Sue realised instantly that they must have been watching some kind of pornographic film rather than a soap opera.

"Mr Jackson," she said, trying to ignore the image in front of her. "I need to discuss..."

"Hold on, girl. Let's just watch this scene, huh? Then we'll have a little talk."

Sue looked back to the television screen and suddenly gasped. The two black men on screen had pulled off their clothes and were now standing naked beside the blonde girl as their hands groped her all over. Sue had never seen a hardcore pornographic film before and she had certainly never seen a penis as big as these two men had. Phil was her first and only lover and she had no idea that it was possible for a man to have equipment that size.

In spite of herself, Sue could not draw her eyes away from the action on screen. The nurse was now sprawled out on the hospital bed, her legs akimbo, as one of the men came up to her and pressed his erection at the lips of her vagina. In one quick movement he thrust it deep inside her and she screamed. Seconds later the other man positioned himself beside the blonde girl's head. She reached out for his manhood and began licking it all over the shaft then she took it in her mouth. Sue felt herself becoming wet and hoped that Jackson and his friend would not notice her arousal.

Suddenly, Sue felt Laurence's hand on her knee, then further up her thighs, gently caressing her. She felt glad that she had taken to wearing ankle length skirts and roll neck sweaters since her previous meeting with Jackson. At least these wandering hands would not have easy access to her private parts. She tried to gently brush his hand away, not wanting to cause offence and start a scene. As soon as she had succeeded in getting his hand away she felt Jackson reaching over her shoulder to cup one of her breasts.

"You know," Jackson said, gesturing to the television screen as he rubbed his fingers against her nipple. "You ought to be doing this sort of thing. Body like yours, you'd be a natural. Better than wasting your life as a parole officer."

She pulled him away only to find Laurence's hands active once more. She grabbed him by the wrist with one of her hands then took hold of Jackson's with the other. This still left both men with one hand free and they made the most of them. Laurence reached down to lift her skirt up until it was bunched around her upper thighs, giving him the chance to feel between her legs, rubbing the back of his hand against her wet panties. Jackson pulled at her sweater, hauling it up until her bra was visible. He then sidled his fingers up beneath her bra and felt the warmth of her firm breast. Sue couldn't believe this was happening. The two men playing with her, groping her while she sat squeezed in between them on the sofa.

When the doorbell rang, Laurence and Jackson drew their hands back and Sue jumped up as if she had been shot, striding to the far end of the room and readjusting her clothing. Her breathing was heavy, her face flushed. More than anything she felt embarrassed that Laurence must have known how aroused she was when he felt the dampness of her panties. Jackson cursed and would have left the bell unanswered but for the fact that a couple of guys were due to come around soon to do a deal. He didn't want to lose out on his business just because he had some horny white bitch on his hands. He switched off the TV and walked out to the front door.

Phil Chambers rang the doorbell again, looking furtively over his shoulder at the teenage gang across the street. He didn't want to wait around here anymore, not alone in his car. He would just get Sue to hurry up so they could leave. She had said it would only take two minutes and she had already been inside for at least ten.

"Who the fuck are you?" Jackson said when he saw the skinny white guy with glasses standing nervously at the door.

"Uhm, I'm a colleague of Mrs Chambers. I need to speak with her."

"Ah, shit," exclaimed Jackson, letting him in and closing the door behind him. He figured that he wouldn't get the chance to fuck the white girl today, but at least he was sure she wouldn't make a complaint against him. He would have told the man to fuck off and then go back and do the girl but he didn't want to put himself in shit with the parole office.

"Some guy from your office here to see you," Jackson said as he went through to the front room.

Sue looked behind him to see her husband standing there. She didn't know whether to be angry or pleased at his presence. A couple of minutes before she had been so turned on that she was about ready to give up struggling and let the men have their way with her. She wanted to find out if they were as big as the men in the film. Of course she had heard all the rumours about black men, but she had thought they were just a myth, a way of making them seem different, dangerous to white people. Seeing the film had made her wonder whether the myth was in fact true.

She had been moments away from succumbing to their lust and to her own. She would have been unfaithful for the first time in her life, but now her husband was here and she was glad she had not let them go through with it. She wondered if she should leave now, right away, with Phil. She still needed to ask Jackson a few rudimentary questions for her report, but she was worried that if Phil went back to wait in the car, the two men would be all over her again, and this time they would not stop at feeling her up.

"Mr Jackson," Sue looked at him. "Is there anywhere I could talk with my colleague in private?"

"Sure," he said. "Go through to the kitchen. But don't take too long, you hear? I got a visitor coming round soon."

He showed the couple through to the kitchen and closed the door behind them. On impulse, instead of walking back to the front room, he stood by the door and listened in.

"Phil, you shouldn't have come in like this."

"You said you'd only be a couple of minutes. I don't like the look of that gang outside. I think they're building up the courage to come over to the car and rob me or something."

"I still need to ask Mr Jackson a couple of questions."

"Okay. You want me to wait outside?"

"No," Sue said quickly. "Stay here. Just keep pretending you're my colleague. If anyone found out I came here on a visit I'd probably be out of a job. It would be even worse if they found out that my husband joined me and pretended he was a parole officer as well. Just keep quiet and make out that you're a trainee. Don't say anything, okay?"

"Sure," Phil said.

"Remember, it's my job at stake here, and you know how much it means to me."

Jackson laughed to himself then sauntered back into the front room and told Laurence what he had heard. The pair of them then waited for the married couple to come out of the kitchen. He pointed Phil to the armchair and told him to take a seat then he gently pushed Sue back onto the sofa and sat down next to her, squeezing her in once more. Sue looked over nervously at her husband for a moment, but then thought that there was no way that the two men would try anything with a man they believed to be another parole officer present in the room.

"Say, man," Jackson looked over to the armchair. "What's your name?"


"Phil. Right. So, Phil, you don't mind if we go back to where we were before you interrupted us do you?"

"No. Go ahead," he replied, hoping that Sue would get on with things so that they could leave. He was getting nervous about the way the two men stared at him. He had never been this close to a criminal before, and had certainly never been in one's house.

Sue looked quickly from one to the other of the men. Surely they weren't going to carry on groping her now? It was almost with relief that she saw Laurence reach across her to pick up the remote control and switch the TV back on, rather than reach over to pull up her skirt. Then she realised how bad it would look when Phil saw the film they were watching. What would he think?

Phil stared at the screen in amazement. He had seen plenty of porno movies in his youth, but he had never watched one in front of a woman. The man had implied that they were watching this before he came in. How dare they exhibit this filth in front of his wife? He was about to say something when he noticed Sue shake her head with a pleading look on her face. He kept opening his mouth, about to speak, but eventually decided to leave it. He shrugged his shoulders and looked back to the television screen.

Two black men were fucking a blonde white woman at both ends. He had seen one like this before himself. Afterwards he had spent weeks jerking off to the images of their big black cocks pounding the white girl's pussy and mouth. It had been the most erotic thing he had ever seen. Occasionally, when he had problems getting an erection with his wife he would remember the video and it would instantly make him hard. The girl had looked a lot like Sue and he used to sometimes imagine that it really was her, that she had fucked those two black men herself. It never failed to turn him on.

Sue began to ask Jackson questions about his employment prospects and other things she needed to know to fill in her report. She was grateful that he answered her questions and made no move to stop him when his hand moved down her back against the sofa and began rubbing the cheeks of her ass. At least Phil could not see what he was doing, which was what she was most worried about now. When Sue had all the information she needed she asked Jackson if he would be willing to show her some evidence that he was looking for work.

"Like what?" he asked gruffly, not having looked for a job in his life.

"Oh, just newspaper cuttings of jobs advertised that you've applied for, that kind of thing."

"Right, right. Okay," he said. "I got some stuff in the kitchen. You wanna come through?"

"Yes," she said, rising from her seat, happy that she would be able to make a decent report on him.

She left Laurence and her husband in the front room while she followed Jackson into the kitchen. He closed the door behind her and grabbed her by the hips, mashing his mouth against hers. She felt his tongue force itself between her lips as his hands grabbed hold of her ass, pulling her towards him. She felt his cock pressing against her belly and instantly an image of how big it must be came into her mind. While he kissed her he grabbed hold of her skirt and lifted it up around her waist. One hand reached around the back of her panties, his fingers probing the material covering her pussy. She felt him rubbing against her clit and her knees went weak with anticipation and fear.

Jackson broke off the kiss and gazed deep into her eyes. Then in one sharp movement he ripped off her panties, tearing them at the side as he exposed her bare pussy. Sue knew that the time had come. All those disturbing dreams were about to come true. A black man was going to rape her, not in her office, but in the kitchen of some dirty, drab little house. Her body trembled in expectation at what was about to happen to her. What would her husband say? Immediately she grew fearful for him. What if he tried to stop the inevitable – rushed in here to save his wife's honour? They might beat him, or worse, maybe even kill him. She looked intently at Jackson and begged him to leave her alone. The man grinned at her for a second then appeared to be making up his mind about something.

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