On one of the last nice days before our hot spring got washed out, we took a drive up the river during the school day, and found our hot springs nice and empty.

She loves sex, and she loves sex outside. She loves the excitement of the possibility of getting caught. She loves being free and unrestrained from clothes. I can get her to webcam almost anytime as long as her face isn't showing. She'll show her pussy, masturbate, give me a blow job and have sex- all on cam.

We have taken multiple pictures and video of us having sex over the years. She knows that I contribute pictures of her to various amateur web sites. As much as she loves the comments She does not actually want anyone to physically see us have sex.

The plan on this day was to shoot video and pictures of us in the hot spring.

When we arrived, we found it empty, and conditions perfect.

The hot spring is poised at the river's edge, partially secluded, but in clear view from anyone crossing the bridge, and anyone directly across the river. It is secluded from anyone approaching until they are right on top of the hot spring. The back of the spring is recessed into a short cave.

I took off all my clothes and got in. She was in a bikini, and got in, then took the bikini off.

I was hard in seconds. She wasted no time as he stroked my cock. I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. She went to the edge of the hot springs and I entered her from behind. She was slick and my cock easily slid in and out to the hilt.

She is shaved. There is no better feeling than my shaved cock, sliding into her shaved wet pussy. I reached around and fingered her clit as we fucked. She shuddered and came. The water in the hot spring sloshing at the edges.

We changed positions and she straddled me, my cock deep in her pussy. We were at the edge of the hot springs, in plain view of everyone, from the bridge or from across the river. I was alternating between kissing her neck and sucking on her tits when another couple came up and approached. They were on us in seconds, and I know knew exactly what we were doing.

We were both frozen at first, unsure of what to do.

The water was murky, and I was satisfied to just sit there at the edge-nobody could see anything- with my cock in her, and her straddling me. But she slid off me leaving me with my hard cock sticking up. She went to the back of the spring and put her bikini on.

I waited for a few minutes as the other couple stripped their clothes off. My erection mostly subsided, and I got out stood naked in front of them and got dressed.

They were both a little older than the both of us, and the man told us not to worry about it and tried to get us to stay.

I snuck a peek at the other woman as she slid into the spring. She had a small shaved patch, unlike my wife's totally shaved box. The man, obviously was beginning to get aroused.

We hiked back to the car and drove down the road and found a secluded spot to finish what we started.

After we left the hot springs we drove up the road to finish what we started, taking pictures and having outdoor sex. I found a spot about a half mile up the road, secluded and next to the creek where we had sunbathed naked a summer ago. It was a little chilly to be out of the hot springs.

I had no problem getting immediately naked, and she did finally strip for me and go to work giving me a blow job. She is an expert at sucking my cock, and does it with precision and finesse that brings me to the brink.

She wrapped her hand lightly around my cock, and worked her fingers around my shaft as she sucked, tugging slightly with each suck. Heaven. She stopped and we started fucking standing up facing each other, and then finally from behind, with her grinding her ass into me while she came again. I finally blew my load in her.

We goofed around and took some more photos with the leaves covering her various private parts. I thought we were done with pictures and sex, but by the time we got back down the road, ready to go for a trail run, the other couple was gone and we went back to the hot springs. This time we did have an audience from the Fish and Wildlife Department.

We got ready to go for a trail run, and drove back to the hotsprings parking lot to find that the other couple had left. We figured, what the hell, we were having a great time being naked, and being naughty, so we went back and she immediately stripped and got in.

As I was standing there taking photos, an official looking truck pulled up on the bridge. Two men stood at the bridge for a short time, and started throwing fish into the river from the bridge.

Its "recycled steelhead" that swim into a trap, and then they truck them to a location like this bridge, and throw them back so the fishermen can catch the same ones again.

I was still clothed, she was naked, and sitting at the edge of the springs. They stood and watched us, and I finally figured, "What the fuck?" and got naked and got into the springs.

We were down low, still at the edge of the hot springs. She straddled me, and I put my now hard cock back into her pussy. They were still on the bridge, and although they could not see exactly what we were doing, we were having sex in front of them. She pressed her pelvis hard into me and came in short order.

We continued this for about ten minutes, until the Fish and Wildlife folks drove off.

We got out and went back to the car. I drove her out of the parking lot and over to a side road where I made her slip off her pants and I fucked her standing up at the edge of her seat. I finally came, and we drove home, just in time to get the kids from school.

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