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The day had come again. Another Saturday for Rob's 'tradition'.

It had started out as something innocent: going for a walk in the forest, taking in the beautiful scenery . . . smelling the familiar scents . . . feeling completely isolated and alone.

He could remember sitting on a warm rock, overlooking a valley at the end of his walk. He loved the feeling of the sun warming his skin. He'd lean back on his hands and take in the silence of it all. Rob loved every second of it.

It seemed like a great thing to do. His job in the city was constant hustle and bustle, seeing nothing but the concrete jungle day in and day out. He'd convinced himself that he needed something to clear his mind, and so Rob's Saturday tradition began.

He'd start by driving out of the city to a remote area in the mountains, park the car, and set off on an afternoon hike through the beautiful trees and rocks, sometimes getting lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the local wildlife. He always felt truly and 100% alone.

One of those Saturdays, years ago, was particularly warm. As his walk progressed, Rob took his shirt off, tucking it into his backpack. In the open areas, he'd stop, relish in the quiet of it all, and look around. His skin glistened with sweat as he called out, "Helloooo!" He could hear the echo bounce off the sheer cliff faces on the other side of the valley. He listened; more silence.

Rob had long considered himself a 'closet nudist'. He loved being naked at home, but never got the nerve to shed all of his clothes in public. Sure, he wanted to, but he was a little too self-conscious to really dive in. He never really knew why, either. He was a little pudgy, agreed, but wouldn't consider himself fat and he tried to take care of himself by working out and eating well.

"What the hell!" he said out loud to no one in particular.

He dropped his backpack off of his bare shoulders onto the rock in front of him. He took a quick look around him before sliding his thumbs under the waistband of his shorts. He slid both the shorts and underwear down in one swoop, letting them pool around his hiking boots. He stood up and took a breath, smiling to himself proudly. Rob looked around again, half expecting to see a group of horrified onlookers standing behind him. No one was there. He was alone, and he loved it. He gathered up his shorts and boxers, jammed them into his knapsack, and carried on with his walk, his manhood swinging in the wind as he marched his way towards the rocky perch that was his finish line.

It was about another hour before he reached his destination, and Rob was filled with pride. He'd finally been able to feel the warmth in his whole body. His fantasy, something he'd often wondered about, had just become a reality; it added a new dimension to his Saturday traditions.

Once he reached his rock, the sun was starting to set. Rob laid his t-shirt down, covering the rock as he sat down. He sipped from his water bottle, sweat still beading over his body. He looked down, caught another glimpse of his fully nude body, and smiled.

"I wonder . . ." he said out loud, before reaching out to his still soft shaft, toying with it with his fingers. It responded by throbbing to life, bouncing a little harder with every touch.

As Rob looked around again and once more to make sure nobody was standing over his shoulder, he started to slowly stroke his growing member. It didn't take long before he was fully erect and his strokes started gaining speed. Moans escaped his lips as his hand stroked faster, tingles rushing through his body. Before he knew it, Rob groaned loudly, his relief echoing through the valley, and his orgasm wracking his body. Stream after stream of jizz landed on the rock in front of him and his stroking slowed.

"Wow! That was quick," Rob admitted to himself out loud.

He sat there for a few more minutes before gathering his things and walking back down the path, still naked.

Rob went home and never told anyone about his tradition. He feared being judged for walking in the nude, let alone for his masturbatory antics that followed. Nonetheless, he vowed to continue to do it at least once a month.

And so he did. Nothing changed for months. He'd strip down, walk up the same trail to the same rock, get there around the same time, watch the sun go down and reach a climax before marching back down the trail.

Until last Saturday.

"Helloooo!" he called, as he normally did. He heard no answer. His body was already expecting what would come next and his cock was already nearly at full attention before his hand touched it for the first time. Again he worked his shaft, using his pre-cum as lube, the head shining in the setting sun as he moaned and groaned to orgasm. His cum splashed on the rock in front of him, but this time as his strokes slowed he heard what sounded like a stick snapping behind him. He turned quickly to look, but didn't see anyone.

"Don't be stupid. There's no one there," Rob said to himself. He heard what sounded like footsteps hurrying away.

Rob's mind immediately filled with a mix of fear and excitement. He'd hoped that whoever saw him wasn't on their way to the authorities, but he loved the idea of being watched. Still, he wasn't about to sit around and wait for whoever that was to come back. He gathered his stuff and headed back down the path.

Through the week, he couldn't help but to think back about what happened. His heart would beat a little faster when he envisioned what would have happened had he actually caught the person who managed to catch him. He decided he wouldn't wait for another month to go by before heading back to the rock; he'd go the very next weekend.

It was the same ritual. Strip, walk, and sit. This time he'd wait a little while before he would start to play with himself. He leaned back, using his knapsack as a pillow, and then drifted off to sleep.

He was startled awake when he felt soft hands sliding up his thighs and wrapping around the soft shaft of his cock. He gasped and opened his eyes trying to focus on the figure that was kneeling on the rock in front of him. The sun was right in his line of vision, nearly blinding him. He could barely make out a shadowy female figure. The sun reflected off the skin of her back, so he worked out that she must be naked as well.

"Shhh. It's okay. I'm not here to hurt you. I've been watching you and thought you might need a little help," said the soft and reassuring voice.

Rob didn't know why, but he trusted her. Maybe it was because he had no choice, with her fingers already wrapped around him. Her lips weren't far behind either, as she slowly started by kissing the head and then taking his soft cock in her mouth.

That feeling of fear and excitement that he'd felt on his first adventure had returned. His body once again tingled at the feeling of a stranger's lips wrapped around his most vulnerable part. Her tongue pressed against the bottom of his shaft and he moaned gently. She masterfully went to work, first gently stroking and sucking, coaxing Rob's cock alive. When she had him good and firm, she slid her hand up and down following the motion of her mouth. It wasn't long before she was able to taste the first drop of pre-cum on her tongue.

Rob watched with his hands by his side. She looked up as his cock popped out of her mouth. She smiled and then started to lick his shaved balls, stroking his cock quickly as he provided his own lube. Grabbing onto his shaft with both hands she plunged his cock deep into her mouth gagging a little as it touched the back of her throat. She didn't stop. Instead, she kept stroking and sucking until she had Rob thrusting his hips into her face.

Without warning he groaned loudly and shot stream after stream of thick white cum into her mouth. She flinched a little, but continued milking Rob of every last drop. She made sure to catch any drops that had escaped out of the corners of her mouth, giggling as she licked her fingers. She winked at him, and then left, quickly and quietly disappearing into the forest.

"Wait! What's your name? Who are you?" Rob yelled.

But his voice was only met with the echo off the cliffs across the valley.

He packed up and made his way back down the path towards his car, not really believing what just happened. He decided to go back to his spot the next weekend in hopes of a repeat . . . but he would find himself alone.

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