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When my lover and I play so intimately, so charged with eroticism, we incorporate a ritual of cleanliness to insure our enhanced pleasure. Part of our lovemaking process is this preparation. We use it as tender, loving, foreplay. It is our way of anointing our bodies for the lovemaking that follows.

the siren

* * * * *

He waits for me out there somewhere in the woods. At the appointed time I am to join him. We have agreed that I shall be his birthday gift. He is to unwrap me and to use me in any manner he desires with no resistance from me.

My heart races in anticipation of what carnal delights he has designed for his own amusement and our mutual pleasure. He has had carte blanche for over a month to conjure his plan. As I glance in the mirror to apply one last layer of lipstick before journeying forth, I notice a pink glow to my skin, evidence of my growing arousal.

We have been here beside the Pacific Ocean for a week now; time enough to familiarize ourselves with the geography surrounding the cabin - nine acres in total, much of it hillside terrain, with an abundance of old growth forest.

We have used this week to explore each other, filling our minds with the other's fantasies, and filling our bodies, every orifice with repeated offerings of pleasure.

Each morning before sunrise he greets me fresh from the shower and already having cleansed himself in preparation for the day's activities. He delights in having prepared a glowing fire in the stove, a steaming cup of coffee with one sugar and warm milk, and lastly a warm enema bag hung beside the daybed facing the ocean to greet me when my eyes first open.

He lovingly places me face down on the mattress with face towards the scenic view. He brushes my skin with his fingertips and soft kisses. His mustache sometimes tickles me unexpectedly and produces a rise of small goose bumps, but his warm breath soon sends them away. He massages my buttocks, stroking them so that he exposes my pink bud. With his thumbs spreading the cheeks apart and the private hole open he visually inspects the chamber. "You like this, don't you?" He whispers. I do not respond. Instead I sigh a deep breath that nestles my body further into the soft comforter all the while knowing that my silence would solicit additional stimulation. Two digits press against the sphincter for entry. Once again I sigh and they slide in; he massages and stretches until I coo with pleasure.

The bardex soon replaces fingers. It is always such a wonderful surprise when the balloon expands and releases me from worry of any possible embarrassing leaks. He lies beside me and pulls me into the spooning position as he trickles the liquid into my hungry body. He cups a breast in his hand and caresses the nipple. His lips nibble the nape of my neck compelling my body to grind against his ready penis. He gently rubs my ever-swelling belly before pulling me to my knees and crawling behind me. He penis fills my vagina with a rush. My body is so thoroughly filled. He pumps with a deliberate steady rhythm. I feel him tug the hose causing the balloon to draw back and force my anus open.

My mind saw and felt the sensation of two penises simultaneously fucking me. I love the feel of his penis as his orgasm builds and begins to pulse. This inevitably triggers my own release. On occasion, something magical happens in our coupling, and this was one of those wondrous moments.

His penis had been in almost constant contact with that sometimes-elusive zone of a woman's body. The texture begins as fine ridges, and then softens and ripens when stimulated properly. His orgasm erupted through me. My body responds by ejaculating a slippery liquid all its own. Moments such as this are most indescribable. Suffice it to say that if there be a nirvana, this must surely be it. After unlocking from my body, he has me hold the enema while he sets about cleaning me up and washing me with warm cloths. He wraps a blanket about my shoulders and leads me to the bathroom for release.

From Nathan's Journal:

I remember every step of the pathway that leads to our secret place in the woods. It was not easy to get to from our cabin--through several ravines, a wooden bridge and two planks pretending to be a bridge and doing a great job!

I was so excited as I made the journey! Just knowing that Diana was as excited as I fueled my anticipation.

I arrived at our pre-arranged nest, laid out a few necessities, and stripped to await her arrival. Fortunately, the breeze was cool for the filtered sun's rays were warm on my naked skin--I did not have to wait long!

This is a fantasy that has long played in both of our imaginations. It has been dreamed of, tweaked, and then re-dreamed of for over a year. So, whether it is coincidence or kismet, I know not; but yesterday as we walked the trails, the required elements began to fall into place

We followed a trail that wound through the woods to a series of steps descending downward toward the ocean, across a primitive bridge, and then to steps leading up the hill on the other side of the ridge. From the bridge, by looking to the right a waterfall of cold icy water fed by the melting snow top mountains was the visual. To the left side, the view became a sharp drop where the flowing water collects into a tide pool before overflowing the boundary and cascading down the hill and into the Pacific Ocean.

We stopped at a landing further up the hill where a bench had been strategically positioned for any who cared to sit and ponder the ebb and flow of tides or witness the hawks soaring on the waves of wind.

Continuing on, the trail made many twists and turns before opening up to a small clearing with a view of the ocean. A freshly fallen log lay there invitingly. The rear of the clearing was comprised of a cluster of bushes and trees shielding the clearing from any possible prying eyes. Our eyes locked and we smiled in pure delight that a stage complete with backdrop had been presented to us to enact our little drama.

It was wise of him to go on ahead of me and build our nest. I needed the time to prepare myself both physically and mentally. First, I showered and shaved my legs and underarms. Then, I paid particular attention to re-shaving my vulva so that it would be smooth and baby soft. Also while showering, I completed the preparations with a thorough cleaning of the inside of my body as well. My intent was to free myself from any potential embarrassment or distress. Achieving this meant focusing on each sphincter ring as the water nudged against it and concentrating on relaxing so that I would arrive to meet him ready to receive the fluids that he had planned for me.

Mentally I inwardly envisioned the chambers of my body opening and letting loose of all stress. Over and over I filled small amounts of water and then drained. Each filling was an increased volume.

It was at this point that he came into the bathroom and announced that he was leaving. He asked, "Do you think you can find your way alone, Diana?"

"Yes," I nodded, "I can do it." This affirmation was vital! This was my commitment to the adventure; it was my acknowledgement that I entered into this game freely.

He had taken the liberty of laying out the clothes that he wanted me to wear. I picked up the pair of black crotch-less panties and fingered the small lavender rose centered to sit above the Venus mound.

My clitoris was so engorged, for I had rubbed the essence of Damiana over both sets of lips and massaged the inner vaginal walls. My sex absorbed the liquid! I could hear blood rushing through my ears! It was intoxicatingly erotic! I continued to masturbate with the liquid inside of my vagina as I expelled the last preparatory filling.

He had chosen the dainty silver and glass earrings and necklace as my only adornment.

Over my naked and unrestrained breasts I was to wear a very sheer while blouse, and finally a purple and black broomstick skirt. My hair was twisted upwards and secured with a barrette. After adding sunglass as a practicality it was now time to present myself to him.

As I made my way out of the door, I turned to secure it. My first few steps were rather clumsy. I had stop momentarily to listen to my heart. The tempo was racing as if I had just run a marathon. Breathe in, now breathe out, I reminded myself!

Only then could I resume forward progress. This time a smile of pleasure graced my face. By reminding myself that this was an adventure well planned, I was able to remain composed and calm.

He was somewhere out there waiting……….

As I reached the first plateau, I stopped to appreciate our beautiful surroundings. Then as though repeating .a mantra for my own ears I voiced, "We are grownups playing a grownup game. This game was mutually agreed upon and sealed in the alliance of our love for each other. I will not allow fear, not needless fear, to intervene. I go to him as though a virginal bride to join him at the forest altar he has created for us. I submit to his touch and to his pleasure. I desire to be his pleasure orifice. I will not resist. I will find a place within my mind that will provide stimulus and satisfaction for both of us."

When I arrived at the edge of the clearing he was stretched out on the quilt with his arms folded behind his head. He wore nothing except a small black collar. His eyes were closed and he was smiling the smile he always has when he travels deep inside his head to his fertile fantasy playground.

There was a backpack, a picnic of fresh fruit, a loaf of crusty bread, a block of soft white cheese, and an uncorked bottle of wine and two wine glasses. An open journal lay by his side.

Perhaps sensing my presence he opened his eyes and smiled. He beckoned me to sit beside him and held his finger to his pursed lips indicating that we should remain silent. He looked so handsome, so comfortable in his nakedness, and his penis began to swell in greeting as I lowered myself beside him. He leaned forward and laced his fingers around the back of my neck and kissed me warmly. We gently explored the other's mouth. His tasted so sweet!

He handed me the open notebook and a glass of wine.

"Welcome to our playground. I'm glad you came .The bushes make this area very secure!"

"Yes, I agree. As I walked the path, I stopped along the way to familiarize myself and to reassure myself of our solitude."

"So how about a toast to the other couple somewhere in the universe, playing as we are right now…."

"I'll drink to that. Have you determined that no one is at home on the other hillside?"

"I haven't seen a soul, car, or anything else over there in 3 days. Now, please remove your blouse and lift your skirt so I can se you."

"Are we taking sunburn into consideration?"

"We will be in shade in 30 minutes"

"I am having a wave of panic that we might get caught. Tell me again that we haven't drawn any attention to ourselves that might draw scrutiny."

"Nothing, Dear! No one saw us and if they did it would look as if we were taking a picnic."

He took the book from my hands and closed it and then leaned forward and took a breast into his mouth. First one and then the other until both nipples were hard and very very pink. He slid his hand between my legs as he tenderly guided them apart. A rush of cool air preceded the entry of his fingers inside the wet darkness. To both of our surprise, my body responded immediately as I climaxed on his hand. It was sudden, it was intense, for so great had the anticipation been that there was no holding back.

"There will be many more of those before this picnic is over." He withdrew his fingers and got to his knees.

He prepared us each a small plate and refilled our wine glasses. We only nibbled for both of us were more focused on the stirrings of our bodies and the erotic imaginings of things to come. Sensing this, he gathered the lunch items and put them away.

He busied himself laying out a large heavy purple towel and draping it over the fallen log as if the log were a stallion and the towel a saddle. He patted the towel and indicated that I was to straddle the log.

The towel was positioned to fit from my neck to the edge of my lips. He has rolled a small towel into a pillow where I could rest my head. He raised my skirt to above my waist revealing the delicate black panties, the vaginal lips shaved barren and the recesses of my glistening vagina. .

From the backpack he removed a two-quart enema bag that he laid flat on the quilt beside the log. He attached tubing and a red bulb, which he explained was a pump. This device he said did not require a gravity feed.

Once again he reached deep into the pack and removed a gigantic looking dildo that had life like markings of a male genitalia. "This is the nozzle, Diana. Do you want to feel it? There is a tube that runs through the shaft. When I fill you it will be like I am ejaculating my juices inside you."

He placed a latex glove on his hand while smiling at me coyly. "Can you pass the rubber glove test?" He did not wait for my answer. My answer would not have mattered. I was his birthday toy. And he was the birthday boy, so he could play with his toy any way he pleased.

First one finger, then two entered the first elastic ring. It snapped tightly around the digits. He curled his fingers and pressed down towards the vaginal wall. Then he began a slow deliberate circular pattern. Upon the completion of each circle he stretched the ring slightly open. My body shuddered.

"Good girl."

He stretched his fingers full length and thrust in and out before slipping them out completely. He held his gloved hand up for his and my inspection. "Very good. You are very clean!" At that moment, I experienced a pang of emotion, a mixture of minute humiliation and pride that I had pleased him.

He picked up the artificial penis and lubricated it well. With one hand he spread my cheeks apart forcing the pink ring to pucker outward. He placed the tip of the head at the opening and instructed me "swallow it". With amazing ease it filled the cavity snugly. He fucked my body with this object , all the while watching my face intently for any nuance of change. My arms wrapped around the log just as I would caress a lover. "Ooooh!" I sighed my pleasure.

He squeezed that big red bulb and a gush of water flowed into me. He waited. Then he squeezed again. He waited. He kept repeating this process before suddenly stopping. He slid the dildo out and placed his hand firmly on the small of my back. "Now, Diana, you must expel."

My only resistance was to swallow hard on the lump that had formed in my throat. I simply contracted my abdominal muscles and a stream of water exited. "Don't worry. You are very clean. Just relax and enjoy it."

Again the dildo and my rectum were united. Again he pumped the fluids, squeeze after squeeze, and then the release. He watched in fascination at his work. Each expulsion became easier. Each filling and expulsion made me crave more. I relished this freedom of nature and passion!

He ran out of water before he came close to tiring of this game.

He tugged on my skirt to indicate that he wanted to reposition my body. He placed me on my knees using the log to support my upper torso. My eyes faced the Pacific. He crawled behind me and penetrated my ass with his own beautiful erection. His thrusts were accentuated with guttural grunts. The texture of the bark made slight indentations in my torso, my mind blazed with erotic images, and my body eagerly received his intensified thrusts.

“I could fuck you like this all day!”

My breasts hung loosely over the side of the log. Each tempo change caused them to bounce against the log. The sensations were each so unique that my body responded greedily. This could best be described as a sensual overload.

He told me that he was going to fill me with his orgasm. He clung to the curve of my ass. How delicious was the feel of the repeated throb within me! How intoxicating was the explosion of heat from his ejaculate!

His body draped atop my own as we both clung to the other and absorbed the beauty that surrounded us.

Afterwards, as we lay on the quilt together whispering terms of endearment, a magical happening occurred. A humming bird flew in to "our nest" only inches from my eyes. It hovered, its wings moving so rapidly , as we seem to study each other in equal awe. The last touch of whimsy to end a very perfect afternoon.

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