tagInterracial LoveOutta Control Pt. 08

Outta Control Pt. 08


***** For Pat*****

Chapter 1

„What I don't understand though is you Trish," Mel said, turning her eyes to her elder sister, flashing her a mocking smile, "I mean, you were whupping that Clan talk, right? Saying I was disgracing the family name and shit! Then you turn around and fuck my n****," she laughed with derision. "Are you that type, that talk shit about n**** and then you sneak off in the dark to go suck a n**** dick!"

"Cut the crap Mel," Edi said, stroking his wife's hair. "Don't be all judgmental, Trish told me some of the things you used to say when you were a kid," he chuckled. ""Oh they're so ugly, those darkie shoe-shine boys" And now you're married to a n****!" he laughed.

"I was a kid who didn't know better! Trish, do you want me to tell him all those things you said on the phone!" Mel threatened, pissed.

"She already told me. Now quit tripping."

"But I'm just a lil curious. What made you decide to go black! Our Mr. All American Dean, the perfect, model son-in-law wasn't fucking you right?" she taunted her sister.

"G-o-d darn it Mel, I aint taking no lip from you..." Trish sneered sourly.

"Alright Mel, now quit that!" Val interjected, afraid her two daughters would soon be at each other's throat. "Let Trish just tell you what happened. Go on now Trish..."

Trish looked sourly at Mel for a second, annoyed that she wasn't the one cuddling with Edi and talking shit. Then she inhaled and exhaled deeply.

"I was feeling a bit guilty about all the things I had said about Edi (pt 6) and I thought I'd bring some cake over, and maybe sort of make up. However, the first thing I saw were mom's and Edi's clothes on the porch. Then I heard their voices, screaming the house down. I went around to the window and peeped in and I just couldn't believe my eyes. Mom was fucking Edi, in her and dad's bed!!!"

Five years earlier...

Edi and Val were lying in bed cuddling, and kissing, their bodies all sweaty, after their afternoon of wild sex, pondering whether to have one last fuck or get up and clean up.

"Don't you two have any shame at all?" a cold, furious female voice suddenly said.

Edi and Val whirled, to discover Trish was standing in the door way, in a skirt suit. The tall, slim blonde was livid.

"Oh my gosh! Trish! What are you doing here!" Val exclaimed, going a deathly pale, but Edi lay back calmly.

"I saw everything you did," her eyes were glinting with anger and hate, "Momma, you are a fucking slut! And as for you, you are a black bastard!"

"Come off it," Edi laughed. "I saw you at the window the whole fucking time. Did you have a massive orgasm, frigging yourself? You hand is still wet, huh?"

"When I tell Dad and Mel, you guys will be in deep shit!" Trish growled, jamming her hand into her pocket.

"No Trish! You cant! You know you cant! We just got carried away! Its nothing serious!" Val begged, shaking with fear.

"You guys put me through hell over Francis, and yet you are fucking Mel's n****!" Trish was vehement, almost exploding with anger.

"Trish! That story was many years ago."

"I don't give a fuck!" Trish showed them a Camera. "I have taken a couple of photos, so either I get to fuck him, or I am showing them to Dad and Mel," Trish said decisively.

"Fuck! So I get to fuck the whole family! This trip is getting wilder than a motherfucker!" Edi chuckled. "But I cant fuck no more today."

"Then I'll come pick you up tomorrow," she said coldly.

"No, make it day after tomorrow. I need to recover from your mom and Mel," he grinned.

"You think Mel will just let you go off with her husband? You of all people!" Val sneered, not at all pleased with where this was going.

"Well, dad will be working, and you will find something to do with Mel! I will be here at ten. And don't come back until 5!" With that, Trish turned on her heel and stormed out.

"Oh my gosh, this is turning into a nightmare!" Val exclaimed. But Edi was smiling. "Do you find this funny?"

"This is like my horniest, horniest, filthiest, dirtiest fantasy cumm true!" Edi was looking and sounding happy, like he just hit the jackpot.

Chapter 2

After witnessing her sister's black husband fuck her mother like into a state of delirium, Trish drove home to the flat she shared with her fiancé Dean in a state of frenzied arousal. As Dean's PC was booting up, she hitched up her skirts and dropped her thongs. She sat back in her fiancé's armchair, threw her legs over the armrests and hooked her fingers into her wet, excited snatch.

She called up her favorite web page, clicked on the images of white porno stars gobbling humungous black cocks and frigged herself furiously to several shattering orgasms in true bona fide slut fashion. She didn't give a fuck. The waiting would soon be over.

When Dean, her tall, handsome, blonde fiancé came home, she was still so horny and aroused that she practically stalked him like a beast of prey. Trish was usually the passive type, but on this evening she felt a sexual aggressiveness that was new for her. She wanted dick. She couldn't wait to get him in bed and pounce on him. When she finally had him lying under her, his dick buried deep in her cunt, she superimposed Edi's dark, muscular body over his and rode him ferociously. Even when he started cumming after 5 minutes from her vigorous dick riding, the new Trish wouldn't be defeated. She grinded her clit savagely on his pubic bone until she viciously yanked an orgasm out the depths of her crotch, exploding all over his deflating cock like a bomb. When Dean rolled over and fell asleep, snoring, she rolled to her feet and went and mixed herself a double brandy and cola and stared blankly at a TV screen.

Visions of Edi's dark, rippling, jet black muscles flexing as he drove his marauding black cock into the depths of Momma's pussy, the same pussy that had given her life, filled her mind, fanning the flames of her anger and hatred, sending them whooshing like gasoline poured onto an open fire.

The hate she had directed at herself and black people over the years had a new target now, her mom and her dad. Trish had a lot of unsettled beef with Mel, but Mel was the only person not on this particular shit list. Mel was her only ally, the ally she was soon to betray, for the cause. But if Mel had any decency at all she would understand.

Chapter 2

Trish's highly emotional drama started innocently enough. She remembered vividly the day when she and Momma drove to a rundown bungalow on the black side of the tracks. Momma wanted to hire a guy for some chores. Trish, only 8, hid behind Momma's skirt, peering at the "moonie" family, a huge man, a chubby woman and several kids in her age, all of them pitch black. This was the first time she had seen a whole family of n****.

The guy Momma sought was not there. However, the black woman offered to accompany her to find him. Momma asked to leave Trish there, since her car was filled up. Trish was very scared, but the black kids took her and played with her happily. Trish was in good spirits until the black kids had to leave for a Bible lesson, an hour later.

Momma still wasn't back, and Trish started bawling. The big black man, whom they called Pops, took her into his arms and talked to her, in a soothing, deep, dark, warm voice that calmed her down instantly. Trish snuggled into his arms, feeling very comfortable and safe. She gazed at his dark arms in fascination. Curious, she asked to touch him. He laughed good naturedly, and told her to go ahead. Trish liked the rich, dark texture of his skin. She suddenly blurted that she also wanted to be black. When he laughed and said that was not possible, Trish felt very sad. She dozed off in his arms.

When Momma finally returned, Trish was reluctant to leave Pops' warm arms. She begged Momma to be allowed to go back and play with the kids, but Momma said she wouldn't drive her all the way out there just so that she could play with a bunch of N**** kids. Whenever black men did chores around the house, Trish ran out to them with a glass of lemonade and chatted happily with them. She loved to sit on their laps and touch their skin. Once her father caught her doing that and chided her and the black guy severely, his wrath shocking Trish.

When she turned 13, Trish met 14 year old Francis, who had accompanied his dad over to hew a couple of trees in their backyard. It was love at first sight, for Trish, her first, big love. She and Francis did not talk much, it was just a few shy smiles, a few glances, that burnt his long, dark face, big brown eyes, thick nose, full lips and lanky body into her mind like a photo that she could call up at any time.

Trish found things to do near where Francis and his dad were working all the time. She could see he was interested, and equally besotted with her. But he seemed fearful. Back then, Trish had been as brash and daring as Mel. On the last day of Francis and his dad's work, she just decided to up 'n make her move. When she saw Francis a safe distance from his father, she brought him a glass of cold Lemonade and asked him when he would be going to the Mall, the Video Arcade, to be more precise, since that was the place young lovers had their rendezvous. He seemed uncertain, so she told him he would be there, the following day after school.

Trish came with a few friends, and Francis came alone. He was the only black guy there. He seemed very shy and scared. They chatted a bit, about whose school was cooler, and whose teacher was sterner, and well, kids rubbish basically. He tried to impress her by playing a video game. Trish pretended she couldn't play it and let him show her. As he placed his black hand over hers on the knobs, Trish felt wildly exhilarated. Her heart was beating like a drum. She could also tell how excited Francis was. He kept having to clear his throat.

They made another appointment for the following day. Trish pedaled home at breakneck speed. Her cheeks red with excitement. Val immediately noticed her daughter's excitement. When Trish told her about her first boyfriend, Momma was excited for her. When Trish described him, Val screamed with shock, and forbade her to see him again.

Well, Trish just couldn't give up so easily. A week later, the neighbor's son saw her necking with Francis in the car pack. He told his told who told Trish's dad. Dad smacked her and pulled her ear, calling her a n**** whore, whilst Momma gave her a severe tongue lashing. Trish tried to protest but they told her that there was now way she could date one of them. She was put under house arrest for the whole month and her pocket money was cancelled. Trish was cooked and grilled and her spirit was broken.

On top of that Dad went to speak to Francis' Papa. Dad returned feeling very satisfied. He told Trish that Francis' Dad had thrashed his son severely, right before his eyes. When she did run into him by chance, Francis ran away from her.

Trish came out of her traumatic experience hating black people. As if to prove to the world that she was the last white girl who would ever turn into a n**** whore she became a racist snob. When the two schools in their town were joined, under massive protests from the whites, she never spoke to the black kids. She would always make snide remarks and told n**** jokes.

However, deep inside, Trish had never managed to rid herself of her black fixation. Whenever she saw a handsome black man on TV, like the actors and comedians, with their smooth, deep voices, sweet, warm smiles... Or the athletes, the dark ones, with the muscular, well defined bodies. And those big brown eyes... Trish felt shivers going down her spine.

She found them to be manly and beautiful. They made her wet. Trish hated them even more, for this attraction she felt for them.

When Mel started dating Edi, Trish was fucking pissed. She felt betrayed. As they were kids, she had confessed to Mel several times just how beautiful she found black people. Back then, Mel had said they were a bunch of ugly, dark "shines". And yet Mel now had the black husband. When she met Edi at their parents house, and saw him cuddling with Mel, pulling her on his lap, whispering some stuff into her ear, to which they laughed sweetly, Trish was incensed. Trish loved her fiancé, Dean, but she felt so jealous seeing Mel enjoy that which she had been forbidden to have.

Her anger became even worse when she saw her mom fucking Edi and cumming all over his black dick. The same mom that had forbidden her to date Francis!!!

Trish found it so fucking unfair. Why should her sister, who had called them ugly "shines", and her mother, who had called her a n**** whore, be the ones to embrace Edi's black flesh and enjoy that searing, orgiastic, mind-blowing rapture.

Trish felt cheated. She wanted in on the action, she wanted that big, black cock, and no one was going to stop her.

Trish would have been too scared to hook up with one of the blacks in town, because if it came out, that would cause a scandal. However, she told herself, with Edi everything was perfect. She would sleep with him once, to satisfy her curiosity. Then he would leave with Mel, and she would go back to her normal life, marry Dean, and that would be that.

As she sat back in her living room couch, with her fiancé sleeping in their bedroom, Trish could not wait for Edi to fuck her and turn her into that reveling, sex crazed, bawling slut that he had reduced Momma to. She was finally going to get a big, fucking n**** dick shoved up in her tight, lil white pussy. And she felt she had deserved it the most, out of her whole family.

Chapter 3

2 days later, Val convinced Mel to spend the day with her at the riding school. Edi lied that he still sore from his riding excursion and would spend the day watching TV.

At exactly 10 o'clock, Trish turned up at her parents house. She found Edi lounging on the living room couch, dressed in a pair of shorts and a muscle vest. He was smoking a joint. He was engrossed in some TV program, puffing on a joint. Trish stood in the doorway and observed him silently. He was fully at ease, and at peace with the world. She found his lax, dark muscles, and his relaxed, confident posture reminiscent of a beast of prey taking a rest in the sweltering midday heat of some tropical jungle.

Edi turned and gasped as he looked at his girlfriend's 23 year old sister. She was dressed in short, chic, pink, sleeveless dress, that made her look very slim and long legged. Her blonde hair was tied back, and her lips were a glossy cherry. A pair of high heels were accentuating her shapely legs.

"Hey, Trish, wassup?" he greeted warmly. She nodded back, shifting on her feet. "You're looking good."

"Thanks," she said through a dry throat. Trish felt tingly, as her sister's husband openly ogled her.

She expected him to leap from his seat and pounce on her like a jungle cat. After all, they both knew she was there for his dick. She knew she would succumb to him the same way a beautiful gazelle yielded itself to a lion.

But he just sat there smiling, his big brown eyes fixed on her. Her knees felt weak, and her nerves were getting shaky. Suddenly, she was scared, of the situation. And of that black man that she wanted to fuck so badly.

"Shall we go to my place?" she asked in a weak voice.

"No," he drawled, waving his hand laxly. "Someone might see us in the car together. Plus I'd rather fuck you here!" he chuckled dirtily. "Why don't you get us some red wine," his eyes returned to the TV screen

Trish was pissed at him for commanding her around. This was exactly what she'd heard of black men, lazy thugs that made a woman do shit for them. She welcomed her irritation. It distracted her from the inner tension, that was constricting her throat.

She opened a bottle of her parents best red wine and poured out their glasses. He thanked her and patted a spot next to him. Trish perched on the edge of the sofa, her body tense like a live wire. Edi sat back languidly, fully focused on the TV.

"Here," he said, holding the joint to her.

"No! I don't smoke much," she said.

"Go ahead. It'll make you relax. You're scared like a lil rabbit!" he chuckled.

Edi ignored Trish completely, except to pass the joint back and forth, fully engrossed in the program. Trish's brow furrowed. The program was in a foreign language, though she could pick out a few words here and there.

"Excuse me, what language is that?" she asked him finally.

"Oh, its French."

"Do you speak French?" she was surprised.

"Yeah. And German and Spanish too, plus several other languages from my country."

"You learnt French and Spanish in Africa?" she could not hide her surprise.

"Yeah, we got schools up in them trees yunno," he chuckled.

Trish blushed, remembering that she had said to Mel that Africans lived in trees.

"What's it like in Africa?"

"I got some photos in my green bag, in Mel's room. Go get it."

Trish went to Mel's bedroom and got the bag. She was beginning to feel the buzz from the alcohol and the weed, since she rarely smoked.

Edi handed her a thick Photo Album and she flipped through it. The first photos were normal of images of a metropolis. There were houses, boutiques, high rise buildings, wide streets. Normal city pictures, except that the people in them were black.

"Is this in Africa?" Trish asked, surprised.

"Yeah, that's the capitol city in my country."

"What's it called?" He told her. It sounded exotic and she did not dare try to pronounce it.

The next set of photos surprised her even more. It showed Edi and several black people, all them dark, lounging around a pool, having a grill party.

"Where is that?"

"That's my parents house."

Trish frowned. The house she could see was definitely bigger than her parent's. And her parents didn't have a pool either, especially not such a huge, aqua blue pool.

"Well, Africa certainly looks different on TV," Trish said.

"Ignorance is no defense," he chuckled good naturedly, and kept watching TV.

Trish flipped through the photos. After a while, she came across the much more familiar images of Africa, like round lil huts with a grass thatch, and wild animals.

"Is this also in your country?"

He glanced over briefly. "Yeah, that's where the rural folk live. Like my grandpa. The cities are like here, but the rural areas are different."

"So people have cars and such things, like TVs and fridges?"

"BMW, Mercedes and Toyota have manufacturing plants in my country. They make the cars over there and ship them over here to sell them."

"Oh really?" Trish was very surprised.

"Gosh Trish, you're an ignorant country bumpkin huh!" He teased and laughed, as she gasped and blushed. "Its alright though. Mel was even worse. Have you ever left the US?"

"Only for Hawaii and Canada..."

"Oh well, I been to Europe and Asia and South America. Its all different, but similar at the same time. And its all good," he laughed mirthfully.

Trish wasn't sure if he was laughing at her or not. She fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat.

"Lemme watch this to the end, then you'll have my full attention, o.k?" he said, briefly stroking her upper back, right where her dress ended. Trish shivered noticeably.

He flushed her a smile and went back to TV. As she got stoned, she kept stealing looks at her sister's husband, and visions of the black man fucking her mother flooded her mind. She got so aroused and her pussy was dripping so much she was scared she would stain her dress if not the couch.

Chapter 4

They smoked another fat joint. When it roached, Edi turned off the TV. He stood up, right before her and yawned languidly, stretching his rippling, dark muscles. Trish was suddenly reminded of an image she had seen on TV, of a bull lion, basking in the sunshine, yawning and stretching itself in exactly the same manner, the king of the jungle, without a worry or fear of anything. Trish was awed. She could feel herself yield to the virile dark male.

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