tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOvercome Ch. 01

Overcome Ch. 01



Trinity's buttocks squirmed on the cool hard wood bench. Her short school uniform skirt seemed shorter because of her bulbous ass. Her 18 year old body was her shame: Bulbous ass and huge breasts on her 5'4" frame. At least that is what the nuns kept telling her.

She didn't know what to expect. She waited in the foyer of the private religious boarding school she attended most of her life. She had just found out her absentee parents had died in a freak accident. She couldn't feel anything for them because she had barely seen them as they shuffled her off to boarding school most of her childhood. Her fortune, or what was left of it was in the hands of her mother's stepbrother, a man she only knew as Uncle Frank. She had never met him and he was just about to pick her up from the only home she had ever known.

She shifted again, growing nervous. She had been comfortable under the strict confines the nuns in the school imposed on her. She reveled in being told what to do, but wanted to break free from the monotony the boarding school had to offer. She was too innocent and in her naïveté, she didn't quite know how to break free and still remain obedient.

Just then, a Harley Superglide pulled up to the school steps. A good-looking man of about 35 got off they bike and shook out his shoulder length hair. Trinity swallowed hard and shifted her buttocks again. Could this be?...

'Are you Trinity?' he said in a deep voice that sliced through her.

'Yes sir,' she shyly replied as she stood up.

'Wonderful!' he could barely control his leer. 'You are beautiful!' he complimented -- making her blush. "I'm your Uncle Frank." She was stunning: long inky black hair with loose natural curls, full lips, and tits that wanted to bust out of the white button down shirt that didn't conceal her perpetually hard tit nubs. She was a tiny little thing, but her legs were supple and her round ass hiked that cute short plaid skirt up just a little too high.

'It's a pleasure to meet you, sir,' she kept her eyes downcast. His perusal of her embarrassed her. The nuns had always shamed her about her appearance, making her feel like a freak.

He came close to her and could smell her scent. He lifted her chin so she looked at him. 'There's nothing to be frightened of, Trinity,' he said quietly, yet with great authority. His deep authoritative voice melted her heart. 'I'm here to take you out of this place.' His eyes got intense and pierced through her, 'I'm going to show what you can do outside these walls.'

She smiled a shy smile as her fear was replaced with an inkling of adventure. She wasn't used to being around men, and she got a tingling feeling in her panties that confused and excited her. 'Yes, sir.'

After signing the obligatory paperwork in the office, her uncle flicked his fingers in a 'come here' motion. She instantly followed his command.

'Come on, let's go.' He grabbed her hand and small valise. He covertly looked her up and down, admiring the short plaid skirt that molded to her bulbous ass. Her tits swayed and were barely restrained by the too small bra and sheer white blouse. Her long black curls were tied back in ribbon. He couldn't wait to feel those tits against his back when she got on the Harley. He handed her his helmet, got on the bike and guided her behind him.

'This is my first time on a motorcycle,' she said innocently as she scooted up so her arms wrapped tightly around him.

'Well, hold on tight and keep close to me.' She did as she was told and his eyes filled with lust when her tits bored into his back and her panties lightly touched his backside. He started the Harley and her bare legs clenched close to his, wrapping him. The glass packs vibrated the bike so hard her ass tingled. His cock was half hard before they left the school grounds.

The affect of the motorcycle ride just about undid Trinity. She felt her panties getting wet as the vibration of the bike and the close proximity to a muscular male body was almost too much for her virgin clit to take. She didn't realize it but she was unconsciously humping the leather seat and swirling her hips slowly against Uncle Frank's pelvis.

He had a grin from ear to ear. His little niece with big tits was humping him and holding on tight and all he was doing was taking her away from that religious boarding school. What did they teach her there?

They pulled into his driveway. They glided into the garage and she suppressed a moan, as she got off of the motorcycle, weak at the knees. Frank grabbed her valise and showed her to her new bedroom. It was a modest room with a double bed with a wrought iron headboard. The dresser had a big mirror facing the bed. He said she might need a nap. He closed the door.

Trinity crumpled onto the bed moaning. Her hand went straight to her soaking panties and crushed her legs together as she squirmed on her fist and knuckles, putting pressure on that thing between her legs that caused her more and more confusion, grief and shame. She came instantly and felt shame for the unknown release. She fell asleep with relief.

Frank watched her exhausted cum through the two-way mirror behind the dresser and smiled. She slept after her awkward masturbation. Frank let her be and went back out to the motorcycle. He wiped his Harley's seat with his fingers and tasted the sweet girl juice his niece left for him.

Unbeknownst to Trinity, Frank was a devious pervert and had photographs taken of her in the boarding school. He knew what a beauty she was and had spent a lot of her fortune on modifications to his home. The two-way mirror was just one of the many things he had installed. He also had cameras all over the house so he could tape his niece's activities. She was a stunning beauty and so innocent. After talking to the nuns at that damn boarding school, he knew she was naive about sex and very obedient.

He smiled and rubbed his crotch. Frank had a plan to make a lot of money and educate his hot little niece in the process.


In the next few weeks Trinity & Frank got to know each other, living in his modest (yet modified) home, figuring out her parents' estate as she started school. She was already nineteen, but she was held back a couple of years at the boarding school (she was very naive). She still needed another semester of high school. She also wasn't allowed any of her parent's trust money until she turned 21. Frank was her guardian, controlled her trust fund and was the estate's executor. Frank controlled her money and her education and activities. He made sure she went to a school that required uniforms. He loved seeing her in those pleated plaid skirts and tight white button down blouses. He shopped in a lady's lingerie catalog to get her frillier and skimpier undergarments. She was embarrassed by the intimacy but liked his kindness. She wasn't used to getting gifts and was secretly thrilled with the new items.

Living outside of the boarding school was so new for her! Living with a man was a new experience too. She only knew obedience to the nuns at school, so she clung to her Uncle Frank's control and knowledge. He told her what to do, what to wear. He showered her with little gifts and a stable home. She felt comfortable obeying him and started to relax in her new situation.

Unfortunately, school left Trinity more frazzled than the ride on the Harley. She'd never been to a co-ed school before. She wasn't used to the boys staring at her. Her voluptuous body and perpetually hard nipples caused her constant grief and shame with the nuns at boarding school. Now all the boys leered at her, causing her more confused thoughts and shame.

After a couple of weeks of the stares and her own recriminations, the damn broke.

Trinity came home panting. Her tit nubs showed through her thin bra and white blouse. Frank's mouth watered even as he looked at her distraught face. She was unaware of the tight little nubs poking through her shirt. Unknowingly, she was horny and frustrated.

'What's wrong, sweetheart?' Frank said while pulling on the crotch of his jeans. His half hard-on needed to be adjusted.

Trinity ran into her uncle's arms sobbing. Her tits felt so good against his hard chest. 'Oh Uncle Frank,' she breathed, 'the boys...' She just faded away in tears: tears of frustration and temptation.

Frank guiding her to his bedroom sat her on the bed. He grabbed a glass and poured some whiskey in it. 'Here,' he thrust the glass in her hand, 'take a swallow of this. It'll help calm you down.' As she drank, Frank got a cool washcloth for her tear stained face. 'Tell me about the boys,' he directed. 'We have no secrets here. Tell me what happened.'

The glow of alcohol gave her a sweet light feeling. His gentle ministrations calmed her. 'I was standing at my locker,' she whispered, more calm. 'Three boys with letterman jackets stopped to say hello. It was after school. We were the only people in the hallway.' She paused and took a deep breath. 'They were on all sides of me. I-- I- I couldn't get away.' She licked her full lips.

'Tell me exactly what they did,' Frank commanded quietly. She leaned into him. She felt so safe in his presence. All he ever asked was for her to tell the truth. She did whatever Uncle Frank asked. No matter how embarrassing it might be. She took another sip of the whiskey.

'They were real nice at first,' she began, 'welcoming me to their school. They started getting closer to me, saying h-h-how pretty a-and sexy I am.' Her forehead crinkled as she said the rest in a rush, 'One guy grabbed my wrist and then f-felt my boob.'

'Call them your tits,' Frank whispered.

'He felt m-my tit,' she said automatically as he ordered. 'Then the guy on the other side of me grabbed my other wrist and pinched my nipple on my other tit.' At that moment, her nipples became harder little buttons. It didn't escape Frank's rapped attention. 'Uncle Frank, they forced me up against the locker and, and,' she whispered and lowered her head. 'I liked it.'

His fingered tingled, itching to pinch her nipples. 'I understand,' he said knowingly. 'Continue.'

Her uncle was so kind and understanding, she thought. 'The guy in front of me pulled my skirt up and ripped my panties off from the crotch and put them in his pocket.' Trinity looked over at her Uncle and whispered, 'my panties were all wet. I moaned a-and didn't put up a fight.'

Uncle Frank kept as calm as he could with a rocket in his pants. She was so innocent and unknowing. He loved it. 'Not putting up a fight is very smart, Trinity. And it's understandable that you were all wet -- the boys were turning you on.'

Relieved and encouraged, she continued whispering the foreign words from her lips. 'They said nasty things, Uncle Frank. Th-they said they wanted t-to fuck me and p-play with my pussy. They wanted to spray me with cum and make me deep throat their cocks,' her forehead crinkled, 'It was all so confusing, Uncle Frank. I liked the way they said it but I'm not sure what it means!'

'I do, dear. I'll explain later but continue telling me exactly what they said and did to you.'

'The guy in front of me h-had his hand on my - my...,' she pointed, unable to find the right word, 'Th-then I felt two fingers in my, my,' she panted.

'It's your cunt. Say cunt, Trinity,' he ordered.

She squirmed, liking the word. 'He had two fingers in m-my cunt and he said he was delighted that I was ready for fucking. He said my juices could make my asshole slick,' The words felt so foreign on her tongue and her voice felt strangely erotic recounting the boys' dirty talk. It made the petals of her pussy engorged and tingling as she said things she knew little about. 'He whispered that he was disappointed that all h-he could do was finger fuck me.'

'Then what happened?' Uncle Frank worried these boys went too far with his little flower.

'They each kissed me, m-making me suck on their tongues while they used their hands all over me.' She looked up at Uncle Frank and then closed her eyes with a revealing sigh, 'Uncle Frank, I wanted them to strip off my clothes and kiss me all over!' She was embarrassed of her admission.

'Did you now?' he smiled.

'Yes,' she confessed with guilt. 'But they heard someone coming and they disappeared with my panties -- leaving me all---'

'Hot and tingling?'


'Wanting more?'

'Oh, yes,' she almost moaned, relieved Uncle Frank understood.

'Wanting something to caress you between your legs?' He had his arm around her and his other hand on her thigh.

'Uhnn, yes,' she said as she closed her eyes, leaning into him. She bit her full bottom lip and revealed her secret shame. 'But there was something else, Uncle Frank.' She put her hand on his chest and looked up at him innocently. 'I --I- I r-really liked I when th-they grabbed my wrists a-and,' she whispered, 'forced me.' Then she closed her eyes, licked her lips, silently and unknowingly asking for the erotic kiss the boys had awakened.

This was too much for her devious Uncle Frank. According to his plan, he had paid the three jocks at school to attack her, to see how she would react. He had a feeling about her, but this was more than he had hoped for. He couldn't wait for the next phase of his plan.

He kissed her waiting lips. He put his hand on the back of her head forcing her to accept his tongue invading her mouth. She mewled and relaxed as he tongue fucked her mouth. He broke the passionate kiss and smiled. He got up and went to his mirror-covered closet. He opened the door and found what he was looking for. He turned around with such a leer, Trinity gasped.

'We'll have to take care of this situation for you, my sweet. This will have to be a secret. You can't tell anyone else,' he paused pulling her up from the bed. 'We'll have to get your clothes off.'

Trinity was unaware that he had hit a button in the closet. She was being filmed; he flicked on all the cameras, instead of just the one. His hot-blooded niece was about to get her first ride on Cock Mountain and it was going to be recorded from every angle for posterity.

'Let's put these on your wrist, dear,' he said to the gaping girl. Before she could remove a piece of clothing, Frank grabbed each wrist and gently slipped the thin supple leather bonds around them. Each leather cuff had a strong little metal hook on one side.

'What are you doing, Uncle Frank?' She was slightly afraid but compliant, and her voice was sultry. Her skin tingled. Her cunt began to swell with girl juice.

'Your sexuality has been awakened, my dear little beauty,' he faced her, his hands petting her arms. 'The boys at school started something that we need to explore.' His hands rested on her shoulders slightly squeezing, feeling the power over her. 'You said you liked the way the boys forced you. That is a trait of a submissive.'

'A submissive?' she whispered letting the erotic word roll off her innocent tongue.

'Yes,' he smiled. 'A submissive. You like men to dominate you. To force you. To tell you exactly what to do. A submissive gets excited when men tell her what to do. We need to explore that submissive quality in you, my sweet, sweet beauty.'

His words tickled her and made her shiver with anticipation. She felt that he found the magic word for her. 'How do we explore my submissive qualities?'

'Do you trust me?' he whispered as he turned them to look into the bedroom mirror (facing one of the many hidden cameras in the room). She was shocked as she looked at herself sexually for the first time. She licked her luscious lips, standing there with a strong tall man behind her short curvy body in the school uniform, her big tits with the hard erect nipples straining through the tight white blouse, her wrists adorned with new leather bondage cuffs crossed in front of her tiny waist and a very short plaid skirt hiding a very naked, wet cunt. Uncle Frank stood behind her staring at the mirror, looked into her eyes with his strong powerful hands gripping her shoulders. 'Do you trust me?' he repeated.

'Yes, Uncle Frank,' she swallowed -- she realized looking at him in the mirror, she instinctively knew she was ready for whatever he wanted.

'Will you do as I say?'

'Yes, Uncle Frank,' She whispered in a fearfully submissive way.


'Always, Uncle Frank.'

'No matter what I order you to do?'

'Always, Uncle Frank.'

'I am your Master,' his eyes flickered.

She stopped breathing and stilled. She realized that he was going to take her down a path that would quench this frustrated fire deep inside her. Obedience was drilled into her at the boarding school. But this was a new level of submission. She wanted adventure, and her Uncle Frank was about to take her down a path of adventure that required obedience. His dominance was exactly what she craved. She smiled inwardly. She sighed and instinctively knew what to say. 'You are my Master.'

He smiled and whispered, 'You are my sex slave.'

Her body tingled. She whispered back with finality, 'I am your sex slave, Master.'


'All ways,' she paused and looked at him in the mirror with a mutual understanding that changed the temperature in the room. With a sexy little submissive pant, she said, 'Do with me as you will, Master.'

What happened next thrilled her and frightened her at the same time.

Frank's strong hands, resting on her shoulders, suddenly gripped the middle of the blouse from behind and ripped in open. Buttons popped, material ripped and her bra was off before she blinked. Her tits bounced free reflected in the mirror they were facing.

Then, her skirt was dragged down to her knees, wrapping her legs together. The boys took her panties so he didn't have to worry about those getting in the way.

She squealed as Frank flipped her face up on the bed. With lightening speed, his knees straddled her stomach while clipping her wrist bonds to the wrought iron headboard. Her pillowy tits swayed and she moaned as she tried her restraints.

Frank's voice became deeper and more commanding. 'So you discovered you liked to be forced?' He looked down at her. He massaged her double Ds and pinched her nipples. 'You like to be forced to fuck.' His hands were all over her. His thumb brushed her lips and dipped in her mouth. 'You'd like a forced fuck, wouldn't you Trinity?'

'Mmmph,' she moaned, closed her eyes and reveled in his treatment of her. This felt so right to her: tied up, naked and a man forcing her to succumb to his desires. Her body squirmed. Frank got off of her, never taking his eyes off of her bound naked body. He started taking off his clothes.

'This is your first lesson in submissive sex, Trinity,' he calmly said as he pulled down his jeans and revealed his long hard cock. 'A submissive sex slave is almost always tied up or bound in some way. Now, I'm going to show you exactly what those boys meant to do to you.'

She had never seen a naked man before! She swallowed and couldn't help but stare at his long, naked hard cock. 'Yes Master,' she said, mesmerized by the naked man standing next to her prone, naked and bound body.

Hands on his hips, he grinned. 'Good girl.' He grabbed hold of his penis. 'You are going to learn how to talk dirty by repeating me. I'm going to call you dirty names because it pleases me. You must submit to what I demand. This is called a cock. You make it hard. Your sweet sexy body and your dirty talk make this hard. And because you make my cock hard, you are obligated to relieve it.' He undid one of her wrists and guided her hand to his member. 'Grab hold of it,' he commanded. Her hand timidly wrapped around the large shaft. 'Rub it,' he guided her hand to a rhythm and pressure that satisfied him. 'Ooohh, yes. Like that,' he whispered.

'I'm obligated to relieve you, Master,' Trinity said with wonder as she innocently stroked his cock exactly how he wanted.

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