tagGroup SexOvercome Ch. 08

Overcome Ch. 08


Today was a football game and Frank had plans for his very own cheerleader.

'Strip down, Trinity,' Frank commanded.

She smiled at his forceful command. 'Yes, Master,' and pulled off her robe. She looked on the bed to see what he had laid out. Bright red stiletto heels, little lacey ankle socks. A short short red pleaded skirt and a thin white t-shirt with a big red 'U' on the front.

'Here, let me help you,' he said with a leer. He played with her pussy as he put the skirt on. He made her bend over and put on her socks and stilettos as he spanked her and fingered her cunt.

'You are so hot.' Frank put the cropped t-shirt on her as he felt her up.

'Thank you, Master,' she sighed. 'I'm here for your pleasure.'

He pulled her in to the bathroom and poured water on her t-shirt. 'We need to have your tits to show.'

She moaned and watched her tits show through the t-shirt and her nipples pebble to long sensitive points.

Frank approved and guided her out of the bathroom and into the garage to the Cadillac.

He drove her to a deserted road. He slowed down and stopped the car on the side of the road. Frank gave her some big red and white pom-poms. She giggled because the pom-pom handles were medium sized dildos. Her hair was up in two ponytails with red ribbon. (He wanted to make sure her mouth could be seen while she was sucking cock).

'Get out,' he ordered.

Trinity got out of the car and Frank sped off, leaving her alone on the highway, dressed like a slutty cheerleader.

Frank's friends increasingly benefited from Trinity's growing sexual appetite. The more cock she got, the more cock she wanted; especially if the men surrounding her told her what to do. Obedience had been drilled into her at boarding school. Her Uncle Frank used her propensity for obeying to thrill and fulfill her every sexual whim... and some thrills she didn't yet know about.

She could never initiate a fuck session or ask for sex. She was too shy, still too unsure of herself. If a man told her to get down on her knees, she'd do it. If a man told her to dress up like a half naked cheerleader, she'd do it. She trusted her uncle implicitly, because of the pleasure she experienced every time he forced her to fuck and make her cum. And fucking cock was all she wanted to do, but could never ask for it. That is why she did everything her Uncle commanded. His commands fulfilled her every sexual need and beyond.

But here she was alone on a deserted road: In red stilettos, no panties, holding dildo-handled pom-poms and in a cheerleader's outfit that barely covered her sensuous, big-titted body. She whimpered as she watched Frank's Cadillac speed away.

Trinity didn't have to think about being abandoned for very long. A few moments later a large 4-door pick-up truck slowly drove up to Trinity and stopped. There were four rather large rednecks in the truck.

'Well, hello, little lady,' the very large man in the passenger seat said, hanging an arm out the window. He had on a sleeveless denim jacket and intricate tattoos on his trunk of an arm. He had on silver reflective sunglasses, chewing on a toothpick. 'You seem to be stranded.'

Trinity swallowed in fear, 'I am, s-sir.'

'You sure look pretty in that outfit,' he leered. 'Do you need a lift?'

Trinity always felt timid and shy when she went into a new situation with her Uncle Frank. He wasn't here this time to guide her, direct her or command her. But she was still shy and unsure when around new men. Even through her shyness, her pussy lips started to swell and moisten.

But she was stranded and that need won over her fear. 'I do.'

'Well, climb on in little lady,' he opened the door.

She saw the other men packed in the pick up and faltered. 'There doesn't seem to be any room for me.'

'Oh no, little lady,' he said with an obscene tone. 'You get to sit on my lap.'

She took a step back. 'I don't think I shou---- AHHH!'

The Tattoo Man grabbed her and pulled her into the truck. She struggled until the men in the truck subdued her. The man behind the Tattoo Man grabbed her wrists while Tattoo man clamped his hands on her thighs as they drove off, with their new cargo.

'What are you doing?' she cried still struggling but very turned on. 'Leave me alone!'

'Shut up, you cunt,' the driver said. 'We're going to have a little fun with a little cheerleader stranded on the side of the road.'

The men watched her struggles lessen as they started to fondle her tits, thighs and nipples. Inside, she was excited; her pussy wet; the pit of her stomach fluttering with anticipation; her mouth watering at the prospect of sucking and fucking new cock.

'Damn,' Tattoo man exclaimed. 'This slut has no panties on!'

Her fuck lust started to emerge. The smell of these men, the large hands holding her still and caressing her, made her well-honed smut talk kicked in. First she moaned. 'Aaahhn. This is wrong,' she moaned and then whispered, 'this is so dirty... Ahn!' Then she squirmed on the Tattoo Man's hard cock. 'I'm – ahhn – at your mercy.'

'Damn,' Tattoo man said as he fingered her naked clit. 'This bitch is wet.'

She squealed and moaned as he played with her pussy.

'Whore cheerleaders don't disappoint,' the man holding her wrists said.

The truck stopped in front of an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere. The four men and their captive went inside the empty but nice cabin with a huge flat screen TV and couches everywhere.

'This is our football cabin,' Tattoo man explained. 'We come here and watch football – and now,' he chuckled, 'fuck stranded cheerleaders who moan for it.'

She squealed and moaned as they dragged her inside. She was held by the wrists and fondled. Tattoo Man gave some instructions to his pals as he played with her titties through the thin t-shirt.

'Rile, go get the rope,' he said. One of the men went to an amore and grabbed the silk bondage rope he kept there. 'Chote, turn on the football game. Bailey, go get the lube.'

Tattoo Man whispered to his captive, 'Rile there is an expert in bondage. He's gonna tie you up right and we're going to have our way with you.'

Tattoo Man ripped her t-shirt off, exposing her big naked tits. Trinity bit her bottom lip and moaned in anticipation. These strange men were going to tie her up and fuck her! Her clit throbbed at the notion of strangers forcing themselves on her.

Tattoo Man guided their topless captive over to a low armless couch at the far end of the cabin. He kissed her lips and thrust his tongue in her mouth. Behind the half naked cheerleader, Rile grabbed her wrists and tied them together, then tied her elbows together in elaborate bondage knots. Her arms were snuggly immobile behind her back, leaving her tits thrust out provocatively.

Tattoo Man had a hand over her throat as he tongue fucked her mouth as Rile tied her arms tightly. She luxuriated in the strong bonds holding her arms immobile and this large man forcing his tongue in her mouth. 'Fuck, you really like this, don't you whore?'

'Yes, sir. I'm your captive,' she whispered instinctively & innocently. 'I'm a dirty, dirty girl and I must submit to you.'

Rile then wrapped more silk rope around her neck and tied it tightly like a leash. The end of the rope swished between her large tits. The tied-up naked slave was ready to be lead to a fuck.

'Kneel on the couch, you dirty little slut,' Tattoo Man commanded with a grin, liking her attitude. 'Rest your head on the pillows and stick your ass up in the air.'

She wasn't fast enough for the eager men, so they manhandled her into position. Her little skirt still remained on but she was naked. Bailey spanked her ass hard, making her squeal. His fingers full of lube started opening her asshole.

'Welcome to our world, you cheerleading slut,' Tattoo Man barked.

'We're gonna open you up, whore,' Bailey growled, fitting two fingers, then a third in her ass opening.

'Ahhhh!' she screamed, as the others got naked. 'You are filling up my ass! Oh! Ah! You are forcing your fingers in my slick asshole! Oh!'

'I think she needs a cock in her mouth,' Tattoo Man determined. 'We're gonna fill all your holes, you dirty little whore.'

'Yes, sir,' she whimpered. 'I am your captive, dirty whore! Ahmmmmph!' At that moment, her mouth was filled with a hard cock.

It was just like she liked it: she was bound tightly and had no use of her arms. She couldn't keep her balance and the man fucking her face had complete control of the tempo and the thrusts. She only had to suck hard and swallow deep. One of his hands pulled her hair and wrapped it around his palm, while the other hand grasped her throat as he thrust into her moaning, gasping mouth.

'Fuckin' take it deep, you twat,' he said as he viciously thrust into her face.

She squealed her little girl squeals as she sucked cocked, while Bailey finger fucked her asshole. Tattoo Man started fingering her wet cunt & hard clit and she writhed and squealed even more.

'We've got a live one, here boys!' Tattoo Man laughed as he spanked her with his free hand. 'The whore seems to love it! You love it, don't you, whore?'

The mouth fucker pulled out his cock, so she could answer the man. Her passion released, she couldn't help answering wildly, 'Yyyeeesss! Your hands open me up! I love to be gang banged! Fuck me with your big cocks! Spank me! Fill me! Cum on me! Please! Spank me more!'

Tattoo Man got behind her and started fucking her pussy as she sucked someone else's cock. She squealed and moaned as the two large rednecks pummeled her mouth and cunt.

Bailey's fingers were still in her ass, as Tattoo Man filled her pussy with cock. His fingers slid out, just as Tattoo Man's cock pulled out.

She was a tiny, naked, big titted little slut, all tied up and wet. The men moved her around to use her hard. She was repositioned so that more cock could fill her up. Bailey stuck his dick in her opened asshole and sat back pulling the tied up sex slave on top of him and opened her legs. Tattoo Man got on top of her and filled her cunt with his still hard cock.

She panted, 'Oh, you are so hard; you both fill me up with your huge cocks! Too big! Oh! Too hard! Ah! Ah!'

The two men had her between them and their rhythm was forceful and brutal as they both reveled in her tight wet holes. They were spurred on by her constant moans and smut talk.

'Fuck me,' she moaned. 'I'm a dirty little whore! Oh you fill me up! Ahn! Ahn! Ahn!'

Tattoo Man chuckled as he thrust hard into her tight cunt. 'Chatty little thing, aren't ya?'

She moaned again and then whispered her dark desires. 'My Master likes my smut talk. If I'm not sucking on cock, my master commands me to talk dirty, smutty talk.'

'Your master, huh?' he said as he thrust harder. 'Who's your master now?'

'Ahn! You are,' she sighed automatically. The men fucked her hard, came on her. The other two, who were watching, immediately got on her, re-filled her ass and cunt and pounded her brutally.

After the 4 rednecks DP'd her twice, they guided their exhausted bound captive cheerleader over to a cushion stool next to the TV. Spent, with handprints all over her body, wearing only her skimpy red skirt now wet with cum and her sexy red stilettos, she sat down as instructed. Her arms were still bound tightly behind her. The stool was low so knees came up a bit as they forced her to sit with her feet wide apart. Her cunt exposed to the group. Her ass had red handprints from being spanked. Her lips were full and red from sucking cock.

The doorbell rang. More men showed up with beer, ready to watch the football game. Trinity swallowed and bit her lip. She really started to get scared.

Now there were eight of them, and her uncle wasn't among them. She took a deep breath, topless and tied up in front of the new men and relied on her uncle's training. When she thought of all the situations he put her in, her mouth started to salivate and her pussy got wet and her ass tingled.

'What's this?' a curious newcomer said.

'This is our little cheerleader for the game,' Tattoo man cooed. 'She's here for our enjoyment, aren't ya' girl?'

She swallowed and tasted cum. She whispered, 'I'm here for your pleasure.'

Tattoo man wasn't please with that tepid quiet answer. He walked over to her and pulled her ponytails so she looked up at him. 'What are you?'

'I am your sex slave.' She said with more volume.

'And what do you want?'

'To be used by you and your friends,' she gasped as he gripped her neck too, 'To suck and fuck cock; to be a dirty little sex whore for your pleasure.'

He released her hair and neck, and then pinched a nipple as two of the new men came closer to her.

'We can really fuck her?' one said, his hard on punching through his jeans close to her face.

'What do you say, slut?' Tattoo man demanded.

'You can fuck me any way you like,' she said innocently looking up at him.

'I haven't had a blow job in forever,' he said as he undid his jeans and let a smelly, long uncut cock spring out in her face.

Without provocation or force she said, 'I would love to suck your cock and have you fuck my face.' Her head and mouth turned toward the foul smelling cock and her tongue curled out and licked the end of his cock.

The stench turned her on for some strange reason and she opened her mouth for more. The man moaned and snapped his head back. 'Fuckin' A, this is great!'

She sighed into her task, bound and naked in front of these two new strangers, one with his cock punching her face. Tattoo man was behind her with his knee on her back and tied arms pushing her into the new guy's crotch.

'Look at her, the slut fuckin' loves it,' Tattoo man said, admiring her deep throat the new guy.

The new guy grabbed her head and started rocking his pelvis into her mouth. He couldn't hold out for long and spewed cum in her mouth and on her face. She moaned and slurped in ecstasy as the other new guy produced his fresh hard on ready to fuck her face.

The football game had started and Trinity had become a distraction. They moved her low stool away from the TV and left her there to rest. The eight men had each fucked her in some fashion and they were ready to watch the game.

Still timid, yet by no means satisfied, Trinity sat silently, bound and naked as the men watched the game. Her rest was occasionally interrupted with a fresh erection, in which she happily opened up for.

The man in need for her services, called out for her, 'Hey slut! Come over here.'

She slowly got up; being tied up her balance was off. She was made to kneel in front of the awaiting man and lower her pouting lips on the hard anonymous cock, licking with abandoned until a hand came down on the back of her and guided her mouth and throat to take his cock deep. She was made to fuck the man's cock with her face in his rhythm guided by his hands gripping her head, forcing her up and down. Then the hard cock erupted in her sucking mouth and on her puffy red lips and sprayed on her upturned face. The girl moaned in ecstasy. Then she was made to go back to the stool.

The stool was low enough that each man only had to thrust his cock into waiting mouth. She received a couple of cocks this way with pleasure and moaned in ecstasy while sucking each of their cocks throughout the first half. But most of them saved themselves for half time.

Half time was a fuck fest for the intrepid sex slave.

The rednecks' team was winning and the men were aggressively happy as they surrounded her. During half time she was made to satisfy all 8 men. She was gang-banged, taking cock in her pussy & ass at the same time while sucking on another hard stem or two were thrust in her face. Still tied tightly, the men surrounded her, and manhandled her as they slapped and pinched her while she was triple penetrated.

She moaned as she sucked cock and was filled with hard dick in her ass & pussy. They came in and on her, leaving her open and slick with cum.

The next three men filled her up almost as instantly as the first three finished. She secretly relished their treatment of her. She resisted with talent, saying, 'No, no! Your cock is too big!' They were spurned on by her protests, while she was moaning and grinding, cumming only moments later.

She like the butt slaps and the nipple twists. She moaned when they pulled her hair and forced more cock in her moaning mouth. She delighted in the names they called her. They didn't even know her name! They just called her 'slut' or 'whore' or 'slave' or 'dirty little girl' (that was her favorite).

These three men slapped her and called her names that made her buck and moan while she came. They spewed cum on her bucking body and moaning lips. Skin slapped against skin, she grunted as the men forced their cocks in her undulating body and mouth.

Tattoo man sat back and watch the 3 men disengage themselves from her wet, bound body. There were only he and another that still hadn't used her during half time.

That guy positioned himself behind Trinity and said, 'Get your ass up high, slut.' She did, as he commanded but not fast enough. He manhandled her forcing her into position as he slapped her bulbous ass and spread her cheeks and arched her back. 'I'm gonna fuck your ass, slave.'

She moaned and panted in a high tone as his horse cock filled her well-fucked asshole. 'Oh! Oh! Ah! You are too big for my little butt! Ah!'

He slapped her butt hard a few times. 'Shut up, slave. You are a dirty little girl here for me to fuck in the ass.'

She bit her lip and luxuriated in his forceful treatment of her, taking in the pleasure and pain of it. 'Yessss,' she moaned into his rhythm.

Tattoo man sat across the room and watched her take Big Rom's large cock up her ass. He wanted some of that action before the second half started. 'Hey Big Rom! How's that ass fuck?' He asked with a smile on his face, as his cock got hard again.

'She's fucking amazing,' Big Rom complimented as he thrust his cock in and out of the ass of the moaning, tied-up, submissive girl.

'Make her walk over here for a little more cock,' Tattoo man directed. Big Rom was happy to oblige, but Trinity wasn't.

'Ah!' she wailed. 'I have cock in my ass! I can't move!' She protested.

But the two men and the audience of 6 others were not listening to her protests. Big Rom got her feet on the floor. Still in her stilettos, and Big Rom's cock thrust up her ass, she was made to walk across the room to where Tattoo man was sitting.

Big Rom was bent over her back, using her leash as a type of harness, fondling her big titties or holding her hips tightly as she was made to move step by excruciating step toward Tattoo man. She moaned and protested, but the men ignored her pleas and forced her to walk. Big Rom slapped her ass to force her to step closer to Tattoo man. He slapped her ass, she took a step. He slapped and she took another step and moaned. He jerked the leash, she took another step.

The other men laughed and egged Big Rom on as he slapped her and ass fucked her while she slowly was forced to walk over to Tattoo man.

Once near Tattoo man, he grabbed her neck and made her look at him. 'Who are you?' he growled as his other hand pinches her nipple.

'I am your dirty little sex slave,' she said automatically and then moaned as Big Rom thrust a few times in her open wet ass and spanked her again.

She was a sight. Her arms still tightly bound behind her, Big Rom holding her up tightly by a leash, fondling her tits & torso and thrusting his horse cock in her ass. Tattoo man holding her still by her throat, almost strangling her.

'That's right, slut,' Tattoo man said. 'Time for more fucking.'

She whimpered. She was a tied up fuck doll between two big powerful men.

Tattoo man & Big Rom guided her knees onto the seat around Tattoo man's lap so her wet pussy was open and rubbing against his stiff cock. Her face was resting on Tattoo man's neck. He whispered in her ear, 'Are you ready for more cock?'

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