tagRomanceOversimplification of Amy Ch. 02

Oversimplification of Amy Ch. 02


From Chapter 01: Michael and Amy are having breakfast the the campus café, after their American history class, and looking forward to a date tonight. Michael's regular girlfriend is out of town for a couple of weeks visiting her family. Amy as gone from pest to friend for Michael, as he realizes that she is a more complex person, than the pest he as always considered her to be. He oversimplified her!


Reevaluation of Amy.

Part Two, The Present: (continued):

I have another cup of coffee at the café after she leaves, with my mind still filled with thoughts of Amy ... kind of a mental after-image I guess you might say! Imagine, obsessing over the little brat that bedeviled all of my efforts to get into her older sisters pants years ago ... with all of our passionate fumbling's, Janie and I never did have sex during our time together.

But realistically, it had less to do with a pesky little sister, and more with her wish for me to "take love easy," as the poet Yeats would say, and my unwilling agreement with her wishes. In other words, we were simply in different places back then; I was ready—she was not!

As I think about seeing Amy later today, all sorts of images come to mind. I know that despite all of her innuendoes, she is not going to allow too much intimacy and actually, it is too early for that. So, I decide just to be pleasant and just enjoy her company. She is clever and fun to be with, and I am interested in just getting to know a slightly more mature Amy.

~ ~ ~

Part Three, The Date:

I find Amy's name among the long columns of names by the outside buzzer of her dorm, and press her little button (so to speak!).

"Friend or foe?" Says a voice I do not recognize over the squawk box. (giggling in the background)

"Friend! I'm looking for Amy Phillips."

"Hello Michael, I'm Judy—her roommate. There is a little waiting area in the lobby, I'll buzz you in."

Judy buzzes—I enter. I am sitting on a small couch that has seen better days, and is in desperate need of a good cleaning. I am in jeans and a sport coat, so no permanent damage there. I hear girlish giggles on the stairs, and as I look up, I see Amy and another girl that I assume is Judy.

Amy is wearing a soft button-up sweater and a nice pleated skirt to about three inches above her knees. Judy is wearing a cropped T-shirt with a faded image of Santana on it, pre-distressed jeans, and sports a small silver ring piercing on her lip. Judy is rather pretty, tall, and slender. As Amy approaches, I give her a brotherly hug.

"Michael, this is my roommate Judy Hotchkins. Judy, this is Michael Anderson."

I shake Judy's hand.

"Nice to finally meet you Michael, after all of Amy's stories about you and her sister." She laughs.

"Well, then you have the advantage of me Judy, but it's nice to meet you! Shall we go, Amy?"

"Yes, Michael!" She says smiling sweetly, rather like a teenager going on her first date.

"You kids have fun ... but behave yourselves, okay?" Judy says with a raucous laugh.

Amy gives her a scowl, and we walk out. I tell Amy that there is a nice flick at the campus theater, and I thought we might see that, and then have a late dinner afterward.

"Michael, can we reverse that? I'm hungry now. Let's catch a later showing, okay?"

"Fine by me, doll!"

She hugs my arm with both of hers as we walk to the campus café. We find a booth in the corner, and move together in the middle of the semi-circular seat. I see a girlfriend of Kathy's across the room and excuse myself. I walk over to greet her, and to head off any potential trouble about my stepping out on her friend.

"Hi Tammy, nice to see you, are you guys enjoying yourselves?"

"Oh hi Michael, what do you hear from Kathy?" This is her way of reminding me that I have a girlfriend.

"Talked to her yesterday, things are going well with the family, as I am sure you know. I have an old friend, actually the sister of an old girlfriend with me tonight, would you and your friends like to join us?"

Tammy is a bit of a gossip but I am sure she will decline ... as I try to convince her that my date with Amy is innocent.

"Oh, no, you guys have fun reconnecting. Nice to see you though, Michael!"

I walked back to the booth and to Amy, and as I slide in, she asks, "A friend of your girlfriends?"

"You are quick Amy, but yes, Tammy is a friend of Kathy's. I just wanted to fix things so we can have a nice time tonight." She smiles and wiggles her little butt in the seat to show her happiness, but frowns a little and says,

"Michael, let that be the last time we mention her name tonight. Okay?"

"Sure! You're right. Let's have fun tonight, just the two of us!" I say as she beams a wide sweet smile and starts to look over the menu.

The waitress appears, and Amy orders a chicken fingers kind of thing with fries and a beer.

"May I see your ID honey?" Says the waitress matter-of-factly.

"Okay then, just give me a coke ... I guess!"

I order the same thing as Amy including the beer since it seems like a light meal. I am not worried about drinking in front of Amy since I know she will snitch some of my beer anyway. I turn to Amy and tell her,

"You would be doing me a huge favor if we do not act like we are on a date, until we get out of here, okay honey."

"Well, seeing as you called me 'honey,' I guess I can control my 'mones ... for a while at least." Then she whispers,

"But I would really love to take your hand and put it under my skirt and between my legs ... I have very skimpy panties on tonight, Michael." She is not serious, but is just teasing me and I know it.

"Well okay, see? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about right there, and it is really more information than I need right now, doll-face. How about using that delicate little hand to pass me the salt instead?"

"Michael, you are really killing my buzz tonight, you know that?" She laughs.

"Squashing it like a bug!" I smile at her, "But, just for now."

We talk and eat, and she snitches some of my beer, and one of my chicken thingies. But, we are having a nice time and I am finding that my little 'oversimplified' friend is quite a charming date. Her mix of fun, intellect, charm, and a little naughtiness makes for a wonderful cocktail, and is quite a turn-on. I actually like being with intelligent women since they are more fun and ultimately better, more inventive lovers.

We manage to put up a good front for Tammy and she mostly leaves us alone. I know that I will have to call Kathy early tomorrow before Tammy does, just to reassure her, so she can enjoy being with her family. I will make a date for dinner with her on Sunday night ... somewhere nice.

For now, my little date tonight is finishing up on devouring her food, my food, and my second beer, as we are about to head out. I pay the check and leave without any notice of Tammy and her 'crowd.'

Amy and I walk around the campus for a while talking, teasing, and laughing. At one point, I guess we started holding hands. Not sure when or how it happened, but I am not minding it. We walk down a long and winding path to the overlook, since the movie feature doesn't start for a while. This is a rather remote and private place, and when we reach the quietest part, Amy puts her hands on my shoulders, and tiptoes up to kiss me, but fails to stifle a burb as I smell my purloined beer on her otherwise sweet breath.

"We're going to have to put you on the wagon, doll!"

"Oops, sorry Michael ... let me try that again." She tiptoes up again, and places a sweet kiss on my lips. This one tastes one hundred percent better!

It is not a kiss between friends and it is not a kiss between brother and sister, it is a kiss between lovers. Not between established lovers, but the sweet tentative kiss of hope ... the hope for something deeper but not exactly sure what. As far as I am concerned, Amy is still my ex-girlfriend's kid sister and the jury is way far from in, on my exact feelings for her since I am still Kathy's boyfriend.

So, this pretty girl might place me on the horns of an ethical dilemma tonight. Good ethical behavior requires that I keep Amy at arms-length tonight. Then, the image of Amy's tiny shapely ass in a pair of skimpy panties flashes in my head. I decide that maybe some amount of kissing, handholding, and light fondling (if that occurs) might be okay. It is much too early for anything heavier.

I put my hands on her hips, as the aroma of her hair and body scent fills my nose. Her sweater is of the softest material ever. My hands slide up her sides from her hips and onto her back with her pert breasts pushing into me. They are very firm and high on her chest, and I can feel her nipples through the thin material of her sweater. I feel my heart racing as I push her away, breaking both our kiss and our embrace.

"Time to head back honey," was all I can manage to say.

She nods and we head back to the campus and our chosen film feature. We walk all the way back to the theater quickly, and in complete silence.

I pay for the tickets, and Amy enters the auditorium before I do, selecting a couple of seats in a quiet dark back corner. We have a soft drink with two straws, and a small bag of popcorn to share. Amy flips the armrest between our seats back out of the way, so we can sit closer together.

We become engrossed in the film when it starts. This theater shows a lot of classic films, so we are seeing one with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. I watch Amy as she cuddles against me, just enjoying the film and laughing at the right places. She leans her head back on my chest and whispers,

"I love Cary Grant, Michael ... he is so handsome." I just have to tease her and reply,

"I really like that Grace Kelly ... she is so hot!" then I feel a tiny elbow in my ribs and a smile on Amy's face as she continues to watch the film.

I have my arm around her, holding the popcorn with the other one. At one point Amy quietly says,

"Michael, can I see that popcorn for a minute?" I hand her the bag and she puts it on the seat next to her and says,

"Now you can use your other arm for something else!"

I get the idea and put both arms around her as she cuddles closer. I find myself eventually sliding a hand onto her stomach over her sweater, just kind of massaging it slowly. My other arm is still around her as she presses closer against my left side. I slowly move my hand under her sweater, massaging the soft skin of her trim little tummy.

When I tickle her belly button with the tip of my finger, she giggles and I feel another elbow jab to the ribs,

"Quit it Michael!" she whispers.

"Oh, so you're ticklish, that nice to know!"

"Don't you dare Michael!"

"Remember what happened the last time you said that? You little hiney got spanked."

"Shhh! Just watch the show!" she whispers with a very amused smile.

My hand slides up to one of her lovely apple-sized breasts over her bra. The fabric is so light that I can feel her nipples. She moans softly as I massage both of her breasts, and let my fingers play with her hardening nipples.

"Oh, Michael!" is all she says as she moan quietly.

I slide my hand up over her bra to her satiny-soft chest, and slide it into her bra, cupping one of her breasts. The feeling is indescribable. She is so soft, but there is firmness to them under the skin that is very arousing. I can feel myself starting to harden as well.

She must be feeling my condition against her buttocks because she massages my right thigh, then slowly moving it onto my hardening member over my trousers.

"Oooh, very nice Michael ... bigger than I thought!" she whispers with a quiet giggle.

At this point, all we are doing is driving each other crazy so I slide my hand out of her sweater, take her hand off my thigh, and kiss the back of it. Then I place her hand on her own thigh with mine on top of it and we just sit and watch the movie.

We are in such a comfortable cuddle, I can't imagine doing anything to disturb it. I move my lips down next to her ear and whisper, "You smell so wonderful tonight sweetie!"

She smiles and moans softly and whispers, "Thank you Michael," as I pull her hair back and kiss her on the neck.

After a while her hand, with mine still on top of it migrates to just below her stomach. From there, I walk my fingers toward the hem of her skirt, which has risen a bit, and when I get there, she slaps my hand and whispers with a smile,

"Stop it Michael, or I call an usher!"

I chuckle and whisper in her ear, "Oh, okay tough guy!"

She smiles without taking eyes from the movie. She is very uncanny in the way she can hit the same spot on my ribs each time, as she elbows me again saying,

"Shush, Michael, watch the movie!"

I decide to behave myself, just wrapping my arms around my cute date. She expresses her appreciation with a soft moan. Her fingers massage the back of my hand slowly, and I kiss her on the neck again, but lower down where it curves onto her shoulder. She turns more toward me, and we kiss for several minutes.

"I love how soft your lips are Michael!" she says.

Then she turns completely toward me as my hands go around her back. We start to kiss passionately, and I move my hand down to unbutton a couple of her sweater buttons, and massage her neck, then her shoulder, and work my way down to her breasts, again sliding a hand inside the cups of her bra to fondle her sweet little tits.

Still kissing her, I remove my hand from her sweater sliding it down over her side to her hip, and then up under the back of her skirt onto her satiny-soft buttocks. With all of her moving around, her skirt worked its way up, exposing her firm little ass. She moans softly into my mouth, massaging my tongue with hers. She is obviously enjoying my touch to the exposed portion of her little derriere and curling my fingers to massage her crevice a little, but when I move my hand toward the front of her panties, she removes it saying,

"No Michael ... not tonight!"

I put my hand back on safer territory on her hip over her skirt, look deeply into her limpid brown eyes and say,

"Okay, I'll behave ... promise."

Then she smiles at me, and I know there is mischief behind it. With her lips close to mine, she says,

"It's okay Michael ... you are a man so you can't help being stupid."

"Are you asking for another spanking, Mon Chéri?"

She moans, "Oh Michael... don't make promises you don't intend to keep!"

"Let's just say it's one I owe you. And I intend to collect my dear."

"SHHHH!!" We hear from someone from the next row down, actually trying to watch the movie.

Changing the subject, she asks in a quieter tone,

"Mon Chéri! What the heck does that even mean Michael?

"It's just an endearment. Literally it means 'my darling'!"

She stops and looks at me intently for a few seconds. We both turn to watch as the annoyed man gets up and moves several more rows toward the front of the theater. She turns back to me with her lips almost touching mine and whispers,

"Am I Michael? Am I your darling?"

"We'll see Amy honey! Be a good girl, and we'll see!"

She wrinkles her forehead, but her confused look quickly melts into one of utter and complete peace and calm. She flutters her eyes closed, then slowly puts her open lips on mine pressing them into me in a very soul-felt kiss. She slowly opens her eyes and sighs, while I recover my senses from that kiss.

This becomes typical of the intimate banter between us: my teasing, and her gentle insults, followed by one of her luxurious kisses. Amy has soft full lips. Her breath is sweet and her overall aroma adds to the luxury of her kisses.

We hear the music for the ending credits and straighten up, leaving before the lights come on.

Still keyed up from the movie and our activities, Amy just wants to walk around the campus a little. We stroll slowly, hand-in-hand, talking quietly. Knowing that I am not completely free of other entanglements, she tells me that she wants to see other boys ... go out dancing with her girlfriends, etc. I agree with her that she should feel free, but I get the sense that this is not what she really wants. After some thought she says,

"Michael, you know that I have always liked you! You are very sweet and you make me laugh, and I want to see you more. Even if we are not romantic and even if it is just breakfast after class or a late burger and some of your beer after a football game."

Contradictory? Perhaps, but as I say, I don't think she really means what she says about dating around; just trying to protect her slightly fragile ego. My lovely girlfriend Kathy has Amy intimidated, and she worries that she might lose me. She is just being brave. As we near her dorm, she says,

"Michael, I am free on Friday night, and if you are too, maybe we can do something ... not in a dark theater, but maybe to a nice restaurant off campus. What do you think?"

"Sure. I will check one out, and give you a call."

She takes a pen from her small purse, turns my hand over, palm up, and writes her cell number on my hand.

"Call me, Michael!"

We arrive at her dorm, and she reaches up on tiptoes to give me a long sweet kiss goodnight.

"Goodnight Michael! Thank you, I had a wonderful time!"

"Goodnight, Amy honey!"

She smiles, turns, and bounds up the stairs disappearing into the bowels of her building. I walk the three-quarters of a mile to my off-campus apartment, thinking about her with that sweet kiss still tingling on my lips. I think of her pretty face and soft lips, her kissable neck, her hard little tits, and the amazingly silky skin of her lovely little ass.

I realize that things got a little out of hand tonight, and it is the fault of my wandering hands. I vow to show her more respect until I am sure that I am serious about her, it is only fair.

It takes me a while to get to sleep thinking about her; a girl I have so completely oversimplified as just a little brat ... a pest ... a nuisance. She is much more than that of course, and some very lucky young man will win her heart someday. I wait until morning to shower, so I can fall asleep with her smell on me. She just got to me more than I had planned tonight!

~ ~ ~

Part Four, The Meltdown:

It is Sunday morning, and I have spent the weekend catching up on classwork after my Friday night date with Amy, and before the next one the following Friday. But, I am really looking past Friday to next Sunday, when I will again be with Kathy. I have reservations at a very nice place, and I plan to make love to her all night afterward. Thinking about Kathy, her pretty face and luscious body is erasing all thoughts of Amy from my mind today.

I call her at her parent's house and tell her about my wanting to take her somewhere special when she gets back. I also tell her that I met Amy for supper and a movie afterward. I told her that it was very innocent, but I could hear some concern in her voice. I intended to remove that doubt next Sunday.

Monday morning brings another American history class with Amy. I notice that she has resumed her normal seat in the row behind me. I look back, and she smiles sweetly at me to let me know that everything is still okay between us. I detect just a hint of darkness in her smile though. After class, she quickly bounds out the door with another girl from the class whom she has befriended.

Early Monday evening I get a call from Amy at my place.

"Michael, I am lying here, I have not been able to get you out of my mind all weekend. Can you come over and just walk the quad with me a little? It would be so nice."

"Damn!" I think to myself, but I say to her, "Okay honey, give my twenty minutes and I'll meet you outside your dorm."

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