tagFetishOwned by The Boss and Her Gay PA Ch. 01

Owned by The Boss and Her Gay PA Ch. 01


This is a story that will take place over a few chapters. Some of it, both what has happened and the feelings behind it, is true. Most, unfortunately, is just fantasy.

The main characters, m,e Jo, and Andy are all real people and I've kept as close to the truth as I can without giving away who we actually are.


I first met Andy some years before this story takes place. He was working in an off licence very near where I lived with my girlfriend at the time. The two of them hit it off straight away - even to the degree of him teaching her (she was only 17 at the time) how to 'crotch watch' discreetly.

I'll confess I was young and stupid, and a little nervous about gay guys at the time. If only I knew how I was to change!

I lost touch with Andy for quite some years after that. Then after some time of having the questions in my head about gay sex that I think most guys do at some point, I worked up the courage to go and visit one of the two gay pubs in my hometown.

At the time I was completely single. I'm not quite sure what I expected of my night in the pub. I don't know if I expected to be pounced upon, invited to some rampant gay orgy, or something else completely that I couldn't even imagine.

As it was I just sitting at the bar for most of the night just like in a 'normal' pub. I was getting to be quite disappointed to be honest. Yes, I know I probably had strange ideas at the time, but we all have to start from somewhere right?

Anyway, just as I was getting disheartened in walks Andy. We recognised each other straight away I'm pleased to say so I brought him a drink and we sat and chatted. I was pleased to have someone, anyone, to talk to to be honest. As it was my first time in an 'official' gay place and I was floundering. I'd never had to chat up a guy before!

We chatted for a while about everyday things, we spoke about my ex and I splitting up and then Andy asked the question I was dreading. What was I doing in there. I could feel myself reddening up with embarrassment immediately. I'd had a few by then though, so I told him the truth - which cost me very last bit of courage I had.

You see the reason my ex had left me, was that she was sleeping with other guys behind my back. Again, at the time I was way too young and green to admit to her that it actually turned me on. So without that communication she left. I spent a long time after that wanking and thinking about her with other guys. Still do sometimes to be honest.

As I was telling him that, he held my gaze. I think he was getting a mental picture of me wanking to be honest, and that oddly enough was turning me on enough to be bolder.

The next part of my confession was that the most vivid mental picture I had during these times wasn't her, it was the cock going into her. I LOVE the sight of a good hard cock.

Now, I still love women. I love everything about them. The way they look, smell taste, sound feel. I adore women. Yet the most exciting thing for me ever is a hard cock.

Andy was doing a little more than just holding my gaze by then. I could feel his eyes boring into me. He looked down between my legs and saw the outline of my hard cock. He reached down and rested his hand there, very gently, smiled, and told me that now he knew why I was there.

I almost lost my courage then. I very nearly left my drink and walked out. What would that have gained though?

I was nearly babbling the rest of my tale. I told him that after trying to analyse the fact that I liked the look of cock I'd given up and just wanted to see if the actual experience would be as good as the fantasy.

Now I should add at this point, that despite how I look (and act in public) I love taking the submissive role. Andy has always seemed very confident and sure of himself, and at that point I'd never seen him more so.

He stood up and told me he was going to the gents. If I wanted him to help me on my journey I was to follow him in as soon as I'd seen the door close.

As the door to the gents closed I very nearly left for the second time in less than ten minutes. Something about his confidence inspired me though and I followed him in.

The gents was empty. Thankfully. He stood in front of me and told me not to say a word, just do as he said. He told me he would make sure things went at the right pace for me. He wouldn't rush me, but he would definitely push me to where I need to go.

If I wanted this I just had to nod.

I'd been looking down at the floor while he was speaking to me. I felt my embarrassment rising, but I lifted my head, looked him in the eye and nodded.

He told me to look at his crotch and nowhere else. As I did he unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out. He wasn't wearing any underwear, so it came through his fly fairly easily even though he was completely hard. I stared at it for a little while. I loved the look of it (would you believe it was my first real life sighting of a hard cock that wasn't mine?) He then told me to come forward and hold it. I took a deep breath and gently laid my hand on it. My first thought was how hot it was. I guess you get used to your own don't you?

I could feel my breathing getting shallow with the excitement. I started to rub my hand gently along the shaft, watching his foreskin going back and forth.

Just then the door banged open and another guy came in. I was mortified. I pulled my hand away as if I'd been scalded. Andy just laughed and stood there with his cock standing proud. The newcomer obviously knew him because he laughed and asked if Andy was up to his tricks again.

Andy could see how embarrassed I was so he tucked himself away and guided me out of the door.

We sat and finished our drinks in silence. I had too much going on in my head to speak and I think he wanted to give me time to process things.

I was just about to go to the bar and get another drink when he stopped me and asked me a question. Was it how I imagined it, he wanted to know, and more to the point did I want to go further.

I knew the answer to that straight away. I did want to go further, but I was a little uneasy at doing so in public.

He told me not to get another drink then. His flat was just around the corner so we could go there and have some privacy.

I wasn't quite certain what to expect when I got to his place, all I knew is that I was determined to see this through. I'd go as far as he took me, I'd had my first feel of another guys hard cock and I wanted more.

We just sat and talked for a while, he told me he was working as a PA for a local businesswoman now. Apparently she really got off on having a gay PA, kind of the gay best friend thing taken up a notch.

He told me with a glint in his eye that one of the things that they regularly did was swap tales of their respective sexual escapades. His boss, Jo, was married, but it seemed to be a marriage of convenience. Her husband had the benefit of being married to her and all her money, and took advantage of that in his hobbies. She in return took advantage of having the freedom to enjoy whichever guys took her fancy.

"Sounds a little like your ex doesn't she?" He said with a glint in his eye.

He must have seen the raw lust in my eyes at the thought of it, because I was told to stand and strip.

I felt kind of stupid undressing in front of him. I mean I'd been naked in gym changing rooms in front of other guys loads of times, but this was for something sexual and I felt really nervous because of it.

By the time the last scrap of clothing had come off I was rock hard. I wanted nothing more than to take my cock in hand and make myself cum. Something stopped me though. My innate submissiveness made me wait for instructions.

I think Andy saw that, because he stood their savouring my discomfort. "Feeling vulnerable?" he asked me with a barely suppressed grin. "I think you like that" and the grin erupted fully when I nodded almost imperceptibly and felt myself begin to redden.

He slowly stripped himself off, allowing me to drink in his hard male body and his even harder cock.

He lay down on the floor, cock sticking up like a flagpole, and invited me to touch it again.

I knelt beside him and took his cock in my hand with no hesitation this time. I gently and lovingly started to wank it.

He told me that he couldn't wait to see me take his cock in my mouth, to taste his hot cum, but I wasn't to do that tonight. All I had to do tonight was to bring him off.

I was happy with just that to be honest I desperately wanted to see him cum, but more than that, I wanted to give this man, my teacher almost, I wanted to give him pleasure.

I don't think I was particularly good that first time. I was more lost in the moment of what I was doing than concentrating on my technique, but sure enough he spurted before too long. Three or four good size spurts followed by a gentle trickle.

Most of it came straight down and collected on my fist, still gently milking the last drops of cum from him, the remainder had sprayed up my arm. I loved the feeling of his cum on my skin and I very nearly brought my hand to my mouth to taste it. I think he sensed that though. He said again that he didn't want me to taste him that first night. Instead I was to go and fetch my boxers and wipe his cum up with the inside of the crotch. That way, as I walked home his cum would be covering my cock. That was an incredibly horny thought. In fact it still is.

After I'd put my soaking boxers on he told me to get dressed and leave, but he gave me strict instructions to go back and see him the next day.

I walked the short distance home very aware of my achingly hard cock, and very aware of his cum slicking it inside my boxers.

By the time I got home I was desperate for relief and was naked almost before I'd shut the door. I lay down just inside my flat and started wanking furiously, thinking of what I'd just done.

When I came I tasted it, thinking there was still traces of his cum there too.

I couldn't wait for the next evening.

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