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Owning Bella Ch. 06


Authors Note: Hello to all the faithful followers of this story. I hope this chapter eases some of the tension left after the last chapter. I can't tell you how much appreciate the feedback and comments I receive both good and bad as it make me remember that I write for an audience who can't always see where the story is heading as I do. Thank you all for your continued support and I hope that you enjoy this chapter.

My apologies it is a little later than expected. Thank you to a friend who has volunteered to help with the editing. J. you are awesome *smooch* Please bear in mind that I am Australian and as such I spell some words differently to American English. Thank you to those readers that have offered helpful tips on my spelling but perhaps this explanation will help you to overlook some cultural differences.



After the plane had taken off, Mel walked back and unlocked the cage that held Bella and led her back out to kneel before his seat. "Display," he commanded, pushing her thighs wide with his boot. Her new tattoo had been covered with a clear dressing. While sealing the area and keeping it sterile, it allowed the reddened swelling around the tattoo to be seen through the clear film. He continued to watch as Bella lifted her hands to her neck and arched her back gently. He could see the mark clearly which made him smile.

Bella looked up at Mel as she knelt on display, his gaze firmly fixed on the point of discomfort between her legs. Whenever she moved it stung like she had severe razor burn, but it was bearable and reminded her of the punishment to come. She gazed up at the man she had chosen to be with, her lover and tormentor, watching as he took a cloth from a small bowl beside him. She closed her eyes as he gently washed her face.

"I have obviously been too lenient since collaring you and I think you have forgotten who is the Master and who is the slave," Mel said without emotion. The softness of his hands as they cleaned her face showed his care even if his voice didn't. "You took this collar knowing what type of relationship you were entering into. I gave it to you above all others that have begged for it because you are the girl I want, the girl I need and the girl I deserve." Placing the cloth back in the bowl of water and sending it away, he sat back in his chair considering her.

Bella said nothing as she gazed at him. She could not tell his mood by his words or voice. The anger he displayed at his home seemed to have dissipated, and she held her breath as he considered her, not knowing what to expect.

"Did you forget the whole week of training you had?" Mel stared at her hard.

"No, Master," her voice quivered.

"Oh good, you do remember that I am the Master then," Mel said, finding it hard to keep his voice even. He had to, once and for all, make sure she understood that she was not just as good as the other girls, she was better because she was his. All the advice and interfering of others had made them both question their roles in each other's life. He would put an end to that once and for all. He had gone almost from one extreme to another since her accident, and he realised now that was not what this girl needed, or what he needed, but he also admitted to himself that some explanation would forestall any further self-doubt and anxiety she had about being anything other than exactly what he wanted.

Bella knew now that she was in trouble, and she squirmed slightly on her heels making her cunt ache even more. She wasn't sure of the right thing to say, of course she knew he was the Master, the thing she doubted was that she was able to be the slave he wanted, and she guessed running away had shown that she wasn't.

"There will be no more of this disobedience, do you understand? There is no more room for doubt about your place with me. Should that collar ever come off, everyone will still know whom you belong to because I have marked you as mine. I want you as I have always wanted you." Mel looked into her eyes. "I need you to accept your place, my Ellie," he continued to study her face intently, "and your punishment for running away." Mel murmured deeply making sure she realised the full meaning of his words. "I have told you time and time again, I don't care what anyone else says or thinks, the only person you have to worry about pleasing is me." His eyes scoured her face.

Mel spoke sternly, "This is the last time I will repeat this to you. None of the drama at the club has been your doing. If anyone is to blame it is me." He leaned forward in his chair, "I want you at my feet, just as you are now, I want to dominate and control every aspect of your life. I expected you would just give it to me and to give nothing of myself in return. That is the way it has always been for me, I make demands and people do it without question, at work, at the club, women in general." He took a deep breath and reached out to stroke her cheek softly, "The first week of the trial would have been enough for any of the girls at the club because they knew me and what they were getting into. I realise now that you did not, and that I may have placed some unrealistic expectations on you."

Bella listened passively until he stopped talking momentarily, "You expected me to accept your collar after only a week and be like all the other girls?"

"All I knew is that I wanted you as mine," he said. "That hasn't changed. I am not a man to bend to another's will or compromise easily. I had not truly considered the amount of time it would take you to adjust to your new way of life." Mel took a breath, "We will take this time away from home and work to build up our relationship as we should have been able to this week, if there had not been so much interference. It will help to build your trust in me again and give me the obedience I expect."

"I will try much harder to meet those expectations, Master," Bella finally stopped chewing her lip and replied to him.

"Yes, you will," he stated, "We will have no more of these little girl tantrums where you run away. You are mine. My most precious treasure, it is true, but you will understand that you belong to me!" Mel said the last forcefully and Bella jumped.

"Yes, Master," she squeaked feeling the force of his words as he ended the conversation.

Mel nodded to the steward who had hovered just out of Bella's line of sight. The steward stepped forward with a tray, offered Mel a drink and placed a bowl of water in front of Bella before stepping quietly away again.

"Drink," Mel smirked as he lifted his own glass to his lips. Bella lowered her head to the bowl and lapped at the cold water realising just how thirsty she was, and wishing she could tip the bowl up and drink properly. "This plane belongs to a friend of mine, who is known as Binatang Tuan, which roughly translates as the Beast Master," Mel said conversationally. "It's like a flying hotel suite really, it was nice of him to lend it to us on such short notice don't you think?"

Bella sat back before replying, "Yes, Master, it is lovely." She took a moment to look around the main cabin they were in, noticing for the first time the doorways leading from it.

"While we are on this plane you will remain collared and leashed, as would be expected of any bitch that came aboard. You will have to stay in the cage for take off and landing though, or if we hit severe turbulence, for safety of course," he said, keeping his voice even, though he enjoyed having her in the position she was during this flight and felt the pull the corners of his mouth in a half smile he managed to keep the pleasure from his voice. He called the steward over and murmured softly as Bella knelt in position at his feet. The steward walked to the back of the room, returned with a large, soft cushion and placed it beside her.

"Rest for a little, my Ellie, when we land it will be morning, and you are still recovering," he said, gesturing to the cushion at his feet. "Sleep for a little and I will wake you when we need to prepare for landing." He smiled gently as she crawled onto the large cushion and curled up.

Before closing her eyes, Bella looked up at Mel and smiled softly, whispering, "Happy birthday, Master."

"Thank you, my precious pet." Mel returned her smile and placed a well-shined boot upon the pillow beside her head, softly stroking her hair with the toe as he leaned back in his own chair to relax. It had been some time since he had allowed himself sleep and he signalled to the steward for a wake-up call an hour before landing and allowed his own eyes to close.

Bella slept better than she had in days. She woke only once and smiled as she felt the stretched out boot still resting near her head. She gazed up at her Master, a small smile on her face as she closed her eyes contentedly again. She had been surrounded, it seemed, by everybody but him lately and it was nice to have him so close and to see him sleep which he seemed to do so seldom. The second time she woke it was a soft hand petting her head that roused her from sleep, and she blinked up into Mel's face as he hovered above her.

"Come my pet, it's time to wake up," Mel said softly. Bella stretched catlike before rising up to her hands and knees and crawling from the cushion to kneel upon the floor of the cabin. The flight was so smooth it was easy to forget she was on a plane. Mel watched her with a smile playing on his lips, "You can drink if you need, little one." Gratefully Bella bent to the bowl near the chair leg and lapped at the water. While still feeling the discomfort, the pain between her legs had lessened, and she stayed bent over longer, drinking awkwardly from the pet-bowl.

Bella finally knelt back wiping water from her mouth and chin and finally spoke, "Thank you, Master."

"You're welcome precious pet. Now come, and we will freshen up before we land and see to that mark of ownership," he said, eyes lowering suggestively to the spot between her legs.

Standing up, Mel took her leash and led her through the plane. It was sumptuous, like a five-star hotel suite, with cream-coloured leather upholstery on the chairs and pale, burnished wood and glass furnishings. From the sitting room, where her cage was lodged against the back wall, they walked down a narrow corridor on one side of the plane. She peaked curiously through the open doorways, seeing bedrooms and private sitting rooms.

Leading her into the last room, he motioned for her to stand. Slowly and with proper care he unfastened the various buckles of the body harness she wore and took it from her. Turning her to face him he stroked a hand over her cheek and smiled before leaning down to kiss her. "You are truly beautiful, my Ellie," he murmured as he led her to a low bench.

Bella leaned forward and placed her hands on the bench, but Mel pressed her down further forcing her chest to the bench, raising her well rounded ass to his view. He took hold of the tail she still wore and tugged lightly receiving a satisfying yelp from the girl before him. "Open," he commanded and Bella reached back to place her hands on her cheeks and pull them open for him.

Mel stepped away momentarily, and Bella craned her neck to watch as he opened a bag from their carry-on luggage and took out a small bottle. Returning to where she stood bent over, Mel let a small amount of oil drip between the cheeks, of her ass. He gently tugged and released the tail easing the stretch of her tight muscles around the large plug-end as the oil dripped down onto her. Mel tossed the bottle away and slapped her ass above where her hand held it tightly and finally withdrew the plug, watching avidly as the gaping hole flexed and slowly closed.

Groaning with desire, his hand fumbled at his belt pulling it free. "Let go," he growled and as her hands quickly came away his hand lashed down the belt stinging into her ass making her howl in pain and surprise. He lashed her three times before stepping back and removing his trousers as she gasped and mewled, her legs shaking and her cunt lips glistening with moisture. Taking a handful of her hair he pulled her to his feet to begin sucking his cock as he undid his shirt and discarded it.

Bella fell to her knees before him and opened her mouth. She took his already hard cock between her lips and rolled her tongue around the head before filling her mouth. She enjoyed his groan of pleasure before tilting her teary eyes up to meet his. The shirt fell to the floor beside her a moment before she felt his hands tangle into her hair, and he pulled her further onto his cock. She gagged loudly but swallowed as he pushed further thrusting his hips hard onto her mouth.

Using her hair as leverage Mel began to fuck her wide open mouth. His need to possess and use her was strong, and he wanted to make her to again feel his dominance fully. His desire for her coursing through him, he revelled in the gagging and choking noises that gurgled around his cock. Gritting his teeth he tried to make the moment last as long as possible before pulling back slightly to fill her mouth with cum, growling hoarsely, "Don't spill a drop."

Sealing her lips around his cock Bella took a large breath through her nose before swallowing the hot, salty cum and sucking more form him long after the first spurt. She trembled on her knees as her body responded to his use and the still-stinging marks of the belt that lit up her ass in counterpoint to the soft ache in her cunt.

Mel grabbed her hair tightly again and stepped back, pulling his cock from her mouth and dragging her after him down the hallway. There was a bathroom at the rear of the plane and he left her kneeling in the doorway of the small room as he ran a shower for her. Pulling her upright he pushed her into the shower stall letting the water run over her.

Crouching down, and with considerable care, Mel peeled the covering from the new tattoo. Taking some disinfectant soap he squirted it into his hand and gently washed the area just above her cunt where his initials now claimed her body as his. He lightly massaged the slimy surface of the skin being sure to remove any trace of blood or the plasma that accompanied shallow wounds like a tattoo. Once he was sure it was clean he turned her, so the water cascaded over her back rather than soaking the tattoo any further and damaging it as his fingers delved into her moist folds and teased her clit. He smiled as she stiffened and lifted her hips toward his hand.

"Please..." Bella whimpered, she was so hot and horny that his touch on her clit had sent jolts through her needy body.

Steadying her with a hand on her back Mel murmured, "Not yet, little slut, not until I say."

Bella bit her lip, whimpering as he suddenly thrust two fingers into her wet cunt and curled them forward his thumb pressing her clit as his fingers pressed forward from the other side. Her legs shook as her orgasm threatened to spill over and she mewled loudly, her hips rocking to the movements of his hand.

"Cum my precious pet," Mel finally whispered softly into her ear, holding her as she arched and came hard, her legs trembling uncontrollably. He held her for several minutes while he washed his hand and took a soft cloth to clean her oversensitive cunt, carefully avoiding his new mark of ownership.

Mel turned the shower off and hurriedly towelled himself dry after wrapping a towel around Bella and standing her to lean against the small sink. Then he took her back to the small room they had been in. He carefully smeared a thin layer of lotion over the tattoo. He left her kneeling on the floor and went to the carry-on bag that had been placed in the room.

Bella watched as Mel dressed, it was not often she saw him fully naked, and she thought she could probably count on one hand, the number of times it had happened since she had become his. She marvelled at his well-toned physique that belied his age and experience. Tall, olive skinned, average build and a thatch of curly black hair on his broad chest, she smiled at the effect he had on her. In suits, he was so austere looking but half dressed as he was and shirtless he was manly and attractive in a whole different way. She felt the butterflies in her tummy as it finally dawned on her that he was hers as much as she was his. He had marked her because he wanted everyone to know who she belonged to. He was not going to dismiss her for lack of experience, or if she made a mistake, she realised, and her smile widened.

Mel watched her from the corner of his eye as he dressed and saw her appraising look and smile. It did his ego good to find her ogling him in the same way he was constantly turned on by her perfect little body. Pulling on a shirt he commanded, "Belt," and tilted his head to where it lay on the floor after he had lashed her earlier. Bella promptly fell to all-fours and crawled over to gather the belt. She held it to her nose and sniffed the leather, quivering with the knowledge of not only how it smelled and felt in her hands but also with how it felt when held in the hands of her Master.

Sliding back to her knees before him she held up the belt and looked up to see him smile. "This is how I always wanted you," he pulled her up into his arms and kissed her tenderly. "Mine," he murmured into the kiss. "Not just your sexy body, but your heart and mind as well. I want it all."

Releasing her, he picked up the body harness she had been wearing earlier and redressed her in the leather straps, buckling it tightly to her body. He loved in her white, and the leather made the colour against her skin even sexier. He pinched the nipples on her perky tits, lightly pulling them out from her body to ensure the leather surrounding the base of her breasts was properly seated.

Bella whimpered softly as he manhandled her into the harness and cinched it tightly. As she had before, she bent as he instructed her and reached back to spread the cheeks of her ass for him, understanding that while on this private plane, she would be considered only as a pet and nothing more by the crew and owner. Bella's lip automatically sucked between her teeth as she felt the oil and braced for the pain she knew was coming.

The further they had flown and with the few hours sleep, the anxiousness Mel had felt at almost losing her again, had diminished. While he felt the overwhelming need to possess her as always, the initial anger he had felt, once winning her back from her parents had dissipated, and her willingness to obey him once again, had eased his fears that irreparable damage had been caused to their new relationship. He took his time, slowly oiling and easing the plug into her sweet little ass, watching as she slowly stretched out to take the large plug he had brought with him in the carry-on luggage.

Panting and whimpering, Bella turned her head up to Mel as he pulled her upright again. "You are such a hot little slut, my Ellie," he smirked and kissed her deeply. "We will be landing soon, you must go back into the cage, but it will not be for long." A small smile tweaked his lips into a half smirk as he murmured, "This time."

He added a gentle pressure to her shoulder, and she sank to her knees before him. Taking the leash, he led her from the room, down the corridor and to the main cabin they had taken occupied during take-off. Nodding to the steward, Mel guided Bella into the cage and closed the door before resuming his seat for the landing.

The descent into Singapore was rocky and Bella curled in her cage, feeling strange at having no safety belt. She bit her lip and closed her eyes until she felt the jolt of the wheels hitting the tarmac. The plane had barely stopped before Mel was beside the cage, leading her out again to his side as he resumed his seat and smiled at her. Bella leaned into her Master's leg as he stroked her hair and the plane taxied to its final stop.

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