tagBDSMOwning Bella Ch. 08

Owning Bella Ch. 08


Authors Note: Thank you to my friend LaRascasse for giving this story a quick once over. Its probably not to everyone's liking but i hope the readers following this story enjoy it.

A piece of glass stood between Rob and the arrogant young man in the next room and Rob glared at his long-time friend, Leon. "I thought we decided I would pick him up," Rob said with tone in his voice that made Leon uneasy.

"Be angry," Leon said "But at least listen to why I had the guys pick him up first. When I left the club last night, I considered the options and came to the conclusion that if we were right and if this kid is important to our phantom we don't want any more backlash onto the club, it's better that nameless and faceless men took him that can't be tied back to anyone. Trust me, these guys are very good at their job," Leon indicated the men walking into the room that Jim sat in.

Rob turned back to watch the scene on the far side of the glass wall without another word. "We all want to be involved, to take charge, it is our natures as alpha male types, but you know I am right," Leon said as he poured his lean frame into a comfortable chair and turned up the sound from the room they watched.

"Look," Jim was explaining, "I barely even know this Lewis guy. Yeah, we call him the god father but it's more like a club of sorts from when we were at university. You know, like the God Father movie. We aren't related or anything."

"So you went to university with him, you know him, you met him, you could pick him out in a line up, you're hardly strangers," A short stocky man pressed.

"I guess but he rarely showed up at anything himself, he usually sent representatives if he wanted us to do anything, hack the medical sciences labs or Dean's computer, you know easy stuff. My friends and I joined the VM for the parties, man could those guys throw a wild night. The only times I saw Lewis personally was when Bella and I went someplace together. He seemed to know her," Jim stopped and thought about that, "He always said he had plans for her."

"What sort of plans?" A tall muscular man asked.

"I dunno but one of the guys found me just after Bella and I broke up and told me Lewis was pissed, really pissed that she had defected to the other side, and that he wanted to see me. Each time we set up a meet, he was called away - first down south and now overseas," Jim looked up at the two guys. "Look, go pick up Bella Biancotti. She would know him better than me I reckon."

"What did he mean by the other side?" Again it was the tall man that spoke.

"Big business, the corporate elite. She had a degree in business and a cushy job straight out of school. Stupid bitch thought she was too good for us and dumped not only me but all her friends from school. She totally sold out! Hangs out with the rich old foggies she works for now, forgot what they do to the environment," he almost spat the last bit out his anger rising making him less careful with his words.

"We have already spoken to the girl. She has never heard of Lewis Arfor so you better stop bullshitting us and tell us what we need to know. Where can we find him?" the short stocky man had become belligerent and was standing over Jim in a threatening way.

"The dumb cunt lied," Jim shouted his anger getting the better of him, "She talked to him like an old friend. Hell, if cared enough about her at the time I would have been jealous. " Jim lapsed back into his cocky arrogant demeanour and shrugged, "Always more fish in the sea."

"Yeah we'll check your statement but you better come up with more than that if you wanna get out of here any time soon," the man growled and walked out of the room followed by his partner.

"He doesn't seem very concerned about his circumstances does he?" Rob said considering how calm the boy was after being picked up and dragged back to a nondescript building by strangers.

"Any chance he is telling the truth?" Leon asked Rob.

"Doubt it, but I can call and find out," Rob looked at his watch, "They should have landed in Venice by now, I could give them a call."

"Let's wait a bit and see what else he has to say," Leon opened the door to the small room and let the men who had been interrogating Jim in. "Gentlemen, this is our client. He probably knows more about the phantom than anyone and what he knows could fit on the head of a pin, so let's help him out shall we?"

"The kid is cocky, it's like he thinks he is untouchable. He admits to knowing and meeting Lewis Arfor at least once but deflects well. He hasn't asked where he is or why. It's like he was expecting us and has all the answers ready to go," the shorter man shook his head, "If you hadn't assured me he was our only link to the phantom, I would tell you he was a decoy just like all the other dead ends we have come up with."

The taller and quieter men waited until Leon looked at him before speaking, "Well we know the phantom is young, up to three years either side of this guy's age, that's new information. We also know that Lewis is probably an alias, if like this idiot said and his girlfriend knew him. So it must be someone she knew from school or where she lived. Add to that the name of the group that recruits environmental activists from university and it seems we've got a bit more to go on, more leads to check at the very least. We have been concentrating on criminals and older more established business men. Maybe it's a militant arm of Greenpeace or something. What sort of businesses do you and your partner own?" He addressed Rob.

"Nothing of interest to environmentalists I am sure," Rob considered the question, "The attacks seem to have been more of a personal nature."

Leon nodded," Good points, and maybe Bella remembers an old friend she ran into at university parties."

"Follow the other leads first. Let's let Bella and Mel enjoy their holiday. They have security with them now and if it is a bunch of young mafia wannabe's we should be able to handle it from here," Rob said quietly scratching at the stubble on his chin which was rapidly becoming a beard.

"He can be our guest for a few days while we chase up a few leads, in case we need more details, like what VM stands for exactly," Leon said. "Give him a room, but don't make him too comfortable. I want him thinking about exactly how loyal he is to his brat pack."

"You have an interesting take on things..." Rob said addressing the taller of the two men.

"Harris," The man filled in his name but said nothing more.

"Harris," Rob repeated, "How would you like a fact finding trip with some associates of mine today?" again he checked his watch. "Leon can hold his plane up for a little while to get you there for the flight. We have another lead on Arfor we are following up today and your perspective may prove interesting, given this morning's events."

"Probably a good idea. The twins tend to get carried away with their own cleverness at times. We'll fill him on the way to the airport," Leon agreed and gave short instructions to the other man regarding the holding of Jim.

The drive to the airport was rapid and when they arrived, Harris walked onto the plane with the briefest of introductions.

"Breakfast?" Leon asked.

"As long as it comes with good coffee," Rob murmured.

"I know just the place," Leon slid into the driver's seat and started the car before Rob had slid in beside him. Gunning the engine Leon only knew one way to drive, fast, and they were on the highway heading south at breakneck speed within minutes. Pulling up in front of The Three Monkeys café, Leon grinned and stepped out of the car before Rob could protest the choice of venue.

Growling Rob got out of the car and followed Leon in. While in his self –imposed exile Rob had met and embarked on a vanilla affair with the woman who owned this café. They had met at the beach where he had been in his self-imposed exile at his shack and where she was on a vacation of sorts. She was a free spirit, a woman playing a game of her own, and everything he had detested in the past about most of the women he had known. Rob had spent two weeks locked in her embrace, learning the softer side of love making from a woman who was taking joy in her freedom from the mundane. Though he had asked her stay with him after the two weeks she had left the shack and the beach saying little more than it was time to move on.

It had been more than a small surprise when Leon had brought Rob to the Three Monkeys cafe several years ago for the grand opening to find that the owner was the woman he had had an affair with and that she was recently married. She had greeted him like an old friend hugging him close and kissing him in more than a friendly way. The free spirit that she had been still shone from her eyes as she laughed and danced through the crowded room enjoying her opening night. It wasn't until several weeks later that the woman sought him out at his shack.

"If I let you in, we will play my game this time with my rules," Rob had said from the doorway blocking her entrance to his place of exile. She had grinned mischievously not understanding his meaning and desperately needing escape from the stresses of her day to day life, as she had escaped once before with the handsome man standing before her. She nodded looked up into his dark eyes.

"Come in and close the door," Rob stepped back into the room watching her. He held up his hand as she turned back to face him, stopping her movement toward him and silencing her with the look in his eyes.

"Undress," he commanded, "slowly."

She was wearing a short dress that buttoned from her cleavage to the hem and as she unbuttoned it she revealed a demi-bra that barely held her ample breasts, the flesh spilling up and out over the small strip of moulded fabric. The dress puddled to the floor and he noted with a smile the matching lace panties and suspender belt holding the sheer black stockings. There was no doubt in his mind what she had come for. What she would receive, though, would be more than she expected.

She stood for a moment before turning on her high heels and smiling at him in the hopes of a response. He merely raised an eyebrow and looked her up and down. With the briefest of hesitation she reached back to undo the bra letting the soft flesh bounce free to its own form as she dropped the bra to the floor. Rob followed her hands as she cupped the globes of flesh. He considered how well they would mark as he watched her hands trail lightly down over her ribs to her hips.

Pushing her panties down slowly over her hips she revealed a well manicured patch of hair that matched the rich auburn colour of her hair. Rob watched with a smile and the memory of her soft pliable body in his mind. She bent to unclip her stockings.

"Leave them," Robs voice was a rough whisper. The woman straightened and looked up to meet his eyes, still the twinkle of merriment danced in hers, in his she saw a dangerous edge that hadn't been there when she was with him before.

He moved toward her, one hand wrapping around her neck, squeezing slightly, feeling her body stiffen with fear and he could see that need to lose herself, if only for a small time.

"Why did you come?" His voice was calm and low next to her ear and as the timbre dropped she felt his power and she shivered, barely able to hear the words as she realised this was more than just a fun form of foreplay.

"I wanted to see you," she almost purred, "relive some old memories. We were so good together."

"You came to use me, to escape you pitiful life," he smirked down at her. "Where does your husband think you are?"

"A weekend spa," her eyes finally dropped from his at the admission of guilt.

He put a collar around her neck, fastening it so it was loose around her neck. He knew she would cry later and feel choked if the collar was too tight.

"Put your hands on the wall, spread your legs." He growled turning her and pushing her forward. His hand ran down her back, so gently she trembled. He cupped her bottom carefully, slowly, his hands covering her ass briefly caressing the flesh. Then he started to spank her, building up, becoming more and more firm with each landing of his hand on her skin.

"You're a wicked, wanton woman," Rob's smile showing his private pleasure widened as he watched her start to wince with each spanking, her bottom turning pink and into red. He knew she was struggling, her cries became louder, more intense and he increased the depth of each pain filled stroke. Small sobbing gasps of air came from her mouth between louder cries showing him just how difficult it as for her to take the punishment he meted out. He slowed his strokes feeling the heat from her bottom, moving to stroke where his hand had landed, enjoying her continuing flinch at such a calm and gentle touch.

He moved between her legs, understanding she had both loved and hated her spanking. The wetness of her cunt soaking his fingers proved this more completely than any words could achieve. He let his fingers glide over the wet folds before delving deeper. He pushed one finger into her stroking the velvet walls of her cunt, quickly adding another and eventually a third watching her red ass as she began to rock her hips against the hand that was fucking her. She moaned part in pain, part in pleasure as he finger fucked her hard until he felt her push back against the onslaught. Abruptly he stopped.

"You came to use me, but this time it will be about my pleasure, not yours, close your eyes," Rob instructed her. He wiped his fingers down her face and in her hair in a dismissive yet intimate gesture.

Taking her hands from the wall he turned her around, she looked up at him her eyes unfocused, her breathing, ragged. Rob stroked her cheek and murmured into her ear, "We will do this my way or it won't happen at all." He fondled her breasts as he spoke teasing at the hardened nipples ensuring all her heat remained.

Rob picked her up and carried her to his room. Opening an old chest, he pulled out a gag and wedged the ball into her mouth buckling it behind her head. She lifted her hand and he growled and shook his head.

"Put your hands behind your back, palms outwards. Walk backwards until your hands reach the wall." He murmured. She took a few unsteady steps backwards. It pleased him to see her struggle not to fall, to comply with doing exactly as he said.

Once against the wall he took both nipples between his fingers and thumbs and pulled them upwards. He kept pulling stretching her breasts, making her arch her back and neck in an attempt not to be pulled off the floor by his actions. He pulled the nipples outwards away from her, and again she struggled to keep her balance. He watched her face as she cried out into the gag but did not raise her hands to stop him.

Watching her face he saw the eyes widen in shock and pain. Her scream was barely muffled by the gag as he attached a clamp to one nipple. The shock in her eyes was replaced with fear and she shook her head her hands beginning to move from behind her back.

"No?" Rob questioned her. "If we stop now, we stop for good. You can take it. You know you don't want it all to stop," he ground his hips against her pelvis. She relaxed briefly but as he stepped back her whole body stiffened as if to run away from what was to come

The second clamp was worse, the howl that escaped around the gag told him how much pain he had inflicted on her even before he saw the tears coursing down her cheeks.

"So strong and brave," he crooned in her ear and kissed the tears away. He turned her around and placed her hands back on the wall.

"Legs open, bottom out." He pressed up against her as she moved and wrapping his hands tightly around her hips pulled her legs further from the wall bending her in half as she struggled to keep her hands on the wall.

He took up spanking her again, firm strokes, reawakening her skin from earlier. Her bottom glowed, the pain radiating outwards spreading over all her body. He knew she was hurting badly, and, with that knowledge he understood her inner war. He understood her dilemma of wanting to do anything to make it stop and yet giving in to that need to submit to him and eventually make love with him. While he had never truly been this way with her in the past, his minor touches on dominance during sex had always treated like a game by the woman trembling before him now. He had allowed that at the time and the difference in partner was perhaps what he needed after the loss of Kitty too.

He stopped. The tears flowed down her face making it the same colour as her bottom. She was humiliated by her need for him and her willingness to suffer like this for him in that need. He waited, watching her. She tried to gain control over her emotions but still could not contain them. Rob seemed to accept her limit.

"Enough punishment for now," he said, wiping her cheek softly.

He watched her take an unsteady breath and found his words were enough to calm her into stemming the tears. She could not look at him, too embarrassed and shy by her reaction to his spanking. He stroked her hair and enjoyed the pleasure of knowing she had tried so hard to show she could play his games, when they both knew, her path lay elsewhere.

His hand went to her hair again, this time pulling her head back making her look up at him, his eyes searched over her face, watching her pupils react to that erotic act of being controlled by her hair. He allowed some release, her head moving forward before jerking back to look at him again. He bent to kiss her, his lips hovering just out of reach. It amused him to see the begging in her eyes as she craved his lips, his kiss.

"Do you want to stop?" he murmured. She looked unsure but shook her head.

"Very well, you chose, remember," He attached a lead to her collar. "Get down on your hands and knees." She swayed as she went to her hands and knees, after just a few seconds he pulled on her lead for her to turn and follow him.

She crawled a few feet, clamps swinging, making each movement hurt beyond description.

"Kneel up, legs apart." Rob had taken a seat in a large chair and watched as she knelt up at his feet. Holding just above her nipple in his hand he slowly opened the clamp. A millisecond went by before the blood rushed into her nipple and she moaned in horror at the intensity of it. As the pain began to subside he repeated the process with the other clamp.

It made him smile that, just as she had when he had put them on, she readied herself for the agony. It did not make it any less, but her anticipation as if by being forewarned she could in some way avoid it, amused him.

"Kneel back and relax. I have some water for you to drink. Then you will put your head into my lap and be calm for a few minutes." Her breathing was returning to normal as he undid the gag.

Kneeling at his feet, close to his cock, his hand wrapped tightly in her hair the silence stretched for a few minutes, as he allowed her to drink and feel her place at his feet. But he did not want her too relaxed, too comfortable. He shifted in the chair. When he had been pushing her, making her go far beyond her own comfort zone to please him, his cock had been hard. There had been points when he wanted to stop, have her and resume, but he had not; waiting instead for this moment.

At his guidance, she took his softening cock in her mouth. He loved the feeling of having it right in the back of her throat and his balls pressing against her lips. He knew as it became harder she would struggle to get it all in her mouth as it was now. She knelt up, stroking his balls with her hands as her mouth moved up and down his cock, licking the shaft and rolling his foreskin under the bottom of her tongue.

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