tagErotic CouplingsOyster Creek Ch. 12

Oyster Creek Ch. 12


Daniel surveyed the General Store with something approaching pride. The displays were set, the counters and floor polished to a startling shine, and everything looked ready. Well, almost everything; Jill had not yet turned up with her sculptures, and there was a decidedly empty space in the corner of the shop where they were supposed to be.

"What do we do if she doesn't turn up?" Jenny said, worry etched on her face. Daniel had never seen her like this before. "I mean, we can't just drag more stock across. Everything's been placed with a purpose. Maybe you should call her?"

Daniel sighed. "I already tried, Jenny. Three times. I can't call her again. She'll get here."

"And if she doesn't?"

Daniel turned to face the brunette. She was always so calm and composed. This was a complete departure from the norm. Not that he blamed her in the slightest, though; tomorrow was the grand opening of the store and she was nervous. Terrified, probably. As it was, he was hardly the most relaxed man in the world, but it was Jenny's reputation here in Oyster Creek on the line. She needed this to go well.

And it would, of course. She was too brilliant to have got anything wrong. He knew things would work out, if only Jill would turn up with her sculptures. Even if she didn't, they'd think of something.

He stepped towards Jenny. "Relax. Things'll be fine." He let his eyes cast over her as her approached.

She was wearing a stylish black top, and a sheer black cardigan that looked nice but he wasn't sure how much protection against the cold it provided. Then again, she had a coat for that, he supposed. Tight dark blue jeans and short black boots completed the outfit. As always, she looked amazing.

"You're right," she said, taking a deep breath. "Whatever happens, we'll work it out." She glanced around, her mind clearly working furiously to come up with alternate plans. "I hope we don't have to move anything, though. It'll take us all night to rearrange the stock, and I can't call Claire and Rodrigo back in at this hour."

It was gone 11pm, so she was right about that. It would hardly be reasonable to call upon the staff now. As it was, even if Jill turned up immediately, he was unlikely to be back at his hotel before midnight. And given that the shop was due to open at eight and he really needed to get there at around seven, he was going to have less than six hours sleep.

Oh well, I can cope with that, he sighed to himself. No, it was Jenny he was worried about. She needed to wind down.

"She can have another twenty minutes. If she's not here by then, we'll have to start moving things," the brunette announced then, staring at him.

"Fair enough," he agreed. He wouldn't argue with her.

A moment's silence passed between them before the chirping of Jenny's mobile phone sounded loud. She pulled it from her pocket, glanced at the caller ID, then picked up.

"Hey Lu, what are you still doing up?" she said, smiling at Dan and moving to stare out of the window.

He could only get one side of the conversation, of course, and so turned away to peruse the shelves and give Jenny as much privacy as he could without leaving the room. It seemed harmless enough, though like Jenny he wondered why Lucy wasn't grabbing what sleep she could. She'd be in the store in the morning like the rest of them.

"What?" Jenny said loudly then. She sounded shocked. "Really?"

Daniel turned to her, concerned. For the moment, she ignored him, too caught up in her conversation.

"Lucy, that's... that's amazing. You're brilliant, Lu. Do I tell you that enough? Oh my God, this is... just... wow."

A few seconds later she had said her goodbyes, and she hung up. Her gaze lingered on her phone just a moment, as if she couldn't believe what she'd just been told, and then she turned to Dan. She looked stunned.

"Everything alright?" he ventured.

She shook her head, as if discarding her reverie. Then she met his eyes. "Lucy called in a favour from an old friend, Dan. This is... amazing. It's more than I could have hoped."

"What is? What's happening?"

"We're getting a TV crew tomorrow. Lucy knew someone in the production suite. She got hold of him, and... well now they're sending someone tomorrow. Our grand ceremony? It's going to be on statewide news."

"It's what?"

Jenny grinned. "I know! I fucking know! This is big, Dan. Huge!"

It certainly was that. He felt dazed. He didn't know what to say. For all his time working at a big company in London, he'd never been anywhere near a television camera. Part of him hoped he still wouldn't; he was never one for the limelight, unless it was getting him laid.

"Oh God, this means we've got to get things ever more perfect," Jenny said suddenly, panic setting in on her face again. "We've got to fill that gap. Oh God."

The low rumble of an engine cut off her panic attack. Moments later, a large pickup truck pulled up outside.

The engine died, and a figure climbed out, hastily running round the front of the shop and knocking on the door. Daniel moved to open it.

"Dan! I'm so sorry I'm late," Jill said breathlessly when he had done so. The cold night air washed in and he shivered in his t-shirt.

"We wondered if you were going to turn up," he smiled, stepping outside. Jenny joined them, and Jill turned towards her.

He motioned towards Jenny. "Jill, this is Jenny, my partner in the business. And Jenny, this is Jill, our sculptor."

"Your late sculptor," Jill said sheepishly. "I'm so sorry. After you left, Dan, I just had to work. Your visit left my imagination... primed. I had to create that sculpture we discussed, and I totally lost track of time."

His cock twitched at both the memory of his visit and the thought of the explicit sculpture she had described to him. Then he shook his head, clearing the salacious fog from his mind. He had to get the sculptures into the shop.

"Are they in the back?" he asked, and Jill nodded, unhooking the rear of the trailer so that he could get into it more easily.

Between the three of them, they soon had the sculptures in the shop. There were half a dozen, and under Jenny's instructions he and Jill soon had them placed in the perfect position. He stepped back and took in the display.

"Well, I think that looks about right," Jenny said, smiling at the two of them.

Jill opened her eyes in surprise. "Only alright? It looks amazing to me!"

He laughed, turning back to the Asian-American sculptor. "Did you have a price list?"

She nodded, handing him a piece of paper from her back pocket. Then a moment's silence passed between them.

"Do you want my help with anything else?" Jill said, glancing between them.

Jenny shook her head. "No, thanks. We'll be alright from here. Are you coming to the official opening tomorrow evening?"

"I wouldn't miss it."

"Then we'll see you there."

They said their goodbyes, and Daniel watched as her vehicle roared into life and disappeared back down the street.

"I suppose we better price up these sculptures," Jenny said at last, taking the piece of paper from Dan. "I have some little stands we can put the prices on, but I'll need to write them up."


Jenny stared at him. "Yes, now. They need to be done, Dan."

"But they don't need to be done now. You need some sleep, Jenny. Do them in the morning. Go home."

Jenny shrugged. "There's no point. I'm not going to be able to get my mind off the opening anyway, especially now there's going to be a fucking TV crew in attendance. I might as well stay here."

"And worry all night?" Daniel said, stepping towards the brunette.

"If I worry at home then Lucy will start to complain," she laughed softly. "No, I'll just wait here until morning."

"You realise that sounds ridiculous?"

She turned to him with a small smile. "I know. But what do you suggest? Fuck, Dan, you might be used to all this pressure from your job back in London but it's new to me. What if it all goes wrong?"

"It won't. You've put too much effort into this for it to go wrong. Relax," he said, placing a reassuring hand on Jenny's shoulder.

She glanced at his hand, then back to him. Her eyebrow slowly rose and a small smile played across her lovely features. "And how am I supposed to relax?"

"I can think of a few ways," he said quietly.

"I'll bet you can."

He stepped closer to her then until their bodies were almost pressed against one another. She stared up at him with a familiar glint in her hazel eyes. "I've always found that a good fuck helps take my mind off things."

She breathed out slowly. "Well, I suppose I can't argue with that." Then she was kissing him, her tongue pushing hungrily into his mouth. The paper in her hand fluttered harmlessly to the floor.

He hurriedly wrapped his arms around her as she threw herself against him. Her hands rose to his face, holding it tightly as their tongues duelled in such a passionate embrace. With this much tension clearly built up inside of her, Daniel was glad he'd suggested taking her mind off things. It would do her no good to let herself be this worked up. Of course, the method of relaxation has nothing to do with why I'm so keen to continue, he laughed to himself.

They remained that way for a short while, allowing the kiss to burn between them, enjoying merely the feel of each other's bodies crushed together. Then Daniel pulled away, grasping Jenny's hand and guiding her towards the rear door. She did not resist as he pulled her through the storeroom into his back office.

He spun to drop the blinds to the carpark, but did not bother to close those looking out into the storeroom. The rest of the staff were not going to turn up this late at night and he had more important things to be doing. Such as undressing the beautiful woman in front of him, for one.

Moments later, he was kissing Jenny again, letting his hands rove lustfully over her body. They slid the thin cotton cardigan from her shoulders, throwing it carelessly onto the sofa in the corner of his office, before hooking beneath her black top. He tugged it upwards, revealing her slender stomach and her lacey black bra. Jenny pulled away to grasp the garment and pull it over her head. His hands slid over her bare skin as their kiss reinitiated.

Then it was her turn to undress him, removing his t-shirt, where it joined the other discarded clothes. His jeans were next, her fingers deftly unbuckling his belt and sliding the denim down his legs. She pressed her palm against his rapidly-hardening cock.

He groaned, then grasped her shoulders. It was her who needed relaxing, not him, and to that end he guided her backwards until her ass bumped into the solid wooden desk. His fingers unbuttoned her jeans, loosening them, and then he slid them down her legs. He took her knickers and boots with them, leaving her lower half totally bare, and hummed his approval at the sight of her neatly-trimmed snatch.

She pushed herself back onto the desk, letting her legs part slightly, and he leant down to kiss her. At the same time, his fingers reached behind her body to unhook her bra, letting the underwear fall free. Her tits spilled free and his hands were immediately on them. He squeezed the lovely mounds, lightly playing with her nipples as he kissed her. Then he broke the kiss, letting his mouth travel lower, past her breasts and over her slender stomach, until he reached the wetness between her thighs.

Her pussy looked so inviting, and he pressed his tongue against it slowly, delighting in the euphoric moan that it drew from his lover's lips. Her hazel eyes rolled back at the sensation and he slowly drew his tongue upwards. She tasted wonderful, as always, and he started to more hungrily devour her snatch.

He made sure that his tongue explored every fold of her pussy, teasing and probing, licking and kissing each inch of flesh. Jenny appreciated the action, reaching down to run her fingers through his hair. Her legs were raised, holding themselves open and he took the opportunity to reach up with his left hand and rest it on her stomach. He could feel her muscles quivering beneath his fingers.

"Oh God..." she moaned, letting her head drop back. Slowly, she lowered herself more onto the desk until she was completely flat against it. At the back of his mind, Daniel was grateful that he kept it clear.

Her breasts rose beautifully from her chest and though he was too crouched over to grasp them, he still enjoyed the sight of the glorious mounds. They shook slightly with Jenny's increasingly ragged gasps, and he groaned into her snatch.

Then he moved his attentions to her clit, letting his tongue swirl around and tease the sensitive bud. Jenny cried out at the added sensation, her head writhing from side to side as he truly set to work, and he could see the tension building in her body.

He shifted slightly so that he could hold her hips, feeling them rolling back against him. Her climax was clearly approaching, and he delighted in that, maintaining a steady rhythm as he stimulated her clit.

Her muscles clenched, her face growing flushed, and Daniel watched on in euphoria as Jenny writhed on the desk. She did not know what to do with her hands. They slid over her body, over the desk, ran their fingers through his hair. At last she settled on gripping his head and tugging him towards her pussy, as if doing so would bring her to orgasm sooner.

He knew what might, however. Letting go of her hips, he slid his right hand lower over her body, bringing it to her pussy. There, he slowly pushed a single digit into her snatch, enjoying her loud moan as the finger pierced her folds. It was soon joined by a second, and then he began to pump, letting the fingers slide easily into her tunnel whilst his tongue roved over her clit.

That seemed to have the desired effect, and Jenny arched her back with a euphoric scream. Her right hand let go of his hair, frantically scrabbling for something, anything, to grab. He offered his own hand and she took it eagerly, their fingers interlinking whilst she sobbed out her pleasure.

She was seconds away, he knew, her moans growing frenzied in such proximity to release. Her orgasm was close, and she was desperate for it. Moments later, it arrived.

"Oh... yes! Yes!" she cried, her climax bursting inside her body. He could see the pleasure that suddenly suffused her mind, and the hazel orbs of her eyes practically glowed with orgasmic bliss. His cock strained against his boxers at the sight.

Slowly, her release faded, and her eyes refocused. She lay there a moment to recover, before pushing herself upright.

"Wow, Dan... that was perfect," she smiled breathlessly. "I feel more relaxed already."

He stood, grasping Jenny's hands and pulling her to her feet once more. Then he kissed her, dropping his hands to his underwear and hurriedly removing it. When he had done so, he grasped the brunette's shoulders and slowly spun her round.

"I'm glad to hear it, but we're only halfway through your treatment," he murmured, pushing her torso down. She moved willingly, letting him bend her over the desk, using her elbows for support. Her ass jutted out towards him.

He kissed her neck then, enjoying her purrs of satisfaction, then slowly let his lips brush downwards. They passed over her back, then her ass, until coming at last to her glistening pussy, still wet from his ministrations moments earlier. He pressed his tongue flat against the surface and ran it slowly upwards, drawing a long moan from the brunette, before standing up once more and grasping his rock hard cock.

Jenny moaned as he pushed inwards, and he joined her in vocalising his pleasure. She felt so good as her snatch swallowed up his length. He inched further until his pelvis was flat against her ass, then rested there a moment so that they could both enjoy the sensation.

It did not take long, however, for him to be moving his hips. He was slow at first, as he liked to be, and Jenny turned her head to him and smiled, her beautiful face flushed with the pleasure of their sex.

"You're right, Dan. You can take my mind off things," she giggled, her expression somewhere halfway between amusement and lust.

He leaned forwards, kissing her upper back and stroking down her right shoulder and arm. "I'm a man of many talents." Then he reached around, grasping one of the dangling mounds of her large breasts and giving it a gentle squeeze.

Jenny moaned at the feeling. "That you are."

He straightened, sliding his hands over his lover's body until he held her waist. His member eased in and out of her tunnel, and he closed his eyes for a brief moment to relish the magnificent feeling.

For a while he stayed in that position, the speed of his hips maintaining a steady but fairly gentle rhythm as he fucked the gorgeous American. Their grunts and whimpers were the only sound in the quiet back office, other than the creaking of the desk that accompanied each of Daniel's inward thrusts.

Unconsciously but not unwillingly, Daniel's hips sped up. The increase was gradual, yet it had an effect on them both. Soon Jenny's moans were louder, her pleasure growing with each vigorous thrust, Daniel's matching hers stroke for stroke.

He could feel a tightness in her pussy that had not been there a few minutes before, and knew she was well on her way to another orgasm. The gorgeous brunette's breasts swung beneath her at the more passionate speed of their sex, and he delighted in the sight of Jenny before him. Reaching round again, he could not resist but give those lovely mounds another squeeze.

"Oh yes, Dan. Fuck me. Fuck me!" she commanded loudly as his fingers sank into the soft flesh, and he grinned. She was getting close.

Not willing to disappoint his lover, he did as he was told. His thrusts quickened, the slapping of his hips joining their vocalised pleasure in dancing round the walls. He groaned at the feeling, his balls twitching slightly, and pressed his lips against Jenny's bare back. He could feel the faint sheen of sweat wet beneath his kiss but he didn't care.

Instead, what occupied his mind was the onrushing orgasm that threatened to envelop his mind. Jenny seemed overwhelmed by the same thought, given the way she threw her hips back against him to meet each and every thrust. The brunette's mouth was hanging open, each collision of their bodies bringing another rapturous yelp issuing from her lungs. Her eyes were tightly shut, her stylish hair slightly matted with sweat at their passionate exertions.

Then, seconds later, the moment arrived. Jenny's eyes flew open, her back arching and her arms going straight. He felt her pussy seize hold of his cock as her orgasm seared through her.

"I'm COMIIING!" she shrieked, beginning to shake in his grasp. He did not let go of her breasts even as she climaxed wildly around his length. Her hazel eyes shimmered with utter bliss at the ecstasy that coursed through her veins, and the sight of such wonderful release was all Daniel needed.

He cried out then, his jizz exploding from his member, pleasure clouding his mind. His cream spattered powerfully against Jenny's clutching walls and he could have sworn her tunnel was attempting to milk every last drop from his spurting cock.

It seemed to take a long while for their orgasms to fade, but at long last they slowly did. Daniel finally let go of her breasts and moved his hands to either side of Jenny's on the edge of the desk. He kissed the back of her neck, then stood, watching the brunette drink down air.

When she had recovered, she too stood, turning to him with a wicked smile. "That was... just what I needed, I think."

"Good," he grinned back, reaching out to stroke his hand over her shoulder and down her arm. "I'm glad I could help." She looked amazing naked. She always did.

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