tagGroup SexPagan "Virgin Sacrifice"

Pagan "Virgin Sacrifice"


This is the fifth instalment of an 18-year-old music student's, Clare's new career in the sex industry. In the first instalment, she was hired by the husband and wife team of escort agency owners who discover during some sexual high; she is still a virgin. In the second, she sets out in a limo to her first appointment with her new escort name, "Celeste", to a man who has outbid other men for the privilege of taking her cherry. There is an erotic adventure in the limo. In the third instalment, she loses her cherry to an experienced client. In the fourth installment, she is invited to a party and goes wild. The adventure continues.

The Pagan Ritual Needs Natural Pubic Hair

The second highest bidder for Clare's virginity was an old rich Hippy, named Josh Friendly (really), who had parlayed the proceeds of selling a pound of weed at Woodstock into a global T-shirt empire. His grandkids were running the company now and that gave him a lot of time to pursue the 1960's Hippy dream of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Josh had an active sex life and Clare's maidenhead was supposed to be part of it but he had been outbid. With rock, he had not missed a Grateful Dead concert in a decade and his fellow Dead Heads famously knew he had the most killer weed on the planet and was generous in giving it away. He never did anything chemical, not even alcohol, since getting hooked in the 1980's and kicking it.

Josh needed a virgin for his yearly Summer Solstice Celebration, the longest day of the year. A few years ago, he had started delving in the old nature-based religious rituals and the Summer Solstice Celebration was the most important. It was the longest day of the year and it was also a holy day in ancient religions; where the stars and the sun were worshipped. He believed in the Gaia principal, that the Earth was a Spiritual Goddess. He liked his women natural and that meant with a natural unshaven bush covering their womanhood. In the old days, the pagan priests would sacrifice a virgin girl at the Summer Solstice to appease the gods to help bring a bountiful harvest followed by an orgy to boost the fertility of the harvest. Killing a 'fair maid' seemed way too harsh for Josh's tender sensibilities but a little fucking and a nice orgy were right up his alley.

Every year, he invited about thirty of his fellow old hippies, men and women, to a midnight Summer Solstice party, at a certain secluded spot in Central Park, in the middle of New York City. Everyone would get totally get high, nude, paint their bodies, dance, and screw their brains out with whoever was nearest in the group sex pile. To spice up the action, he always hired a number of very willing boys and girls from the Midnight Magic Escorts, all over 18, of course, with gorgeous young, tight bodies. These young things reminded the mature folks what they were like as flower children in the 1960's. If you are in a high building overlooking Central Park on the night of Summer Solstice, look out and you might see the light of the torches.

When Fran at the escort agency booked the recently deflowered 18-year-old escort,"Celeste", with the hairy beaver to be their "Virgin Sacrifice", it was a great stroke of fortune. Josh had found it almost impossible to find a young virgin over the age of consent nowadays for the celebration. All the girls seem to be getting broken in way to young for his taste. And it was very difficult to even find a girl that did not shave her pussy.

The closest they got in the last decade was a 45 year-old spinster librarian in 2009. She was certainly a virgin. She had spread her un-fucked hairy pussy lips for him in the library office to prove it before he agreed to the substantial monetary terms of their agreement. Her age left a bit to be desired, although Josh loved the way she squealed in pleasure when he broke her cherry, at the stroke of midnight. She became quite the sexpot after her passionate awakening and she begs to be invited to the celebration orgy every year.

He lets her join in, even though she brought martini mix, rather than smoke weed with the others. His agreement includes her being on booty call whenever Josh is in the vicinity of the library where she works. She loves to give him a nice blow job in the book sorting office before she insists he mounts in her favorite position, doggy style, and fucks her until they both cum in a sweaty, panting heap. Now, Josh can't go by any book store or open an old book without springing a substantial woody.

As he planned with Fran at the agency, Josh had called Celeste that morning and told her to be at the corner of 79th Street and East Drive in Central Park at ten o'clock and a guide would meet her and take her to the secret location. Fran warned her to start taking birth control pills because the sex would be natural without protection. Josh had told her to wear a loose-fitting house dress and sandals with no underwear. He hated those lines on a young girl's skin from the bra and elastic of the panties. He had also warned her, that there would be many people would be fondling her respectfully during their celebration, but that only he would have intercourse with her at the stroke of midnight. After that time, she could fuck anyone she wanted to and everyone knew that no means no. She confirmed that she understood and agreed.

The Pagan Ritual of the Summer Solstice

Clare was in the taxi wearing the simple dress that the man named Josh had requested. She felt a bit exposed and naughty without any underwear. On the phone, he seemed like a friendly sort and Fran at the agency went to great lengths to assure her, that Josh was a good man and that she had been doing business with him for years. All his dates had said good things about him. Fran had warned her not to shave her girly parts, since the client insisted on having a natural girl down there. She had also told her that there would be a party in the woods and that she should just go with the flow and do whatever the client wanted. The fellow was paying a lot of money and she wanted to please him to the best of her new abilities.

The taxi-driver had dropped her in Central Park, at the agreed meeting spot. It was a dark and the air was warm. The driver had tried to talk her out of it, telling her that Central Park at night can be a dangerous place for a young girl. But he felt better, when she said somebody would meet her and even waited until the guide came up to her before driving off. She thought 'maybe the stories of hard-nosed New York cabbies are exaggerated.'

The boy, who looked a little older than her, met her and gave her a silent firm warm hug as a greeting. He was tall and attractive with long blonde hair. He had on shorts with a t-shirt and bare feet. He silently and mysteriously took her hand and guided her into the deep forest through a small opening in the bushes. During the brisk walk through the thick underbrush, she heard the growing rhythmic sounds of drumming. She could feel the cool night air come up under her dress and over her exposed naked pussy. After walking for a couple more minutes, Clare could see the flicker of lights through the branches, as they approached what revealed itself to be, a clearing of lush green grass about thirty feet in diameter, with many people milling about in obvious high spirits. The smell of cannabis and wine was in the air.

A fire was burning brightly in a large brass dish in the center of the clearing and flicking torches were giving a bit of light around the edges. At one side, there was a large low green table covered with every manner of ripe fruit, sheaves of grain and vegetables in similar fashion to an altar. Mature and young people were milling about, having fun. Most were dressed in casual tie-dyed colorful hippy clothing and headbands.

One of the mature men, in a flowing purple satin robe, with salt and pepper long hair, a short beard and a fit physique, ran over to her in obvious glee, smiled broadly and exclaimed,

"My dear, dear, Celeste we have all been so expecting you with great anticipation. My name is Josh and I will be your host. Please know you will be totally safe in my hands, my sweet. And now let me introduce you to our fellow revellers." He took her hand and brought her beside him and shouted over the laughing and drumming,

"My friends, our beautiful gift to the goddess of fertility of the harvest has arrived. Her name is Celeste."

He twirled her around and her dress billowed out and her long straight hair flew out in a huge arc at she spun.

"Look at her! Isn't she a pretty young maiden?"

There were murmurs of agreement all around, as Celeste lowered her eyes humbly. With this, Josh stepped behind her and reached down to the hem of her loose fitting dress and whisked it over her head, revealing the full nude splendour of her still ripening body. The crowd let out a gasp at her firm alabaster breasts with small puffy pink nipples, her flat stomach, generously rounded hips and a bush over her pussy of soft light brown pubic hair. There was awed silence, as everyone drank in the perfect vision standing before them. From behind her Josh said,

"Celeste has heartily agreed to share her youthful energy and fertile young body with our community on this sacred night. Just remember that as per our ancient ritual, it is only my male instrument of fertility that will join with her sacred womanhood until the stroke of midnight. Dear friends, make Celeste feel welcome and let's celebrate the goddess of fertility!!"

With this, he pushed her forward and the crowd enveloped her with glad greetings and soft hands roving over her entire body. The warm friendliness around her washed away any stress Celeste might have had. It helped, that everyone quickly shed their clothing with no shyness whatsoever. There were thin bodies and stout ones. Wrinkled and worn skin as well as fresh smooth skin in a variety of shades of black, chocolate, tanned, freckled and white. Red hair, blonde, brunette, black, grey and snow white. Celeste could see that all the older folks had one thing in common. They all had a thick growth of pubic hair covering their genitals. It was a cornucopia of human beings. The drummers resumed their strong rhythmic throbbing and all the others danced around the fire.

Wine in bottles and old fashioned wineskins were passed around freely. When Celeste tried to drink while she danced; she splashed the red liquid over her bouncing tits. A grey haired lady and young boy saw this and dove their heads into Celeste's chest and greedily licked the wine clean and finished by suckling her nipples, until this sent bursts of pleasure into Celeste's brain and made her nipples rock hard. She was not used to drinking alcohol and it made her a bit woozy; in a nice way. A long haired mature man slipped his hand to the back of her head and brought his lips to seal hers and blew a huge puff of marijuana into her lungs. She felt a wave of pleasure coursing through her young body as he lingered and the tips of their tongues danced together. Grass was a new experience for the music student. The beat of the drums and her heart were one and all her senses were heightened. She was then gifted with a flurry of wine and marijuana-filled kisses.

She had gotten a bit dizzy, so she went over and sat on the grass with a small laughing group, that were painting each other's bodies with brilliant edible paints. Somebody painted a bright yellow daisy around her navel.

A mature stout lady thought it was a big joke when she painted the ball sack of a handsome young man, obviously in his early twenties, a bright shade of blue. The lady laughed and said, "I know how to cure blue balls." And with a giggle, bent over and gobbled his limp dick in her mouth. As is normal with a young stud, he was hard in an instant and threw his head back and moaned in pure pleasure as she expertly licked his long thick shaft and twirled her tongue around its bulbous red head. This made Celeste's mouth water instinctively and her pussy began to moisten seductively. She spread her legs a bit when the throbbing in her crotch began and in seeing this, an observant chubby older hippy with a pony tail, took the opportunity to sit next to her. He put his hand on her knee and when she did not object he moved it slowly up the inside of her thigh, as he looked deeply into her eyes for a reaction.

When she half closed her eyelids in pleasure and opened her knees some more, he knew the time was right and progressed to her hair covered mound. The 18-year-old moaned when his fingers grazed the lips of her cunt and she instinctively nestled into the warmth of his body and spread her legs further to give him full access. He slid his index finger up and down her moistening slit, and then with a bit more pressure, pushed the digit further to the inner lips and her now engorged clitoris. His touch felt like heaven and the wine and grass made all her inhibitions wash away. In the back of her mind she realised that many of the other people were watching her and seeing her wide spread private parts but she did not care.

A middle aged black woman with a strong fit body and a huge Afro ball of frizzy hair styled from in the 1960's, sat on her other side and began slowly massaging her breast. She pulled back Celeste's long hair and nibbled and kissed her ear while telling Celeste how beautiful she was. All this was driving Celeste mad with desire. The woman shifted her hand to the girl's pussy and now both male and female hands were stroking and pleasuring her.

The man took this opportunity to take the teen's hand and bring it to his rather small but rock hard circumcised cock. Celeste massaged it as best she could. The tip had leaked precum and as she had learned, she swirled her thumb over the slick liquid and around the head of the penis. She knew he liked it, when he made low animal noises in his throat. He dipped to her ear and told her to cup his balls. She followed his instructions immediately and found he had a huge set of balls in a hairy sack. This turned Celeste on even more as she rolled the large eggs inside. She sensed the man's sexual frustration since she could not have sex before the midnight ceremony. She offered,

"If you wish, sir, I could pleasure your penis with my mouth."

At this, he pushed her down onto her back on the cool grass and knelt naked with his cock over her face. She leaned up on one arm took his rock hard dick into her mouth as she cupped his hairy balls. As he looked down at her bobbing her head back and forth as she took his manhood into her mouth, he thanks the gods, any god for this moment. With his hands on his hips, he looked around to the people dancing and drumming and saw many of them looking over at him getting the blow job of a lifetime. It made him feel like a real stud. He did not want to cum too quickly so he leaned over and said loudly, so that all the people around could hear.

"Lick my sensitive hairy balls, my dear. That really makes me crazy."

She quickly dove lower and everyone could hear the loud slurping sounds of her efforts. The effect on the crowd was amazing. One could smell a huge odor of sex wash over the group as pussy juice was flowing from hot cunts and precum flowed from erections. A surge of testosterone pumped in the men's veins along with the double dose of Viagra they had taken; to keep their manhood's rigid throughout the night. Bodies started clutching to bodies rocking to the beat of the drums.

As Celeste lay on her back, the black lady had repositioned herself between the teen's legs with her face low and just inches from the student's delicious pussy and on her knees with her own gorgeous ass up high. A young man looked over at this vision and could see the pink slick vagina walls, between the chocolate colored lips of her pussy surrounded by two firm buttocks. He had never fucked a black woman and it gave him an instant woody thinking about it. Little did he know, she was a three term Congresswoman from South Carolina.

The young man moved closer to join the action. He got on his knees behind her and put his hand on the small of her back. He looked down in wonder at the contrast of his snow white hand on the dark skin of her back. This black MILF was so attractive and he desperately wanted to fuck her. But first he must get her permission. He gently reached under and stroked the hot wet pink gash that was the center of his desire. The woman reacted to this and lifted her head up from the girl's crotch and froze. With no objection, the boy continued to run his fingers up and down her engorged cunt while occasionally swishing her pussy juice over the hard nub of a clit. The lady was motionless and the boy thought that was a sign to stop and he did. He discovered he was wrong when she turned her head and begged.

"Please don't stop!! That feels soooo good!! Whenever you want to boy, my black pussy would just love to get rammed by that big white cock!"

That was all the permission he needed. He bent his head low and with his nose buried deep in the crack of her ass; he darted his tongue into her vagina. She loved it. She screamed, "Wow!!! YES, lick my black pussy baby! "WE SHALL OVERCOME." used to be our battle cry but tonight it is "WE SHALL ALL COME!"

This turned everyone's head and there were a number of affirmative cheers. She wriggled her firm chocolate colored ass in pure pleasure, as the boy licked up and down her womanhood from asshole to clit with gusto. Whenever he reached the bottom of her slit where the button of her clitoris was, his nose would tantalize her anus. This double pleasure quickly set her libido on fire.

The boy was the hired male escort, young but an expert in the art of love. He wanted this lady to have a memorable orgasm and he continued the cunnilingus; while reaching under between her legs, to fondle her firm swinging tits. He was able to slip on a condom without a break in the action and when she started rotating her hips in that pre-orgasmic fashion; he got fully up on his knees behind her and plunged his seven inch staff into her hot pussy, balls deep. His timing was perfect and she came instantaneously.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'mmmmm cummmming!!!!!!!!!" she shouted over the drumbeats.

He rammed his cock as deep as possible into her cunt over and over, until she begged him to stop. Because of his professional experience, he was able to stop his own orgasm; although he could have had one easily, if he did not have a long night and many MILF pussies ahead. Already, he could see a blushing blonde MILF close by, that had just winked at him and opened her legs in a sexual invitation. He knew this was going to be a fun night. He had become an escort because he lusted after older women after a soccer-mom in his neighborhood took his cherry when he was a naive 18-year-old high school student. Tonight would be as much an erotic highlight for him, as it would be for all the MILFs he would surely satisfy. When the boy withdrew, the black lady went back to her mission with Celeste's hot pussy.

Celeste could feel the heat of the woman's breath on her sensitive areas, as she sucked the chubby man's dick. When the woman was being fucked doggy-style, Celeste was teased mercilessly with nothing but hot breath on her crotch, as the woman was concentrating on her own pleasure. But now, the screams of her orgasm were finished and Celeste was desperate for relief of this sexual frenzy boiling in her brain. She reached down and pushed her fingers through the big soft Afro, to the back of the congresswoman's head and pulled her face and tongue into her throbbing cunt. To her credit, she responded with an excellent tongue bath; that had the young girl over the edge in no time, at the exact moment the chubby man who was in Celeste's mouth, came.

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