tagBDSMPage's Training Ch. 07

Page's Training Ch. 07


My first blog of the day was long, describing the events at the restaurant the night before combined with my intimate thoughts of entering this new lifestyle full time. As I typed, I knew Nick would be pleased. I reflected on my life before I had met Nick, what my view of all of this would have been then, what I knew other women would think of all of it.

Anyone not in this lifestyle would see it as pure perversion. Maybe it is. But I only saw it as an awakening of my deepest desires; desires I hadn't even known I possessed. Was I a plaything for a pervert and nothing more? No, I was much more than that. I was beginning to realize that I WANTED my body to be pushed to its limits. I WANTED to please, to be instructed.

Men took on a different role in my eyes now. They were powerful, they were in charge, and it was my job to please them. By pleasing them, I asserted my own kind of power. My body had power; the power to attract, arouse, and please. The shame and embarrassment of the new situations I was being brought into would eventually dissolve. I would embrace them instead.

Shame and embarrassment come from a place inside of us that wants to be accepted. We want to be accepted for who we are, but so many of us are afraid to be who we really are. Nick knew this about me. Slowly, I was becoming a raw form of myself. Nick was shedding the layers of expectation that society had placed on my head as a woman. I was returning to a primal side of my humanity. Sex.

I watched the two videos that Nick had sent me. A beautiful black woman was screaming and turning her head away from the large cock that the man was trying to stick in her mouth. I gyrated my hips in my chair, biting my lip as I watched the woman gagged with a dildo much larger than the one I had in my mouth the night before. Her moans were muffled and choked as she was handcuffed to a bedpost on her knees. She tried to pull free as the man roughly jabbed her with his cock from behind and fucked her with frustration.

Tears and saliva ran down her face and dripped from her chin as the man slapped her ass with such force that it was swollen and red in no time. I wondered why she fought it? The punishment seemed so much worse than the act of sucking the guy's cock.

The second movie was nothing but beautiful shots of women in virtually non-existent bikinis touching themselves. They moaned as they pinched their own nipples, rubbed their glossy bodies and fingered themselves to climax. It made me crave release. Rocking back and forth in my chair let the dildo slide in and out of me, but it was never enough. I wanted human contact, I wanted to touch myself .... I wanted Nick.

After watching the erotic images of seven women doing this, the movie ended and I checked my email.


Your blog was exceptional, well done. I have errands for you to run, come to my office.


As I walked past the old woman who hated me, she didn't even look in my direction. When I walked into Nick's office, he watched me closely.

"I like this outfit. The fabric hugs your breasts beautifully. How does it make you feel?"

"I feel exposed, Sir."

"But you're learning to like that, aren't you?"

"A little bit, yes, Sir." In private I was more than comfortable, but being in public was difficult. The stares I got on my way to work in the breeze on the sidewalk just from the car to the door made me self conscious.

"In no time you won't even notice what other people think. I promise." He smiled and gestured toward a stack of mail. "This needs delivered. All of it. It's sorted by building, it shouldn't take you long."

"Yes, Sir." I grabbed the stack of mail and put it in the briefcase Nick had laid out next to it.

"Your coat is hanging by the door. You'll need it, it's chilly out." He smiled and returned to his work.

I grabbed the black coat hanging on the coat rack. It was knee-length and for a moment I was relieved that I wouldn't be out in the cold freezing this time. When I put it on, I found that it had been altered. It fit perfectly, but the fabric had been taken in so that it was impossible to button. In fact, it was impossible to pull past the edge of my breasts.

Nick was watching me, "You wouldn't want to deny the men of this city your beautiful breasts this morning, would you?" He smiled.

"No, Sir." I smiled and left to do my deliveries.

As I stepped onto the elevator, two men were already on their way to the lobby. I stood between them and felt their eyes on my chest. As if my body knew what they wanted, my nipples began to harden and stand out to be noticed. One of them spoke, "You're Nick's new girl, aren't you?"

I smiled and met his eyes briefly, "Yes, Sir."

The silence continued for a few floors before the man reached out and fondled my nipple through my shirt. I was startled, but I kept both hands on the briefcase and watched the floors count down. The other man watched with a smirk. When the doors dinged at the lobby, the man squeezed my ass cheek and wished me a wonderful day. All I could manage was, "Thank You, Sir" before I exited the elevator and headed for the front doors.

The wind hit me with a gust and I headed down the sidewalk to the building next door. As I walked in the heels, it was impossible not to be noticed. My nipples were hard as rocks and no amount of maneuvering could keep my breasts from bouncing happily. The fabric of the shirt rubbed my nipples ever so slightly with the swing of my arms and my breath quickened.

The anal plug teased with every step and the dildo slid in and out with perfect rhythm to my steps. Every man who met my gaze I silently begged to relieve the frustration. I wanted to grab one of them, any of them, and beg them to fuck me. The need for release was building by the second.

By the time I entered the building next door I was blushing and my heart was racing. The women in the lobby didn't help. They stared and eyed me up and down with disapproval. Or was it jealousy?

On the second floor I had two deliveries and the receptionist was very rude. I expected it as much as I respected her position. I found the first office without much help from her and found a woman sitting behind the desk on the phone. She smiled and gestured for me to shut the door.

When she hung up the phone she stood and held out her hand to shake mine. "You must be Page."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Oh call me Claire. No formalities." She eyed me up and down but with appreciation, not judgement. "Nick wasn't exaggerating, you're beautiful."

"Thank You." I blushed and held out her thick envelope.

"Ah yes, business." She laid the envelope on her desk and looked back to me. "Do you know who I am?"

"No, I'm sorry."

"I started my career working for Nick years ago. It's gotten me further up the ladder than you can imagine." She smiled and walked toward me. "Don't you love these bras? I still wear them, you know." She pulled back her suit jacket to reveal her large nipples jutting through her shirt. "Can't help it I guess. The lifestyle wasn't for me, but a few things carried forward and helped me in ways you can't imagine."

"How?" I was curious why she would continue any of it if she didn't fit into the lifestyle.

"Well, I have my feminine power back thanks to Nick. I've never been ashamed to use it in the workplace either. It's quite the scandal wherever I go." She winked and laughed, "Other women can't stand it. With my salary, I simply don't care." She looked me up and down, "Anal plug?"

I smiled, "Yes."

"I thought so. I never did like them much." She reached into her purse and handed me a $100 bill, "Thank you so much for bringing this over, I know how challenging it is."

"Oh, no, I don't need anything, thank you."

"Take it. I know he takes care of things for you, but I also know that any tips you get are yours to spend on whatever you like." She winked and sat behind her desk, ready to get back to work.

"Thank You, Claire." I put the money in a pocket in the briefcase and left.

Most of the deliveries were uneventful transactions, all with incredibly large tips. A few of the men did take the liberty of fondling my breasts but it was always a brief curiosity with their secretaries watching closely. I wondered if any of their secretaries endured what I went through? A quick glance in their direction generally told me no, they did not.

When I returned to the office, Nick was ready to leave for lunch. My pussy was dripping wet and I was hungry for release, but I tried to compose myself. "Tips?"

"Yes, Sir." I reached into the briefcase and handed him the cash.

"Let's go shopping, shall we?" He smiled and grabbed the briefcase out of my hands.

Nick took me to specialty shops and small boutiques that carried airy fabrics and flowy styles. I tried on skirts and thin, silky tops. Nick chose the colors and eyed each piece critically. The saleswoman must have thought I was a hooker shopping with my pimp. Nick was anything but discreet.

"I want a thinner fabric, something that will hug her breasts." And "The skirt will have to be altered, it's not short enough" or "I like it, we'll have it altered with a lower neckline." I blushed but never said a word and only smiled. When the woman offered undergarments, Nick chuckled, "No need, thank you."

The last store had expensive price tags but the styles were much more ... well ... sluttier. The sales woman wasn't shocked by anything. I was put up on a pedestal and stripped like a mannequin to my bra and panties. "I have those same vinyl panties! Don't you just love 'em?" She winked and handed me clothes to try on. Apparently she knew the drill. I tried on lined vinyl leggings that looked liquid but were actually comfortable. The saleslady had her own suggestions and Nick appeared to adore her.

"I would pair these with a something thin and wispy up top, something to really show off those nipples. And you can always have a zipper put in the crotch. But we do have some vinyl, interested?" Of course Nick was interested.

Most of the vinyl tops didn't interest Nick, "I need to see her nipples, vinyl alone isn't sexy enough."

That was all he needed to say. Out came the cut-outs. Vinyl tops with perfect circles cut out for my breasts to display through. The sales lady smiled, "She has beautiful breasts. We have pasties that match this too." One hand gesture and it was mine.

"Swimsuits?" Nick raised his eyebrows and the woman jumped. The swimsuits were packaged with pictures on the front. "I want something in black." Nick liked black.

The woman held out three packages to Nick and he chose one. The saleswoman showed it to me and I smiled. I looked at the picture and swallowed hard. The top of the bikini was a triangle top, but the picture of the girl wearing it showed just how SMALL the triangles were. They were only large enough to cover the areola; the full shape of the breast was exposed. The bottom was a thong, which didn't surprise me, but the front view of the bikini revealed that the front was also a thong. My pussy would be completely exposed.

Nick sent a text on his phone and looked back to the saleswoman, "Get me a standard triangle suit in white gauze as well."

"Of course!" The woman chirped and returned in a matter of minutes. The picture on the front looked like a normal bikini and I breathed a sigh of relief. "Is there anything you need modified today, sir?"

"Yes, thank you. I left the bags by the door. I'll go over each piece before we leave."

"Of Course, Sir."

"We haven't looked at skirts." Nick gave her a questioning glance.

"We have some fabulous styles that will look amazing on her. One sec."

The skirts slid on easily and were so low-cut that they rested below where my pubic hairline was and I knew I would feel exposed. The skirt itself didn't cover my ass completely, letting the curve of each cheek exposed. I tried to imagine what it would look like without the vinyl panties on and it made me blush.

"Excellent. Choose four or five for her." Nick was deep in thought, I imagined him plotting to himself. "Page, get dressed. I'll be at the counter discussing alterations."

"Yes, Sir." I stepped off of the pedestal and began re-assembling my work clothes. When I got to the counter, the woman was feverishly making notes for each garment and pinning the notes as quickly as she could.

The flowing skirts were shortened, some of the sewn-in slips were removed, necklines were lowered considerably, tops were cropped, zippers were installed in pants and in some cases the crotch altered much like my jeans had been. I was dizzy by the time Nick was finished.

Nick handed the woman a card, "Have them delivered when they're finished. I trust it won't be long?"

"We'll put a rush on it, Sir." The woman smiled.

"Excellent." He turned to me, "Back to the office."

Nick fondled my nipples in the car on the way back to the office. It made my heart race and my body begged for him. I wanted him to take me right there. But Nick did no such thing. He exited the car at the office like nothing had happened in the back seat.

I was frustrated, bordering on irritated. I understood that my own desires took a backseat to Nick, on some level I liked this. But today, the frustration was getting to me.

The rest of my afternoon didn't help with this feeling. I watched video after video of women being pleasured and pleasuring themselves. Women who were not bound by my restrictions. The irritation increased.

At the end of the day, Nick sent me home with Bobby. Bobby was in a wonderful mood. No doubt excited with what he would get to watch me do tonight. My answers to his mundane questions were short.

"You're in a mood, aren't you?"

"Bobby, you have no idea what kind of emotional and physical toll this all takes on a woman."

Bobby nodded his head with understanding. "I can't imagine. But I will say that I admire you."

That caught my attention. "Admire me? Why?"

"This whole lifestyle takes guts, girl. I don't know any women who would willingly put themselves through this. I could ask why, but I think I already know the answer. And it's admirable."

"Well thank you." My mood lightened a little, though the frustration bubbled beneath the surface.

When we arrived home, Bobby took my clothes off and put them away for dry cleaning. Then he led me into the bathroom and removed the vinyl panties and anal plug and began to wash them with the cleaner in the cupboard. When he was finished, he gave me five minutes alone in the bathroom, with the door open, and went into the living room. I was thankful for the privacy (if you could call it that). Wearing an anal plug all day does take its toll and I needed to relieve myself.

When I was finished, I went into the living room and Bobby had dinner on the table. It was light and the portions were small, as usual. I didn't mind. Being in a constant state of arousal curbed my appetite. I walked to the table and lowered myself onto the dildo attached to my chair and began eating. Thoughts kept creeping into my head about fucking Nick. I imagined that I was on his cock, and I wanted to writhe and bounce on the dildo. I refrained, knowing that if I could roll my hips just right, I would climax.

Bobby thumbed through a Hustler while I ate. He read me some of the stories and jokes and we laughed. But the thoughts of Nick still crept into my mind. Didn't he want me? Why was he holding out? I was his, why didn't he take me?

When dinner was finished, Bobby put the dishes in the dishwasher and told me I could get up. When I stood, he cleaned the dildo and began to set up the saddle in the living room again. Again!? It felt like torture with no release allowed. He chose a movie and oiled me up, just as before. Again I was strapped to the saddle and handcuffed behind my back.

There was a knock at the door. Just as Bobby opened it, a man stepped in. Neither of them said a word.

The man was obviously one of Nick's colleagues, possibly someone from the board meeting that I'd already been intimate with. I was humiliated when the man looked at me. I couldn't move, couldn't cover myself, and his eyes looked hungry. Before Bobby shut the door, three other men came into the apartment. All were dressed in suits and looked like they'd just come from the office.

Bobby shut the door and gestured them into the living room where they all sat on the couch and in the armchairs. "Drinks, gentleman?" They all wanted scotch. Nick had apparently stocked the kitchen with a full bar. The men sipped their liquor and I felt their eyes on the back of me.

Bobby chose a gag from the shelf and showed the men before he walked to me to put it on. The dildo was 7" and thick. My eyes widened and I wanted to protest. Then I thought of the woman who I had watched swallow an even larger one and my pussy came to life. As the cock pushed my jaw open and poked down my throat so that I could barely swallow, I let out a moan. All my mind kept whispering to me was, "Yes." Bobby fastened the straps and started the video.

I wondered why he hadn't started the saddle, but when he squirted a lubricant into my empty ass, I began to understand. Then he started the saddle and I was straining to stay balanced, at the same time being fucked incredibly deeply by the thick dildo. I'm sure the view from behind for the men was enticing.

The movie was a woman tied sideways on a bed, spread eagle on her stomach. She was oiled from head to toe and men began undressing and revealing their larger-than-average cocks. The woman screamed and tried to free herself. One of the men slapped her across the face and shoved his cock down her throat to shut her up.

Men took turns fucking her in all three holes and she started to drip with cum. I started to wish the saddle had a higher speed. My muscles were tired but I wanted more.

I felt a man behind me and turned to see one of the businessmen with his pants off and his cock hard as a rock. He approached the back of the saddle and studied the timing before he pushed into my ass and let the saddle do the rest of the work.

I watched the girl getting her holes filled and finally I knew how it felt. Inside of me, the dildo in my pussy rubbed against the man's cock in my ass and it felt amazing. I moaned and gurgled around the dildo in my throat and wished that it was a real cock I could swallow and suck.

The man fucking my ass didn't last long with all the excitement. He backed out of me abruptly and came on my back. I felt the hot, thick liquid land in a stream starting at my shoulder blade. A few more spurts and he went into the bathroom to clean up. Before he had even shut the door, someone else entered me from behind.

I stopped caring who was inside of me. I stopped counting the jets of cum across my back. My body was full and I loved every minute of it. I had to focus intently on holding back orgasm after potential orgasm. I shut down my mind. I had no idea how I was accomplishing it.

I stared at the LED lights on the TV and removed myself from the moment. The sound of the woman being fucked on screen disappeared. I ignored the intense pleasure I was feeling and took myself out of my own body. I looked over at Bobby sitting in the kitchen, watching. Watching him watch me stirred something inside me and I looked away.

When the video had ended, I had no idea how many times my ass had been violated. I didn't care. All I could think was, "I didn't cum!" I had accomplished it!

The men left and Bobby turned off the saddle, took the gag out and released the restraints. I lifted myself off of the dildo and let out a "WOO HOO!"

"What are you so happy about? You're covered in strangers' cum." He almost sounded disgusted.

"I didn't cum!"

"That's not a celebration in my book."

"You have no idea. That was the most difficult thing to fight off."

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