tagBDSMPaid Vacation Pt. 03

Paid Vacation Pt. 03


Chapter 6

Right after lunch they spotted a small island which James said was their destination and began to circle the end to approach the other side. As they swung around a point, a deep cove became visible with a wide white sand beach. There was a dock at one end and the men expertly crewed the craft along side where Bob and David jumped ashore to anchor lines around cleats on the dock.

Earlier the girls had had their cuffs put on and now, after they stepped onto the dock, had their hands clipped together behind their backs. Just as the men were finishing with this a tall man, followed by a tall woman emerged from a path through the bushes. The man wore only a brief, French cut bathing suit. He was well tanned and, as James had said, solid muscle. Not bulging, overdeveloped weight lifter muscles, but solid cords which showed beneath his skin. His shoulders were in keeping with his height and to Alison looked like they must be a meter wide. There wasn't an ounce of fat showing anywhere and he tapered to a narrow waist and hard, round buttocks. His dark brown hair was worn medium short and a wide smile lit his face. As he approached and greeted the men Alison saw that the smile went all the way up to one of the bluest sets of eyes she had ever seen. She decided that for this she probably would be willing to have her rear end beaten raw.

Coming right behind Max was a woman who must have been Elsa. She stood close to six feet tall, had very blonde hair which fell to the middle of her back, and eyes that, while not as blue as those of Max, were still a very deep intense color. She was obviously younger than Max, although Alison would have guessed that Max couldn't have been past forty if she hadn't known otherwise. Elsa looked to be in her mid twenties until she got a little closer and Alison revised her guess up to about thirty or thirty-two. She wore only a small string bikini bottom, leaving her large, firm breasts bare. Her tan looked like it, too, extended smoothly everywhere. She greeted each of the men with a tight hug and an open mouth kiss and then both she and Max turned to the women as James introduced each of them.

Alison found that she immediately liked both of them. But what surprised her the most was that she found she wasn't in the least embarrassed to be meeting them naked, with her hands bound behind her back. At the frank inspection of both Elsa and Max, Alison found that rather than embarrassment she was feeling turned on. As Max and Elsa moved down the line of women they made friendly comments and casually let their hands touch them, sliding across tits and around curving hips. If Alison's hands hadn't been bound she would have probably returned the action.

Max turned towards James and said, "These women are lovely. Where do you find them, James? If you're tired of them, I assure you we'd be only too happy to keep them here."

James laughed. "Not likely, Max. I agree they are all lovely and have incredible talents. You can't have them, but they might be interested in playing a few games the next couple of days."

Max turned towards the women. "Is that so? If you beautiful women want that I'm sure Elsa and I can accommodate you. I can think of very few things I would like better than abusing and loving your lovely bodies. What about you, Elsa?"

Elsa smiled widely and said with her slight German accent, "I could not agree more. Perhaps we can show them something these five men have not. In fact we may keep them so busy James and his crew will become frustrated."

Max quickly said, "We wouldn't want that to happen. We might want him to bring them back sometime. Maybe the men can keep busy with Michele and Anne."

"Oh, you have other guests?" James asked.

"Just the two," Elsa answered. "You know us." She turned towards the girls and asked, "Did James tell you about our playmates?" The women nodded or gave short replies indicating they had some idea, but not a lot. Elsa went on, "We have two young women here now. Both are students and both are nineteen. Anne is on holiday from England and Michele is an American, but her mother is from France. I think you will probably like them. They like playing BDSM games and they love sex of all kinds." She turned back towards Max. "That reminds me they are waiting for their punishment right now."

Max grinned and explained, "It seems that at lunch Anne spilled a drink but Michele said it was her fault for bumping her. So now both will receive a proper correction. Perhaps you would like to watch and afterwards if the men wish to become better acquainted, they can."

Max and Elsa led the men and the bound women up the path into the brush. After about fifty meters the path opened onto a wide clearing with a small house at one end.

The house was a low, spreading, tropical design, but what caught everyone's attention was out on the lawn at the side. Here, about fifteen meters from the house, were a number of upright posts and other constructions. With their backs towards two of the posts were tied a pair of naked young women who must have been Anne and Michele. Their ankles were cuffed tightly to the post bottoms, but rounded bulges higher up the posts caused them to arch forward, thrusting their breasts out. Their arms were spread open and tied to horizontal crosspieces.

Alison could see chained clamps dangling from their hardened nipples. Both girls were shaved bare.

Max led the group over by them. The first girl was a blonde about five nine. She had a firm curved figure with somewhat smallish breasts which looked larger against her slim build. Her narrow waist accented her tight, rounded ass and her light, clear, skin indicated that this was probably the English girl, Anne. A second later this was confirmed as Max introduced her to each of the ten.

The second girl had dark, almost black, hair, now worn in a pony tail. She was only slightly shorter, maybe five seven, and had large, rounded breasts. Her waist was very narrow and flared into rounded hips that were all smooth muscle with no fat. She had legs which seemed almost too long for her body. Michele spoke distinctly American English and said, "Nice to meet you. Max said you'd be here for a day or two so maybe we can have a chance to talk later."

Anne had a friendly, open face and a smile that lit up all the way to her eyes. "Hi," she said. "I'd shake hands or something, but as you can see I'm tied up right now."

Kelly laughed and answered, "Well, so are we. And I don't think these guys will settle for a handshake anyway."

Anne looked at the men in a frankly appraising examination. "I certainly hope not," was her answer.

"That makes two of us," Michele said. "But I think right now we're going to be a little busy." She looked over to where Max and Elsa were shaking out a couple of whips they had produced from somewhere.

"Are you really being whipped for spilling something?" Alison asked. "I mean are you two really slaves here?"

Michele laughed. "No, we're just here for the fun and games, sort of like you guys from what Max has told us. Anne and I really get turned on from this stuff and we haven't really been whipped in a couple of days. The spilled drink is just an excuse. And don't worry. If it gets to be too much, we can call a halt anytime. Is that how you guys do it?"

"Yes," Alison replied, "we have safewords. But James has said Max and Elsa play a little rougher than we do."

"They definitely play rough," Anne put in. "But never enough to do any real harm. We might have marks for a few days, but nothing permanent. Except these." She looked down to where two small gold rings hung from the ends of her nipples. "Max put these in a week ago and Michele is going to get a pair tomorrow."

Alison looked at the rings with fascination. "You mean Max did those here? Like pierced ears?"

"Something like that," Anne replied. "If we ever get tired of them, the holes will close the same as an earring hole. But putting them in is a little different. Maybe you can watch Michele get hers tomorrow. Now I think we're going to be a little busy." She looked over to where Max and Elsa, each with a whip in their hands, were coming towards them.

"Help me position these wenches over the pits," Max said, and a grinning James and Ken moved to join him. The two girls had their clamps removed and were released from the posts. They were led a few meters to where there were two constructions about ten feet apart. Each of these consisted of a horizontal bar about eight feet long, set between two uprights at a height of seven feet. There was a piece of plywood on the ground directly below them.

The girls were moved so that they were each directly below the beams and their wrist cuffs were fastened to chains, spreading their hands four feet apart. A five foot spreader bar was attached between their ankles leaving only their toes touching the plywood. "Now," Max said, "I will warm these naughty girls and Elsa can deliver their real punishment. I think Anne can go first." He nodded to James and Ken and Alison saw Anne give a little shutter of either fear or anticipation.

James and Ken moved to the edge of the plywood and began to pull it away. Alison was surprised to see that it had covered a shallow pit, perhaps two feet deep, seven feet long and two and a half feet wide. When the wood was removed, Anne was left dangling entirely from her wrist cuffs, her feet wide spread and suspended well above the floor of the pit.

Max moved behind her and shook out the tails of the whip he had. This was a cat with nine leather tails about thirty inches long attached to a two foot handle. He swung the whip across Anne's tight rear with a force a little harder than Alison would have expected for a warmup, but not as hard as some she had endured. The next blow, though, was harder and by the time the first ten had been delivered, the lashes were leaving angry red lines and Alison realized they were striking harder than any she had ever felt. Anne took a number without crying out, but finally they began to bring gasps and occasionally cries. Max began to move around, landing the strokes on her flanks, her stomach, legs, back and finally her breasts. For fifteen minutes he flogged her and when he finally ceased, Anne was covered between neck and ankles with red lines, including a number which looked like welts that would remain for a while. Alison did notice, however, that most of the real welts were across her rear or upper thighs.

Now Max moved over towards Michele and Ken and James removed the plywood below her also. As he began to apply the cat to Michele, Elsa moved over to Anne. Elsa had a single tailed whip with one tapering, four foot lash atop a short handle. She appeared to be expert with it and proceeded to apply it to Anne's bound form. She placed three stripes - and each blow left a stripe - diagonally across the girl's tight buttocks. Then she added three from the other diagonal. She wrapped the leather around from behind and placed a stripe first on the top and then the bottom of each breast. Then she repeated with two which wrapped around to have the end snap directly on each nipple. Each of Elsa's lashes had brought a scream from Anne, but Alison noticed she seemed to be becoming more turned on also. She certainly made no move to stop the torment. Elsa placed several stripes on the inside of Anne's thighs and finally brought one directly up between her legs to snap against her hardened clit. Anne let out a piercing scream and convulsed into a hard orgasm.

Elsa stopped the beating and waited for Max to finish "warming up" Michele. She then proceeded to treat the second girl in the same way with much the same results. During this Anne hung from her wrists. Max moved over towards her and began to fondle her tits and stroke the insides of her thighs. She shuttered at his touch, obviously appreciating it, and Max motioned the men over to join him. Soon all six were feeling her up and fingering her while Anne convulsed through another three orgasms. When Elsa finished with Michele, the men replaced the plywood beneath Anne and moved over to play with the second girl.

Elsa moved over to Anne and called the five girls over. She unsnapped each of their wrist cuffs and told them to release Anne from her bonds. Sue and Barb removed the spreader bar and Anne slowly moved her stretched legs back beneath her. As Kelly and Alison released her wrists, Anne stumbled slightly and Alison instinctively put her arm around her back and under her arm. Anne's skin felt burning hot and while the smooth skin was raised slightly in places from the whip, it didn't appear broken at all. Anne quickly regained her balance and turned to smile at Alison. "Thanks. I guess I'm still a little weak."

"I'm not surprised," Alison said dryly. "That looked like a pretty harsh whipping. It must have hurt like hell. Do you really get turned on by that?"

Anne managed a laugh. "Didn't it look like it? Actually it wasn't as bad as it looked. It did really hurt, but Max and Elsa know how to make it sting without any real damage. I'll hurt a bit this afternoon and the marks may last a couple of days, but by tomorrow - or maybe even tonight - I'll probably be ready for some more. Probably not this severe, mind you, but some spanking or whipping anyway. And, for that matter, right now I'm still incredibly turned on and hope these guys are into gang bangs."

Kate laughed and put in, "They certainly are that. I expect you and Michele will both be fucked at least five or six times this afternoon."

Anne gave a little shutter. "Oh, I hope so."

Allison asked, "How did you get into this stuff. I mean I'd played a few spanking games but until the week before last I'd never done much else. I'm still not sure I could stand a whipping like that."

"If you've only started playing games, probably not. I guess I found out that a good birching turned me on while I was in school in England. And yes, they still do that. Bare ass caning for almost any infraction. Anyway when I started dating I got a couple of guys to paddle me before sex and found it made it really hot. Then I got involved with one guy, four or five years older than me, who was more into this stuff. He introduced me to some heavier bondage and gave me my first whipping with a cat. But he wanted to get into the master-slave stuff too much, so we broke up after a few months. But by then I had found just how hot I got from this stuff. Anyway, I met Max and Elsa a few months ago, we spent a weekend together, and they invited me here for my holiday. I'm certainly not sorry I came." She laughed and added, "And that's mostly what I've been doing since I got here - coming and coming and coming."

The girls laughed with her. "I would expect that Max has a pretty healthy appetite for sex," Kelly commented.

"That's for sure! And so does Elsa. I'll bet Max has managed eight or ten times a day at least and I lost count of my orgasms at twenty the first day. I've been here for almost two weeks. Max and Elsa were both here for a few days and then Max had to fly back to New York. He came back last week for two days. That's when he did my nipples. And then he was gone again until three days ago. Michele got here last week and Elsa has been here all along. Even when Max is gone there's no shortage of sex." She looked directly at each of the five women. "Maybe we can all have a big orgy before you go."

Alison squeezed her legs tightly together. "I think I'd like that," she breathed, almost to herself. Looking around she saw that the men had released Michele and were bringing her over towards them. James had picked her up and was holding her facing him. Michele had her arms wrapped around his neck and his hands were holding her hot, red bottom as her legs wrapped around his waist. As they started towards the group of women a couple of the men let their fingers run between Michele's legs and along her crack and Alison could see her quivering reaction. "Looks like the guys are ready for a little action," Alison warned. "I think you're probably going to get your wish, Anne."

Anne was breathing a little fast already and said, "I certainly hope so. I'd like to spend the next hour or so on the rape rack and I'm sure Michele feels the same way.

Alison was a little startled by the term "rape rack," but then thought that it wasn't surprising. After all the boat, where she had first heard the term, belonged to Max and Elsa. "Well, maybe Max and Elsa will keep us busy while the men enjoy you two," she suggested.

From behind her Elsa said in her faint accent, "That we will. I am sure Max will want to try each of you and, for that matter, so do I. Maybe I will even mark some of this lovely bare skin. I think you will enjoy Max. Do not you agree, Anne?"

Anne grinned and replied, "I'm sure they will." She turned toward Alison and the other women. "Wait until you see his equipment. It's in keeping with the rest of him."

Alison felt a small flood between her legs as she thought about this comment together with Max's nearly giant size and hard muscles.

The men arrived and Max said, "Why don't you take these two over to the porch and let them have something cool to drink and a few minutes to recover. Then I'm sure they would enjoy being placed on the racks." He pointed off to the side where Alison could see something resembling the bar she had been tied over on the boat.

Ken scooped Anne up into his arms and as she put her arms around his neck, leaned over and tugged at her nipple ring with his lips. She let a small sigh escape her lips and wriggled her bare body against him.

Max then turned towards Elsa and the women and said, "Maybe we should go over to the shed. That is, if you lovely ladies would enjoy a little hot torture and rape."

The girls giggled or laughed a little, but Sue looked directly at Max and said, "By all means. I'm Sue. Fly me."

Max threw back his head and laughed a deep roar. Then he reached for Sue and lifted her onto his shoulders as if she were a child. She let her legs be pulled against the front of his chest where Max slid his hands up her thighs and she wriggled her bare pussy against the back of his neck. Elsa draped an arm each around Kelly and Barb, letting her fingers brush across their nipples, and started across the yard after Max with Kate and Alison following close behind.

They moved about thirty meters to where a large building stood. This structure was about thirty by forty feet with a slanted roof, eleven or twelve feet high at the front and sloping to eight at the rear. It was closed on the two short sides and had a canvas wall forming the rear long side. As they approached, Alison saw that the front could also be closed with a roll down piece of canvas. There were large screened windows in both the fixed and canvas walls. As they entered and looked around, Alison discovered the entire space was set up as a big BDSM play room. There were chains hanging from the roof in many places, rings on the fixed walls, and a number of posts, X-frames, sloped poles and other structures. There was a wide variety of benches, tables, and other furniture for binding a victim in any number of positions. Along one of the fixed walls was a series of cabinets and drawers which Alison felt sure contained a vast collection of devices. A whole series of different types of whips, straps, and paddles hung on the wall.

Max swung Sue down into his arms and carried her over to a padded bench that looked a lot like a carpenter's saw horse. Except that this horse had a cross piece about four by six and heavily padded with an imitation leather material. Max stood Sue at one end of the horse and asked her, "Would you like to feel the cat a little first?"

Sue was breathing rapidly and had been getting more and more turned on. "Yes. You know about our safe words, right?" Max nodded. "Then I want you to see how much I can take. I've never played nearly as hard as Anne and Michele seem to, but I want to see what a little rougher play is like. Whip me until I call 'Yellow Light." And then fuck the daylights out of me."

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