tagGroup SexPakistani Wife Succumbs to Lust

Pakistani Wife Succumbs to Lust


Even the best of us can succumb to temptation.

Hi my name is Shazia. 22 years old. I am of Pakistani origin but live in the UK having married my husband 2 years ago, who was from the UK.

I have big green eyes, small mouth but with thick lips, small nose, white skin, long black hair and some nice curves but very slim waist.

I am the daughter of a really pious man who is a respected religious leader and have always conducted myself in a manner be-fitting this position.

I never dated or even looked at any boys before I got married.

After I married my husband was my everything. He is a kind man and works hard in his own business. I worship him and will do any thing he asks me to. We don't have children yet. The doctor says it will be hard because of something with my husband.

I enjoy sex with him but it is very straight forward. Never even thought about using oral or anal because it is forbidden for us.

I wear a head scarf in front of other people but sometimes I like to wear the face veil for added privacy. I have seen lots of black, brown and white guys where we live and even on tv. I never thought anything about them, definitely not sexual stuff. Well it's not right for a Pakistani girl to think about that with black guys or white guys, is it?

My troubles started about 6 months ago. As I mentioned before I had never ever looked in a bad way at any man before and never felt sexually excited by any guys before other than my husband.

But this changed when my husband brought home 2 of his colleagues one night, after they had finished in the gym. He had offered them food saying I would have made something nice they could also share. As they were close friends they joined us in the main dining room and we ate together. However it was most uncomfortable for me.

Let me explain. 1 was Tino also known as Tiny. 'Tiny' my ass! 6 ft 9 inch tall and very big rippling muscles. The most rugged and sexy features on his face. I found out later he also plays American football. The other was Mike who was 6ft tall and with incredible looks. Deep blue eyes and blonde hair. Chiseled facial features. So gorgeous to look at.

I found my eyes wandering after almost each bite to take in the handsome faces and hot bodies of these men. My heart beat would quicken each time as I took in every line, every feature. How could someone be so attractive? I would think. Occasionally they would notice me staring and look across. I would look away quickly. They would smile the most sexy beautiful smiles. With each mike I felt my heart melting inside.

Soon we retired to the living room where we had tea. We joked together playfully and I was totally captured by the warm and loving nature of these men. I was almost falling in love with both of them while my husband was sat right there next to us. Sadly the night ended and they went home.

I almost dragged my husband to bed a rode him like a wild animal that night and he noticed the difference.

"So what got you so hot?" he asked.

I remained shyly quiet, almost ashamed at myself.

Then he also asked about why I kept looking at Tino and Mike during dinner. Again I stayed quiet even though my face went totally red.

He pushed the questioning about them a little more and I just went redder and my throat went drier as I got scared that he had noticed my glances. He just laughed and said that he understood as they are really good guys and all the girls in their office think they are really sexy. He said that they slept with so many girls both from work and outside work. Real lady's men. He also kept talking about how well endowed all the girls said they were. All this talk was getting me hotter as well as I was imagining them having wild sex with some bimbo from the office. He looked at my face and laughed as he saw how red it was with the excited blood running through it. I got on top of him and rode him again really hard until we collapsed and went to sleep.

Some weeks past and I have to be honest I was almost constantly thinking about them. My heart would race each time when I would picture their faces or think of them. At night I would lie awake thinking about them. As the days went past i was thinking more and more about them. I have never been madly in love but this must be close to it - and with 2 guys?

One day out of the blue my husband announced that Tino and Mike would be here over the weekend to help with some garden work as he couldn't do it on his own. My mind went absolutely mad for the next few days thinking about it. My heart seemed to go into hyper mode and my heart beat was racing all the time for the next few days. I couldn't think properly about anything else other then seeing those 2 again.

On the Friday night I lay in my bed wide awake unable to sleep. At 2 am the phone rang. It was my husband's aunty. I didn't get on with her and we didn't speak a lot. It sounded important and so I just woke my husband and gave him the phone. His face was serious. Then he put the phone down. "My uncle has died. I have to go there right away" he said looking stunned. "There" was 200 miles away. But he washed and dressed quickly. I knew that If he went now, he wouldn't be back for a few days.

As he was leaving the house I remembered and shouted "what about your friends and the garden?"

"Just let them in when they arrive. They know what to do" he shouted back.

And with that I went back to bed trying to get some sleep. But my mind was even more active now and i struggled to sleep but eventually I fell asleep.

"Briiiiiing" "what the hell? why is our doorbell ringing?" I thought. "Oh crap" I thought. "I remember. It's the guys." They kept ringing the bell again and again really impatiently. Half asleep half awake I stumbled downstairs in my nightie and opened the door. Tino and Mike were at the door.

"Hello" they both quickly beamed and then stopped as they both looked at me.

Oh shit. I hadn't realised I was still in my short nightie which barely goes to my bum, has a very low cut top and is virtually see through. In my hurry I hadn't got my gown either. Embarrassed I motioned for them to come in so I could shut the door and quickly go upstairs to put my gown on. I said to them my husband said you know what to do so just carry on. I also explained that my husband would not be here as his uncle had died. They both offered their condolences and then cheekily just grinned at each other whilst looking at me. I gave them a scornful yet playful look and went upstairs.

My mind and my heart were all over the place I came back downstairs to secretly watch these two hunks work. It was such a hot morning that after a few minutes they took their tops off and were working up quite a sweat. Their bodies were muscular and I could see every muscle ripple. Sweat dripped off them. I watched the tight shape of their asses as well. Everything was just driving me in to a senses overload. Then I would snap out of it when they would look back and see me looking at them and then smile to them selves. This went on for about an hour. Leaving me in a physical and mental mess.

Then Tino came to the doorway asking where the weed killer was.

"I think it is in the top shelf in the kitchen. I will get it" I replied. I clambered on to a small step ladder I had in my kitchen forgetting I was still in my slippers. I reached to where I thought it was. Now almost on tip toes.

"Can I help?" Tino asked coming inside and standing right front of me by the ladder.

I got really nervous with this man so close to me in my kitchen I quickly responded "no it's ok. I will get... aaaaahhh" and slipped falling forward.

With the awkward way I slipped my gown fell open. Tino went to catch me and his hands went straight in through the gown. So it was almost off. I landed on his chest as he caught me in his big arms and held me tight. His head was level with my tits and I was above him looking into his eyes. Panic hit me first but I did not move, i was mesmerized by his eyes. Brown but so deep. His square jaw so sexy. His dark black skin. The contrast to my white skin was so sexy. his rippling neck muscles his juicy lips... and then ...

Oh my god... I did it...!!

I found my self instinctively leaning forward and kissing him. Almost hungrily savouring those gorgeous lips. Oh god what have I done I thought. I pulled back to see him looking at me smiling now. He tasted like heaven to me I wanted more. But what would he think of me. How do I tell him I want more. Was it right to do that? I had no idea what to do. Then he took the initiative and took me by total surprise. Instead of kissing me back on my lips he leaned forward and started to lick and mouth my breasts. Loud gasps escaped my lips.

As my head pulled back I was suddenly aware of the vast difference in our physiques. He was huge. I was like a little toy doll in his arms compared to his overall size.

But honestly I wanted to have him. Something deep inside me wanted him. I wanted every inch of his body. He sensed my willingness and just ripped off my nightie with one snatch of his hand.

My heart was racing as he kissed me so lovingly. He lowered me down so I was standing but my legs were shaking so much if he hadn't held me so tight I would have collapsed.

His lips tasted so good. Whilst i was lost in his dizzying kisses, suddenly his tongue slipped past my lips. It danced against my tongue. He held me tight and probed my mouth expertly, prizing my tongue out and sucking it as well. I was drooling like a baby totally enjoying this amazing sensation and electric jolts going through my mouth.

His hands found my tits again and as he gently flicked and rubbed them my first orgasm was triggered. It was like a rush of energy just swarmed through my body setting it on fire as it went through ending in a intense rush in my brain. I couldn't believe I had been made to orgasm so intensely just from kissing and touching my nipples but I was so worked up.

He held me tight and continued his assault right through my orgasm until it subsided.

As he released his hold I collapsed down to to the floor on my knees, resting my head at the top of his thigh. He looked down at me smirked and unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled his cock out. That site is one I will remember for the rest of my life. He pulled out what to me looked like a thick black snake. When I first saw it honestly I thought it was a fake. I havent really seen any man's cock other than my husbands but no humans cock could ever be like this I thought.

I reached out like I was in a trance to touch it. It was so beautiful yet angry and frightening. My hand closed around it. He laughed as he saw my hand could only make it half way around his shaft. I started to tug on it moving the skin up and down. It gave a violent twitch in my hand as it stiffened.

What I did next surprised even me. I leaned my head forward and started to lick it. Slowly I tried to suck on the head but it was too big for my mouth. I continued to lick and suck it with my lips and tongue.

"Fucking hell!!" I heard the exclamation shouted. Oh shit it was Mike. I had totally forgot about him. I stopped and pulled back not sure how to recover my dignity as he walked in.

"Yes dude. Now that's what I am talking about!!" Mike laughed. Tino laughed as well as they actually high fived.

"It's ok hunny. We share everything." Tino reassured me. I didn't know how to react.

"Like that makes it ok?" I thought.

Before I had a chance to think about it Mike had pulled his jeans off. I drew my breath in sharply as he pulled his cock out of his pants. He was half hard and not as big as Tino. It didn't look as frightening as Tinos. It actually looked...Well... nice. My decision was made. I reached out and pulled on it a few times.

"Good girl" I heard him mutter laughingly.

I moved my head forward and took him in my mouth licking his head all the time. No lie, it actually tasted good. I looked up at his face. The most handsome and sexy face I have ever seen and I knew I wanted to give myself to him totally. I licked his shaft and head up and down applying lots of spit. All the time looking into his gorgeous eyes. I reached out with my hand and stroked his washboard hard stomach. It was like a athletes body. I stretched my mouth around the head of his cock and lowered it down taking him deeper and deeper. All the time my eyes locked on his. He then held my head in his hands and started to force it really deep into my throat. He would hold it in for about 10-15 seconds making me choke and gag. Then he would pull out and then fuck my mouth with hard and fast strokes. Again and again he did this routine, slapping hard into my cheeks that were now bright red and raw with the roughness of his fucking.

Impressed by this, Tino shouted "she's a natural born cocksucker" and pulled me to him.

Poor Tino. No matter how hard he pushed his cock was just too thick. It wouldnt go in my mouth. I stretched as far as I could and he thrust forward with all his might. But it wouldn't go in. In the end I licked his head and shaft up and down until I got him rock hard.

Tino backed away now and took off his pants and socks completely. He lay me down and started to suckle like a baby on my tits and nipples. His hand went down and found my pussy. This he slid a finger inside. I was so wet yet was so tight around his digit. "Damn girl you are tighter than a virgin. How small is your husband's cock? He hasn't opened you up at all" Tino mocked. I said nothing. I knew it was true. He wasn't even in the same league - size wise. It was like a young boys cock compared to these real men. He continued rubbing in and out. Around then back in, then out. Teasing me so much my pussy was dripping now I felt him force a second finger in. I hissed as the feeling of being stretched so much drew pleasurable feelings. Then he found my clit. He flicked and rubbed it.

He leaned down and took it in his lips whilst licking it with his tongue "oooohhh god!!" Again and again incoherent mutterings escaped my lips.

He was driving me crazy. He would flick it and lick it sending bolts of pleasure through me.

He sat on the dining table in the kitchen. He picked me up and sat me on his lap facing him. I felt so small on top of him but so eager to have him. We kissed and kissed. He milked everything out of me.

And then I felt it. His gorgeous cock was poking at my hole. Slowly slowly he kept pushing it upwards. I got wetter and wetter but was sure this "thing" would never go inside. I was wrong. He gave me a really hard push. I felt the head push through. "Aaaaahhhhh Uuuugggg ffffffff." Involuntary gasps and noises escaped my lips. Slowly slowly he inched his monstrous cock into me. This was the first time I had ever had sex with someone other than my husband.

With each thrust escaped a "AAAAAAHHHHHH" from my lips as I couldn't contain my pleasure.

He took about 10 minutes but he finally bottomed out inside me. I looked and about 5 inches was still outside. I wanted him to fuck me hard - and he didn't disappoint.

He held my shoulders and started going for really hard stokes, pushing as hard as he could. The tightness of my pussy made it so difficult. Way too tight for him.

After about 10 minutes of this he stopped still and then he held me tight - I realised why. Mike was behind me now gently pushing his fingers and spit into my bum hole. This is totally taboo in my faith. I couldn't let this happen. I looked back to say something. Each time I looked at him my heart raced. I could not deny my heart's true love. My body's true lover. I wanted to submit to them both totally and in every way. Despite the pain I was determined that Mike would have my ass hole. He continued fingering like this for 5-6 minutes until he felt I was opened up enough. He placed his cock on my anus and gently rocked forward...

BRIIIING BRIIIING BRIIIING. OH CRAP. It was the phone ringing. What a time for it to ring. Mike passed it to me. I quickly pressed the answer button.

"hello" I enquired.

"Hello darling it is me..." came back the voice. oh shit it was my husband. "How are you?" He enquired.

"A bit laid out" I cheekily quipped.

The guys sniggered.

"Hey are the guys there?" he asked.

"Yes baby" I answered.

"Put the speaker phone on" he insisted.

I pressed the button and It came on.

"Hi guys" he shouted.

"Hi" they both shouted back.

Then Tino did something I didn't expect. He pushed up hard. Driving a stifled scream from me "Uuuufffffffff".

My husband paused for a second. Unsure of what he heard.

"Is everything ok guys?" he asked.

"Yes" they shouted back. Laughing at my predicament.

"Have you got everything you need?" He asked them.

"Yes i have" Tino replied.

"But I haven't." said mike. "But I am about to" and with that he drove his cock into my ass hole really hard.

"HYYYYY MAAAAAA" I screamed as half his cock got buried in my ass.

"It's ok I got what a needed now" Mike mocked.

"What did you cry out for darling?" My husband asked.

My pain could not be concealed as they both rocked back and forward inside me.

"Sorry I could not contain my grief about uncle ji dying," I said through gritted teeth. The two guys sniggered.

"Come on sweetie you never really liked uncle or aunty" my husband was semi convinced by my cover up.

Mike rammed the remaining half of his cock all the way in drawing a loud "hhhhhhhhaaaaaa aaaahhhhhhhhh" from me. When the pain eased I quickly said "I am so upset though. Especially for you it made me cry a lot. And i am still upset now" covering up my last outburst.

"Oh baby. You are the best." He said believing that I was upset for him. The 2 guys now started pulling out further and ramming in real deep. I am sure the noise from the fucking and the table thumping and creaking must have been heard but I wasn't going to stop. I put one of my hands across my mouth to stifle my screams.

"Guys please look after my angel for me and make sure you do what you can to make her happy." My husband requested naively.

"Of course we will mate. We promise we will make her very happy." Mike responded in mock honesty. All the while I could feel him pistoning in and out of my ever loosening hole. Tino laughed at this too.

I could feel an orgasm building so intensely in my pussy and my brain. I wished my husband would just go. But then he started to tell me about who was there at the funeral and what they were saying and doing. Mike and Tino held me tighter and started really pounding into me. Each stroke was bringing uncontrolled gasps from me.

I was sure that my husband could hear so I changed my sounds to "uuuhhhh's" with each rammed thrust so it would seem I was just acknowledging his conversation. Mike climbed on the table now and really went for it hard. I gritted my teeth as I felt my orgasm building.

Unsure about the noise my husband kept asking "baby are you there?"

"YES YES YES YES" I shouted back through gritted teeth as I started to cum really hard. The most intense orgasm I have ever experienced racked through my body. I gritted my teeth hard as sweat ran down my brow and all over my body. I thought he must be able to hear the pounding on the table now. Then Mike went absolutely mad and pounded my ass hole hard.


"Baby is everything ok?" he asked again.

I couldn't hold back any longer and shouted "YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" as the most intense part of the orgasm hit me. I felt a gush as a mass of juices gushed from my pussy flooding Tino. Who in turn held me down really hard filling me deep in my womb with his seed. My body went into a sort of spasm with the intensity. I nearly blacked out.

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