tagGroup SexPam's Adventure With The Team

Pam's Adventure With The Team


Pam was the new girl in town only been their two weeks and wanted to meet some of the locals. She decided to go to the local football club and introduce her self to the team after the game, the guys bought her drinks all night and she was making friends easily.

After the Club closed the guys and Pam went to a house six of the guys were renting together. It was a nice house with a pool and spa, a couple of guys asked Pam if she would like to join them in the spa. Pam did not have her swimmers and she wore her bra and panties to swim in the spa. She had drank a lot throughout the day and was feeling rather daring so being dressed like this was not a problem for her. Pam talked and joked with the guys as they had a spa. The talk started to get dirty and that was making Pam excited by the moment. She could feel the warmth start to come from her pussy.

The two guy’s liked to watch her dressed like this and as she was getting out they asked her if she would like to, put on a strip show for them. She needed to release some energy that was built up in-side of her and agreed to give the guys a treat because they had done so well on the football field. The show would be held in the lounge in 10 minutes. Pam then went to the bathroom to put on her make up and get ready while the guy’s arranged the room so Pam could dance.

All six of the guys were sitting in the lounge waiting, as Pam appeared she drank the last of her scotch and the music started for her to dance to slowly, she made her way around stopping at different guys dropping pieces of her cloths in their laps. Excitement filled the room as this was the most thrilling thing that she had ever done. Pam finally got down to her bra and panties with the guys were clapping to the music.

She needed to have her bra undone she sat on one of the guys laps as he helped her slip it off. He also cupped her breasts in his hands and squeezed them which gave Pam an extra thrill, she loved to have this many men looking at her while dressed like this. Pam then danced around the room letting all the guys touch her breasts and running their hands over her. One guy ran his hand across her bottom and feeling the inside of Pamela’s thigh. She liked to be touched like this and was growing wet by the moment. The guys continued to cheer and clap to the beat of the music as the show continued before them.

The panties were the next thing to come off and she made the guys wait until she was ready to let them see her pussy which by now was wet. The panties were pushed over her hips and sank slowly to the floor. A loud cheer filled the room she was now naked in front of these six men and was loving every second of it. All the guy’s were growing hard watching her dance like this and Pam wanted to please these guys more. She then made her way to a chair that was set up on the other side of the room and put her leg’s up on the arms so the guys could see her pink pussy.

She then started to run her fingers along her slit pushing one finger into herself, she continued to do this as she went starting to push a second finger into herself. The guys were watching her not moving their eyes from Pamela’s pussy as she continued this assault. Pam increased her speed and pushed a third finger into herself, giving soft moans as she started to orgasm. Bucking her hips faster and faster as it approached. The guys were loving every second of the show and eager to give this girl what she was craving for. Pam slowed her hips after her orgasm and as she opened her eyes and asked who’s first guys.

The guys were all very horny and were ready to give this woman the fucking she so badly needed. All the guys now had his cock in his hand pumping it slowly back and forth. Andrew the biggest of the guys moved over to Pam and was fondling her breasts as she put his cock in her mouth swallowing as much as she could and moving her head into a rhythm. Another guy Chris was pushing his cock into her trying to get as much as possible in her pussy. Two of the others Gary and Brien had moved to her breast’s and were sucking and teasing her nipples which was giving Pam a great thrill. She was loving the feeling of cock in her, it had been so long she had almost forgot what it felt like. Pam was bucking her hips as the rest of the guys moved around her. Pumping their cocks as Pam was being fucked in front of them.

Andrew was about to blow in her mouth and Pam was ready to swallow every drop that was pumped into her mouth. His cock started to blow come down her throat and Pam was buzzie swallowing the load feeling like a cheap slut and loving every minute of it. Peter put his cock in front of her face next and Pam quickly put her mouth around it. Taking the head to the back of her mouth and sucking eagerly wanting to please Peter with her mouth and tongue.

Chris was fucking Pam to the point that she was bucking her hips like a piston moans of passion coming from her with every stroke that was pushed into her cunt. Pam eyes were closed as Peter pulled his cock out of Pams mouth and started to cover her face with come. Peter then started to rub his cock over her face and dipping it into her mouth while she swallowed spunk greedily.

Pam could feel the orgasm building up in her as Chris continued to fuck her she had never been fucked like this before and she was loving every second of it. Her pussy was meeting every stroke from Chris. Gary stopped sucking her breast and pushed his finger into Pam’s arse. Pam came instantly and gave a loud moan as Gary pushed his finger into her arse as far as he could. He then worked his finger in and out of Pam’s bottom she moaned with every stroke as these men had their way with her.

Brien pushed his cock in her mouth and Pam pushed it down her throat and sucked the cock with a skill that she was devetching by the moment and Gary knew that he could fuck her arse soon. He continued to push his fingers into her and Pam moaned every time. Her eyes were closed and Gary could see that she was enjoying this assault. Pam pushed herself onto Garys fingers and then Gary drove a his finger into Pam for a few more minutes he then withdrew his hand and started to push his cock into her arse Pam bucked her hips slowly as the cock was pushed into her bottom.

Gary fucked her slowly at first and Pam loved the feeling of his cock in her arse he tried to push his cock in a little more each time. Pam could not believe the feeling she was getting it was like nothing she had ever felt moans came from Pam constantly. Gary fucked her getting faster by the moment. His cock was almost all the way in Pam’s arse and she started to come. A cock filled her mouth and a cock filled her arse. Peter then moved into position and pushed his cock into her cunt the two guys could feel the others cock inside Pam as they were fucking her. Peter drove his cock into her and Pam rubbed her clit in her fingers. Knowing that she was nothing but a cheap slut and loving every moment of it.

On line.

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