tagGay MalePanama Ch. 04

Panama Ch. 04


James watched the ring of the boy's asshole as it clung to his cock, extended like a set of puckered lips on the way up and inverted as it was pushed up inside of the boy as he rode down the shaft of the big cock until he sat flat on the older man, completely inhaling the cock with his tight little ass-pussy.

James' eyes traveled up the lads ass crack, pass the swell of his girlish hips, up the slim back to the boy's head which was pressed into Frenchy's crotch. James thought that the sandy blonde color of the boy's hair looked fragile and frail against the black forest of hair that covered Frenchy's body. The boy's body was shiny with sweat as he face-fucked himself while at the same time he ground his ass against the dick that was fucking him. Scotty was so hot he could hardly stand it, he was hungry for the load that he knew was building in Frenchy's balls and he longed for the hot wet feeling of James' cum shooting deep into his ass. Just the thought of what was coming his way made his dick jump.

The men exchanged grins as the two of them watched the young man they held pinned between them. The sloppy wet sound of his fucking asshole competing with the grunts and slurping noises escaping past Frenchy's dick in his mouth, as he applied himself to getting his two men off.

They had reason to smile and feel quiet proud of themselves as they had succeeded in their efforts to turn the virginal young man into a cum hungry slut. Six days ago the young, eighteen year old, man had no idea what sex was, having never experienced it with another person. Now, well, seeing is believing, and anybody seeing this boy at work could tell he loved every minute of it. James, the Boatswain of the deck crews, was a driver of men. He drove one now when he growled, "I want to feel that ass, I want to feel that ass sucking on my dick." James slapped Scotty's ass cheek, making a loud explosive sound and leaving a bright red handprint. "Squeeze that cock, work that ass, ahh, yeah, that's what I want." He could feel the boy's ass muscles clenching and squeezing, trying to milk the cum from his dick. "You fucking beautiful slut, Goddamnit, don't you stop, don't you dare stop." James grabbed the boy's hips and used them to help hammer his cock into the spasming asshole, chanting with each stroke, "don't you stop."

Every second stroke he slapped a different ass-cheek until Scotty's ass glowed with a hot red heat you could see. "Don't you stop" he drove up hard into the boy, his hand slapped hard against the boy's ass, and stayed there holding the ass up as James let his cock slip back out until just the head was still inside. "Don't you stop," he drove up as he let the boy's ass fall down forcing a grunt out the boy, as he bottomed out in him, "work that ass, don't you stop."

Frenchy could tell that the boy was on the verge of cumming, so he told him. "Wrap your left hand around my ass, and take your right hand and play with your dick." He felt the boy's mouth slide deeper onto his cock as he fell forward, but he kept sucking and was able to stabilize himself with his one hand on Frenchy's ass. Now every stroke the boatswain made forced the boy to fall forward onto Frenchy's cock, and the chanting of "Don't you stop" gave everybody the same cadence as the three men rushed to climax together.

Frenchy got there first as the boy's head was pushed hard forward by one of the boatswain's thrust into the boy's ass, driving his dick deep down into Scotty's throat. The muscles of the young man's throat, gasping for air and trying to swallow around the dick lodged so tightly inside his air passage, became so intense and strong that they provoked the climax that they had been rushing toward, giving both men the release that they sought. Frenchy felt his cock swell and jump as he blasted his cum deep inside the boy, pressing Scotty's head into his pelvis, keeping his dick embedded as deep as he could.

Scotty's senses were being pushed well beyond where they were designed to go. The feeling of the dick in his throat swelling up even larger, completely filling his throat, choking off his air as it spewed it's cum directly down his throat into his stomach. It hurt. It hurt his throat as well as his asshole to have a large hard cock forced into them, and Scotty to his joy, had found he loved to suffer that special hurt for his men. Involuntarily Scotty felt his ass muscles clamp down hard on the Boatswain's thick cock as his own smaller dick shot its hot cum onto his belly and the Boatswain's legs.

Behind him, Scotty heard the boatswain bellow as he pushed up hard into the ass of the young man, simultaneously pulling that sweet ass down on his impaling cock. Grinding up into that deliciously spasming orifice, forcing the air from the lungs of the young man held, spitted by their two cocks, between them. Spraying the boy's bowels with his hot seed, forcing the almost deliriously sucking ass down hard against his belly, going as deep as his short squat cock could go. "Get it boy, don't you stop", the boatswain said through the teeth gritting intensity of his orgasm, "don't you stop."

Frenchy let the boy suck for as long as he could stand it and then pulled his still hard cock free of those thick sensuous lips, a string of sticky cum connecting the empty mouth to the hard cock. A pretty picture, Frenchy thought, as he pushed his cock back between those two lips and let the hungry mouth lick and suck him clean. He gently stroked the boys head of fine blonde hair, amazed by how soft and womanly it felt, wishing it were longer. After a moment he pulled free again, turning the boys face up so he could see his eyes, "you are getting to be a first class cocksucker."

The naked young man was nearly hairless, his skin shiny with sweat as he sat astride the boatswain's cock, his ass muscles still working on that thick shaft. Looking up into Frenchy's eyes, his boyish face covered with a mixture of slobber and cum, he smiled, an action that used his entire face, "thanks, it was my pleasure" he said licking the cum from his lips and then he closed his eyes and began to rock and grind his ass on the boatswains cock, lost to his own passion.

Frenchy slapped the boatswain's leg, "Scotty has to get to the galley or Obst will be raising hell." The budding man-slut continued to grind his girlish ass, his eyes still closed, his mind in some dreamy fantasy built around the sensations of the cock up his ass. "Come on you two, we don't want to fuck this thing up by being stupid about it. Come on Scotty, climb off that thing and get dressed." James knew that Frenchy was right and reluctantly slapped that sweet ass one more time. "Okay, jump off and get dressed Slut." He slapped the ass two more times, fast and hard, startling the boy out of his dreamy state of mind. "Jump up for now, go take care of your dinner shift and we'll see you here at nine o;clock."

Scotty carefully pulled himself off James' cock, the girth of the thing always left his asshole gaping open for a bit before it could get back to its normal shape. Being the boatswain, James got off on giving commands, being a slut Scotty got off on obeying. When James said, "Sweet Cheeks, show Frenchy how I opened that hole of yours today," Scotty didn't hesitate; he turned around and stuck his ass up for the Dayman to see his gaping hole. "Yeah, you stretched it a bit but nothing like Obst's boot is going to do if you ain't there in five minutes." Frenchy spun the younger man around and forced him erect on his feet, his eyes going down the body of the boy, finding the kid's dick still semi hard, truly a natural born slut. "Wash your face and get dressed or you are going to be late. We don't need Obst causing any trouble, so go do your job. We'll see you tonight."

Scotty slipped his shirt over his head and pulled on a pair of jeans, the boatswain had forbidden him any underwear, and slipped on his shoes without socks. Picking up an old towel he wiped off his face, grinning at Frenchy as he did. "You tasted so good today, I love belonging to you guys, I love making you happy." The boyish young man laughed out loud saying, "I love getting you two off so much that it gets me off just thinking about it. I mean I just had my brains fucked out of me, and I am already looking forward to tonight." And then seeing the clock on the desk, "hell, I got to go."

Scotty went to go out the door but Frenchy pulled him close with his arm wrapped around his shoulder and planted a kiss on top of his 'Beatle' haircut. "It was great kid, see you tonight," and then released him letting him leave to report to the second cook, Obst.

The boatswain made no effort to get up, rather he lay on the bed with a sour expression on his face. "I don't like this shit, we need to get the kid into the deck crew where we could have complete control. As long as he is working for Obst, he ain't really ours"

Frenchy agreed completely with the Boatswain but how do you manage that? The deck crew was full, so they would have to get rid of somebody, that wouldn't be easily done while at sea, maybe when they reached port, they could do something. But, even if they managed to do that, how would they get Obst to let his Dining Room Orderly go and leave him shorthanded in the galley? For the life of him, Frenchy didn't see a way to make it happen.

"We need somebody in the deck crew to have an accident or get sick or something like that. We need an opening for Miss Scottie to fill." James got two beers from his cooler and using a can opener popped two holes in the top and handed it to Frenchy, repeating the process on his own can and taking a big swig of the cold beer. "I want you to replace the overhead steam line on 'B' deck, put some of the O S's on it and hide all the pipe wrenches except for the thirty six inchers."

The Boatswain, seeing the puzzlement on Frenchy's face explained further, "look a guy working overhead with a long heavy wrench might lose his balance and grab hold of the hot pipe to keep from falling, burning his hand. Then we would have an opening on the deck crew for our favorite slut. For my part of this I'm going to start the men to shushing all the cables, nasty work with all that grease on your hands, somebody could get hurt there too."

"Yeah, I can see how a man could lose his balance working on a ladder with a thirty six inch pipe wrench. I'll see what I can do." But inside Frenchy was afraid that they were going to get a man hurt for no good reason because they still had to get Obst to let the boy go. "I don't know about you but I worked up an appetite, I'm heading to the mess."

"I go with you," James said as he rose from the bed, "you know this kid is the hottest piece of ass I have ever been around. I ain't ever knew anybody, male or female that loved to fuck like him. I want to see how far we can take him." The Boatswain looked to his best friend, "do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean and I agree a hundred percent." Frenchy shut the door behind them and they headed off toward the crew's mess, "I just don't see how we can get him away from Obst."

The two friends found a table and put in their orders, watching Scotty as he worked taking the food to the tables. Frenchy nodded to Obst and Gus sitting across the room having their supper. Scotty came and took their orders and even though he was trying to not to draw attention to himself, he still came across as sexy in a feminine way.

When the young orderly walked away four sets of eyes watched. Frenchy noticed that they were not the only ones interested in the boy's actions and tapped James on the arm. "Watch Obst, look at the way his eyes follow our boy as he does his work."

James did begin to pay closer attention to the second cook's interest in Scotty, as a plan began to take shape in his mind. "You're right Frenchy, this could be something we could work with."

As Obst watched the trim young man go about his duties he was remembering what Gus, had told him. As ship's orderly, Gus washed all the ship's linens and towels and he had told the cook about the blood, cum, and shit stains he had found on the boy's sheets. Now as he watched the boy do his job he couldn't help but picture him performing sexual acts and it was having an effect on him as he felt his dick hardening.

Over supper tonight Gus had confided to Obst that he thought the boatswain and Frenchy, the Dayman, were both hitting on the young man. The second cook felt a touch of envy as he thought of the two men using the boy's body. Obst wasn't queer but he had been known to take some comfort from young men in the past and Scotty was a very girl-like young man, once again he became aware of his erection pressing against his pants. It had been a long time, maybe too long

When Scotty took James and Frenchy's food to their table he was surprised when the boatswain pulled him down so he could talk to him without being overheard by others. "I want you to make yourself attractive to Obst, rub up against him when you get the chance, let him know that you would fuck him. Make him want to fuck you, find a way to stay in his cabin tonight."

Scotty was shocked to hear what the boatswain was telling him and looked to Frenchy to see if he was smiling like it might be some sort of joke, but Frenchy just nodded his head in approval of the suggestion. The boy stood there for a moment thinking of the cook and how he had shared his taxi that night in Panama, if he had those sort of desires he would have tried something that night wouldn't he? Then he said, "I don't think that Obst is like that, I wouldn't know what to do anyway." Scotty hastened to add, "I can't do that, what if he tells me to go to hell, how could I still work with him after something like that?"

A hardness came into the voice of the boatswain when he said, "I ain't asking you to do anything, I'm telling you to do something and you damn well better do it. If you don't want your uncle to know what a cocksucker you are, you better do what you're told." As if that ended the discussion he let go of the boy's arm, and ignoring the questioning look on Scotty's face, turned his attention to his plate of food violently spearing a piece of bloody steak on his fork and jamming it into his mouth, leaving the younger man to stand for a moment in a shocked silence as his position sunk in. Frenchy had a good idea of what Scotty was thinking, it wasn't so much the thought of sex with the cook that worried him, it was the thought of rejection and the exposure of his willingness to be a slut, that's what really frightened the boy. He motioned for Scotty to come closer and when he stood beside his chair said, "The cook's been eying you like cat does a canary, he wants you, we can see it in his eyes. It's the only way we are going to be able to get you transferred to the deck crew. So do what you love to do, be our slut and make this guy want to fuck you. Hell, knowing you, you'll love every minute of it once you get started." "Do I still come to your room tonight when I get off?" Scotty asked.

James and Frenchy exchanged a quick look and then in unison replied, "no."

The boatswain continued, "I imagine Herr Obst is going to keep you plenty busy tonight," giving Scotty an evil smile he told him, "I've heard from some whores that he's into bondage and that sort of shit. You're in for a long night if he is as kinky as I've been told. Now get the hell out of here and start acting like the whore-slut you are."

Unexpectedly Scotty felt that tingly feeling that precedes sexual excitement as he walked back toward the table where the man he was supposed to screw sat with the big black orderly, Gus. "Hi guys" both men gave him a friendly smile as they moved their arms to allow him to remove the dirty dishes, both shook their heads no when he asked, "y'all want some more coffee?"

Scotty could feel their eyes on his body as he walked away, it gave him a sense of power to know that they wanted him. He liked the idea that he could choose from among them who he wanted to please. But could he get the second cook to let him stay with him tonight like the boatswain had ordered him to do? He had no idea how to flirt in such a way that he could get out clean if the play didn't work.

One of the many duties of the dining room orderly is to bus all the tables, wipe them down and then sweep and damp mop the deck after every meal. At the end of his shift though he had to really swab the deck with hot soapy water. He was filling the mop bucket with hot water, watching the sudsy bubbles rising above the buckets brim, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked back over his shoulder into eyes of Walter Obst.

"Leave this for this night. I have something else I want you to do for me." The stout little white haired man motioned impatiently with his hands at the bucket of water. "Put away this mess and then meet me in the cooler." The second cook walked from the dining room without waiting for scotty's reply.

Fifteen minutes later Scotty walked down the dark passageway that led to the cooler, two decks below the dining room. It was cooler down here so far beneath the waterline and darker with a dim light bulb every twenty five feet or so casting small puddles of light on the dark painted deck. Opening the cooler door flooded the passageway with light for a moment as Scotty stepped inside to meet the man he had to convince to fuck him. Scotty had the crazy thought that if Santa Claus were to shave his beard, he would look like the second cook. The old white haired man sat on a stack of wooden coke cases, he motioned for Scotty to sit beside him. Obst didn't speak very good english and he knew it, so he cut to the chase. "I hear stories about how you are girly boy for the boatswain." His clear blue eyes peered out from under his bushy white eyebrows, "Is that truth?" Scotty couldn't look into those eyes, he hung his head and silently nodded yes.

Placing his hand under the boy's chin Obst lifted Scotty's head. "It is not something to be ashamed of, you are who you are. More important is how you feel, are you happy, are you liking having a man in your mouth?"

The thick fingers of the older man felt warm against the soft skin under Scotty's chin, the thumb a mere couple of inches away from his lips. The cook's eyes held the boy's until the boy nodded 'yes' once again.

Obst let his thumb brush over the young orderly's slightly parted lips, "So, tell me, do you suck on the boatswain's dick because he wants you to, or do you suck because you want to?"

The boy was breathing heavier now, Obst could feel his hot breath on his thumb.

After a long silence Scotty at last said, "both."

"Both," the older man said as his thumb danced across the boy's lips teasingly, "both. You suck men's dicks because you like it, not just because they want you to. You let them put their dicks in your ass too don't you?" Obst's thumb was now circling the oval of the boys opened mouth.

Scotty was getting so excited by the actions of Obst, he wanted to touch him and be touched by him, but somehow he seemed to understand that the Cook was in charge, He sat still and let the thumb brush against his lips, he wanted to suck it into his mouth but he didn't. Instead he gave a single word answer to the question, "yes." "You want to kiss my thumb don't you?" Obst let his thumb stop skimming across the boy's lips, it stood straight up, the fleshy ball of his thumb almost touching the boy. "But you don't, you wait. Do you know why you do that?"

Scotty spoke against the man's thumb feeling his lips brush against the man's skin. "No sir, do you know why I do that?"

"You've waited long enough, why don't you take it in your mouth and suck it while I make explanation to you" Obst crooked his thumb toward the opening of the boy's mouth and held the eyes of the boy as he sank his face onto the offered thumb. The strong suction and hot heat of the wet mouth were exciting but those eyes of the boy were making promises that Obst was going to see that he kept.

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