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Panther-Wolf Cub


Thea's POV

I looked down at her cuddled in the covers sound asleep, I sighed, and stood up quietly trying not to wake her, but she stirred anyways.

"Thea?" I looked back down at her.


"Is something wrong?" She asks sleepily.

"Well, not wrong." She sat up her russet hair in disarray, and her lips puffy from too many passionate kisses. She cocked her head cutely, and put out her lip, her eyes blue electric still dull from sleep.

"If not wrong, then what?" I sat down, sighing again.

"Kristy it's not that I don't enjoy making love it's just..." I cut myself off, and dropped my head in hands not sure how to go on. She scooted herself up to my back pressing her bare breasts to my unclothed back, she pulled my hair back, and kissed my neck, gently.

"It's just...?" I lifted my head up, and held her gaze.

"We need something new to do in the bed. I know you were so naive in making love with woman, but surely a man has asked for some variety?" Kristy shook her head slowly, looking me dead in the face.

"They never stayed long enough to get tired of routine." I swallowed, and followed the path of her cheek bone to her chin with my thumb.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset. We just need to mix it up a little, you know?" I said as gently as I could, I saw her face pain, and she turned her face away. I pulled her face back to me, and looked deep into her gorgeous eyes. "Don't be like that, you know I care about you." Kristy's eyebrows creased, and her face became pouty. I shoved her, she let out a surprised gasp as I straddled her, and growled in the back of my throat.

"Thea, calm down." She said my name gently, and soothing, but I would not be shut down like this. My fangs slid out, and I nibbled her neck wanting to pierce her skin, and drink her mind blowing blood. "Thea, don't hurt me." Kristy voice filled with dread, and fear. It stabbed at my heart, and my fangs slid back in. I sighed, and pulled Kristy close.

"I'm sorry, Krissy." I said her nickname, hoping it would sooth her. "I'm just mad at everything." Kristy nodded, and I smiled at her, I put my face back down in the valley of her breasts, and nuzzled them getting a moan of approval.


"Yes, darling?"

"What would we do else in bed?" My head

jerked up with the hugest smile ever.

"Threesome." Kristy's face was a mix of horror, interest, and fear. "It wouldn't hurt us, love."

"A threesome? Thea, not so sure..."

"Oh Krissy you will like it trust me."

Kristy looked at me with her hair in a mess, and her face in thought.

"Well... I guess." I squealed, and nuzzled her neck.

"Thank you babe, your the best." She giggled.

"Yea, I know."


I looked around the club, smelling everything seeing if there was a worthy fuck around, disgusted that everyone was taken, and ready to shack up with someone else, I prepared to leave. That's when an intoxicating smell retched my nose, I spun around and saw her. She was a good five feet perhaps three or four inches to my five foot ten inches, curvy in just the right places, the bride of her nose sparkled with light freckles, pouty lips, and eyes of a goddess. Piercing blue eyes that read your soul through, and through, looking at my favorite asset literally her ass was well shaped, toned and high. Her hips wide on her petite frame, long legs, and for the grand finally her breast.

DAMN! My eyes fell out of my head, she was wearing tight ripped jean pants, and a black tank, her breast were almost falling out of the tight restraints of her bra. I took a deep breath, threw the shot back, and waited for her to sit. She took a seat at a booth, and look nervous, she shifted in her seat and bit her lip. She looked around the room slowly, her eyes flickered to me, and they stayed for a moment showing interest, when I kept her gaze, she looked startled and looked away.

Shy. Very cute. I watched her for another minute, and I saw some guys give her a good look, and they prepared to walk up to her. So I looked at them smiling, and walked up to her before they did. Mine my mind growled, she is gonna be mine. The girl was looking down at her hands, and watched me from the corner of her eye. I smiled, at her.

"Hi, I'm Thea." I said, in the most sensual voice I had. She gazed up at me her eyes snapping me to keep in her memory, like a picture.

"Kristy." She stuttered her name out so it sounded like 'Krissy.' I giggled.

"You stuttered darling, is it Krissy or Kristy?" She blinked, and blushed a bright red.

"It is Kristy, but if you want you could call me Krissy." I smirked.

"Krissy it is then. To tell you the truth my real name is Atheana, but no one calls me that in years." Years is an understatement, more like centuries.

"Well, its a old and pretty name, is it Latin?"

"Everyone asks that, no it's Greek. Ancient Greek for healer of mother, and garden." Krissy blinked.

"It's a very pretty name."

"Thanks, can I sit down?" Krissy, bit her lip, and nodded. She slid in more, and I sat down a good six inches, planning its all about how you go about it.

"So, what is a pretty girl doing here all by herself?" Krissy shrugged, and sighed.

"My friend recommended this place, he was suppose to come with me, but he caught another guy outside the bar, and told me we'd hang out later. I didn't want to go home, so I just came in."

"Why did he recommend it?"

"He said, quote I need to experience all of life also he thinks I'm a repressed lesbian." I snorted, lovely guy I will have to thank him.

"Well, what do you think?" She cocked her head, and thought about it, her words going too fast in her head for me to listen to.

"He could be right, but you never know I guess until you try." I nodded. "So what are you doing here?"

"Trying to see if this pretty russet haired color girl is worth talking to, so far yes." She blushed.

"I'm bad at this, but are you flirting with me?" I chuckled, and leaned back in my seat.

"Honey what do you think? My eyes were practically raking your clothes off." Her blush intensified, and she looked away.


"Yes, Krissy really." She cleared her throat, and tried to dumb down her blush.

"Another subject would save my face from sliding off from the heat. Do you have any siblings?" I never really wanted to talk about anything personal, but this girl got to me as that other brunette had, it made me feel weak.

"I have a twin, Trenton." Her eyes popped open.

"Trenton Vantenio?" She asked.

"Yea, you slept with him? Most every girl has."

"Then your Thea Vantenio oh my, I should leave." I held her shoulder, and looked at her.

"Why? So who cares if he's my brother?" Krissy's voice went into a whisper.

"Thea my pack wouldn't allow me to be with you, for one your a vamp for two your a girl." I snorted.

"Your a Were, sweetie I've done all the Elders in most of the packs in this area." I shrugged. "They won't mind as you may think, is that all?" Krissy bit her lip, and nodded, I brushed a piece of hair that had fallen in her face away.

"If your sure, but Thea I need to make something clear."


"If something is going on with us I will not do a one night thing or just a friends with bennies. I've had enough of that with selfish men." I stiffened, I've never really had a relationship, I was just as bad as my brother use to be I was a born 'n' bred player. I licked my lips and took a deep breath.

"I've never had a real relationship before, I've just slept with people, but if you want one then I suppose I could learn." I was amazed at my lack of selfishness for this petite woman, and my whole world tilted as her face brightened into an spectacular grin.

"That's really sweet of you Thea, but just to warn you I've never been with a woman before so, I guess we're both in uncharted waters." I nodded, I guess we were.

"Do you wanna get out of here. For a movie perhaps?" Krissy's face contracted in thought, her hand brushing her hair out of her eyes.

"Sure, why the hell not. Tonight then?"

"Yeah, tonight. Which movie do you wanna see?"

"How about not politically correct wizard of Privet Drive?" Ha ha so my girls a little funny is she now?

"Sure babe, sounds like a good time. We can applause Rowling on her originality, but condemn her wrong version of witches, and wizards." Krissy smirked, nodding.

"Should be fun, come on we may be able to get the last show." I stood up letting her past me, I saw her purse on the bench I picked it up, and walked up to her.

"Forgot something Kristy?" I held out her purse, she giggle, and took it.

"Yes, I should mention I forget things

easily." My lip quirked, and we walked out of the

bar, my hand 'accidentally' brushed her hand a few times. She didn't pull away, and when I directed her to my car--that Trenton decided I needed so I stop borrowing his, it was a purple Jaguar-- she took my hand in hers, and I gave myself points.

What did I say about planning? Perfectly executed there Thea.

I watched Krissy from the corner of my eye her hips swishing gracefully, arms by her sides, and her chest taking deep breaths as if she was trying to calm herself. I decided to take a peek at her thoughts, zoning in I kept my pace slow and concentrated on going to my car, and her thoughts swirling. I was pretty good at multi tasking.

Ok, Kristy calm yourself down, so what if she's letting you hold her hand? That's normal isn't it? She must show some kinda of affection with everyone why else would she sleep with so many people? (Who says she sleeps with a lot?) I just assumed she did, damn now I'm making her sound like a whore, oh FUCK! Can she hear my thoughts? Sorry if you can!

I started laughing, her eyes slid guilty towards my face, and I just smiled,

"Krissy calm yourself, I don't think thinking so much is helping with that." Krissy gasped, and blushed brightly.

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean-" I cut her off.

"It's fine babe, I am somewhat of a whore, but I've never asked for money before. Hm, that's a thought though." Krissy looked horrified, and I cracked up laughing again. "I'm just kidding, jeez Kristy." Krissy sighed.

"Your gonna be the death of me, I can't keep up."

"You need to be more laid back, besides I can find better ways to die more fun ways." Krissy blushed. So cutie here got the dirty joke? Great!

"I'm sure you can, so are we going then?" I nodded, and we came up to my Jaguar, pulling out my keys and unlocking the car with the buttons, I motioned her in. She tentatively open the door, and slid in, I climbed in turn the car on and revved the engine, turning the radio up my rock station blasted my favorite song I love rock 'n' roll by Joan Jett. "Great song." Krissy commented, I nodded agreeing with her.

We pulled up to the town's cinema, and parked right by the door, I got up and pulled the door open for Krissy, she nodded her thanks, and we walked to the door. The night was crisp, and it was silent our shoes crunching the frozen ice, and snow on the ground, with the wind whipping Krissy's hair. She didn't have a coat on.

"Are you cold?"

"No, my body tempter is pretty high so this is like mild fall to me."

"Neat, by the way you didn't tell me what kinda of Were you are, and what Clan you are from."

"I'm a panther Were from the Uslin Clan." I smiled, a little hell cat.

"Ah I see a sleek kitty cat, makes sense. Later on tonight can I see you phase?" Krissy

thought for a moment.

"I don't see why not, but don't laugh I'm a freak panther."

"Why would you say that?"

"My eyes match my human ones, it's rare, but it also makes me a freak."

"No, it does. It just makes you lucky. So another question your first name seems familiar, whats your last name?"

"Marts, my brother is Jason Marts."

"You mean your brothers the one who Kira has the hots for?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"My brother use to fuck Kira or date which ever he claims."

"Jason's mad about that one, he wants Kira for himself, keep this one to yourself, but he told me that she may be his Mate."

"We all know that."

"No like his Mate his true one."

"Is he sure of it?"

"No, he never is, but he still tries to get her to be with him, and he's been turned down a lot. Usually he gives up, but he wants her to much to. It's kinda sweet really." Then my phone rang I sighed and answered it.

"Hey Trent, I'm a bit busy, do you need something?"

"No, nothing I just have good news."

"Ella told you she loves you?"

"No, that is still a no. She hasn't which is depressing, but I have just as good news."

"What is it, spill."

"Your gonna be an Aunt." I felt like someone just punched me in my stomach and I let out a groan. I was happy for Trent, but this sent a wave of longing through me I wanted Ella myself." "You still there Thea?"

"Yup, I'm here. That's great news Trent, and I'm happy for you." I knew Krissy could see the pained look on my face, I would never let Trent know how much it hurt me she loved him, and not me or that I backed off for her. Something I've never done before.

"Are you ok with it?"

"I'm fine Trent, really. Go be happy, and say hi to Ella for me."

"I sure will thanks Thea, and bye."

"Bye." Krissy looked at me, and put a hand on my shoulder.

"You wanna talk about it?" I felt like she would understand that she would do anything to help someone not suffer more than possible.

"My brother just told me he's having a baby."

"That is good news, why do you look like you want to cry?" My eyes had betrayed me.

"He's having a baby with a woman I just met, but stupidly fell in love with. I will not let him know how much it hurts, how much I envy him. Ever. It would hurt him just as much it hurts me, he doesn't know it, but Ella is madly in love with him, and he can't see what's right in front of him."

"Oh, gods Thea I'm so sorry, is there anything I can do?" Heal my wounds and make me love you?

"Don't hate me for loving someone else while we're together. I need to get over her."

"Done. I couldn't hate you for something you couldn't control. So are we gonna go watch this movie?" I nodded, and we headed to the front doors.

* * *

Kristy's POV

I directed Thea to my Pack Grounds, but she shrugged it off saying that she remembered. And we started talking to each other about ourselves. Thea held my hand, and squeezed it every once in awhile.

"What's your favorite color?" Thea asked, seeming very interested.

"Green. You?"

"Purple or red." I nodded, and thought about my question.

"Have you ever had sex with a guy?" Thea snorted, and shook her head.

"I was close once, I was twenty, and I wanted to see if I liked guys or if I was what I thought I was, a lesbian. Turns out I'm very much a lesbian as I screamed when I saw his junk, and ran out of his house never to return. That was a scary thing, and I was half vampire!" I nodded, and waited for Thea to ask her next question.

"Can I see you phase sometime, you didn't do it tonight." That was a question that caught me off guard.

"Sure, that seems like a thing to do." I took a breath, and asked mine.

"Thea, I'm not sure how to put it, but I like you a lot. And I was wondering when it seems like a good time, when we get to know each other better, could you teach me how to you know?" Thea's eyebrows quirk.

"To make love with another woman?" I bobbed my head yes, and blushed. Thea turned to me, and gave my face a soft brush with her finger.

"Of course I will, I have a feeling I will be teaching you soon, though." I quivered at Thea's touch, and silently agree with her, my body was on fire with one simple, and affectionate touch. Thea smirked, reading my thoughts probably, and pulled up to my Pack Grounds.

"Well, guess this is it, will I see you soon?"

"Tomorrow, met me at the town pizzeria at five pm, and I'll pay for something for you to eat, also we can talk more."

"Alright, sounds like a date, I'll see you later then, bye Thea." I was about to open the door when she stopped me by placing a hand on my shoulder, I turned back to her. She licked her lips, and leaned closer to me, I knew she was about to kiss me, and I leaned closer to her, my lips brushed hers, and fire erupted through my body, I pushed my lips firmer to hers. She pulled my body closer, and I wrapped my arms around her neck moaning, I've never felt so good kissing someone before.

Thea bit my bottom lip gently, pulled it into my mouth, and tugged on it a bit. It was pretty sexy, and I pulled back enough to place little butterfly kisses around her jaw, and back up to her lips nipping her were she had dimples. When we were both out of breath I pulled back, and leaned my forehead on hers, licking my dry lips I muttered,

"Now, that was a kiss. I'll see you tomorrow at five, Thea." With that I pulled back again, gave her forehead a kiss, and got out of the car, I then, sauntering towards my cabin feeling on cloud nine.

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