tagBDSMPanties and Punishment

Panties and Punishment


"Jennifer, get in here, now!"

I hear the unmistakeable boom in Your voice, and I'm concerned. You seem to be very upset, but I am not sure as to why. My mind quickly flitters around, and tries to figure out some simple reasons.

I enter the bedroom where You're standing. And then, I see what is scrunched up in Your hand.

You're holding a pair of my panties, and I know only too well what has angered You, now. For, even as a general on-looker couldn't know- I know for sure that You can feel how wet they are.

That truly can mean only one thing- I'm in trouble. I'm in lots of trouble.

I think back quickly on that first day when I somehow "scammed" my way into getting You to give me a ride home. . . What an incredibly sexy and fun time we've shared ever since. What started out as an innocent flirtation by a little 18-year-old girl who really didn't know what she was doing, has bloomed and shown itself as a very dear and extremely erotic Dominant/submissive interaction.

Knowing how well I can usually please You, I quickly submit myself to a very contrite stance. However, due to the fact that You have suffered through a very trying and demanding week, You're focusing on and are ready for a tension-reliever of Your own type. . .

You tell me to strip. You tell me to lay across the bed with a couple of pillows tucked under my middle, so that my arse will be up and on display.

As I'm sure I'm to be punished, I'm not scared- I'm strangely excited. I am however a little worried, for I don't recall ever seeing You this upset or stressed out. . .

You address me with a stern tone.

"Now, Jen. Why would I find a pair of your panties crumpled on the floor in the bathroom? And more importantly, why would they be so very wet?"

I'm nervous and tentative, but I know I must answer honestly or be punished much more severely. . .

"Well, Sir. . . I guess I was trying to hide them. . ."

"Why would you want to do that, little one?"

"Because I did something really naughty in them, Sir. . ."

"What did you do?"

As sweetly as I can muster, I begin to tell You how I had awaken in a very horny state that morning, but because You had already gone for work, I didn't have a legitimate way of seeking a proper outlet. . .

I snuck onto the computer and viewed some lesbian porn. . . Of course, all those images of lips and nails and hands roaming across tits and asses and bush got me more stirred up. . .

I couldn't help it. I took the largest dildo I own and fucked my dripping wet pussy as hard and as deep and as ferverently as I possibly could. . .

I also had to explain that because my panties had been left on, and were just pulled down a bit below my cunt line, all of my girly juices and cum liquids had dripped out and all over them. . .

They were soaked. I changed into a fresh pair; but not wanting to mix the messy ones in with the general laundry, I had scrunched them up, tucked them behind the base of the toilet, and had hoped to get back to them, rinse them out, and then hang them to dry less suspiciously.

Unfortunately, between my chores and other subbie responsibilities, I lost track of time and the soiled panties had been forgotten. . .

Until now.

You put the panties right in front of my face and shove them up to my nostrils.

"You are such a dirty little slut, Jen! You're gonna smell those for a few minutes. You're gonna really know just how naughty and impish you have been!"

I could smell them- It wasn't all that unpleasant, but as You were shoving them so forcibly, I was about to gag.

I couldn't see You because of my facedown position, but I could hear your belt rattling about. Now, I am a bit more concerned- You've never used Your belt before. You've used Your bare hand- You've used a flogger, but You've not used your belt.

Yep, I'm in trouble. . .

"What is the rule about cumming, Jen?"

"That I may only do so with Your highest level of permission, Sir."

"Good answer. You seem to know it, but let's make sure you'll not forget it anymore, shall we?"

And with that statement, You were ready to begin a series of whops and lashes. I squirm and wriggle, but to no avail. . . And yes, it stings. And yes, it throbs horribly. But it also causes such an array of other bodily responses. . .

Both of us are worked up. Both of us are heated. You can feel some of the built-up tension leaving Your neck and shoulders as You wail away on my tender arse cheeks.

You can also feel that ever-familiar lift in Your pants. Your cock revels at the power of Your strokes- at the the power of the control You can truly have over Your little pet.

My arse is glowing a shade of red that had not yet been reached with any other punitive time between the two of us. . .

My nipples were so hardened and as I scooted and rubbed against the quilt I was laying across, each thread and stitch allowed for what seemed liked millions of fingers massaging them. . .

But even more noticeable, is the glistening of my cunt. . . For while the spanking and whipping hurt tremendously, it also aroused me beyond a normal comprehension. Furthermore, the object taking the most serious brunt of the punishment- my arse, was definitely looking for another sort of attention. . .

I dared to speak.

"Sir, please. . ."

"Please what, little one?"

I am assuming You're probably wondering if I'm going to beg You to stop. But, that wanton and newly discovered whore inside of me is going to beg for something else entirely. . .

"Sir, please. . . Please, Sir. If You may- If You'd like. . . Please, won't You fuck my arse?"

Because You feel the need to drive the memory of a punishment home, You smack me a few more times with Your belt. I yelp, and at the same time, a lust that You have power over, but want to surrender to, pushes You like never before.

You tear Your pants down, release Your aching member, and begin to pound away. . .

Grabbing hold of my arse, You can really feel as You touch my battered flesh, the heat and warmth being spread due to Your belt's fevered beating. . . Glancing both adoringly and annoyingly at my "Spank Me" tattoo, You actually sort of smile and chuckle. Yes, You understand what You have done hurts me, but it hurts me ever so well and in so many good ways. . .

I enjoy with no limits, the act of buggery. My arse enjoys with an enthralling captivation to not only be stimulated, but to be poked and prodded. Mostly, my arse loves having Your cock inside of it. I try not to show my appreciation too much, but my body will not allow me to hold it off any longer.

Your impromptu punishment, Your striking inside my arse- it's all so deliciously overwhelming. . . It's all revealing ever so truthfully and ever so bluntly, the kind of hungry pain slut that I can be. . .

"Don't you dare cum, my little bitch, or you will further see a wrath you have NEVER known!"

Somehow, I reign it all back in, and mumble as clear as I can between excited breaths, "Yes, Sir. I understand, Sir. I will not cum, till you let me, Sir."

In response to my obedience, it's as if You somehow become more horny- more turned on. You begin to really spear Your cock in and out and in and out.

Seeing how willingly my arsehole slurps around Your cock, causes it to swell and swell and swell. Then with a force that is unrelenting, a wonderful wave of both rightness and pleasure allows a large burst of Your sperm to be shot speedily within. . .

Once Your enjoyment has been thoroughly spent and satisfied, You whisper with an even more assumed authority in my ear,

"Isn't there something you want to ask Me, little one?"

I whimper back-

"May I please cum, Sir?"

Your answer almost shocks me, but it is tenderly understood and necessary-

"No, you may not. But I'm so glad you have learned your lesson."

At Your cue, and when I know it's okay to do so, I take the most awesome gift of Your cock into my mouth and lick it and suck it clean.

After, when we're both laying still all cuddly and entwined and at peace-

I say, "Sir, I'm so very sorry that I sometimes cause You so much worry and trouble."

With which You respond, "I know, little one, I know."

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