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It's funny how things happen in life. If someone had told me a year ago that I'd be selling my panties to strangers, I probably would have laughed or blushed, or maybe both. But now I realize that stranger things have happened.

It started innocently enough. I'd been selling some odds and ends on a popular online auction site, which brought in some extra money and was a fun way to clear out stuff I'd accumulated but no longer wanted. The old saying "one person's junk is another's treasure" is definitely true.

I had a friend across the country who was also selling things online, and we'd exchange emails about our auction triumphs and failures, and brainstorm ideas for items we could find at low cost that would sell well. We often shared a laugh by sending links to each other for bizarre items that we'd found up for sale. One day she sent me a link to the auction site's Wanted Board, where someone had posted this message:


My friend added, "Ewwwww can you believe that? How creepy!!" I'd known a few panty fetishists and I'd also chatted online for many years in adult areas, so I knew it wasn't all that uncommon, and I responded to my friend telling her so. I added, "I've actually thought about it, but it'd just be too weird to actually do it!"

I watched the Wanted Board for awhile after that, not surprised by the various nasty comments from uptight old biddies about the "perverted creep" and so forth, as well as the do-gooders who felt it their duty to inform everyone that the auction site only allowed used clothing sales of laundered items.

It was all amusing to me, but I didn't give it much thought until a few weeks later when I'd more or less lost my job. I'd been doing free-lance work and my top two clients had gotten caught in the "dot-com downfall" - one folded completely and the other had massive budget cuts which unfortunately included my services. My income was suddenly about 80% short of what it had been.

Finding work turned out to be difficult. I'd been getting a good rate for ongoing work and even though I had excellent references and highly-praised work to show, I wasn't able to find more than a few one-off jobs to tide me over from week to week. As I continued looking for work, I dug deeper into my closets to see what else I could sell online. I monitored the auction site's Wanted Board daily to see if anyone was looking for something I might have but hadn't considered sellable. I actually got lucky a few times that way, but it only brought in a few dollars.

Then one day the guy looking for used panties posted again, and I responded. I wrote and rewrote my email to him a dozen times or more, and my finger hovered over the "Send Email" button for a good ten minutes before I finally said "What the hell?" and sent it off. I wasn't sure if I'd get a response at all, or how I'd respond if I did, but I'd gotten two Second Notice bills that day and I'd had to charge my groceries the night before, I was so low on cash. I was desperate.

I didn't have to wait long: an hour later I got an email reply. The guy thanked me for responding and stressed that he was looking for worn, unwashed panties only. He said he didn't care about the style, size or color - only the smell. He went on to say he'd bought panties from a lot of websites that had no smell when they arrived and he was tired of being ripped off.

As it happened, I'd taken a break from the stress of job searching earlier that day by visiting a few porn sites and masturbating in my panties. I knew the cotton high-cut Hanes I was wearing were definitely NOT of the "no smell" variety, and as I wrote my reply, the thought of a stranger getting off on my aroma turned me on all over again.

I told the guy that I'd sell him the pair I was wearing for $25, not knowing if that was close to the going rate or not - I didn't even know if there was a going rate! But I guaranteed that he'd be pleased with the smell, and I gave him the payment information and sent off my email, not really expecting to hear from him again.

But my mind was racing. I stripped my jeans off and masturbated again, this time imagining someone I'd never know smelling and tasting my creamy panties. I came long and hard, and when I finally returned to my computer, I found an eager email response from my "panty sniffer" (as I'd come to think of him), along with $25 deposited into my online payment account!

I felt a delicious nastiness, and although $25 wouldn't go far toward solving my money problems, it would help some. I decided to give this guy his money's worth and I wore the same panties the rest of the day and night, cumming in them a few more times before falling asleep. When I took them off the next morning the crotch was stiff with my dried juices, and the aroma was strong. I held them to my nose and breathed in deeply before placing them into a ziplock bag, which I then slipped into a mailing envelope.

The secret contents of the envelope made me feel positively slutty as I stood in line at the post office and I'm sure I blushed when I gave it to the clerk to weigh. By the time I got home, I had to masturbate again and I knew that day's panties were already as fragrant as the ones I'd just sent off!

I figured that would be the end of it. It had been a fun way to make $25 but I just couldn't see myself finding anyone else willing to pay for my panties. But when my buyer emailed in a few days saying how happy he was and how delicious I smelled - and asked if I would sell him more - I started to think about it more seriously.

Before long I was selling a lot of panties. I'd found a few more buyers in online chat areas and my original buyer bought another pair every week. I'd gotten into the habit of putting each day's panties into a ziplock bag as soon as I took them off whether I had a buyer then or not, so when the orders came in I always had something ready to send. I masturbated more than ever, always with my panties on, and nearly all my buyers came back for more.

I even looked up one of my old panty-fetishist friends and told him what I was doing. He said it was the hottest thing he'd ever heard, and though we'd never had sex before, I gladly accepted his offer to help "prepare" my panties for sale. Now he comes over once a week or so and uses toys and his hands on me until my crotch is drenched. I can't seem to get enough of it, and he loves it so much he doesn't even want anything in return. But I give him a pair now and then as a "thank you"... he says he makes good use of them.

I tried listing auctions a few times for "worn but laundered panties, in accordance with the rules" and I slipped in a few subtle hints that unwashed panties were also available. But that hasn't worked too well: I haven't been able to come up with the right combination of hints that would get panty-sniffing buyers' attention and still get past the auction rules people (or more accurately, the snoopy tattle-tales who love to look for and report such things.)

But I knew there was a huge market out there, and before long I launched a website to sell my aromatic panties. So far it's done pretty well, and it's definitely helped my financial situation in the most fun way I could imagine. I take special orders now, including color and style choices, and sometimes I offer an "Online Special" where I'll have cybersex with someone and then send the panties I wore when we cybered! Most of the time they're very creamy, and those guys probably feel very confident about their cyber talents when they receive them.

So far I've only had a few embarrassing situations. I always seal my envelopes securely and one day I was out of mailing tape. I'd bundled up that day's envelopes and set off to mail them, stopping at the grocery store on my way to the post office to buy a roll of tape. As I headed into the post office lobby to seal up the packets, I tripped and dropped everything I was carrying. Every slippery ziplock bag slid out of its envelope onto the post office floor, the contents obvious through the clear plastic bags. The post office was especially crowded that day, and several people gave me curious or disgusted looks as I quickly stuffed everything back into place and waited in line to mail them. Although I was embarassed beyond belief, it had made my panties so wet that I sold that day's for a premium price.

Another time I had several ziplock bags of panties out on the table getting them ready to mail, when I got a phone call from a friend I hadn't heard from in ages. We'd talked for quite awhile when the doorbell rang and I excused myself to answer it. I'd forgotten the dishwasher repairman was due that day, and when I showed him the way to the kitchen, I'd completely forgotten about the panty packages all over the table! I know he saw them but fortunately it didn't turn into a bad porn movie plot, and he went about his work as I hastily threw a few magazines over them. He did give me a wink when he asked me what I did for a living, and I'm sure my embarassment showed as I mumbled some reply, but it didn't go further than that. (Later of course, the bad movie plot played out as a hot fantasy for me, my cotton crotch soaking up my creamy wetness.)

The most awkward part of this new business of mine is shopping for new panties. I live in a small town with few stores, and I have to buy new underwear every week! Most of the sales clerks around here are prudish old ladies who look down their nose at everyone, but there's a good-looking but nervous young man who works a few days a week at the local discount store. Whenever I see him, I head for his register and silently dare him to ask why I buy so many panties. Even though he never does, I can tell he's intrigued and a few times I could see that he was aroused. Of course that turns me on a lot and I can feel my crotch growing moist. Those days' panties go to my best customers, since I play with myself as I drive home, always cumming hard when I think about that clerk's own nasty fantasies about me. One of these days I'm just going to tell him that I'm selling all those panties on the internet and see what his reaction is. Maybe he'll want to join my friend in "preparing" them for sale!

I don't know how long I'll continue selling my panties, but so far I love doing it. I have far more intense orgasms now while wearing panties than wearing nothing, and I know I'm making a lot of people very happy. Sometimes I have more orders than I can fill, and I have to start a waiting list because I refuse to send anyone unscented panties. I've thought about asking girlfriends to help with supply, but I don't think I'd want to do that. I'm sure I wouldn't get the same thrill if I weren't "making" the product myself, and the thrill is even better than the money. The idea of sending my fragrant undies off to a stranger who's going to bury his nose in them is still what turns me on more than anything.

* * * * *

Copyright ©2001 sallultie

May not be reprinted without permission

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