tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPantiless Missy at the Mall

Pantiless Missy at the Mall

byBrandi Lynn©

Missy sat in her car her fingers still sticky with her juices, cheeks still burning with embarrassment, over what had happened. It all started out so simple, she lost a bet with her friend Savannah and had to wear a plaid skirt pantiless for one day, out shopping, I mean how hard was that??

Missy began walking around the mall in nothing but a short plaid skirt and shoes just after 10am. Missy had never done anything like that and although she would not admit it to her friend she was finding it was pretty exciting and a little arousing after getting lots of looks with her red and shite plaid skirt and long red hair. Coming up to her favourite shoe store, Missy saw a sign saying one day only, half price sale. Missy rushed up to shoe shop window, spying her all time favourite shoes are on sale for half price!

Missy could hardly believe her great fortune and quickly entered the shop only to realise that she had a problem with her plaid skirt. The skirt was pretty short, in-fact it ended just below her ass and if she bent down a little it would for sure, reveal her bare backside and if she is really not careful and bent down to her shoes the dress could expose a heck of lot more than her backside.

Missy thinking about this came up with a plan to just buy the shoes thus avoiding try them on. Smiling at the idea, Missy started to look around the shop to find the shop assistant so she could buy the shoes and continue her walk around the Mall in her pretty skirt.

"Can I help you miss?" asked Jessica, the shop assistant

"Ah sure, I would like to buy those shoes (pointing to the shoe) ah a size 5?" replied Jane

"Sure I just get them", replied Jessica walking out back.

Missy walked around the shop waiting for the shoes to arrive. A few moments later, Jessica came back out, "ah we have only got a 4 1/2 or a 5 1/2 do you want to try them on??"

Missy thought damn, I will have to try them on as they are not the right size. Missy stood, thinking some more, before deciding, Ok, I can do this, but I just have to be very careful when I put them on. Missy looked up at the shop assistant, hoping that she would move on and serve the other customers in the shop, but seeing she was going stay, sighed silently and very carefully lowered herself down to untie her shoes.

Jessica watched Missy trying to untie her shoes, admiring her long pale freckled legs and liking the way her skirt was riding up. She could see other customers in the store but they are not as cute as her so as far as she was concerned that they could just wait!!

When Missy leant forward to remove her shoes fat old Jessica was rewarded with a great view down the open neckline of her blouse. With each time Missy would lean forward to do something with her shoes Jessica could see a large amount of her breast. Then if she leant a little more, Jessica could swear she could see what looked like a hint of nipple coming into view. With all her bending forward suddenly fat Jessica pussy felt a little wet and the other customers in the store giving her the stare, well going to wait until hell freezes over before they would be served.

Missy continued to bend down, unaware of the view she was giving as she slid on the second shoe over her left foot, the shoe was tighter than the other one so she was having problems adjusting the strap. Missy looked up and motioned for help, Fat nasty old Jessica blushed thinking she was busted for a second realised that she needed help much to her relief.

So nervously Jessica bent down and as she did a nasty odor came from her nasty pussy to offer her assistance. Seeing the strap was somehow stuck, Jessica reached down and pulled hard on the strap the extra effort overbalancing Missy, knocking flat on her backside. The sudden movement caused the skirt to ride up, Fat old Jessica reached out to help Missy, her eyes rooted between her legs as the skirt had ridden up enough to expose her white pale freckled thighs and a sudden flash of her bare pubic mound underneath.

Missy seeing the direction of the old ladies eyes turned beetroot red, scrambling to get up. "Are you ok, miss" asked Jessica?

"Ah yes, ah, thanks for your help" stammered Missy getting up in a hurry, hoping the shoes are ok so she can leave just leave the shop, fast.

Walking around the shop, Missy sadly realised that the shoes are much too tight and knew that although she wanted to leave, she would have to remove them before she could leave the shop. The shop assistant hovered besides her seemly sensing her thoughts. Missy turned to the shop assistant saying they are too tight then looking at her hoped that she would get the hint and go away which she seemed to ignore.

Missy, still blushing red bent very carefully down, feeling the shop assistant eyes on her every move. The shoes reluctantly came off, leaving Missy wiggling her toes in relief.

Missy then looked up at the shop assistant and released that although she was embarrassed at almost showing her everything, the looks she was giving her, well it been a while since a lady had given her those kinds of looks and it felt kind of erotic to be stared at like this while just wearing the skirt and nothing else.

Missy felt a sexual rush when she noticed the shop assistant was staring again as she tried on the shoes. All the gazes, well they started to make Missy really squirm, and she started to actually enjoying the attention of the shop assistant more and more.

Missy slowed down, taking her time to try on the other, larger pair of shoes, feeling more and more daring under her gazes even at the end she showed the shop assistant a little more leg, thinking this is really fun to be looked at like this.

By now, Jessica had a wet spot on her dress as missy showed an increasing amount of leg. Jessica was pretty sure that this pretty lady was wearing no underwear and desperately wanted to find out. Missy by now was getting turned on and managed to blush a little as she felt herself getting damp over this attention.

Missy stood parading around the room trying on the shoes to see if they would fit. Walking past a mirror, Missy checked out her shoes and the short skirt, noticing that her nipples, now hard were showing through. Missy wondered if the shop assistant had noticed that, guessing with a giggle that she most likely she had. Sadly the shoes were a little too big and missy walked back to her chair to remove them.

The other customers in disgust over the poor service had already walked away. missy seeing no one was in the shop, bent down until she could feel the top of her skirt riding right up her legs. Bending over as far as she dared, Missy remained bent down taking her time to remove the shoes then looking up at the shop assistant, asked if she would mind if she could have another look at back for the shoes in the correct size for her again. Fat 300ibs. Jessica by this time would have agreed to move the moon, agreed and went out back to check again.

Missy stood feeling very naughty in the empty shop. Then spying a mirror, Missy had a wicked thought to tease the shop assistant even more when she returned. With that though in mind missy walked over and next to the mirror, bent down, watching the skirt move up and up until it exposed her backside. Oops too far missy thought with a little grin should not go that far or she will see too much.

Between the show in the mirror and the gazes, Missy was feeling very turned on, looking around the empty shop, Missy wanted very much to touch her self and seeing she was still alone quickly slid a finger up her skirt and lightly caressed herself. Missy almost let out a moan as she touched herself, quickly pulling her fingers away from under her skirt. I cannot touch, thought missy, at this rate, I will end up doing something I will regret later.

The shop assistant returned, with a pair of shoes in a slightly different style. Saying she found these and would sell them for the same price if missy liked them.

Missy was not sure if she liked the new pair of shoes but decided to try them on anyway. Once again missy bent over to put them on wearing a wicked grin as she bent right over until she was sure the shop assistant could almost see her bare bum.

Fat Jessica stood staring, wishing, and hoping she would bend over just a little more, staring at her pale freckled legs and oh so wicked skirt. While she was out back, Jessica the fat old lady could not help but touch herself wishing she were on her break so he could go into the bathroom and relieve herself.

Missy did like the other shoes but she really wanted the original pair more. Missy pleaded to get a raincheck to bring in the pair of size 5 shoes at this price, Jessica said she wished she could but really was not allowed. Missy still pleading bent down, letting her skirt pull all the way up, until she heard her gasp. Looking around missy asked if she was ok. Adding was she sure that she could not get the shoes in at this price.

Jessica could now see just a hint of her bare pussy, just the lower curves of her lips. Jamming her hands into her pockets to restrain herself from reaching down and pulling the skirt right up. Then she remembered the reserved area and wondered if a pair was in there. Jessica shouted "I'd be back in a second as she raced out back, going to check.

Missy stood up bemused wondering if she made the poor assistant go out back to relieve herself, that idea of her doing that making missy feel very hot, making her again want to touch herself as soon as she got out of this shop.

The next second, the shop assistant returned from out back, smiling, saying she found a pair but sorry they are on hold for another customer. Missy pleaded saying please is there any chance she could return later and get the pair?

The shop assistant hummed and har'd, Missy felt with a sinking feeling that she was not going to give her the shoes. She kept on saying she could get into real trouble if the owner found out that she gave her another customer's shoes while all the time staring at her skirt. Then finally she said she could not do it, right now it was not worth the risk.

Missy really wanted those shoes, even more so now after all of this. Nervously looking around and throwing caution to the wind, the way she kept on looking at her skirt, well it gave her an idea so looking at the shop assistant, Missy reached down and raised her skirt a little. While suggesting that that she could swap the shoes with the other size claiming it was a mistake. Jessica felt her eyes go wide at the suggestion watching nervously as missy raised the hem of skirt.

Missy feeling incredibly aroused slowly raised the skirt, not sure how far she would have to go to get the shoes. Inch by inch the skirt hem moved higher, still the shop assistant shook her head.

Higher the skirt went, exposing missy lower thighs. Still is slowly moved upwards now missy pale freckled inner thighs coming into view. Missy nervously squirmed, unconsciously opening her legs, a tear of moisture leaked out running down the side of her left leg. Missy was now in a nervous panic as the skirt was now just an inch short of revealing her pubic mound and still the shop assistant would not give her the shoes.

Fat old Jessica held out the shoes as bait, while motioning for the dress to go up. Missy defeated by her own actions, too far gone now to back out, agreed to the demand and lifted her skirt up until she exposed her bare mound.

Fat old 300ilb Jessica stared in delight, her eyes slowly looking upwards feasting on Missy and her bare pussy, her vulva lips and clit jutting out in view, signs of her arousal and wetness in plain sight as well as a odor of excitement.

Missy stood humiliated, taking the shoes from the very amused shop assistant, her body arousal dripping down her leg. Then quickly paying for the shoes in cash, Missy fled the shop, her face burning red. Missy sped through the shopping centre until she finally climbed into the safety of her car, then not caring who was around, Missy pulled up her skirt and plunging two fingers in between her legs moving them in and out until she had orgasmed hard.

Missy still aroused beyond belief, one orgasm later, plunged a third finger inside of her self while rubbing her clit with the other hand. Another orgasm came, followed by a series more, then eventually minutes later; weak and finally sedated Missy removed her fingers and started her car ready for the drive home.

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