tagNovels and NovellasPantomime Dwarf Pt. 04

Pantomime Dwarf Pt. 04


Chapter 06

Alan and I are part way through the first reading of my women’s group pantomime script. This reading is to see whether Alan, I, and the others can go through with the overtly sexual actions required on stage.

Alan is a dwarf. I am a giantess yet we have become more than friends. Alan was worried about the actions he is required to do. He isn’t the only one. Most of the women’s group have had unpleasant experiences with men and some, notably Teresa and Emma, were not sure that they could act with Alan.

The first part has gone well. Emma managed to cope with Alan’s close proximity. Alan has ‘performed’ with me, Emma and April. His performances are under our skirts where he has to pretend to kiss our pussies. So far so good, but…


Emma is standing beside me. She keeps her voice low.

“Yes, Emma.” I reply.

“I’m worried about my reaction to Alan.” She whispers.

“Why?” I whisper back.

“I think I enjoyed it.”

“Why not? It is supposed to be enjoyable.”

“Maybe Marie, but Alan didn’t do ‘it’. He pretended to and actually kept well away from my pussy. No. What I am worried about is that I enjoyed having Alan in such a humiliating position under my skirt. I wanted to wrap my legs around his head and squeeze hard.”

“But you didn’t, Emma. You treated Alan carefully, as he did you.”

“Yes. But the desire to hurt him was there.”

“I’m not surprised. Nor would he be. He was concerned that you might make him suffer as compensation for what men have done to you. He was scared stiff. You could have hurt him and we couldn’t have done anything about it except haul you off afterwards.”

“A man frightened of me? I’m scared of them.”

“I know, Emma. Some of them have given you good reason to be scared. Alan’s not like that. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t hurt you. He is too small. You could stop him doing anything. Any of us could. That scares him. Under our skirts during this pantomime any of us could be cruel and he couldn’t resist. Some of us have justification to be cruel to certain men – if we could. But we shouldn’t think that men did the harm to us. It was particular men who are not typical of all men or even more than a small minority of them. Those individuals hurt us, not every man. Can you understand that?”

“I wish I could accept it, Marie, but I had three men in succession who hurt me badly. It wasn’t just bad luck that I got those three.”

“No, Emma, it wasn’t. You, the others, and I all attracted the wrong sort of men. We sent out the wrong messages. We wanted powerful men and got controlling bastards. We are learning together how to survive after what we’ve been through. Hopefully we will find reasonable men who will treat us as partners and not as slaves. If not, we can always live without men as a last resort.”

“Speak for yourself!” Emma retorted. “I like sex.”

“So do I, but not if I get beaten up every time. Alan isn’t like that. With me he couldn’t be.”

“No. I can see the attraction. Alan is no threat. I liked having him at my mercy. I’m still surprised that I was merciful.”

“It takes strength to show mercy, Emma. Not strength of muscle, strength of character. Think about that. Maybe this pantomime will have a use if we learn to live like humans again instead of vengeance filled Furies.”

“Thank Alan for me, Marie.”

“No. I won’t. You thank him yourself. You are strong enough to admit your own concerns.”

Emma walks across to Alan’s armchair and squats down beside him. I can’t hear what they say over the general hubbub but Emma picks Alan up, and sits down in his chair holding him against her. She waves at me. I wave back and try to concentrate on a discussion between Andrea and April about the next scene.

Andrea finishes her discussion with April and comes over to me. She seems puzzled. She pointedly looks at Alan and Emma who are talking to each other.

“Marie, aren’t you worried about Alan with Emma?”

“No. Should I be? They are working through their fears.”

“Their fears?”

“Yes. Alan is afraid of being hurt physically or mentally by one of us. Emma is one of his more likely assailants…”

“…and Teresa’s the other?”

I nod.

“But how can you let your man – I assume Alan is yours?”

I nod again.

“How can you let him be so intimate with Emma?”

“They’re not intimate.”

“Not? He’s sitting on her lap, for fuck’s sake!”

“That way neither is threatening the other. How can Alan be a threat to Emma if she’s holding him like a baby? Or how can Emma be a threat to Alan if he has expressed that much trust in her? Alan’s concerns are only about the interaction in this pantomime. Generally he is self-confident and unafraid in social situations. Emma’s fears are much greater and she has real reason for them. Alan will be good for her. He is an adult male yet not a threat to her in any sense. Physically he couldn’t be. You know Alan nearly as well as I do except for the last couple of days. He is polite and courteous. He is not the sort of person to try and dominate anyone by denigration or sarcasm.”

“And you trust him?”

“Yes, Andrea. I trust him. He trusts me as well.”

Andrea hugs me.

“You two are unbelievable. I wish I could find such love as that. How long has it been? Two days? Yet you trust each other. Physically you are the most unlikely couple this town has ever seen yet…”

“I admit it, we’re in love.”

“You are going to have a hard time, Marie. There will be jokes about you two.”

“We know there will be. We are used to jokes about our size as individuals. They hurt but after all these years we have grown thick skins about the jokes. The novelty will wear off after a while. We’d appreciate some support from you and the group and perhaps a little bit of tact.”

“I’ll try. Most of us will be jealous but given our past that might be a good thing. It might make us realise that not all men are bastards.”

“They’re not. Our men might have been, but they are not all men. We still have to be careful. We are vulnerable to the wrong sort of men, and too prickly with the right sort. We need to rebuild our confidence and strength as women. Some of us have been so knocked about physically and mentally that we are going to find that hard.”

“You don’t need to remind me, Marie. I’ve still got the scars.”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s still in jail. He will be eligible for parole in a few months and I’m scared.”

It is my turn to hug Andrea.

“We’ll all be here for you, Andrea. So will the Police. If he comes back to this town and tries to contact you he’ll be arrested. That injunction is valid for another five years.”

“I know, but he is such a persistent and vicious bastard.”

“Perhaps you should be away from home when he gets out. You could stay with me for a week or so. If he returns your neighbours would spot him. They know him well.”

“Thanks, Marie. I might take up your offer. I will be petrified once he’s out.”

“Then come straight to me.”

“Even if Alan is with you?”

“Yes. Alan would accept you just as I would. Want to try? Go and ask him. Ask whether he’d help you hide.”

“Later, perhaps. I don’t want to interrupt his tête a tête with Emma. They seem to be doing well together. I ought to round everybody up for the second part of the read through.”

“OK. But remember that I’m here for you, Andrea.”

“Thanks, Marie. It is good to know I have friends.”

Andrea starts getting the cast ready. Emma hugs and kisses Alan before letting him go. He comes straight to me.

“Sorry, Marie. Emma and I needed to talk.”

“Is that what you call it?” I ask with a raised eyebrow. “You two seemed to be doing more than talk.”

Alan takes my hand and kisses it.

“You know what I was doing.”

I hug him to my hip.

“Yes, Alan, I know. Is Emma feeling better about men – even a little bit?”

“It’s a start. Her experiences have been all bad. If I can help…”

“I’m sure you can. So will this silly pantomime.”

“Silly? You think that too?”

“Don’t you?”

“I’m trying to be tactful, Marie. I don’t think this thing will ever be performed. Do you?”

“No, I don’t. But don’t say so. Not yet. Even these rehearsals are helping some of us deal with our fears and making us work together as a group. The script was written by a sub-committee. They have learnt a lot together, I think. Translating that script into a performance may be impossible.”

“Not impossible, Marie. It could be done. Whether it should be performed is another question.”

“I think you and I should leave the others to answer that question by themselves, Alan. They would be very sensitive to criticism from us. We are outsiders to the core group.”

“I agree. We’ll let them find out the hard way. I’d even go all the way to actually performing, if that’s what they want.”

“You’re sure? You were very worried before we came in tonight.”

“I know. I have you to defend me, and now perhaps Emma might as well.”

“She’s made that much change? Tonight?”

“I have misled her slightly. We talked more about my fears than hers. She isn’t ready to come clean about her own worries. I told her that I was afraid of being hurt during this rehearsal and asked her to help look out for me. She knows you will protect me, but now she will as well. It’s good for her to be thinking that she can protect someone else. Apart from Teresa I think I’m safe with all of you, but Emma doesn’t know that.”

“And Emma is Teresa’s friend. Are you sure you know what you are doing? She may have to choose between you and her friend."

“I don’t think it will come to that. She might have to use her friendship to stop Teresa doing something that Teresa would regret but that would be good for all three of us.”

“I hope you are right. It’s your neck at risk.”

Andrea calls everyone together for the next scene.

“Everybody! The next scene is the confrontation between Teresa who thinks she’s still in control and Marie who isn’t. Ready? Marie, off you go.”

“April, how have you avoided control by the spray?” I ask.

“It’s not easy. One time I had a sneeze coming when Teresa sprayed me in the face. I stopped the sneeze until she had gone past and then stifled it in my hand. Later in the day the previous application wore off and I knew that we were being controlled. The next time Teresa used the spray I had breathed in just before she reached me. I breathed out slowly as the spray hit me. I still get some of the effects but I can resist the compulsion if I try. You’ve had so many more doses that I think you will find it harder, Princess Marie. Try. Can you kiss Prince Alan on his lips?”

“I don’t know. Alan? Will you try to kiss me please?”

“Certainly, Princess Marie.”

Alan comes towards me. I bend down but each time he comes close I pull back and away. He tries one last time.

“I can’t kiss you if you move away, Marie.” Alan says.

“I know. I’m sorry. It’s Teresa’s compulsion still working.”

“Shall I try the other lips again, Marie?”

“It might work…”

I lift my skirt. Alan dives underneath and the skirt heaves as he moves into position. I jump as his lips actually touch my pussy.

“Alan!” I exclaim.

The others look at me. That’s not in the script. I blush bright red and get knowing smiles in return from most. Back to the script.

“I’m sorry, Alan, it doesn’t seem to be working.”

“Perhaps you need several applications,” says a muffled Alan from under my skirt. I flinch again as his lips brush my inner thighs.

“We haven’t got time,” April says. “We have to be prepared for Teresa. What are we going to do?”

I lift my skirt and push Alan out.

“We have to hide Alan from her until we have released the others.” I say. “How? There’s nowhere here for him to hide apart from those bushes and they are too far away.”

“There’s your cloak…” April says.

“My cloak?”

“Yes. He could hide under that. He could be a huddle on the ground, or better on your back while you are wearing it. Teresa would never look for him ON you.”

“I’ll try it. Alan?”

He climbs to my back while I’m sitting on the bench. He wraps his legs around my waist and April arranges my long blonde hair over his head. She puts the cloak around me, fluffing up the hood to conceal Alan’s outline.

“There!” she says. I can’t see him. The cloak looks natural. We are nearly ready but you should be tied and gagged, Marie. I’m supposed to be watching you.”

“Shh!” I hiss. “Someone’s coming. Wrap the scarf loosely around my face. The cloak will hide my lack of bonds.”

April wraps the scarf over my lower face and ties it loosely under my hair.

Andrea announces “I and Sandra are supposed to enter at this point.”

“April!” she says. “Why is Princess Marie gagged?”

April speaks as if she is drugged. “Emma ordered it. She’s gone to fetch Teresa because Marie caught a dwarf.”

“She didn’t!” exclaims Andrea.

“She did. She caught him under her skirt. He’s tied up under there now.”

“Can we see?” asks Sandra.

“I suppose so.” Replies April dully. “Turn your backs for a minute while I get him out.”

She uncovers Alan who lies on the floor as if his hands and feet are tied. I remain on the bench wearing the cloak.

“You can look now,” announces April.

“There’s not much of him, is there?” says Sandra. “I can see why he was easily trapped under a skirt. Even I could do that.”

“Why don’t you try?” suggests April.

“Why not?”

Sandra lifts her skirt. April pushes the ‘bound’ Alan underneath, whispering in his ear as she does. She moves to Sandra’s side. As Alan’s kiss takes effect she clamps her hand over Sandra’s mouth and hisses in her ear.

“Don’t say anything until Andrea has tried as well. You are free from Teresa’s compulsion?”

Sandra nods slightly. April takes her hand away.

“That was interesting. He wriggles a lot but is easily controlled with a squeeze. Want to try, Andrea?”

“Yes,” replies Andrea, “Why not?”

April and Sandra push Alan under Andrea’s skirt. She flinches and then cries “Oh!”. She wriggles seductively before letting out a passionate moan.

“Why didn’t you tell me, April?” she asks. “Of course. You couldn’t. I was under Teresa’s influence. Now I’m not. None of us are, I assume.”

“We’re not,” I say, pulling the loose gag away, “but Emma has gone to get Teresa. We need to be ready for them. Emma left me tied and gagged with April to watch me. That’s what she must find when they arrive. Emma is working for Teresa without the need to be controlled. So is Julia. We have three of them against us four…”

“…Five,” says a very muffled Alan under Andrea’s skirt. “Don’t forget me.”

Andrea lifts her skirt hurriedly.

“Sorry Alan.”

Alan’s face is bright red as he is uncovered. I look at him. He shakes his head signalling me to keep quiet.

“Alan is no use in what’s to come,” says April. “Sorry, Alan, but it’s true. We need you to counteract the compulsion but that won’t work on Emma or Julia. They are working for Teresa willingly. We need you to be safe just in case any of us get sprayed.”

“Hurry, “ I say, “We need to set the scene. I should appear to be tied up with April watching me. If Andrea and Sandra take Alan and hide behind those bushes they can creep up behind the others while they are looking at us. If we can gag Teresa so she can’t issue commands we will have won. I’ll try to smother her in my cloak until we can gag her. I’m bigger and stronger than her. The rest of you try to keep Emma and Julia from interfering. How’s that for a plan?”

“Good enough,” replies April, “If we can do it. Watch out for Teresa’s spray.”

“Emma’s got one too,” I remind her.

“So she has. We should get it and spray her. Marie, be careful with Teresa. We need her to destroy her own spells or we won’t get out of here. Don’t break her neck.”

“I’ll try, April. I know what is at stake. Everyone to their places. April.

Andrea claps her hands.

“Break there. We’ll do the next bit in ten minutes.”

We relax. Alan touches my hand.

“What happened under Andrea’s skirt?” I ask.

“She’s naked underneath,” he says. “that was a shock. She pushed my head against her pussy. I tried to turn to one side but she held me so that my nose and mouth were covered by her lips. I couldn’t breathe.”


“Yes. Andrea. I thought I was safe with her.”

“I’ll wring her neck.”

“No, Marie. Andrea must have had a reason for it. Now she’s embarrassed. She knows she shouldn’t have done it. I’ll ask her why.”

Alan went after Andrea. He caught her hand as she was walking out of the door into the main hall. She looked down at him, her shoulders slumped, and they passed out of my sight.

What was Andrea up to? Alan and I thought that Teresa and Emma were the threats. Now Andrea, whom were thought was on our side, had forced herself on Alan. Why?

Alan still has to endure intimate contact with Teresa, Julia and Andrea again in the next scene. Can he go through with it if Andrea might facesit him again?

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