Panty Boy Ch. 05


Megan and I slept in the next morning. I awoke first. I got up and walked to the shower to get myself ready for the day.

The shower felt great the warm water running down my body. I lathered up and could feel the stubble on my legs so I decided to shave again. I dragged the razor up my legs and made sure that there was no hair. I wanted to look good for Megan and for what ever she had planned as my surprise for the day. My cock was rigid with excitement. I finished up in the shower and toweled off my soft wet skin. I went to the cabinet, pulled out some of the lotion that I have seen Megan use after she shaves, and started to apply it to my legs.

The lotion made my legs feel like silk, and the smell was exhilarating I applied a little more and worked it into my skin. It felt so good and it wasn't long until I found myself stroking my hard cock.

I couldn't believe how horny I was. The last few days with all the excitement, I just couldn't get enough. After a few stokes, I figured I should save myself for Megan, not knowing what her surprise was going to be. I walked out of the bathroom, and walked over to the dresser. I pulled out a sexy yellow thong and a matching bra and some of the nude Wolford stay up stockings we had gotten yesterday during our shopping spree. I walked back into the bathroom to get ready.

I started with the stockings carefully pulling them up my legs to make sure not to put any runs in them. These stockings felt a lot better than the ones I had been wearing. They felt like silk gently kissing my legs. I stood in the mirror looking at myself. Stockings and a long hard cock, I looked hot. My cock had still not calmed down from the shower. I could see my pre-cum glistening on the tip. I brought my finger down and wiped it off and immediately brought my finger to my mouth, watching myself in the mirror.

"MMMM... salty and sweet." I thought as I grabbed the panties and pulled them up my stocking clad legs.

It was difficult to get my cock into the panties because I was so hard. I finally managed to tuck it back and away and my erection subsided.

My next step was the bra. I walked over and picked up the breast forms off of the floor by the bath. They were still in the bra from the night before. I secured the bra in the back and put the forms in before pulling my arms through. Again, I looked in the mirror. I couldn't believe what I saw. I looked sexy standing there my new breast in place. Only one thing was missing. I walked out of the bathroom and into the closet. I found my new pair of closed toe black strappy sandals. I put them on and walked back to the bathroom. Now I was complete.

I walked out to the bedroom, trying not to make any noise in case Megan was still asleep. I wanted to get down stairs and start breakfast before she awoke.

I walked out of the room and walked down stairs. I saw the mess that we had made the night before. I decided that I would pick up a little bit, and walked over to the chair. I picked up the dildo and the camera. I decided that I wanted to see the photos that she had taken. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed my laptop. I plugged the camera in and downloaded the photos. She had taken well over two hundred and fifty photos. I got up to start coffee while the computer did its thing.

Megan came down a few minutes later.

"Good Morning, Stacy. You look really pretty this morning." She said.

"Good morning, I just started coffee can I get you anything else." I responded.

"Coffee will be just fine. You seem to be excited" Megan said

"I just can't stop thinking about this surprise you said you would give me today." I replied.

"Last night was so hot. I am so glad that you know your place now, and that you have accepted it, Stacy. I think that there are going to be a lot of great things for us. What are you doing over here?" Megan asked walking over to the computer on the kitchen island.

"I was downloading the photos from last night. I couldn't wait to see them. They shouldn't be too much longer." I said putting down her coffee and sitting down next to her. She got up and sat on my lap, positioning the computer so we could both see.

We set the photos up for a slide show and just watched it. It was really hot to see the progression of the photos. I couldn't believe how hot that suit was, and the way my new breast jiggled with every move. I looked like a dirty whore in the photographs and this drove me wild. Megan was getting excited too. I could feel her pussy getting warm in my lap. I reached my hands around to get a feel. She was dripping wet.

We watched the slideshow for a while. When the pictures of me with the dildo came up, Megan let out a huge sigh and a moan.

"You look so hot, you dirty little whore. You use that cock like you have done this before. Look at yourself. Where did you learn how to do that?" she asked pointing at the screen.

The picture came up when I brought the dildo back and started sliding it between my ass crack. She had gotten a lot of those. I reached around to feel her pussy again. She was soaking wet and moaned really loud.

"You like the way that cock felt back by your ass, Stacy? I think that cock would look really good buried deep in your ass. Would you like that?" Megan asked

I didn't really have a reply I was so hard and my cock was hurting because it was so hard and bulging against the silky panties. I had to let it free. I needed to be inside of her.

I reached down, and pulled the panties down. My rigid cock sprang fourth. I started teasing her outer lips. Megan rocked her hips on top of my lap, her eyes never leaving the computer screen.

Finally, she let her cunt accept my swollen rod. Her pussy swallowed it. I could feel her wetness on my balls and soaking into my panties. She rocked her hips slowly, intently watching the screen.

"You are such a good little cock-sucking slut." she moaned, as I thrusted my cock into her.

As soon as the slide show ended, I pushed everything off of the table including the computer and camera, and picked her up and put her on top of counter. The heels that I was wearing put my cock right where it needed to be to enter her. I had wished that I could have had our video camera recording this because I knew how hot it would be.

Megan wrapped her legs around me as I buried my cock in her sopping wet pussy.

"Oh my god, Stacy your cock feels so good. Fuck me hard!" Megan screamed.

I buried my cock inside and fucked her with all of my strength. She was screaming with passion. I could tell that she was about to come. I pushed my cock in as far as it would go.

"Oh my god Stacy, your cock feels so good...I'm coming. Fuck me you little bitch fuck me with your big hard cock!" Megan yelled as her hands grasped my ass pulling all of me into her.

She finally slowed down and sat up, my cock still inside of her.

"I think that my little panty boy has earned his surprise. I was going to save it for tonight but maybe I want to give it to you now." Megan said looking deep into my eyes.

"I am going to go upstairs and get ready. You should clean up your mess down here. I will call you when I am ready to give you your surprise." She said pulling my cock out of her and putting her feet to the floor. She put a finger in her pussy and then brought it to my mouth. She tasted so good. Her pussy always tastes better after it has been fucked. She turned and walked to the stairs.

The thoughts that were going through my head as I picked up the mess were nonstop. I didn't know what to expect. I couldn't think what else she might have in store for me. I picked the camera and the computer off the chair it had fallen into, luckily nothing was broken it looked like.

I took another quick look at the photos on the computer. I still couldn't believe how aroused I was looking at the shots of me with the dildo in my mouth. There was something so taboo about it and yet so fucking hot. I saw a side of me that I had never known existed but now I was totally curious. It was hot. I was a little bit confused but didn't think much of it because it was just a silicone toy and it was all just a show for Megan but why was I so turned on? Soon I heard a voice coming from the bedroom.

"Stacy? You can come up now. On your way can you bring some water for me? Thanks." Megan yelled.

With the glass of water in one hand, and the other stroking my cock I walked up to the bedroom door. It was slightly ajar. I pushed it open with my foot and walked in. The sound of my heels clicking on the hardwood floors was erotic. I walked across the room and placed the glass on the night table. Megan was in the bathroom still.

"I'll just be a minute, get comfortable on the bed." She said from inside the bathroom.

I climbed up on our bed and lay down on my back. My hands immediately found their place on my cock I continued stroking. I spread my legs and brought them up digging the heels into the sheets. I looked around the room and noticed that the television was on and realized after a brief moment that I was on the screen. Megan had hooked up the video camera to the television and was recording our bed and me stroking my cock in my stockings and heels. It was really erotic seeing myself like this.

At this moment, she walked out of the bathroom. She had put on her full-length black satin robe and a pair of black stockings and some heels. I couldn't tell if she had anything else on under the robe because it was tied at the waist. She walked over and crawled onto the bed and up to me. She turned around toward the camera.

"I figured that I wanted to be able to capture you at your best today." She said with a smirk on her face.

With this she crawled up and hovered beside my head. She slowly slid the robe off of her shoulders revealing the sexiest black corset that I have ever seen. Her breast looked as if they were going to pop right out of the corset. She continued down slowly letting the robe fall open revealing a harness with the dildo I had picked out the day before attached to it.

"Surprise!" she said.

My eyes grew wide. I still didn't know what she had in mind. She just smiled down at me. I took it in my hands.

At this moment she looked so powerful with her cock hanging inches from my face. It wasn't long until I found myself sucking on the tip.

"That's a good girl, suck my cock. Show me how much you like it." She said gently.

I glanced up at the TV, making sure to keep her cock in my mouth. I looked like such a dirty whore. There I was with my legs spread wide stroking my cock in heels and a bra sucking my girlfriend's big hard cock. I closed my eyes, that image burned in my head. I sucked harder.

Megan moaned with excitement. "Suck my cock, Suck it long and hard, and get it wet so I can fuck your tight little ass"

I didn't know if I heard her right. I wasn't sure if those words really escaped her mouth, but I continued to suck. I didn't really care at this moment. It was so hot just seeing us on television that I didn't care.

Megan pulled the cock away from my mouth and I must have looked like a baby going after a tit. I wanted more.

"You want more you little slut? You can't get enough of my cock can you? I told you once you sucked cock you would want more and more." She pulled it away then forcefully slammed her cock back down my wanting mouth.

Megan reached into the nightstand drawer and produced some lube. As she was fucking my mouth, she took over for me stroking my cock. The next thing I know is that she is on top of me and we are sixty-nining, the dildo filling my mouth completely.

Megan then took her lubed fingers and started playing with my ass hole. At first she was just circling around my rosebud while sucking my cock and this drove me absolutely wild. After a few minutes, she slowly slid her finger in and began moving it around a little bit, fucking me with her finger. This was a little painful at first but I relaxed quickly because I had better things on my mind. Soon after, she pulled out her finger and plunged two fingers in my slightly loosened ass. Her two fingers went in really easily as she had loosened me up a little bit.

"Your slit is so tight, Stacy. I cannot wait to slide my cock inside your hot virgin slit tonight. You really like your surprise I see." She said as she fucked my ass with her fingers.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing coming out of her mouth and I also couldn't believe how amazing it felt once the pain had subsided.

"I think you are ready to take your first cock." Megan said getting up and repositioning herself. My legs still spread heels digging into the bed

"Megan I don't know." I said

"Shhhh! Stacy, don't worry I'll be gentile. I know that it is your first time." She said positioning the cock near my asshole.

She put some more lube on her hand and started stroking her cock. This turned me on so much. There was something really powerful about seeing my girlfriend stroking her big ten-inch cock.

"But it is so big, Megan" I said a little scared.

With this she slowly started to push the tip of the cock into my asshole. It didn't want to go at first and it hurt when the tip of the head started to go in.

"Just Breath." Megan said

I took a few deep breaths and Megan continued to gently push her new cock into my tight virgin asshole. The feeling of being opened for the first time was a rush. Painful but not in a bad way necessarily, she slid the cock in slowly and every few moments pulling it out a little bit and sliding it back in a little bit further than before.

The sensation to be opened and having something fucking my ass was an incredible experience. The pain left as soon as I relaxed and that is when she started to pick up her speed. Pretty soon I could feel the balls of the dildo on my ass and knew that I had taken all of it. I looked towards the TV.

I couldn't believe what I saw and never thought that I would ever see myself getting fucked in the ass by my girlfriend. There it was and my first time was being recorded.

It was so hot to see Megan on top of me sliding a huge cock into my ass. Her tits bounced as she fucked me it and I could tell how turned on she was. My cock was rock hard.

She grabbed my cock and started stroking me.

"MMMM." I moaned

"I told you, you would like it you dirty slut. I told you, you would love my cock and here you are hard as a rock while my cock is buried deep inside your ass. You like being filled with my hard cock, Stacy? Tell me you like my hard cock in your ass. Are you going to come for me, my little slut?"

I could only moan, by this time I was bucking my hips to get more of the cock in my ass. I couldn't believe how good it felt. My ass felt so full and I was craving more.

"You are such a good little slut, taking every inch of my cock." Megan said pulling the cock out of my ass. "Mmm... look at that loose well fucked hole. Get on your knees Stacy, I want to fuck you like the whore you are."

Megan spun me over and I wanted more so I put my ass in the air. She slid her cock in all the way this time with no hesitation and fucked my ass hard.

"Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck my ass, it feels so good." These words escaped my mouth turning looking at the TV. I felt like a whore and I couldn't get enough.

"I knew you liked it." Megan said as she fucked me even harder.

I was shocked how good it felt.

"I want to be your whore, fuck me like the whore that I am." I shouted.

Megan bucked her hips faster and harder. My asshole had loosened up and was now accepting her ten inches gracefully. My cock was as hard as a rock, and I could feel like I was going to come soon. I was hard from her fucking me; our hands were nowhere near my cock yet it felt like I was going to explode at any second.

"Megan I am going to come soon" I said.

Megan smacked my ass, and pushed the cock in all the way. She gave two big thrusts before pulling out of my ass and turned me over to my chest.

Megan slid the cock back into me and started stroking my cock. Soon my cock erupted, streams of come shooting onto my chest. I came hard. The feel of the hot come spilling onto my chest and stomach. Megan continued to fuck me. I could tell she was close. She took her hand off of my cock and collected the come from my stomach and chest, bringing her fingers to my mouth.

I licked almost all the come off of her fingers. She took her hands away before I could finish and brought them back down to my cock.

My cock was still leaking come and she collected the rest of it in her hands. She pulled the dildo out of my ass and stroked her come-covered hand over it, before sliding it back into my ass. This drove her wild. She let out a huge moan and I could tell she was coming. She pulled the cock out of my ass and collapsed on top of me.

My ass felt empty and well used.

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