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Panty Fetish


My girlfriend and I had been together for quite a few months now. So far it had been great, and it hadn't taken long before we were ripping each other's clothes off, hungrily looking for each other's flesh. So over these months, my girlfriend had learnt about my panty fetish. I can't help it! Something about a girl standing there in nothing but her panties...it's absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, she liked to exploit this from time to time and last Friday evening turned out to be one of those times.

My girlfriend is called Lucy; she's a brunette, with her hair flowing down just past her shoulders. She's average build but has a great pair of 32DD tits that are very fun to play with! Like I said, things were going great with us and we both knew what buttons to press with the other and last Friday was no exception.

It had been a busy day at work, I wasn't stressed out, but I wasn't in the greatest of moods either. Lucy read my mood the second I walked in the door. She headed over to the fridge and handed me a beer.

"Long day?" She asked.

"Just things not working out well"

"Well baby, just sit down, put the TV on and relax."

I smiled and went over to kiss her, "You know, I can't say no to you." She kissed me back and went off into the kitchen. I turned round and headed towards the sofa.

"Oh baby?"


"Just so you know..." She pulled down the top of her jeans slightly and revealed a little section of pink lace French knickers.

I closed my eyes and let out a little moan. "What have you got those on for?" I asked, grinning, with a look saying 'I know exactly why you have them on but I want you tell me anyway'.

"Just for later...You'll see" She gave the devilish smile she can do which still sends a little shiver down my spine. She had been plotting something; that much I could tell.

"I see...am I allowed a little more now?" I asked, knowing my day was getting better as the seconds past.

"No. Later you can, but for now you're just going to have to sit tight with the knowledge I have these on" Lucy replied, still with that devilish smile.

The problem I faced, which Lucy knew all too well; was that underwear, along with the matching bra, was my favourite out of everything she had. I resigned myself to the sofa and put the TV on. I tried to act sulky but couldn't help a grin forming every time Lucy looked at me. We watched a film, put on dinner and passed the evening away chatting about each other's days, how work was going. This was something I always liked about me and Lucy; we were relaxed with each other with anything, sexual or non-sexual. Even so that didn't stop me from inquiring as to whether I was allowed to see any more of her underwear. Of course each time I received a no, with a smile and a kiss though. Darkness crept up and we put the lights on and closed the curtains.

Lucy walked over to me and without saying a word pulled her top off, revealing her tits pushed up in this gorgeous bra. Instantly there were stirrings between my legs.

Lucy looked and said "I thought that would get your attention."

She straddled me and looked at me with her deep blue eyes, knowing she had me well within her grasp. She leant down and kissed me, immediately sparks flying as her tongue pushed against mine almost inviting me to kiss harder. Our arms crept round each other and before we knew it we were moaning gently as our kisses became rougher. Suddenly pain ripped though my lower lip. However less than a second later this turned into pleasure. I couldn't help but moan louder as Lucy pulled my lower lip out with her teeth. That set my breathing harder, and I pulled back on her lip. I got a loud moan in return for it and more aggressive kissing.

We started grinding, Lucy pushing her pussy against my cock as much as she could. We pulled back from each other slightly and started dry humping, both of us getting louder with our moans as we got more and more horny.

I reached round to undo her bra strap but just before I got there Lucy, amongst moans said "No baby."

Not expecting that I slowed down slightly and gave her a quizzical look, "why whats up?"

Lucy winked and said "Nothing...but I've got a surprise for you" With that she stood up and walked round so she could sit down next to me.

"Get up!" It wasn't a question.

"Now I know how much you love this underwear so..." Lucy pulled down the left cup of her bra, "...I want you to cum in here..." then the right cup "...and here."

I didn't say anything at first and just smiled. My cock was throbbing already and my girlfriend has just told me to cum in her bra. I was sure as hell not going to say no.

Lucy pulled my trousers and boxers down and let my cock fall out. She kissed the tip of my cock which sent a shiver down my spine.

"You can't resist can you?"

"No...Not really. Are you complaining?"

"Of course not"

"Good...now baby....wank into my bra...please"

I didn't need telling twice. I grabbed my cock and started pumping. I was already nearing an orgasm before so it didn't take long. Lucy was looking up at me, deliberately with an innocent look on her face, knowing it would get me. I started moaning loud as I felt the orgasm build. I managed to get out "now baby...now." Lucy pulled open the left cup of her bra and I shot my load straight onto her tit.

"Good boy!" She cried as I came down from the orgasm. I watched as she put the cup back over her tit and rubbed it, moaning slightly. Already the pink was a shade darker where my cum was leaving a stain.

Lucy let me calm down a little and then said "And now the next one."

Before I could start however she motioned for me to come closer with her finger. "Think of fucking me; think of slamming your cock into my pussy and hearing me scream as you do."

That was enough to send me hard again. My hand went back to my cock and I started playing. Lucy kept up a running commentary knowing I was loving every second of it.

"Baby I love your cock, I want you to cum over me please!"

"I can feel your cum on my tit, it's so good"

My hand got faster and faster until I was moaning very loud. For a split second I wondered if the neighbours might hear, but that thought was gone very quickly and replaced with another comment from Lucy.

"Please baby, please cum on my tit"

With that I went over the edge, just managing to shoot my cum into the right cup rather than Lucy's face.

"Fuck baby!" I breathed. "You know how to get me"

"The best is yet to come" Lucy grinned.

Again she let me calm down a little but it didn't take her long to say something.

"There's one place you haven't done yet" She stood up and removed her trousers, turning round so as she slipped them off her feet my view was filled by her gorgeous arse in her pink underwear. Another moan escaped my lips.

Lucy sat down and pulling the front of her underwear out she said "I want your cum down there."

"Yes baby" was all I could manage. Not only had my girlfriend just let me cum into her bra, she now wanted me to cum on her panties. I was pretty much in heaven.

My hand went to my cock again but as I started Lucy said "I want to give you a bit of help with this one"

Her hand went to my balls and cupped them, and then her nails delicately glided over them. My legs almost gave way as my hand got faster. She kept this up as I started to breathe harder and moaned "baby thats so good!"

She smiled and with a wink said "I know."

Lucy can tell how close I am to an orgasm, so as my eyes closed and I moaned louder, her hand slipped through my legs and came to rest on my arse. Her middle finger found my arse crack and slowly worked its way down back towards my balls. This not only sent shivers down my spine, it made my hand go into overdrive and sure enough I could feel an orgasm building. Lucy pulled her hand away and used it to pull her underwear right out, stretching it. There was no stopping this orgasm as I let out a guttural cry and shot my cum down just above her pussy.

Lucy watched the last spurts of cum drip out of my cock and then put her underwear back. She lay back onto the sofa and her hand started rubbing, spreading my cum on her panties.

I couldn't tear my eyes off her nor speak. I just watched this amazing show happening right in front of me.

Lucy looked up and said "One more thing baby..."

She stood up and slowly peeled off her panties. I could see the dark stains of my cum on her bra and her panties were just the same.

She handed them over to me and said "Put them on." There was no argument on the matter.

I pulled up her panties and settled them over my cock, which was only just contained. The front of her panties were soaked and so along with the cum on my cock, I was very wet.

Lucy knelt down in front of me and proceeded to lick every inch of my cock and balls cleaning the cum up. She could have made me cum again she was making me so horny! But Lucy being Lucy, I knew she had other things in store. She stopped when she saw just how excited I was getting. However all of her licking had left my cum all round her mouth. She stood up and kissed me, very hard. By the time we had finished, the cum had gone.

Lucy came round to the side of me and whispered in my ear "Now you've had your fun...I want mine. Take me upstairs...and fuck me senseless...please."

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