tagIncest/TabooPanty Play When Mom's Away! Or Not!

Panty Play When Mom's Away! Or Not!


18 year old David Anders lay in his mother's bed, while the faint fragrance of her perfume swirled around his almost naked body. He stroked his enormous hard-on that was straining to burst out of the bright yellow pair of the dirty Hanes nylon high cuts that he had pulled from her hamper and slid on moments ago. He loved the way the soft material felt against his turgid cock and squeezed his large overly full nuts then ran a finger up the large tube running from his balls to the tip of his overly extended cock head and shivered as a large dollop of precum seeped through the stretched nylon. His mother's panties never failed to cause his big cock to leak almost instantly and the fact that he held the dirty gusset of an aqua blue pair of Hanes he had also fished out of the hamper under his nose taking long deep pulls of the intoxicating scent his mother's pussy had embedded in them also helped fuel his ache.

Ever since he had discovered the joys of his mother's dirty panties a few years ago, he jerked off with them as much as he could. When he had first started using them, the only colors she had were white, black and a few beige pairs. Now, ever since she had met and started dating her new boyfriend Marcus eight months ago, the style was the same, Hanes Her Way high-cuts, but the colors were now vivid and incredibly hot. There were bright pink ones, deep green ones, orange ones and some had patterns with little white flowers or purple polka dots. He stilled loved the plain ones, in fact he loved anything that had been snuggled against his mother's nether regions, but the colors and patterns just made them that much more enticing.

Also he noticed since she had started dating that her scent had become much stronger in them, especially after one of her dates. He knew for a fact that she had been wearing the aqua pair he was sniffing on the night before last, when she had gone out, because he had snuck up to the cracked bathroom door when she had gotten home and watched as she slid them down her incredible legs and dropped them in her hamper. When he had fished them out today, he had held them up for inspection and seen that her wetness had soaked through and left a large stain that had stiffened the gusset of her very dirty panties. He now looked at the beautiful stain again before putting his nose right in the middle of it and taking a big long pull. Again his cock throbbed as another pearl of his abundant pre-nut pushed through the yellow nylon.

David reached down with his free hand and grasped his steely hardness through his mother's panties and began to stroke it lightly. His mother and Marcus had gone out for the day and would not be back until later in the evening so there was no need to rush his nut. Sometimes if she just ran to the store he could bust into a pair of her dirty panties in a few strokes but today he wanted to take his time and let it build until he had a huge load pent up that would literally soak the silken undergarment.

As he lay with his eyes closed relishing her musk, he brought to mind his beautiful mother. She was 41 but was still an incredible knockout. She had large high breast and incredible full hips and could still rock a bikini. At times she looked like a super model with her mane of auburn hair and perfect lips. His father must have been a real shit to have left such a beautiful woman with a small child. If he felt particularly brave he would watch her from his bedroom window as she tanned out by their pool and jerk a load into the panties she had just taken off before donning her swimsuit. He had also jerked many times into her bikini bottoms when she was done and had even left a load in them once knowing that she would wear them in a few days when she sunned again. He had busted big as he watched her walking around in that bright green bikini with the knowledge that the day before he had left his mark in them. The memory made his swollen balls give up even more of their slippery precum and allowed his hand to slide effortlessly over his turgidness.

While David was lost in the reverie of his mother spending the day at the pool in the cum-filled green bikini and steadily increasing the speed with which his hand was pumping his precum slickened, panty covered cock, he had no idea he had an audience. Margaret Anders, David's mother, and her boyfriend, well boy toy really, Marcus, were now standing at her bedroom door which, in his haste to get at his mother's panties, David had left ajar. She had forgotten her overnight bag that she had wanted to take just in case they had decided to stay over on their day trip to the bay. The two of them had been watching her son being nasty with her dirty panties for at least five minutes. She had almost barged in when she had realized what she was seeing but Marcus had stopped her. His big black hands had grabbed her around her waist and held her in place.

"Just watch." He said and pulled her close to him. She could feel his very large black dick start to grow against her ass as he grinded her bottom from behind.

"Don't tell me that ain't hot," he whispered in her ear. His hot breath on her neck and the sight of her little boy, well not that little by the looks of things, stroking with and sniffing her dirty panties made her pussy twinge. She felt a rush of juice begin to lubricate her swollen labia and almost without thinking lifted the front of her tiny sundress and began lightly teasing herself through the neon orange high cut panties she was wearing.

"It's wrong," she said thickly through clenched teeth, "he shouldn't be doing that to my dirty panties and we shouldn't be watching!"

Marcus slid his hand down her taunt stomach and pushed it under the lace waistband of her pretty panties and dipped one of his long dark fingers into her now saturated quim, "You might say no, but she," he flicked her hard clit a few times as she shivered against him, "says nothing but yes! And, you don't seem to have a problem when I abuse your dirty pretty panties."

"You're not my son," she whispered back at him still trying to resist but knowing by the puddle forming in her panties that she indeed found it hot that her son apparently loved the smell she left in her panties. She also realized that the panties he was currently holding under his nose and sniffing with fervor were the ones she had worn the last time she and Marcus were together. She had left them on while he had pounded her and filled her twice with his giant loads. She had just pulled them back into place afterward letting all their mixed juices drip into them. They had been a total mess when she finally peeled them off and threw them in the hamper when she had gotten home.

Here her son was now, sniffing on her and Marcus' mixed juices and stroking his big cock looking like he was about to blow into her yellow Hanes at any minute. Without warning, David pulled the dirty gusset from his nose and stuffed it into his mouth, sucking hard on the cum-stiffened material. She almost came but controlled herself with what little sense she had left. That was about the naughtiest things she had ever seen and she could tell by the steel pipe in Marcus' pants that he was also enjoying the show her son was putting on. Giving in to the heat of the situation, she reached behind and pulled Marcus' zipper down. Her hand snaked into it and began to caress the black monster that was straining against the purple pair of Hanes he had her put him in before they had left. Her hand became slick because he too was leaking precum profusely.

As quietly as possible she fumbled with his belt and opened the button. His pants slid to his knees and she felt him press his pantied cock against her panty covered ass. She could feel his wetness against her and it only made her swollen pussy gush more. His finger kept a steady rhythm on her rock hard clit causing her knees to feel weak. Marcus held her tight as he humped his 11 inches against her ass. He reached down, pulled his panties over and let his monster slap against her. Marcus bent her forward slightly pulled the crotch of her sopping orange panties over and in one fluid movement slid the entire length of his rock hard black cock into her.

Before she could stop herself, Margaret let out a loud gasp. Marcus put his large black hand over her mouth but it was too late. David's eyes opened at the sound and looked directly into his mother's. He stopped his stroking but the aqua panties stayed in his mouth. He saw Marcus behind his mother and he too stared right at him but did not stop his cock from plunging in and out of Margaret's sloppy pussy. She was so wet that David could hear Marcus' big black cock hammering away in her wetness. The sound made his cock even harder and he squeezed his shaft again and this time Margaret saw the heavy river of precum flowing through her panties that David wore.

Margaret held her son's gaze and slowly nodded her head. "Don't stop," she said and her words broke the silence.

"Yeah, keep going nasty panty boy," Marcus said and pushed his mother into the bedroom to the foot of the bed.

David couldn't have stopped if he wanted to because his mother leaned over and steadied herself on his knees, one hand on each, putting her face only inches from his seeping cock. Marcus kept up his insistent pounding and the force pushed her closer to her son's turgid erectness. She felt Marcus' hand on the back of her head as he pushed her face into her son's raging hard-on. She tried weakly to resist but as her lips came in contact with her son's leaking pole she couldn't help but stick out her tongue and begin to lap up all the sweet milk coating her destroyed panties.

The sweetness of his boy nut and Marcus' big black cock imbedded deep in her pussy was too much for the wanton mother and she held the head of her son's leaking cock in her mouth, clamped her pussy muscles hard around Marcus' attacking cock and came harder than she ever had in her life. Her legs quivered and her knees gave out but Marcus held her in place. She rubbed her face all over her son's wet bulge smearing his precum all over. The taste and smell were incredible and her pussy spasmed again. She had cum so hard that her juices were gushing down her thighs, coating her orange panties and the purple ones that Marcus still wore.

She fell forward onto her son and Marcus' bloated tool plopped out of her wetness with an audible pop. David looked over his Mom's back and could not believe the size of the cock that stuck straight out from Marcus' groin. It was steel hard, throbbing and slick with his mother's juices. It was bigger than any cock he had ever seen and even though he had never really thought about other guys before the sight of that glistening black cock caused his balls to give up more of their pre-cream.

And then he realized that Marcus too was wearing a pair of his mother's panties. David had cum in the purple panties Marcus wore several times and now here stood his mother's boyfriend wearing them with his big cock sticking out of them. David noticed that they were soaked with his mother's juices and unconsciously licked his lips. Marcus saw what David had done and a large dollop of his own precum crowned at his piss slit and dripped in long slow arc to Margaret's ass.

He squeezed his big black cock and shook it in David's direction, "You like this, panty boy?" Marcus asked and shook it again, releasing more savory pre-nut.

David slowly nodded and licked his lips again, "You wear panties too?" he asked breathlessly.

"Hell yeah," Marcus replied, "ever since I discovered my mom's and sister's when I was a kid. I had your momma buy all these sexy panties for me but it looks like you been benefiting too." He chuckled softly and smacked Margaret's ass with his hard cock.

"I like to jerk off in dirty panties too, boy, the wetter the better. Take a look at these," he said and lifted Margaret up and turned her around so that David could see how wet and messy the crotch of her orange panties was. David didn't think he could get any harder but at the sight of his mother's sloppy panties he pushed even harder against his.

Marcus positioned his Mother next to him so that her ass was right by his head. He could smell her sex reeking from the panties and buried his nose right into the soaked gusset directly in front of him. His mother reached back and spread herself open inside her panties and pushed even harder against his searching nose and mouth. Her clit was sticking out through the sopping slick material and he couldn't help but flick his tongue against it. He clamped it between his lips and pulled on it through her panties and his mother pushed back, gasped and came again; right in her panties, right on his tongue. Her juices flowed freely through her panties and coated his tongue. The taste of her juices was incredible, better than her panties had led him to believe.

Margaret took a deep breath, stood up grabbed Marcus' throbbing member and said "so my panty boys, by the looks of things, it's your turn to cum."

"Yeah," Marcus growled as she pumped his swollen black cock, "wanna show your boy here how I cum in a pair of your panties. Make me cum in those messy orange ones, babe."

"Well, I think we'll have to give David something to catch all his cum, don't you think? It's only fair. Take off those purple ones. I want to watch him fill the panties you've been wearing. It'll be so nasty watching my son cum in my boyfriend's panties!" Margaret said as she reached to help Marcus out of his panties.

She pulled Marcus' panties down and grabbed for her son's swollen cock. She took the waistband of the yellow panties her son wore and pulled the front down tucking the band under his swollen cock and balls. David's cock stood straight up pointing toward the ceiling. She placed the dirty purple panties over her son's erectness, placed his hands around his now panty covered cock and said "Go." David obeyed and began stroking into the very dirty pair of purple panties. His cock was so hard it hurt and he knew he would cum at any moment.

"Okay now, watch," she told her son looking right at him as she slid her wet fucked panties down her legs.

Margaret took her orange panties and placed them around Marcus' swollen cock as he stood by the bed, making sure the gusset stretched over his cockhead. Her panties were so wet they actually clung to Marcus' cock and David could clearly see his piss slit and the large veins running all over his cock through the soaked material. Marcus pulled the panties tautly over his huge cock keeping his fist tightly around the base and still had eight hard panty covered inches protruding from it. Margaret used the wetness of her panties and the river of precum flowing from Marcus' cock as lube and began to slide her hand up and down his overly hard monster cock.

David watched wide eyed as his mother worked Marcus' big black tool. He couldn't believe that his mother was jerking off her boyfriend right in front of him and into a pair of her dirty panties as well. He slid over on the bed to get a better look and ended up right under Marcus' cock as his mother continued to pump. David was looking up at the huge black cock above him when a large crystal clear drop of precum burbled through the orange material and clung to Marcus' cockhead. David opened his mouth in astonishment at the sight and the pearl slipped from the engorged head and strung from it, dropping almost in slow motion, into his gapping maw. The drop was large enough to cover his tongue and his mother gasped as she saw her son eat her boyfriend's gooey precum.

"Oh my," she said lustily, "you like that, don't you?"

David shook his head and Margaret took her boyfriend's cock and touched the gusset covered head to her son's mouth. She ran it around his precum glistened lips and watched as her son began to nibble at the piss slit as it gave up more and more black man honey. Staring right into her eyes as he did so, her son began to tease it with the tip of his tongue as she felt Marcus stiffen beside her. Without warning, Marcus grunted and began to cum through her orange panties and right into her son's waiting mouth. David never stopped licking and teasing the big black cockhead as it spewed its heavy load all over his tongue. He also never took his eyes off his mother's. He wanted her to see him eat what her boyfriend had provided.

Marcus' load was so thick and abundant that David couldn't swallow it all and it began to run down his cheeks and chin. The more he teased, the more cum there was. David had never tasted anything like Marcus' sperm mixed with his mother's sticky juices and he clamped down sucking the last of Marcus' load out as he let go with his own large cum load. David held the head of the monster black cock in his mouth and filled the purple panties with his thick scalding goo. It burst through the purple panties covering his pumping fist.

Margaret wanted her own load to eat so she bent down, looked up at her son and capped his still spewing cockhead. She ate the viscous hot load from her son's cock, relishing in its sweetness, keeping eye contact with him as she did so. David's mouth held tight to Marcus' deflating member but he never looked away from her as she ate everything he had to give licking it from her panties and using her tongue to scoop the thick white sperm from his fist.

When she had gotten every last drop of her son's nut, she stood and removed the purple panties from his cock. Marcus was now bouncing his still panty covered softened cock off her son's sucking lips as she stepped into the abused purple panties and pulled them up snuggling them against her swollen womaness.

"There's still plenty of play left in these," she said pushing the sopping gusset into her still wet pussy. Marcus and David both eyed her as she fingered her dirty panties and she could see Marcus' cock begin getting hard again as her son nursed on it. David's cock also started to bob and weave filling with blood again.

"And by the looks of things, there's seems to plenty of play left in my two panty boys! Who needs a trip to the bay?!"

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