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Wife shares Panty Husband with her BFF

As most women, my wife, Jessie, has a friend who she has known for over 40 years. They were together constantly until we moved. Now they email, talk on the phone and once every two or three years her friend visits us for a long weekend. She always comes alone, never with her husband. That's so my wife and her friend can have the entire three day weekend for themselves.

This visit was planned for some time and when the day arrived to go the airport I was ready for a lot of laughs and prepared to go to bed early while my wife and her friend drank wine and told stories.

Jessie and I picked up Zoey and headed to our favorite beach dive on the Gulf of Mexico for a beer and a grouper sandwich. As always the conversation eventually gets to sexual things. Sitting in a restaurant with waves rolling in on the Gulf allowed us to relax even more. The conversation is never personal. It's always about things my wife and her friend heard, read or saw. My wife was talking about the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Zoey was talking about her work as a nurse. My wife and Zoey worked the same shift before we moved to Florida. This time things changed to more sexual topics.

Zoey was explaining the contents of a celebrity porno video she watched. This male celebrity liked to wear ladies lingerie during sex. I was shocked when my wife blurted out, "Since you were here last Jason started wearing my panties."

Zoey calmly said, "Really. Tell me more. It sounds both interesting and sexy."

My wife looked at me and said, "Well, I can tell you Jason's new nickname is Panty Husband. Other than that, Jason you explain it to her first and I'll add some juicy parts."

I love my new nickname. I felt very comfortable and was more than happy to share some details about my new found pleasure. I explained that men's underwear is very boring and the material is always relatively thick and seems to be designed more to absorb urine after a man goes to the bathroom than anything else. Men's underwear is seldom sexy, even the men's panties sold online. Women's panties are always sexy and seem to scream out Fuck Me to all who see their lady in panties.

I explained how much I loved my wife in panties and often purchased them for her as gifts. I explained how sexually excited I got just deciding which pair I would wear any evening out. I also explained that wearing my wife's panties gave me a feeling of patience and understanding. If my wife was willing to allow me to wear her panties and actually compliment me when I wore panties then I should be more understanding and sensitive. The grumpiness was reduced and my compassionate, loving side was accentuated.

I added, "I've always loved my wife and appreciated her. Now that I wear her panties I am extra aware of her sexual needs. I try my best to extend foreplay and give her an orgasm before I put my cock in her. The only time we start to fuck before her orgasms is when she asks for it, but even then I am aware of her needs and make sure she has at least one orgasm, more if she is ready for them. I feel like I let my wife down if I cum and she doesn't.

Zoey then said, "Are you wearing panties now?"

I said, "No. I usually wear panties when we go out to dinner because we always fuck when we get home. I seldom wear panties during the day unless we talk about it and we plan to fuck later in the day. I sometimes wear panties when we do not intend to fuck, but that is rare."

Zoey then replied, "This is so very interesting. I want to talk about it more, but let's pay our bill and head to your house so I can unpack for the weekend."

My wife said, "I agree. Let's get going, but there is a lot more to the panties and how our sex life has accelerated than Jason has told you. That can wait for later."

We went home and after a brief rest the girls put on their bikinis and got in our pool. I left them to themselves and did some work for school. Eventually, it was time to get ready for dinner. We planned to take Zoey to our favorite restaurant.

As my wife and I were getting dressed she said, "I can't believe how excited Zoey is about you wearing panties. That's all she wants to talk about."

I said, "Why not give her a real treat? Let's both of us take my panty box out to her and let her pick which pair I wear tonight."

My wife said, "Great idea. She is going to get all fired up with no one to take care of her needs. I may have to lend her the vibrator for tonight."

We walked out into the living room. Zoey was already dressed in a short skirt and sexy spaghetti strap top. My wife said, "We've decided to let you pick out Jason's panties tonight. Here's his panty box. Make your choice."

Zoey's eyes got real big. I noticed her nipples were hard and showing. She touched a lot of the panties. Then she said, "Which panties do you like best Jason?"

I replied, "I really like them all, but my favorite pairs are the silky ones with lace trim, especially the pairs with a thin stretchy silk material on my dick."

She chose a silky leopard pair with red lace trim on the legs and waist. I said, "Excellent choice. These are one of my favorites. I really like either pink or leopard silk."

I got dressed and we headed to dinner. Zoey was constantly asking me how I felt in the panties. Of course, I felt great, very sexy. My fear was I would not be getting pussy later because the girls would be up all night talking.

Eventually, my wife said, "Zoey, there's a Victoria's Secret walking distance from here. Jason and I go there at least once a week. We don't have to go tonight if you would rather skip it."

Zoey said, "Absolutely not. I really want to go with you two."

We walked to the store. I held my wife's hand as always. Zoey said, "Is it OK if I ask Jason some questions in VS. I want to try to convince my husband to start wearing panties and I might surprise him when I get home."

My wife had no problem with the three of us walking the store together. Zoey wanted to know which styles fit me well enough to be comfortably sexy. I told her to stick with the hiphuggers and mostly avoid the cheekini styles. There just isn't enough cock room in the skimpy styles. She asked about sizing. My wife and I actually answered together as a team. Zoey asked about the sales staff. My wife said, "There have been more than a few Friday or Saturday nights when we came here and bought two identical pairs of panties together. The clerks never say a thing and we love the fact they know we are both wearing panties." Many of the staff here know us well.

Zoey said, "Jason you seem to have a bulge right now."

I said, "I normally get hard in here with Jessie, but tonight is a little extra stimulating."

Then Zoey took an extra step. She said, "I want to buy the three of us matching panties to wear tomorrow night. I also want to buy the same pair for my husband. He's close to Jason's size."

My wife agreed. The three of us picked a pretty hot pink pair with white lace trim. Zoey walked to the register with four identical panties in her hands, three large for her husband, me, my wife and a medium pair for herself.

The clerk said hi to my wife and me. We introduced Zoey as our out of town guest. Zoey placed the panties on the counter. As the clerk wrapped them in VS paper and was getting ready to put them in one of those beautiful VS bags with handles of ribbon she said, "You have three large and one medium. Is that right?"

Zoey calmly said, "That's correct. The medium is for me. The others are for my friends Jason and Jessie here. The fourth pair is for my husband."

The clerk had a devilish smile on her face. She took the debit card and said, "I hope these bring you lots of enjoyment over and over."

We walked to the car with that always noticeable VS bag. All three of us had a big smile on our face. Jessie said, "I bet the clerks are talking about the three of us right now."

We got home and I let the girls do their thing. I always feel they are more comfortable without me bothering them. Jessie came into my office and said, "Can you join us? Zoey has questions about our panties that I'd rather answer as a team. Some are personal for you."

To start, Zoey asked me why I love of panties so much. I said, "I've loved panties for as long as I can remember. When Jessie and I met 30 years ago one of the first things we did was shop for panties together. I had no idea I would eventually wear them."

Zoey said, "Do you like dressing as a woman?"

I said, "Well Jessie and I have had fun switching roles in Key West at Jessie's request, not mine. The day she surprised me in Key West with a skirt, a see through blouse, panties, a sexy lacy bra that was obvious under the see through blouse, thigh high lace top stockings and heels was a real treat."

I explained that Jessie was really into the fantasy and opened the doors for me, flirted with me, patted my ass a lot and complimented my sexy look. She whispered into my ear how badly she wanted to fuck me.

I added, "Jessie dressed in a blue blazer and khaki pants. She became the man that night and I was her whore. I shaved my legs. Jessie got me a sexy wig with curly hair and a manicure with red nail polish. The stockings felt real sexy on my shaved legs. That night was so much fun I'll do it anytime Jessie asks."

"That night when we got back to our room, Jessie ripped my blouse off, played with my bra and then attacked my nipples. She bit, licked and sucked them. She was all over me. I got a real good fucking from her. So I guess the answer to your question is I normally don't think about dressing like a woman. I just love panties, but anytime Jessie wants to dress me like a lady, treat me like a lady and fuck me like an animal I am more than happy, no really eager, to do that."

Then I finally said, "Honestly, before Jessie offered to let me wear her panties I would wear Jessie's panties around the house when she was gone, but was way too embarrassed to tell Jessie. Our sex life is all about communication so eventually after I wore man panties for a while I told Jessie I wanted to wear sexy silk ladies panties."

I remember Jessie said, "If you want to wear panties I'll give you some of mine." I was so excited. We went home and she got her party panty box out and we picked a few older styles for me to try on right then. Her eyes and smile told the whole story when she saw me wearing her panties that night. Now she loves me wearing her panties. There are times when she asks me to wear man panties and I do that for her.

I added, "I've had a pair of men's black lace underwear I bought online over ten years ago. I really don't like lace as much as stretchy silk, but I've had feminine looking underwear for a long time."

Then I explained that I love fucking my wife with her wearing panties. I love to rub her panty covered ass as I fuck her from behind. I also love when she rides me cowgirl style so I can see my cock go in and out of her. I admitted that I loved going through my wife's panties to pick out what she would wear when we go out to dinner.

Man panties are nice and Jessie likes them, but the material was not the same. There is also something very erotic about wearing Jessie's panties. It's sort of a hidden secret that gets me very eager to make love to my wife.

I told her the best things I can see is over a dozen panties hand washed and hanging to dry on the rack in our walk in closet. That is a beautiful sight, half are mine and half are Jessie's.

The last thing I said was, "I really love wearing panties when we have sex. My wife teases my cock first while I'm wearing them. Then I pull the leg to the side and allow my cock and balls to hang free, but the panties are still there on my hips and ass."

I said, "Both of us wearing panties while we fuck is so erotic to me. I can't believe how good the sex is and we have had an amazing sex life together."

The girls talked and the wine flowed. The conversation seldom moved from panties. I was sitting on the couch with my wife when Zoey said to my wife, "Is there any way you will let me see Jason in panties?"

My wife quickly said, "Sure. Stand up Jason." She gave me a big hug and kissed me. Her tongue was in my mouth.

Then she whispered, "Do this for me. Let me show you off to Zoey. I'll reward you."

Jessie unbuckled my pants and let them drop to my feet. She bent down and lifted each leg and completely removed the pants. She stood up and pulled my shirt over my head. She stroked my cock in the panties and my already hard cock expanded to its full length and thickness. I was standing in our living room naked except for the panties Zoey had picked for me to wear earlier in the day.

Jessie said, "What do you think Zoey?"

Zoey said, "Oh my god. Those leopard panties look so hot. I can see every ridge of Jason's cock. The head of his cock looks gigantic. He looks so thick. Wow."

Jessie asked me to turn around. I did and she said, "Bend over."

I heard a gasp from Zoey. She said, "Now that's an ass and it looks absolutely beautiful in panties. Thanks to both of you for this sight."

Zoey then said, "I have an idea. Let's all three get in our new panties and use my new cell phone to get a picture from our navels to our thighs, no faces. I want to show my husband."

Zoey put the VS bag on the cocktail table and removed the panties. She grabbed the mediums and said, "These are mine. You guys take yours." Then she proceeded to undress right in front of Jessie and me. I was not sure what to do.

My wife handed me my new panties and said, "It's OK. Put them on." I was already only wearing panties so I changed quickly.

As I changed from the Loepard panties to the new pink pair, Zoey said, "Are your balls and cock shaved? Wow."

I replied, "Yes I shave my balls, cock and nipples. When I'm hair free the panties feel really sensual to me. I also want to be clean for Cathy. I've been shaving for about ten years."

My wife, Zoey and I were all nude except for the pink panties with white lace. They put me in the middle and put their arms around me. Zoey snapped the picture and said, "Wait. Let's get one more to be sure." It turned out to be a very erotic picture, if you like panties.

My head was spinning. What was happening? My wife and I are very sexually active, but very private. Our motto is "Anything goes and long as it's just the two of us." How did I end up standing in our living room in panties with my wife and her friend in matching panties?

I started to walk to my clothes and Jessie said, "Jason, I don't think it's right that we are going to fuck tonight and Zoey doesn't have a partner. I am not suggesting a three way, but I am suggesting that the three of us go into the bedroom and pleasure ourselves."

Zoey said, "Great. Please Jason, let's do it and let me go first."

I said, "OK. Let's go."

Zoey was on our bed in seconds. Jessie plugged in the vibrator. She said, "I'm not sure if you need this, but just in case it's here on the edge of the bed."

Zoey left her panties on and got right to work. She must have been really sexually excited. She was playing with her nipples with her left hand and quickly stroking her clit with her right. The speed of her hand on her clit was intense. She was screaming and had three strong orgasms along the way. Jessie and I enjoyed the show. We played with each other while we watched.

Jessie got on the bed and said, "Jason, play with my nipples while I use the vibrator. I guarantee I won't take much longer than Zoey. I really want to explode."

Zoey was standing at the end of the bed. I laid next to my wife, put my arm around her and used my left hand to tease and pull her nipple. I licked and sucked her right nipple. She placed the vibrator on her panties, just above her clit. She loves it there. On her clit is way too sensitive for her. She started moaning and then said, "Its coming Jason. I'm going to cum. Oh I love it. I love it." She had five deep orgasms over about 15 minutes.

She rested a few minutes and then moved to a sitting position resting against the headboard and said, "Jason, sit in front of me. I'll pleasure your nipples while you take care of your cock."

I had told my wife I wanted to do this, but we usually end up fucking rather than me going all the way to cumming. Tonight was the perfect night to do it.

I have to admit, I was on fire and ready to cum. The new panties felt so good. I played with myself with my cock in my panties. Then I heard Zoey say, "Play with your cock in those panties, Panty Husband." I continued to play with my cock in the panties she bought us.

Eventually, I pulled my cock out of the right side of the crotch leaving the panties on my ass. The night's activities were a little crazy and unusual for me. I enjoyed the nipple pleasure and was moaning and screaming. My cock was feeling so big and hard. I tried to enjoy it as long as I could.

My wife then said, "Jason, let's show Zoey how you can have multiple dry orgasms. Spin around and put your ass in my lap."

Then Jessie said to Zoey, "Come over to the side of the bed to get a closer look. Your hubby will love this."

I did as Jessie suggested. I love multiple dry orgams so much. Jessie teased my skin near the head of my cock, the fenulum. The feeling was very, very intense, instantly. I felt the pleasure take over my body. Just as the teasing of my frenulum got to be more than I could handle Jessie switched to stroking my cock and then back to teasing the frenulum. This rotation builds surges of pleasure to higher and higher peaks. Eventually, the feeling is one of cumming without ejaculation. I was moaning. My head was flopping from side to side. My legs and arms were shaking. I was both moaning and screaming. I felt like my cock was a hose with cum flowing out rather than a short spurt. The pleasure was a constant unending orgasm, not in my cock, but throughout my entire body. The whole time my cock stayed rock hard because I didn't ejaculate. Jessie can put me into a trance of pleasure that is hard to describe.

I have no idea how much time passed. Finally, I said, "Thank you so much Jessie. Please, please let me fuck you and give you a big load of cum."

Jessie said, "OK fuck me from behind with us wearing our new panties." She got on all fours and I mounted her. It usually takes a while to cum after multiple dry orgasms. The dry orgam pleasure takes the urge to cum away. I can fuck forever after multiple dry orgasms.

Then I felt Zoey's hand on my ass. She was rubbing the panties. I love it when Jessie rubs my panty covered ass. I heard Zoey say, "Come on Panty Husband. Give me a show. Let that big thick cock explode so I can see your juice. Pull out of Jessie and cum on her panty covered ass. Get cum on your new panties. Show me what that beautiful cock can do." I was doing fine and enjoying the ride, but Zoey rubbing my ass and making her comments put me over the edge mentally. I pulled out and exploded a massive load of cum all over Jessie. That first squirt landed on Jessie's shoulder. The rest squirted on her panties. We had cum everywhere.

I laid there and soaked in the feelings. I moved my new panties back over my cock. Eventually, I said, "Ladies this was a special night. I hope you enjoyed it. More importantly, Zoey, I hope your husband is a closet panty freak and loves his first pair of panties. Let's get some sleep. Who knows what tomorrow might bring."

Jessie said, "Thanks for cheering my Panty Husband to a big cum load. Your husband is going to beg for multiple dry orgasms after that first time." Jessie handed me her cum covered panties and asked me to take them to the laundry room.

Zoey said, "Your welcome. Jessie what do I do with my juice filled panties? We should all wear them tomorrow after they are washed on delicate. I sure hope we can figure something out to do tomorrow night. This is fun and sure feels good." I took Zoey's panties to the laundry room, too.

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