tagFetishPanty Power Ch. 05

Panty Power Ch. 05

byblack saphire©

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In chapter One, I narrated how I seduced my professor with my panties. Chapter Two detailed how I got into a relationship with Steve, from the office, also through the use of my panties. In Chapter Three, I fell under the spell of my roommates panties and had my first lesbian encounter. Chapter four described how my wet sticky panties helped me get my promotion.


Two months into my new position as Accounts Director, we had a visit from a large Japanese corporate customer. Richard had asked that I looked after his wife while the senior corporate officers entertained the customer. I welcomed the chance to take time off and go shopping and sightseeing. I was also looking forward to the chance of learning about someone else's culture and meeting someone from so far away.

Not entirely sure of the protocol, I didn't dress too casually for my first meeting with Mrs Matsuda. I chose a knee length brown skirt with a beige sleeveless blouse. I threw a light sweater over my shoulders, just in case it got cold as well as in the event that my sleeveless blouse may have been too casual.

I had been briefed that the proper way to address Mrs Matsuda was Matsuda-San – interestingly enough, there was no differentiation between Mr and Mrs. They were both Matsuda-San. I had also been told that calling somebody by just their name, without adding a title, is yobisute literally "call and throw away", and is considered very bad manners unless the person has given you permission.

I reached the hotel about 15 minutes early, knowing how important punctuality is to the Japanese. Matsuda-San appeared in the lobby at 9.25 – 5 minutes early. She wore a one piece sleeveless dark blue dress with white patterns that showed off her figure nicely. Her breasts were relatively small by western standards but seemed to fill out the dress sufficiently well. Her hips were in proportion to her breasts and she had nice smooth legs that somehow flattered the dress even more. Her butt was small and round and stuck out just enough and at the right angle too. Definitely no sagging there.

I watched her quietly as she turned and walked about the lobby. Her dress was very snug around her ass and I could make out her panty line. I was delighted to note that she wore panties and not a g-string or thong. Her panty line nicely covered her tight ass and for a moment I felt a pang of lust going through me as I wondered how her panties might smell. Dismissing all lustful thoughts, I waited until it was 9.30 sharp. I smoothed my skirt down and walked toward her with a bright smile.

"Matsuda-San?" I enquired politely, standing a little away from her.

"Hai! Yes! ohayou gozaimasu." She smiled and bowed slightly before offering her hand.

"Good Morning!" I replied, returning her bow and shook her hand warmly.

"You are Bee-San, yes?" she asked.

"Yes, Vi. Please to meet you Matsuda-San." I replied, still holding her hand in my grasp.

"Prease to meet you too. And Prease, call me Asuka." She replied, her eyes twinkling. "Sank you so much for coming."

I warmed up to her very quickly. I loved her slight Japanese accent and found it very endearing, if not slightly sensual. I looked more closely at the pretty woman in front of me. Her skin was like porcelain and her shoulder length black hair framed her face, contrasting against her pale skin. Her eyes had a twinkle to them and a thin smile always seemed to dance on her lips.

"Would you prefer to go shopping or sightseeing?" I asked.

"Shopping is nice." She replied. "awready seen city before. Anyway, Japanese girls arrways like shopping!"

"I think ALL girls like shopping!" I countered.

We both laughed as we walked out of the hotel to get a taxi. We didn't have to wait long as a taxi soon appeared. The bellman opened the taxi door for Asuka and she stepped into the taxi. I felt a lump in my throat as I watched her swing her legs into the taxi, catching a glimpse of her white panties. I quickly walked to the other side and got into the taxi myself.

We had a great time shopping! Asuka bought quite a number of clothes and shoes – and she had a great fashion sense. She spent a lot of time in the lingerie section and I particularly enjoyed watching her select some panties and bras. I tried on a few things too but didn't end up buying anything. We both had a light lunch of salad and soup and then it was back to more shopping. By about 6 we were both tired out and decided to go back to the hotel.

"Prease. You help me with bags?" Asuka asked as we reached the hotel.

"Sure!" I replied as I carried half of the bags for her. I followed her up to her room and was surprised at the size of the room. It was huge! As Asuka walked toward the bed, the sun shone right through her and I could make out the silhouette of her legs through her dress, all the way up to her panties! I swallowed hard as a lump in my throat formed again.

"My husband, Matsuda-San, always rike to get suite" She explained, probably seeing my wide eyes. She placed the bags on the bed and I followed suit, taking a seat in the desk chair after placing the bags down.

"Something I eat not good." Asuka said as she rubbed her stomach. "Asuka go toilet rittle while?"

"Sure." I replied. "Take your time!"

Asuka retreated in the bathroom and I heard the door lock. I looked around the room and my eyes fell on a plastic, hotel laundry bag, standing in the corner of the room.

My mouth went dry and my heart started to quicken as I walked over to the plastic bag. I knelt on the floor as I opened the bag to inspect the contents. The first was a man's shirt followed by a black, lycra top. The black top smelled of her wonderful perfume. Digging deeper I found a white blouse and then I hit paydirt – two pairs of used panties!

I could feel my heart thudding in my chest as I inspected my find. One was a black panty that was sheer all over except for the crotch. The other was a pair of white cotton panties with little red rosed all over them. I picked up the black pair, noticing how thin and soft they were. I brought them up to my nose and inhaled deeply. They smelled divine! I looked at the gusset to see fine white streaks of dried pussy juice on them. I inhaled deeply once again, intoxicated with the slightly sourish yet sweet smell emanating from those panties.

I picked up the white pair and stared at them, opening them up properly to examine them. The leg holes had brown stains on them, while the gusset was yellowish, tending toward a light brown. Obviously these panties had been worn a long time. I was feeling a mix of revulsion and excitement as I brought them to my nose as I new they would probably smell strong. I wasn't wrong. Those panties reeked of sweat and urine. Yet, I felt my own juices starting to flow as I detected her pussy scent buried under the sweat and urine. I had to admit that the foulness of her panties was exciting me too. I held it close to my nose, breathing in deeply, almost wanting to run my tongue along the stained crotch.

"Sonna....!"Asuka suddenly exclaimed. "Oh!.. You like pantsu? I thought only Japanese man like the used pantsu."

I must have blushed scarlet, I could feel my face so hot. "I –I'm sorry. I was just..." I kicked myself for not hearing the flush as now I could hear the cistern filling quite clearly. There was really no way I could explain myself. I quietly put the clothes back in the bag and looked down at the floor.

"I beg your forgiveness Matsuda-San" I said softly, still kneeling and looking down at the floor.

"No. Is okay." Asuka answered. "Prease. Is okay. Just not used to a rady doing zis way. Normally, in Japan, only man smell panties."

Grateful that she wasn't angry at me I smiled softly at her.

"Did you rike it?" She asked me. "You rike smell my pantsu?"

"Y-yes." I replied. "Very much."

She offered me her hand, pulling me up from the floor. I shivered slightly at how close she was standing to me. I could smell her perfume emanating from her.

"You are vely pletty rady." Asuka said and then frowned slightly. "Or is it wong to say rady? Should be woman?"

"Lady is fine!" I laughed, relaxing even more that she wasn't angry with me at all. "And thank you! You are very pretty too!"

"You are vely kind. But Asuka breast too small." She replied, looking down as she said so. "Wish Asuka breast bigger."

I wasn't sure if I was expected to respond or even what to say. I hardly expected Asuka to be this open with me about the size of her breasts. But then, after watching me sniffing her panties, there was really nothing to be modest about.

"You're still beautiful." Is all I could muster.

"You vely sexy too." Asuka smiled. "I sink you smelling my pantsu vely hot."

"Have you ever tried it?" I asked, getting bolder by the minute. "I mean sniffing panties?"

"No, no." She replied. "Resbian I have try, and I rike. But no pantsu for me. You try resbian? You like?"

"Oh yes! Not much experience but I do like it" I replied. I saw a glazed look wash over her eyes as she took my hand in hers.

"You do resbian with me?" she asked, almost pleading. "Now?"

I was caught unaware but not entirely surprised by her request. I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity with the gorgeous Japanese woman. I raised my hand to her face and stroked it lightly. Then we kissed. Small kisses at first and then our lips locked and I felt her tongue slip into my mouth. Her tongue flicked against the roof of my palate, sending shockwaves shooting to my pussy. Her hands were fumbling urgently against the zipper on the side of my dress and I grabbed at her zipper as well.

Asuka softly pushed me away and undid her dress, letting it slide off her body. I stood in awe of her almost faultless body. Her skin was so smooth and silky and the white lacy bra that she wore only emphasised the beauty of her breasts. Her white cotton panties had a lacy garter and I could see a dark patch at her crotch. I quickly disrobed as well, showing off my black undergarments.

"Ooohhh." Asuka groaned, "so pletty." She undid her bra, exposing her firm breasts. Her nipples were long and dark and she had tiny areolas. I gulped hard again at this vision of beauty. I unhooked my bra and let my breasts free. My nipples were already erect. Asuka came closer to me and cupped my breasts with her hands.

"Such lovely breast." she moaned. "I wish Asuka breast big rike you."

I pulled her toward me and then turned her around to push her on to the bed. She moaned slightly as I reached down to pull her panties off her. She was completely bald and her pussy lips were thick and swollen.

"Smell zem. Smell my pantsu!" She moaned. "Show me how you smell."

I was only too happy to oblige. I lifted her wet panties to my face and pressed them firmly against my nose. I felt the wetness of her panties as I sniffed deeply. Her smell was so delightful, almost fruity and I felt my own pussy leaking its juices.

"Oooaahhhh." She moaned as her hands rubbed up and down her body as she watched me sniffing her panties. "Sooo hot..."

Her hands were lightly caressing her pussy and I dropped her panties and then knelt on the floor. I pushed her thighs further apart to stare at her gaping pussy. I could see white fluid collecting just inside her, on the floor of her pussy. She was so juicy! I dove right in and placed my tongue at the mouth of her pussy, lapping up the thick cream that had collected there.

"Aaaahhhh...Mmmmmm." She moaned loudly. "Rick me. Rick me there."

Her juices corresponded to her smell. She tasted fruity, almost like citrus and I lapped at her cunt hungrily. She pulled my head harder into her pussy and bucked up and down as I licked her. Suddenly she pushed me away.

"What's wrong?" I cried.

"No, nussing." She mewled. "Turn around, let me rick you too. What zey call zis....69?

I smiled as I pulled of my panties and climbed on to the bed. I lifted my leg over her head to straddle it and slowly lowered my weeping pussy to the face as I buried my own face in her pussy.

The smell of sex was thick in the room as we both licked and slurped on each others cunts. Asuka was one of the most talented pussy lickers I had ever been with! She licked on my vulva, teasing me and then dipped her tongue deep into me – effectively tongue fucking me. Then she would alternate between licking my clit and then sucking on it hard. My clit was swollen with lust with her sucking and it was so sensitive, sending chills flowing all through me.

We were both making guttural noises with our throats as our mouths were too busy sucking juicy cunt. Asuka was keeping me on the brink and although I wanted to cum, it was heavenly being kept at such a high for so long.

Asuka started bucking harder on my face and then suddenly she stuck a finger up my ass. The feeling in my pussy started to intensify and she licked more urgently as she finger fucked my asshole. Her mouth slipped off me momentarily and she cried out, "Same, do me same!"

I stuck my finger into her ass as well, loving the feeling of her tight shitter giving way and then clamping on my finger. She mewled around my pussy as she humped against my face. My whole body was on fire and my pussy suddenly clamped and started spasming just as I felt Asuka's body tense. She thrust her hips upwards, her back arching high as she sucked hard on my clit.

Both our bodies spasmed almost simultaneously as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed us. I felt her pussy leaking out more juices as she came and then she finally collapsed on the bed, spent. I kept my face buried between her legs as I lapped her softly, trying to drink in all her juices. My own body was aglow as she rained soft kisses on my sopping pussy.

We lay like that for a little while, basking in the afterglow. I pulled up from Asuka and turned to lie beside her. She lightly stroked my breasts as I nuzzled against her shoulder.

"That was amazing." I moaned.

"Mmm..yes....you vely good too." Asuka replied, stroking my hair. "I sink I give you Japanese name. You mind? Easy for me to call." Asuka said.

"I don't mind. I think its quite sweet. What will you name me?" I asked.

"Akemi. It mean blight and beautiful and that is you. From now, you are Akemi to me."

"That's very sweet." I replied. "Can Akemi ask you a question?

She smiled at me at my own use of the name she had given me. "Yes, of course."

"Does your husband do this?" I asked, "I mean smell your panties?"

For a second I saw her face turn dark and I was afraid that I had crossed the line in asking too personal a question. Her face quickly broke out into a smile and she nodded her head, smiling.

"In Japan, man love pantsu. Especially if very wet and dirty." She said quietly. I wasn't sure if a reply was expected or if she just wanted to talk. I didn't have to think too long as she continued. "Matsuda-San, my husband, also love my pantsu. Japanese rady can get many things with pantsu" she giggled. "You want see? Rearn Japanese pantsu tricks?"

"How?" I asked, completely intrigued. "What do I do?"

She turned to look at the bedside clock. It was almost 7.30.

"My husband have early dinner tonight. You stay with me and we have loom service. When he come back I show you. K?" she said.

"Wont he mind that I'm here?" I asked

"Mind that pletty white rady in loom?" Asuka laughed loudly, then suddenly when quiet. "Only if you mind Akemi."

"Will I have to fuck him?" I asked quietly, the heat already building in my pussy.

"Akemi only do what Akemi want." She replied firmly.

"You wouldn't mind?" I asked.

"You gaijin don't know how open some Japanese are." She replied. "My husband and I vely open."

I nodded in reply. I was completely captivated with Asuka and the opportunity of spending more time with her was an added bonus. I couldn't wait to see what she had in store for her husband.

We dressed and I noticed that Asuka re-used her sticky wet panties and I wondered why when she obviously had so many at her disposal. I wished I could change mine but in a sordid kind of way was enjoying the dampness and how they stuck to my vulva.

We enjoyed dinner, both of us having a small steak and then pigging out on dessert. After dinner, Asuka took my hands again and looked me in the eye.

"Asuka get ready now. You come see" She said as she stood up and walked to the wardrobe.

I followed her to the wardrobe and she opened a drawer. The drawer was filled with sexy panties and bras. Asuka dug around and extracted an extremely flimsy garment. It was like a g-string except it was basically two long black strings acting as garters and holding a small butterfly rather high up. Daintily she stepped out of her panties and pulled the strings on. The small butterfly sat on top of her clit and the strings were indeed garters, leaving her pussy bare. She then pulled on her white panties again. Finally she opened her hand to show me a tiny black box with two buttons.

"Zis lemote control." She said handing me the box. I pressed the green button and I saw her bite her lip. "viblating butterfly." She announced matter of factly.

I smiled and passed the remote back to her. She left it on for a little while and then turned it off. I was surprised how quiet it was.

"Husband home soon." She announced as she pulled a bathrobe around her. Even in a bathrobe she looked sexy. I wasn't sure if it was because I knew about the butterfly that I found her sexy or if she was just plain sexy. Ever so often she would turn on the butterfly and I could see her enjoying every jolt of the butterfly.

"Zis make my pantsu wet." She announced. "ready for pantsu games."

I wanted to see her panties get wet and I wanted to smell them again and taste them. But I knew I was there to observe and to learn. I was getting so turned on watching this sexy, seductive lady that my hand slipped under my skirt.

I lost count of time but suddenly we heard a key in the door and Matsuda-San walked in.

"Good evening again Matsuda-San" I offered.

"Konbanwa." he smiled, as he walked in.

"Kenji!" Asuka cried. "Is that how you tleat pretty rady? This is Akemi."

I was amazed at the transformation of shy, subservient Asuka into this strong woman. Was there some secret that I needed to learn about Japanese wives?

Matsuda-San turned back to look at me and bowed respectfully. "Moushiwake arimasen deshita" he said.

I had heard that expression before and knew it was a formal apology more commonly used by women and subordinates. I was again confounded as to why Matsuda-San was being so docile.

Asuka laughed loudly. "Kenji know he must show lespect or he wont get what he want. Isn't that right Kenji?"

"Hai. Yes, Matsuda-San" Kenji Matsuda said, addressing his wife formally.

I sat quietly observing all this. My already soaked panties were getting wetter with the dominant game unfolding in front of my eyes.

"What would you like Kenji? Straight or with scotch?" Asuka asked again, her eyes shining with power, her fingers turning the remote on and off

"Uhh..Scotch prease Matsuda-San." Kenji said. Kenji was obviously very excited as I saw he had a massive hard-on in his trousers.

I watched as Asuka pulled a glass from the counter and filled it with a shot of scotch. It was then that I noticed a small ice bucket, half filled with water. Asuka placed the glass of scotch next to the bucket and then smiled at me.

"Come, Akemi. Help me." She said to me, the smile never leaving her face. I heard Kenji groan a little as he watched me come over to his wife.

Asuka lifted her skirt and spread her legs. She pulled down her panties and passed them to me. I took them gratefully, relishing their wetness. They were positively soaking. I lifted them to my nose and smelled her sweet nectar coating the panties. Asuka gently took them from me and leaned down to kiss me. "Learn!" She said softly.

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