I managed to croak a surprised query. "You are kidding, right?"

"No. You know Rebecca - Eddie's friend who usually stays at our place - she must be home by now. If you still doubt me, why don't you call my husband and ask him if he minds that you fool around with your daughter? Just don't be surprised if Becky answers, that's all."

The implication was too obvious to miss. "You mean, Becky and Eddie are -"

Sarah nodded calmly. "Have been for the last one year. She shares his bunk in the vessel, and more than often, his bunk. I don't mind, actually. It keeps him out of circulation - which young male can put up with six months of abstinence every year? Moreover, he likes it rough, and she wants it rough. On land, they get together every weekend at her place, but sometimes, at ours."

"And you don't mind her staying with you?"

"Not at all. I mean, it's just for a weekend, and besides, they are together every day in the sea. The moaning and the shouting keeps me awake, though, until they are thoroughly exhausted."

Another thought struck me. "Have you ever had a - I mean, um... like, you know..." I couldn't bring myself to ask her outright whether she had slept with this woman herself.

"Gosh, Dad, you are blistering like an idiot. All you got to do is ask me if we've ever had threesomes. Yes, to answer your question, we have. But like I said, the two of them prefer rough sex, and the two times I slept with them, I was fucked so hard - by both Eddie and Becky - that I couldn't even walk properly for sometime. Becky likes to hump until her skin peels off."

"What about your marriage? Won't she tear it apart?"

"No worry on that account. Becky is a secure woman - has no plans for settling down. They just like the sex, that's all. She herself turned down an offer to move in with us, citing it as a commitment well beyond her limits,"

I tried to digest this piece of information. The image of my daughter in a wild, frolicking threesome was tremendously exciting, a fact that quickly evidenced itself to my daughter in the form of an engorged dick. She couldn't see it, but she sure could feel it. The water bobbed us up and down, and with each crest and trough, the head brushed against her hole. Her nipples rubbed against mine, the exotic sensation almost causing me to cream in the water itself.

I took one more look at my daughter. In her eyes were now one more ingredient - hope. She really wanted me. The only obstacle remaining was my wife.

Screw her!

"Well, girl, you convinced me. Where do we start?"

Sarah puckered her lips. Her arms were already on my shoulders; she entwined them at the back of my neck, pulling my face closer. "How about with a proper kiss, and then you can carry me over the threshold to our honeymoon room? After that, ... you ought to know what to do...."

Our lips touched. For a second, we just held each other in that position, and then our lips started to grind. Tongues dashed out only to collide with one another, and then kissed and made up. I traced the undersides of her tongue, tickling the pink flesh until she gripped me harder. My daughter was no amateur either - she scratched every nook and cranny inside my mouth with her tongue, before swapping some of her sweet saliva with mine. We toyed around with the substance for some more time, finally gulping it down.

As soon as we broke apart, I cupped my hands beneath her ass and pushed upwards, hoisting her onto my shoulder. Sarah squealed with joy as I started to wade out of the shallow water, her breasts rubbing against my back. Contrary to my rubbery masculine skin, hers was silk-smooth, almost sliding off my shoulders. To get a better grip, I placed a finger firmly in the crack of her ass, and with each step, a little of it crept in.

"Oh, Daddy," Sarah moaned as around three-fourth of my finger - sufficient for wiggling it inside her - slid in, its entry facilitated by the slick sea-water that still clung to our skin. It was precisely this wetness that caused us to go to the room; otherwise, both of us would have made love then and there, right on the sandy beach.

I half-ran, half-walked the distance to our cabin, stopping only in front of the step so that I could place her correctly across my arms - as a groom carries his bride off the church. Even as I lowered her, Sarah found my lips again and we kissed again, a short, impassioned kiss that was just as good as the drawn-out one we had shared in the water. Her eyes told me how much this meant to her. My eyes told her how much she meant to me.

Once inside, I rushed towards the bed. No sooner had I dropped her on the soft mattress than I was on her, kissing her all over her face. She responded the same way, and our lips met again more than once in our explorations. Her face was infinitely beautiful, and there were just too many points to taste and nibble. I tugged her earlobes, chewing them lightly until my daughter started to moan. The first sound was music to my ears; the aphrodisiac added to an already-sexed atmosphere.

Then I moved downwards, targeting the throat that made such beautiful sounds. I made a complete revolution of her neck, from the curve of her jaw to the blond curls at her nape, kissing and licking every part in between. Sarah stopped ministering to me - she was too caught up in the web of the assault that it was all she could do to keep from giving in to an orgasm so easily. I started to massage her shoulder blades gently, the immediate effect being that she relaxed. An orgasm overtook her, taking her to the edge of consciousness and pulling her back by centimeters.

Her eyes rolled up towards the sky, and for a second, I wondered if I would have to wait until she woke up again. Thankfully, within five seconds, they fluttered, and I continued my 'duties' once again. After pock marking the neck and her shoulders, my mouth sought out her throbbing breasts. They heaved and fell as she breathed, two twin mountains quivering at the hands of the gods. One of my hands cupped her other breast while the other started to play with her wet pussy.

The instant my lips brushed against the skin of her creamy cherry, I wanted to scream out loud - the vibration of her bud against my lolling tongue was as arousing to me as it must have been for her. I placed it between my teeth, gently clamping it firmly in place. My lips took in more of her breast, but confined by the closed teeth, my tongue had only one thing to do - and that was to skim the top of the cherry-top. Sarah bucked again as another orgasm struck her, the movement of her body pushing more and more of her breast into my mouth.

"Oh, Daddy! That feels so ... ohhhh!"

Finally, both breasts were flushed to a red tone. They reminded me of fresh apples, straight from the orchards. I ran my tongue down the swell of her breasts, down her stomach, past her navel where I pit-stopped for around fifteen seconds, and finally arrived at the delectably soft skin just above her folds. Her pussy was shaved to the extent of being baby-smooth, the skin warm and moist. I kissed her at the vertices of the V, each time eliciting a very emphatic oomph from her.

Grabbing the undersides of her legs, I slung them over my shoulders. Her pussy was right in my eyesight now, its juices reflecting the sunlight outside. I savored the sight for just a second - after which I attacked with my tongue. I pushed it deeper than I had ever attempted before, touching and cleaning the cuntal walls like a tongue is supposed to do. I serviced her for more than I had ever serviced anyone else before, but then she was not anybody - she was my daughter, and she was my lover.

Having lost all track of time, I can't say exactly how long I ate her out, before submitting to her pleas of consummating our relationship. All I do remember was that when I entered her, when the two of us merged into one body and one soul, the passion was all-consuming; the love was all-enlightening. I made her cum twice before I let go, filling up the same hole I had once made with seeds potent enough to create another one. We lay exhausted on the honeymoon bed, and stared at the pictures above us.

We held hands as I finally told her, for the first time as a lover, "I love you, Sarah."

A gentle squeeze of the palm later, she crawled up on top of me, resting her head on my chest. I could still feel my liquids dripping out of her and into my legs. It was a mess down there.

"I love you too, Daddy."

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