tagGroup SexParadise Island Ch. 01

Paradise Island Ch. 01


Tom's day started badly and just kept getting worse.

Early in the morning, he had been woken up by the phone. It was his sister Jill. He had been surprised to hear from her. She had dropped out of sight soon after her wedding to Jamie Fontana. She called up their parents infrequently but this was the first time that she had ever called him.

"Hi, Jill", he said, "This is a surprise!"

"I know", Jill replied, "I need a huge favour. I can't speak for long, so I'll come straight to the point. Jamie's dead."

Tom was shocked.

"I am sorry", he said gruffly.

"Jamie's been dead for over a month now and I am slowly getting used to it. But I need your help, Tom. Can you come over here for six months or so?"

"Six months!", Tom was flabbergasted, "What about my job?"

"Tom, Don't say anything now. I'll call you again tomorrow. Think about it and let me know what you've decided. I really do need your help."

Tom put the phone down and started thinking about his sister. Jill had always been a cheerful, no-nonsense girl and if she said she needed help, she really must do. But he couldn't just put his life on hold for six months. He would have to say no when she called, he decided.

When he reached the office a few hours later, everybody was called into a conference room. They were told that their boutique law practise had been merged with a big national firm. Layoffs were expected and would be announced shortly.

Tom had put his heart and soul into his work for the last few years and had been expecting to be made partner in six months and this news was a blow. Even if he wasn't laid off, there was no way he'd made a partner now. He tried to call Jane, his girl friend to tell her the news but she seemed to be in some meeting or the other and he couldn't get hold of her.

After the announcement, work was a washout. He came home early and was about to call Jane when he noticed the message light flashing on his answering machine. He couldn't believe it when he heard the message. She had dumped him! No wonder she hadn't been taking his calls. Things had sort of fizzled out between them - mainly because they were both very busy with their careers - but to be dumped so unceremoniously made him angry.

"The bitch didn't even have the guts to tell me face to face", he thought savagely.

The next morning, his sister called.

"What did you decide, Tom?", Jill asked.

Tom was about to say that he couldn't possibly get away for six months, when he caught himself. What did he really have here? His job, into which he had put so much effort had been pulled out from under him. His girl friend had just dumped him. He had been a good lawyer and he had been paid well, so he had a fair amount of savings and money wasn't an issue.

"OK, sis", he said, "Count me in. But I don't even know where you live!"

"Thanks so much, Tom", Jill replied her relief evident in her voice.

The big surprise was Jill's address. She didn't live in the country at all. She lived on Paradise Island, a tropical island , several thousand miles from the nearest big landmass. It was Jamie's birth place. Apparently, the island had been populated in the mid nineteenth century by a bunch of mutineers. They had managed to capture slave girls from other islands and passing slavers and the population now stood at several thousand. Little was known of the island. It was an independent country and had its own laws. Tourism was not allowed. The island was quite fertile and was surrounded by rich fishing grounds. The only contact with the outside world was a once-a-month boat which went to a bigger island a few hundred miles out, sold fish and took back any essentials that the islanders needed that weren't available on the island.

Tom reached Paradise Island after a forty eight hour journey by flight and boat and was completely bushed by the time he stepped off the boat. As he stepped off the boat, a pretty woman came up to him and asked, "Master Tom?"

"Yes", he replied.

The woman was beautiful, about five and a half feet in height. She had an oval face with full lips. She couldn't have been more than nineteen or twenty. She was wearing a simple white cotton dress which came to just above her knees. The dress was all white except just above the girl's right breast where there was a pattern of an eagle with its wings outstretched. Her breasts stood proudly under her dress and her calves and ankles were very shapely.

"Missus Jill sent me", she said in a lilting voice, "Please follow me".

"What about my luggage?", Tom asked.

The girl shrugged and her breasts moved enticingly. Tom realised that she was not wearing a bra. In spite of his tiredness, he felt himself hardening. "The boat man will send it on", she said.

It felt good to be walking again after two days on cramped planes and boats. Tom noticed that one of his shoe laces was undone. When he started walking again after tying it up, he noticed that the girl had moved on ahead. The setting sun was streaming through her dress rendering her practically naked. She had wonderful legs, Tom decided. A gust of wind moulded the thin cotton dress to her back and Tom could see her lovely ass. Tom wondered how it would feel to grip her ass in his hands and give them a light squeeze. With such lustful thoughts in his head, he joined her and asked, "What's your name?"

"Serafina, Sir", she replied.

"Tom", he said, extending his hand.

"Master Tom", she said, looking downwards and took his hand. Her hand felt warm in Tom's hands. She made no move to take her hand away and Tom was in no hurry to let go of her, either. Hand in hand, they started walking again. This could be an interesting six months, thought Tom.

Tom soon saw a series of buildings ahead of him and Serafina led him there. Soon they saw other people coming towards them and Tom let go of Serafina's hand, cursing himself for being so tongue tied and not having the guts to make a pass at the girl.

His sister was waiting for them outside the biggest of the buildings. As soon as she saw him, she ran towards him and hugged him tightly. He could feel her heavy breasts against his chest and felt a stirring in his loins again. "Christ! I better control myself.", thought Tom, "This is my own sister!"

Jill let go of him and said, "Tom, you look tired. Go to bed now and we'll talk tomorrow."

She turned to Serafina and said, "Please take Master Tom to his bungalow and make sure he is comfortable".

Serafina led Tom away to a bungalow away from the main building. It was well designed and seemed to merge into the surrounding gardens. Serafina showed him to his room and turned the bed down. She turned to him and said, "If you need anything at any time, please call me."

Tom wondered what she would say if he said he wanted to fuck her. He was really tired and fell into deep sleep very quickly.

The next morning, the birds were chirping outside his room and he could hear a stream gurgling gently. Tom woke up and wondered for a moment where he was before remembering that he was on Paradise Island.

There was an en-suite toilet and after performing his ablutions, he looked around for a shower or bath but couldn't find one. He walked into the garden from the bedroom wondering if he would have to use the stream for a bath. Serafina walked up to him and wished him a good morning.

"Morning!", he replied.

"Are you ready for a bath, Sir?", she asked.

"Yes", he replied, "I was wondering where I could take a bath"

"In the bath house, of course", she laughed.

Tom again had naughty thoughts as she walked in front of him, leading the way to the the bath house. The bath house was a cottage in the middle of trees and ferns by the side of the stream. There was another girl waiting for them there.

"Hello, Sir", she said bowing, "I am Firni".

She too was dressed in a simple white cotton dress with the same eagle motif above her right breast. She too had a lovely body and appeared to be the same age as Serafina. They all went into the bath house and Firni and Serafina started to take Tom's clothes off. Tom was startled.

"What are you doing?", he asked, almost jumping.

"Helping you take a bath, Sir", said Serafina. He didn't know the local customs but looking at the two beautiful women, Tom knew this would be interesting.

They stripped him off all his clothes and Tom was now embarassed. He had an almighty erection and he could feel his face growing red.

"I am sorry", he said, trying to cover his cock with his hand.

"There's no need to be sorry, Sir", said Serafina, "You've got a wonderful cock"

Tom's erection gave a twitch when he heard that. Firni turned away from them and bent at the waist to pick up towels from a basket on the floor. Tom looked at her ass sticking out so deliciously and his erection stood up even more! Serafina started leading him to the next room from where he could see steam coming out. As he walked behind Serafina, he touched her bottom lightly, holding his breath. She didn't object, but just slowed down so he could touch her more comfortably. Tom suddenly felt bolder and started caressing her ass more firmly. Serafina turned and hugged him. Tom bent his head to hers and started kissing her lips. He opened his mouth and used his tongue to touch her lips. She opened them immediately and her tongue started playing with his. Tom started lifting her dress over her legs and hips and finally his hands held her lovely ass without any clothes on them. He squeezed her and pushed her tighter against him. He could feel his cock against her stomach.

He raised his right hand and slowly dragged it across her side to her boobs. He took one of her boobs in his hand and squeezed it gently. He could feel her hard nipple against his palm. He pinched her nipple gently and Serafina let out a moan. Tom kissed her again deeply. He then let go of her to take off her dress and suddenly remembered that there was another girl in the room. He looked around guiltily and saw that Firni was already nude. She had atleast C-cup breasts. The pale skin of her breasts was topped by darker aureoles and she had small nipples. She had a narrow waist and had a fully shaven pussy. She was taller than Serafina and had lovely long legs. She came up to him and stood in front of him with her eyes demurely downcast.

Tom studied her for a few seconds - taking in her lovely body - before putting his hands on her waist just above her hips. He pulled her close and she came to him willingly and they started kissing each other passionately. One of Tom's hands was on her bottom and the other was fondling her boobs. Her hands were round his neck pulling him deeper into the kiss.

When he came up for air, he found that Serafina had taken off her dress and he pulled her close. He stood her up against the wall and putting his hands on her bottom, he raised her to his waist level and with one steady push, he thrust his cock into her wet pussy. Serafina bit her lower lip and gripped his shoulders tighter and started moaning. Tom was in heaven. Serafina's warm and wet cunt was tightly wrapped round his cock. He started pushing in and out of her, grunting with each stroke. His strokes got faster and faster and Serafina suddenly gave a scream and started coming. Her wetness just increased the slickness of her cunt and let Tom fuck her even faster.

He suddenly felt a warm hand caress his balls and felt Firni lick his right ear and blow into it gently. That tipped him over the edge and he started coming. He came for almost a minute, pumping Serafina's cunt with his jism and at the end she gently slid down to the ground from his heaving hands.

"Wow!", he said when he finally got his voice back.

"Wow!", agreed Serafina. "You were very good, master!"

They all went into the other room and he saw a big round barrel filled with hot water. There was a seat half way up on the inside of the barrel, so people could sit. There were wooden steps to get into the barrel. He got in and sat down on the seat in the hot water feeling that everything was all right with the world.

Serafina and Firni joined him in the barrel and scrubbed him all over and then asked him to stand up. When he stood up, his cock and balls were above the water and Firni immediately took his cock in her mouth. She first kissed the top of his cock and slowly sucked him deeper and deeper. Finally, she took almost all of him in her mouth before she started sliding up his cock again. When she reached the tip, she let go of his cock and started licking his balls. Tom gasped with delight and then she took his left ball in her mouth. Tom groaned and put his right hand out on the back of her head to keep her there. He looked at Serafina and she stood up and started french kissing him. He put his left hand on her boobs and started playing with them - alternately squeezing one of them and pinching the nipple before moving to the next one.

Firni took his cock in her mouth again and he was now hard again. Firni stood up and turned her back to him and bent down gripping the edge of the barrel with both her hands and exposing her ass invitingly at him. Tom left Serafina and putting both his hand on her hips, he pushed his cock in her cunt from behind. Firni gasped with delight when he started pumping her. While he was fucking Firni, he turned his head and drew Serafina's head closer to his and started kissing her. He left one hand on Firni's waist and kept up a steady rhythm in her cunt and played with Serafina's tits with his other hand while kissing her. Serafina's hands weren't idle either. She rubbed them on his chest, down to where he was joined with Firni and then playing with his balls. Tom reached out and started fondling Firni's boobs from underneath her. Firni was now moaning with desire and her hips were thrusting back at Tom until the root of his cock was slapping against her hips. He pinched Firni's nipple hard and she came with a cry. This was Tom's second fuck of the morning, however and he kept going.

As he came closer to his own climax, he ignored Serafina and again taking Firni's waist in his hands, he started fucking her vigorously.

"Come on! Come on bitch!", he grunted thrusting hard into Firni's cunt. "I am coming, Iam coming", he said spilling his seed into her.

They all sat down in the water after their exertions and Serafina and Firni cleaned him up again. He started fondling their tits again, but Serafina laughed and said, "I am sorry, master, but Missus Jill is waiting for you at breakfast!"

He laughed too and the girls finished his bath, dressed him in his clothes - his luggage having arrived in the night - and took him down to breakfast with his sister who would explain all this to him.

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