tagNonConsent/ReluctanceParent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences


"You said what!?" shrieked Jennifer Gibson in horror.

Jennifer's stepson Lionel swallowed and looked down at his feet. The eighteen year old high school senior mumbled as he replied. "I told Mr Button that he could touch your boobs."

Jennifer blinked in disbelief. "Why on earth would you tell him that?"

Lionel grimaced, she looked horrified. "He caught me looking at some stuff on one of the computers at school," the teenager still wasn't meeting his stepmothers enraged gaze.

"What stuff?" Jennifer snapped, she was still trying to grasp what was going on.

Lionel stammered a little, his cheeks bright red. "Porn."

Jennifer was lost for words. "Your father is going to kill you." Jennifer had married Trevor, Lionel's father about three years ago, and in the process had inherited a fully grown stepson, despite being only twenty-six years old herself. Trevor spent a lot of time travelling away on work business, and in those past few years it had pretty much fallen on Jennifer to raise Lionel herself. It had been quite a culture shock for the previously social young woman.

"Do we have to tell him?" asked Lionel hopefully. The eighteen year old was a little geeky and awkward, and seemed to be genuinely ashamed on himself for getting in trouble in school, it was definitely a rare occurrence.

Jennifer frowned, feeling a little sorry for her stepson, he was usually a pretty good young man, this was rather out of character for him.

"Wait, how did my breasts become involved in this anyway?" she demanded, remembering how the whole conversation had begun with Lionel asking her if she'd go to school and let his teacher Mr Button touch her tits.

Lionel's blush deepened. "I'm really sorry Jennifer," said Lionel. Because of the small age gap between them, Jennifer had always insisted that Lionel call her by her first name rather than calling her Mom or anything like that. Plus, when she'd first married Trevor she'd only been twenty-three and couldn't think of herself as someone's mother.

"It was Mr Button's idea," added Lionel, chewing on his lower lip.

"That old pervert!" snapped Jennifer angrily. She remembered going to a parent-teacher conference about two months ago and meeting Mr Button. The bald headed old maths teacher had talked to her breasts the whole time, the creep. "I'm going to go down there and give him a piece of my mind!"

"No!" protested Lionel in panic. "You can't! Mr Button said that I'd get expelled, and then I wouldn't get into college."

Jennifer's heart sank. Lionel was a great student and had been getting fantastic grades this year. He'd had his heart set on heading to Stanford University like his father Trevor, and he certainly had good enough grades to do it. Trevor in particular would be devastated in Lionel didn't make it to Stanford.

"Surely you won't get expelled?" said Jennifer hopefully. "I mean, you've got a good record, you get good grades. You must get another chance?"

Lionel shook his head glumly. "It's in the school rules...I'm really sorry Jennifer."

Jennifer sighed. "What exactly did Mr Button say to you?"

"Well, at first when he caught me he said I was out the door," explained Lionel. The poor teenager looked as though he was about to cry at any moment as he told his shameful tale. "But then he said that if I was to get you come to school and you'd let him..." Lionel swallowed, hesitating for a moment. "If you'd let him... touch your boobs..."

"He'd let you off," finished Jennifer. Lionel nodded, staring down at his feet in embarrassment.

Jennifer shook her head. She was a very attractive young woman and was somewhat used to the often unwanted attention of men. In particular, the twenty-six year old had a rather expansive and impressive bosom that attracted the majority of that unwanted attention.

When Jennifer had met Lionel's teacher, she'd recognized straight away that the old bastard was a pervert, but she'd assumed he was harmless enough. Apparently not.

"And you said yes?" asked Jennifer angrily. Even though she understood that Lionel was in a tough spot, she still couldn't believe he was so readily whoring her out like that.

Lionel winced. "Sorry Jennifer."

"I can't believe you'd even think I'd do that!"

"He just wants to touch them," protested Lionel. "It's not like it's a big deal or anything, or he wants to have sex with you."

Jennifer glared angrily at her stepson. Was he really suggesting that she let his lecherous teacher feel her up? But then again, he was right, it didn't really cost her anything to let the old guy cop a feel, apart from a little embarrassment. And it was Lionel's whole future that was on the line.

Jennifer gave a frustrated groan. "I can't believe you're putting me in this situation Lionel."

"I know. And I'm sorry." Lionel did feel genuinely sorry. "I'll do whatever I can to make it up to you."

Jennifer slumped back in her seat. What was she going to do?


"You realise this is blackmail Mr Button?" Jennifer snapped curtly at her stepson's maths teacher. After much to-ing and fro-ing, Jennifer had eventually decided to go down to the high school and meet with Mr Button. She had been careful not to come alone, bringing Lionel along in the hope that it would make Mr Button less likely to try anything.

The bald teacher frowned at Jennifer's accusation. "Now look here Miss Gisbon..."

"Mrs Gibson," Jennifer quickly reminded the old teacher.

Mr Button smiled disquietingly. "Mrs Gibson," he corrected. "You son Lionel is in a lot of trouble here. I'm just trying to find a solution that won't ruin the boy's entire future. That would be a shame."

Jennifer glared angrily at Mr Button. The old mathematics teacher looked like he was in his mid-late sixties. He was bald with bushy white tufts of hair around the sides and back of his head and a bushy white moustache. He was red faced as if he'd been on a long run or was sunburnt, and was considerably overweight. Mr Button's fat stomach overflowed his waistline and the buttons on the front of his shirt looked like they were straining to hold his belly inside. The sickly smile he was flashing back at Jennifer made her stomach turn.

"I fail to see how coercing me into playing your lewd little game is a solution!" Jennifer was even angrier with the bastard now that she was talking to him in person, than she had been when Lionel had first told her the teacher's proposal. The gall of the man to think that he could get away with this!

Mr Button rocked back in his chair, lacing his fingers together and resting them on his substantial gut. His gaze thoughtfully wondered over Jennifer.

The gorgeous twenty-six year old was dressed in a smart charcoal business skirt that came down to just above her knee. Her legs were crossed in front of her and the hemline had ridden up a short way to display some of her long, slender legs. Jennifer had foregone stockings that day so her legs were bare. The curvaceous blonde had well-tanned, flawless skin so she could easily get away without them. She also had on a pair of black high heeled shoes, and was wearing a tight fitting black t-shirt that clung to the magnificent globes of her huge breasts.

It was those oversized knockers that they were currently debating. Ever since Maxwell Button had first laid eyes on those things, when Jennifer Gibson had come in to the school for a parent-teacher conference, he'd wanted to get his hands on them. Now he had that opportunity, and he didn't plan on missing it.

"What Lionel did was very wrong," explained Mr Button, frowning at the young man sitting beside his voluptuous stepmother. "And I could get into a lot of trouble for just ignoring the problem. But...I'm not an ogre. I don't want to see this poor boy's future education destroyed over one little...mistake."

"Can't you just give him a warning or something?" Jennifer looked at the overweight maths teacher pleadingly.

Mr Button gave her a patronizing smile. "Out of the question... unless you're prepared to be nice to me." Mr Button turned to Lionel. "Now Lionel, we made a deal did we not?"

Lionel blushed as the attention was turned on him for the first time since he and his stepmother had arrived at Mr Button's classroom. "Um...yeah."

Mr Button nodded and smiled in satisfaction. He turned and looked expectantly at Jennifer.

Jennifer's eyes narrowed as she glared at the horny teacher. She wondered if she could call his bluff.

Mr Button unlaced his fingers and held his hands up in an effort to look unthreatening. "I'm not asking for a lot here Mrs Gibson."

There was a moment's silence as the two of them stared each other down like a game of chicken. Lionel sat uncomfortably in his chair at Jennifer's side, wondering who would break first.

It was Jennifer. "One minute. And my shirt stays on."

Mr Button shook his head. "Ten minutes, and you're topless."

Jennifer balked at the thought of the old creep's hands on her exposed flesh. "No way in hell!"

Mr Button's gaze was on her chest yet again. "Are you wearing a bra?"

Jennifer scowled.

"Five minutes, and you can keep your bra on."

Jennifer paused, considering the asshole's terms. "Okay then, done," she might as well get this over and done with.

Mr Button glanced over at Lionel. "You can wait outside boy."

"No!" said Jennifer quickly. She didn't trust Mr Button one little bit, and didn't want to be alone with the old pervert. Besides, it was Lionel's fault she was having to do this, at the very least he should see the consequences of his actions.

"Fine," Mr Button gave a shrug. "He can time us."

Jennifer nodded in agreement.

"Bring your chair closer so I can reach you," instructed Mr Button. "Or come and sit on my lap if you want." He grinned, his teeth were slightly yellow and discoloured and Jennifer was suddenly relieved he wasn't asking her to kiss him.

The busty blonde pulled her chair up in front of where Mr Button was sitting, her knees almost touching his.

"Take your top off," instructed Mr Button, to Jennifer's disgust he rubbed his crotch through his suit pants, clearly aroused at the prospect of groping the buxom stepmother of his student.

Jennifer grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt. She glanced over at Lionel who was sitting awkwardly beside her, like he'd rather be any other place than here. She knew exactly how he felt. "Start the timer as soon as he touches me."

Lionel swallowed and nodded.

With a deep breath, Jennifer yanked her shirt up over her head. Beneath the t-shirt the busty young woman was wearing a black satin bra that encased her big breasts, pushing them up and together into a magnificent cleavage. The way her enormous melons were stuffed into the skimpy piece of lingerie meant that more of her firm round breasts were left bare than covered.

"Holy shit!" swore Mr Button in open admiration of the sight. Even Lionel sucked in a sharp breath as Jennifer revealed her glorious bra-clad hooters. For a brief moment Jennifer regretted insisting that her stepson stay in the room.

Mr Button leant forward slightly as he stared at Jennifer's substantial rack. "Dear Lord," he pulled a hanky from his pocket and mopped a few beads of sweat from his brow.

"Well?" asked Jennifer expectantly. "Let's get this over and done with."

"Urgh!" Mr Button gave a lustful grunt of appreciation as he reached out and cupped Jennifer's ample bra-clad breasts in his pudgy hands. The beautiful young blonde gave a wince as the old teacher roughly squeezed, his fingers sinking into the firm flesh of her bosom.

"Start the timer!" snapped Jennifer as she noticed that Lionel hadn't moved, and was busy staring at his teacher's hands moving over her chest without even looking at his watch.

Lionel gave an unintelligible grunt as he hurriedly tore his gaze away from Jennifer's rack and started the timer on his watch.

Mr Button groaned as his hands moved over the lovely young woman's tits. They felt wonderful, much bigger than his hands even, and incredibly firm. He couldn't believe that she'd actually agreed to let him touch them, this was without a doubt a dream come true.

The old teacher spread his legs wide so that he could shuffle closer, the inside of his right thigh pressing up against Jennifer's knees. He shifted his hands to cup the undersides of the blonde's heavy tits, sliding his thumbs across the smooth satin material of her bra. He could feel the hard jut of her nipples pressing through the satin as he rubbed his thumbs in a small circle over the middle of her breasts.

"So fucking nice," Mr Button groaned, squeezing hard on Jennifer's tits and watching the flesh well up above her bra as he compressed the lower part of her boobs in his hands. The old teacher's hands fisted over Jennifer's huge breasts, squeezing crudely and causing her to wince in pain.

"Careful!" the blonde snapped. "I'm attached to these things!"

Mr Button only moaned in reply, but he did ease up on his breast mauling. The horny teacher's fingertips slid almost tenderly over the upper, exposed swells of Jennifer's breasts, stroking the bare skin of her cleavage and causing a shiver to run down the young blonde's spine.

Jennifer frowned in disgust as she saw a dribble of saliva trickle from the corner of the old teacher's mouth as he stroked her ample melons. This was humiliating.

"They're so nice and big and soft," moaned Mr Button, spreading his fingers wide as he tried, unsuccessfully, to cover the entire expanse of Jennifer's breasts with his hands.

Jennifer glanced sideways and saw Lionel watching wide eyed from the seat beside her. As his teacher's hands squeezed and groped Jennifer's boobs, Lionel didn't even blink, his eyes locked onto her cleavage.

"How much longer?" asked Jennifer, snapping Lionel's attention back to his watch.

"Two minutes to go," replied Lionel, licking his lips and returning his gaze to Mr Button's fondling fingers.

"I can't believe I'm actually squeezing your titties!" murmured Mr Button, still drooling as his hands worked at Jennifer's chest.

The teacher's fingers found Jennifer's nipples, pinching the hard buds through the thin satin of her bra and giving them a twist.

Jennifer grimaced as the old man continued groping her immense boobs. He wasn't even looking up at her face; he looked almost hypnotised as he watched his own hands squeezing her big jugs and pinching her nipples through her bra. It seemed to Jennifer he would have been just as happy if she hadn't been in the room, he was only interested in her tits it seemed.

"Such nice tits," moaned Mr Button. He pressed his hands against the outsides of her heavy melons and squeezed her cleavage up and together. "I'd love to shove my hard cock between these puppies and fuck the shit out of your tits."

Jennifer blinked at the old teacher's harsh language, but they were almost done and then she could get the hell out of that classroom and never see this old prick again.

"You owe me big time for this," Jennifer muttered at Lionel.

The eighteen year old nodded quickly in agreement to his stepmother, his gaze flicking back to her bra-clad jubblies.

Mr Button cupped the lower part of Jennifer's tits and gave them a shake, watching with almost child-like relish as her boobs jiggled and shook across her chest.

"One minute left," called out Lionel.

"Uh!" Mr Button gave a groan and let go of her tits for a moment with his right hand and briefly rubbed and squeezed at his bulging crotch. "This is so good!" The old man's hands were immediately locked back onto Jennifer's chest, squeezing, fondling and groping to his heart's content.

By the time Lionel finally called the five minutes up, Jennifer was feeling thoroughly groped and violated, and her breasts were feeling rather sore. The busty blonde grabbed her t-shirt and immediately pulled it back on over her head.

Mr Button sat back in his chair and started to rub himself through his suit pants. He'd clearly enjoyed groping the much younger woman.

"Well I hope you had fun you pervert," snapped Jennifer, standing up and crossed her arms across her expansive chest.

"Oh, I have indeed Mrs Gibson," Mr Button leered up at her, still squeezing the bulge between his podgy thighs obscenely.

"Come on Lionel, we're leaving!" she snapped with a huff. Turning and hurrying out of the classroom. She was pretty sure that Mr Button was staring at her ass as she disappeared, so she tried to keep any sexy swaying to a minimum.


That was the last time Jennifer saw Maxwell Button...for the rest of that week.

On Monday, Jennifer was at work. The pretty twenty-six year old worked as the apparel manager in a large department store in the centre of the city. Jennifer was in charge of both the womens and menswear departments and had a number of retail assistants reporting to her.

The busty blonde was busy refolding some stock in the sales bin in the menswear section when she felt a hand on her ass. Jennifer immediately stiffened, resisting the urge to scream out as she didn't want to make a scene at work. She felt the hand squeeze as she spun around, intending to slap her groper.

To Jennifer's shock she turned to see none other than Mr Button, her stepson's mathematics teacher, smirking at her. Any thought of retaliation for the grope vanished as a chill went down her spine.

"Hello Miss Gibson," leered Mr Button. "Fancy meeting you here."

Jennifer's eyes were wild with anger. "What the hell are you doing here!?" she hissed. "And it's MRS Gibson."

Mr Button grinned, savouring her fury. "Lionel told me you worked here. I need some help finding some new pants."

Jennifer scowled, she was going to have to have some strong words with her stepson. "I'll find someone to assist you," she glanced around looking for one of her staff, preferable a male, but there was no one in immediate sight.

"No," insisted Mr Button. "You'll help me."

Jennifer frowned, hesitating a moment. Was he threatening her? "Very well," she replied stiffly. "Come this way."

Jennifer led the old man over to the pants and suits area of the store. "What sort of colour and style are you looking for?"

"Something cheap," replied the old teacher with a gruff chuckle.

Jennifer rolled her eyes as she directed Mr Button to some of their lower priced stock. "What about these?" she asked, gesturing towards some black suit pants.

Mr Button nodded. "They'll do."

Jennifer bent over to pick up one of the larger sized trousers from the bottom shelf. There was a loud smack as Mr Button's hand shot out and slapped Jennifer's firm round posterior.

The gorgeous blonde gasped and immediately straightened. "Cut it out!" she snapped in irritation. "I gave you what you wanted last week, so back off."

Mr Button smirked as he took the pants from her. "Where can I try them on?"

Jennifer sighed in annoyance and led him over to the men's changing rooms.

The fat old man stepped into the changing booth and then turned back to face Jennifer. "Can I get some help in here please?"

Jennifer paled. "What?"

"Come in here with me and help me," replied Mr Button, more firmly this time.

Jennifer looked at him in disgust. "No!"

Mr Button's eyes narrowed. "You'll get your sweet little ass in here right now!"

Jennifer felt her own anger returning. "Now look here you old pervert! You've had your fun with me last week, so just get the fuck out of my life!" Jennifer was livid, but kept her voice low as she didn't want to attract any attention.

Mr Button gave her a cloying smile. "No, that's not going to happen. You're going to come in here, close the door and give me a hand."

Jennifer scowled. "That's it! I'm calling security."

The old teacher sighed. "Fine. It's a real shame though..."

"What?" snapped Jennifer, hesitating a moment.

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