tagGroup SexParis at Night

Paris at Night


By Romane and Translate by Solitary Dreamer.

Paris is the original title of this fantasy.

Paris at Night

I am just waking up after having experienced quite an excellent night. My body is still a bit sore, but my senses have had time to rest, or, at least, have had enough time to rest.

It is necessary to write down some part of what came to happen, so as to not to forget, although I doubt that I would really forget it. I am now wearing a negligee, open on the side, so as to be at ease, and to be able to caress myself if I so desire. Here is my story:

Having subscribed to cable television, I discovered one evening, some time ago, a program whose unconditional fan I quickly became. Even though this program airs late at night, I never miss an episode.

There is this character on the show who runs, with a camera on his shoulder, throughout the capital. He goes to known places and to others very peculiar. He meets strange and familiar people alike, and interviews them in a relaxed way. But its final minutes are what I like most about this program. They always involve sexual situations. We always see encounters that are very unique.

Here are a few:

-- In a movie theater, difficult to find, the interviewer finds people wearing masks in a screening room. A sort of loyal man appears, and invites everyone to join him on the spot. A couple gets up, the woman in latex, the man covered from head to toe, and with a chain around his neck. They go before the audience, and the woman begins to whip her slave right in front of her impassive spectators. The man’s cock begins to swell. The woman brings another lady onto the scene, and gives the girl her whip. The girl then whips the man as the woman sucks on his cock.

-- The interviewer shows up at an adult arcade with peep shows, and finds a porn actress entertaining for the evening completely naked. He interviews the beauty.

-- We are shown an apartment in whose shower-bath a ravishing woman, in a black dress that clings to her body, dances in front of three captivated men. The beauty gets naked. She has a tattoo right above her cute ass. She then announces to the men that she is the head of a large company. She joins her companions, and kisses them greedily while they flatter her body with kisses and caresses. We cut to another room where a woman also offers herself to three men.

-- A crowd gathers around a vehicle. There is a woman caressing herself, and undressing, right in front of the lustful gaze of passers-by.

-- The interviewer waits along a sidewalk of the Champs-Elysée. A convertible stops right in front of him. A blonde with short hair, in the clothes of a man, is at the wheel, and a brunette, with a blouse and short skirt, is her passenger. He climbs into the car, and interviews the girls as they drive off. The brunette takes of her blouse before reaching the Arc de Triomphe. With her breasts exposed, she stands so that everyone around can see her. She finishes by taking off her skirt and showing off her black thong on the roundabout of the Star, where cars honk furiously in her presence. The girl offers a throaty laugh, quite thrilled.

-- Swinging couples, in the booths of an adult shop, make love in front of everyone, while certain spectators join the couples in their fun.

-- We see a cafe where a woman, totally naked, recites poems.

-- We are treated to a birthday party where out-of-control girls, in a limousine, offer their young breasts to the anxious mouths of the men in their presence.

-- The interviewer speaks with a salesman of sex toys in his shop. (He has dildos of all types and functions, whips, collars, etc.). Our cameraman climbs on stage, and comes across a couple kissing greedily. A woman looks at them. We learn from her that the two are both women. It is obvious that the woman who dominates, who chains the other girl to the edge of a small table, has a masculine appearance. She unfastens the girl’s shirt, and then her bra. The dominant woman devours the chest of her submissive companion. She hikes up the girl’s skirt, and pulls her panties to the side in order to masturbate the girl’s wet pussy energetically. The scene ends with the expected culmination of such naughty play.

-- There is also this couple who approaches young women in bars or on the streets and asks them, in exchange for a small sum, to perform a striptease in front of the camera. A ravishing blonde woman accepts their proposal. She and her friend take the couple to a relative’s apartment. For a more substantial fee, the couple asks the young woman’s friend to accompany her in her exhibitionism, but she declines. The young woman puts on a disc, and begins to dance in front of the couple and her friend. Slowly she strips. One can imagine the treasure that the young woman’s jeans hold. The young woman wears magnificent lingerie made of white lace. The sight is ravishing. She honors the contract by getting totally naked. One could eat her up, since she is so cute. Once the show ends, the young woman feels no modesty, and remains naked without covering her breasts or her pussy. The couple again asks the friend if she wants to undress for them. Her response is less categorical. Under their insistent demand, and encouraged by her friend, she decides to expose her breasts, and pulls off her T-shirt.

It happens quite often that the interviewer leaves us hungry for more. I imagine what will follow, and masturbate like I am crazy. But I have not told you what is at the top of my list.

A young blonde woman, dressed in a white sundress, her eyes covered, rings a doorbell. A man, clearly sickly, sees the clothes that she wears, and opens the door. He takes the young woman by the hand, and gently directs her throughout the place.

He hands her over to a handsome young man, and then sits down in an armchair. Candles alone illuminate the room. She caresses the young man’s chest, and he her lovely ass. The master of the house opens a book, and begins to read an erotic passage. Slowly the couple undresses and begins to kiss tenderly. Her cute little white G-string, can be seen through her almost transparent dress as she slides out of it. Her G-string, the last rampart of her intimacy soon joins her dress on the floor.

The young woman turns around, and begins to caress her breasts and pussy right in front of the camera. The man then leads her to a small bed where he spreads her out. The young couple make love in front of the master of the house, who continues to read throughout their lovemaking. The girl keeps on her blindfold during all of the excitement.

What I had seen that evening haunted me throughout the night. I woke up in a sweat. I had to masturbate so as to calm my senses. I forgot little by little, but, three times a month, the image returned, and I jilled as though I was a madwoman.

Time passed, and the program continued to air. The last sequence became one my favorite fantasies. I imagined myself, with eyes blindfolded, offering my body to the caresses and avid mouths of my lovers. At the thought of it, I orgasmed like a crazy woman. For a year, I did not have a single sexual encounter, simply living with my fantasies.

I could wait no longer. I needed to realize my fantasy. I made a call to the company who distributes the program, and got in touch with the show’s producer. He gave in to my request, and gave me appointment for an evening the next week.

When the night arrived, I dressed up, most exhilarated on account of the circumstances, in what I dared to be filmed wearing. I put on a light dress, easy to pull off, no bra, a black G-string and garter belts. I put on my coat, and went to my rendezvous.

I did not wait long on the edge of the sidewalk. I could not miss the very distinctive car. I climbed in, my heart beating, into the passenger’s seat, and the interview began. I told that it had been a year since I had made love, and that that had became difficult. That was why I wanted to meet with someone who would participate in this type of encounter. I wanted to imitate a scene from one of his programs. I told the interviewer what I had seen, and what I had felt.

He picked up the telephone, and called the person in question.

“Are you ready,” he looked over and asked me.

“Oh, yes!”

He waited for the person to answer his call.

“Hello! It’s me. I said that I would call back! I am the person whom you spoke to earlier. Yes, yes she is always in the mood. Hmm . . . hmm.” He adjusted the phone, and looked over toward me. “They want to know what you want to do.”

“I can choose?”


“Hmm. A couple, if it is possible.”

I was getting horny, and began to soak my G-string from excitement.

“She wants a couple. Hmm . . . yes. In twenty minutes.” He looked at me. “I hope the tension she feels will not keep her from her rendezvous.”

I signalled that it would not.

“That’s fine, we’ll be there in twenty minutes. Right away.” He hung up.

My tension would not go away, quite the contrary. I spoke to him about my favorite scenes from the show, those at the end of the broadcast.

The twenty minutes passed rapidly.

“In the glove box, you will find your blindfold. You can put it on now. Our friend wants to remain incognito for the moment.”

I put the blindfold over my eyes. My heart beat very fast. We continued to speak. I began to relax, but my heart started to race again when the car stopped.

He helped me out. He accompanied me, and rang the doorbell.

“Good evening!”

“Good evening!,” I said instinctively.

“Then it is you who wants to get naughty?”


“Can’t argue with that!”

There was no way to back out. I had not come all this way to say no.

“Yes, I am ready.”

He took me by the hand.

“Go over there! Are you a little nervous?”


“That won’t last.”

“I bet.”

He stopped, and took off my coat.

“You are very beautiful!”

“Thank you.”

He put my hand into another’s, and this person made me kiss his hand.

“I present to you, Mr . . . your partner for this evening.”

He led me into another room.

“Kneel,” he said softly.

I obeyed. There was a mattress, and cushions, on the ground. I felt another pair of hands grab me, finer hands, the hands of a woman. They pulled off my dress. With that, I was caught up in the heat of the moment. With my hands, I explored the body of the girl who kissed me. The man was no longer participating.

Her kisses were divine. My breasts were victim to her voracious mouth. I slid my hand into her panties and played with her pussy. I then kissed her breasts. I rolled her nipples and breasts around with my tongue, which provoked moans from my female lover. Two hands grabbed my face. Something pressed against my lips. I recognized that it was a hard cock. I opened my mouth, and swallowed. I offered this cock superb fellatio.

I knelt, resting my elbows on my partner’s thighs, so as to be at greater ease in my work. He held my head while I pumped his cock vigorously. I have been told that I am quite good at this game, a skill that I owe to a female friend from America. He did not hesitate to show me his satisfaction.

Two hands were placed on my hips, and my moist panties were slid down my legs. A finger was slipped between my juicy pussy lips. My body trembled. The finger left my vulva, and I heard a moan of satisfaction. I guess, based upon what I would have done, that the girl had tasted my passionate nectar.

Two hands were placed on my ass. A tongue licked my wet and juicy pussy lips. I moaned, the cock always in my mouth. The girl lapped up my juices, then greedily kissed my intimacy. I had goose bumps. She spread my lips, and her tongue penetrated me. It was divine.

I came several times in the mouth of this girl who would not stop her divine torture.

My male partner finished by pumping his seed into my mouth. I swallowed, because my American friend told me her partners liked to be licked clean.

I pushed the girl back, and decided to bestow the same pleasure upon her. I pulled down her panties, and lapped up her juices like a cat. She began to moan more and more. The man had not lost his enthusiasm. He took me on all fours, from behind. Even though I had not made love in a year, I was having my way.

I drank the subtlest of liqueurs in the most beautiful chalice that exists, while a well-endowed man vigorously took me from behind. I finished by having my orgasm, just as the girl had hers. Despite my orgasm, I drank up her orgasmic pussy juices.

The girl grabbed my head, drew me toward her, and kissed me tenderly. I offered her her nectar from my mouth.

We stayed there, me between my two partners, recuperating while kissing and caressing.

My Pygmalion took leave.

We made love again, and my blindfold was removed at the end of the night.

The interviewer had filmed the entire scene, and offered me the cassette. He also gave me his telephone number, realizing that I am very well-endowed, and that other persons would want to do what I had just done. I promised to think about it, already knowing my reply. After a last kiss with my two lovers, I left them.

Of course, I accepted the offer, and made some small amateur films that ended with scenes similar to the one that I performed with the couple.

I had a long and exquisite affair with the girl, off camera. The man I saw a little bit in the beginning, but then he left the capital. The fact that I have been filmed very much excites me.

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